Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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Comments • 73 147

  • Damielle Carr Jr
    Damielle Carr Jr 11 hours ago

    I'm following this right now thank you chef Ramsey

  • Left2 KillYou
    Left2 KillYou 12 hours ago

    He seasons his salt and pepper with burger

  • Dave Stark
    Dave Stark 12 hours ago

    kim and kanye can go fuck themselves

  • Erdei Máté
    Erdei Máté 13 hours ago

    It's 2:04,I'm breaking up with my gf,what in the dense god damn fuck am I doing here?

  • Dud Perfect
    Dud Perfect 13 hours ago

    I can confirm this is the best burger

  • William Santiago
    William Santiago 13 hours ago

    He forgot to season the buns

  • YT ASC_CBinkz
    YT ASC_CBinkz 13 hours ago

    “Toast those buns”

  • One heckin knighty Boi
    One heckin knighty Boi 13 hours ago

    You forgot to mention one of the most important steps, *FORM THE PATTY BEFORE SEASONING*

  • Alexis Garcia Gonzalez
    Alexis Garcia Gonzalez 13 hours ago


  • EvilVegeta01
    EvilVegeta01 14 hours ago +1

    I bet plankton didn’t think to search on TVclip for the Kraby Patty formula 😂

  • dalia Rosenzweig
    dalia Rosenzweig 14 hours ago

    If you want a good burger go to Harvey's

  • the gold dude
    the gold dude 14 hours ago

    I don't think Mr.Krabs would be happy seeing this

  • AJ T
    AJ T 14 hours ago

    Puts buns and onion on same pan raw hamburger was on. F-word

  • King And Pot
    King And Pot 15 hours ago

    He probably seasons his wife’s booty before eating it

  • league of casualssss
    league of casualssss 15 hours ago

    that F L A V O R my bois

  • Stan1mal
    Stan1mal 15 hours ago

    He probably seasons his seasons before seasoning them

  • Stan1mal
    Stan1mal 15 hours ago

    He probably seasons his Tv before watching

  • Stan1mal
    Stan1mal 15 hours ago

    He probably seasons his bed before sleeping

  • berat uka
    berat uka 16 hours ago

    I'm so hungry now 😰😰😰

  • xChRiSxZTR Der IVX
    xChRiSxZTR Der IVX 16 hours ago

    _Legends say that the meat and onions are still grilling_

  • xTheDeath64
    xTheDeath64 16 hours ago

    those burgers boutta cost 100$, salt n pepper is expensive...

  • tom honks
    tom honks 16 hours ago

    this was a great video thamks

  • g0nz4_
    g0nz4_ 17 hours ago

    he just say butter and burgers super dramatic way lol

  • Mr Dobermann
    Mr Dobermann 17 hours ago

    The krusty Krab secret recipe

  • Bic Mitchem816
    Bic Mitchem816 17 hours ago

    I would kill for one of them burgers

  • Riti Riti
    Riti Riti 17 hours ago +1

    He forgot to season the pool

  • Allan Dunsmuir
    Allan Dunsmuir 17 hours ago

    For me, the meat has to be about half as thick for a balanced burger. That's like a meatloaf sandwich....

  • Michele Mottica
    Michele Mottica 18 hours ago

    The secret for the perfect burger is to take all the salt and pepper you have at home and jut put it on that burger

  • Big_clay Clayton
    Big_clay Clayton 18 hours ago

    He probably session his wife’s ass before eating it

  • JoeDaHobo
    JoeDaHobo 19 hours ago

    Do you need a grill in austrailia?

  • faze minecraft
    faze minecraft 19 hours ago


  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 19 hours ago

    That’s the BUM

  • Hamza Alhafnawe
    Hamza Alhafnawe 19 hours ago

    Always don’t forget to season yourself

  • yael gali
    yael gali 20 hours ago

    3:25 lost it when the oil and tray felt😂

  • AlberCock
    AlberCock 20 hours ago

    Now a tutorial for open enough your mouth to eat that.

  • Nick Enchev
    Nick Enchev 20 hours ago

    he always talks and moves like he has somewhere to be

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 20 hours ago +1

    Oh yeaah

  • Ashton Overstreet
    Ashton Overstreet 20 hours ago

    Hardly any sear.

  • mish vilar
    mish vilar 20 hours ago

    Can someone count how many times he said burger?

  • Donny Estee
    Donny Estee 20 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing what the ground beef was mixed with. Useless video.

  • ‘Overlord’ Hater
    ‘Overlord’ Hater 20 hours ago

    If you’re homeless, just buy a house

  • AltijdReno
    AltijdReno 20 hours ago

    Did he just made a krabby patty?|

  • kelly Billingham
    kelly Billingham 21 hour ago

    McDonald's try this

  • sana cher
    sana cher 22 hours ago

    99% of the people films porn in Hollywood, Gordon is the only one who is making burgers around there

  • sab_ina12
    sab_ina12 22 hours ago

    nice pool, nice

  • Odette Fox
    Odette Fox 22 hours ago

    I am trying to loose weight here!🤣 i had a salad this morning.WHY?I rather starve than eat that garbage again 😂😂

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 22 hours ago

    Motherfucker Im starving and I have swollen tonsils

  • Scott Zies
    Scott Zies 23 hours ago

    Going to test this out!

  • Black Toy
    Black Toy 23 hours ago

    Stick it in your arse...

