Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay! FOOD CONTENT: gma.abc/2PfXnwp
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Comments • 83 946

  • Dr Marshmello
    Dr Marshmello 19 hours ago

    S. A. L. T. SaLt

  • FalconTalk
    FalconTalk 19 hours ago

    Season memes huh, I’ll take it

  • Shadow Trooper
    Shadow Trooper 19 hours ago +1

    He forgot to season the house before sleeping

  • Totally_Not _A_Witch
    Totally_Not _A_Witch 20 hours ago

    I love watching him cooking whilst talking about it because you can tell how passionate he is about food and cooking. He gets all excited and its cute

  • granty christensen
    granty christensen 20 hours ago

    he put the buns on the same tray he had the raw hamburgers

  • Nico Corn
    Nico Corn 20 hours ago

    Oh mate she was piping hot

  • Amorastic
    Amorastic 20 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay : Eat me
    Wife : *Pulls down Gordon Ramsay’s pants down*
    Gordon Ramsay : Here is the Hot dog! it’s 1000 dollars!

  • Dutch Master
    Dutch Master 21 hour ago

    You can tell he is always yelling. He hardly has a voice anymore. Sounds like hes going through puberty.

    BEARDED BEAST 21 hour ago

    THE FLAME IS THE FLAVOR ... dumbest fucking thing ive ever heard.

  • Hans Peter
    Hans Peter 21 hour ago +1

    But honestly

    Its look yummy😂

  • Richie 73
    Richie 73 21 hour ago

    "When I have neighbours like stevie wonder smelling those delicious burgers"
    Well come on Gordon he can't exactly see them can he?

  • alfredo flores
    alfredo flores 21 hour ago

    You can keep Mr. Ramsay. His needless, pointless filthy language ruins anything he might have to teach me. I can't concentrate on learning when someone is stuffing excrement in my ears every 20 seconds.

  • Louise & Alfonso TV
    Louise & Alfonso TV 21 hour ago


  • She Numb-
    She Numb- 22 hours ago

    If I had a penny for how many times Gordon said burger I would be a multimillionaire.

  • Neo_v23
    Neo_v23 22 