  • DJ/ /Morris
    DJ/ /Morris 23 hours ago


  • Iggs Wanna
    Iggs Wanna 23 hours ago

    "give me an ass give me an ay give me a elle gimme a tea"

  • Mark C. Hawkins
    Mark C. Hawkins Day ago

    Step 1: *be Gordon Ramsay*

  • JarheadPlaying
    JarheadPlaying Day ago

    "On, down, and in."

  • Moikel
    Moikel Day ago

    "Where you've got a neighbor like Stevie Wonder next door, who can smell these delicious burgers" Shame he can't see them...

  • lanky shank
    lanky shank Day ago

    Now i know the krabby patty recipe

  • Milk Flour Wheat Rice MFWR

    Any tutorials on making the actual Patty though?

  • Nano
    Nano Day ago +1

    5:54 *That's the **_BUM_** of the burger*

  • Raphael Karasu-Third

    At 5:04 George Costanza be taking lessons from Chef Ramsay.

  • KURD Epic
    KURD Epic Day ago

    Season the knife and fork before u eat😂

  • TheNoobKing 144
    TheNoobKing 144 Day ago

    I don't like it.

    *Cause I love it*

  • rustydusters
    rustydusters Day ago

    Looked great until he cut the mince patty and showed it wasn’t cooked properly

  • Penguin Meat
    Penguin Meat Day ago

    Subtle flex at who his neighbors are at the end

  • Rishabh Agarwal
    Rishabh Agarwal Day ago +2

    Should i be surprised if i find more salt in my burger than the ocean? Nvm

  • Sweden style
    Sweden style Day ago

    ”Too absolutely die fooooor”

  • nasr aldeen
    nasr aldeen Day ago

    That caramelized onion at 8:20 made my eyes roll back

    WOW PLAYZ Day ago

    What is the ingredients?

  • Fruit Juice
    Fruit Juice Day ago

    Wait he forgot to season his shoes

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy Day ago

    Being Gordon Ramsays cameraman must be the best job ever. Bone apple tea.

  • Cristian Daniel Rita Nuñez

    No jodan eso esta crudo por dentro

  • Jake Paulers111
    Jake Paulers111 Day ago

    Nice job Gordon Ramsay. That burger that you made looks delicious every time I look at this video.

  • Yellowroo
    Yellowroo Day ago

    when you forget to put salt
    *"iT's FuCkInG BlAND"*

  • a weekback
    a weekback Day ago


  • Ismail OII
    Ismail OII Day ago

    hes defo on crack

  • Coolboy48
    Coolboy48 Day ago +1

    he seasons his whole pool

  • Bobcat28 B-cat
    Bobcat28 B-cat Day ago

    Huh why do I always end up watching food stuff when I’m hungry at 1am

  • wallaman
    wallaman Day ago


  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez Day ago

    Too much mayonnaise but beside that it looks soooo good.

  • hello sunshine
    hello sunshine Day ago

    That butter on the patty is some serious juicy foreplay, before your tongue gets between them buns into the meat🍑

  • pasta pockets
    pasta pockets Day ago

    it’s 12:20 am and now i’m hungry, thanks

  • Phạm Chung Hiếu

    This is better than porn.

  • Devin Landrie
    Devin Landrie Day ago

    I did this step by step and the burgers tasted like shit. I was disappointed

  • Phạm Chung Hiếu

    Season the seasoning.

  • SaintsFan11
    SaintsFan11 Day ago

    I did all of these steps but my macaroni and cheese still turned out cold? Can someone please explain?

  • Niema Njai
    Niema Njai Day ago

    Ooooooooooohhhhh she thicccccc with six c's

  • Code Name Teddy
    Code Name Teddy Day ago

    He probably seasons his wife’s ass before he eats it

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards Day ago

    He drinks water with salt and pepper.

  • Xnknown X
    Xnknown X Day ago

    Looks like they're keeping an eye on you too.
    John Oliver's published video: Government Surveillance.
    Eyes in the sky.

  • Sexy Thanos
    Sexy Thanos Day ago

    They look like krabby patties

  • Rawesome
    Rawesome Day ago

    man, I could never eat at a gordon ramsey restaurant, I'd look like a fool, I eat my burgers plain and put a signicant amount of ketchup on them.

  • Forrest_h06
    Forrest_h06 Day ago

    I feel like I’m obligated to write a comment on seasoning

  • Pryde 50/50
    Pryde 50/50 Day ago

    Did that alot of times now, tastes great. But only salt the meat the rest is way too much !!!

  • Triston Lavia
    Triston Lavia Day ago

    Manipulate the lettuce
    -Gordon R.

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher Day ago

    waaaaay too many steps. Really! Who has time for all those steps!!!

  • John Hedetniemi
    John Hedetniemi Day ago

    dude i blow u out of the water, butter lettuce?? c'mon
    throw down anytime

  • Ben W
    Ben W Day ago

    Dude! Why are you using a gas grill??!!! Get a real grill

  • Ronnie Coleman
    Ronnie Coleman Day ago

    With all the due respect, I won't have it Sir...u r the best in town ...but this doesn't tempt me...

  • Ineta G
    Ineta G Day ago

    Gass grill realy? You are amazing in kichen but gas gril is nothing to compare with real wood. Thats where u gat that real flawor

  • Bryan Wadleigh Official

    I wish I could have been there so I could scream "The onions are fucking burnt ya wanker!"

  • Jim d. Jordan
    Jim d. Jordan Day ago

    All that, and the burgers are raw. Uggg.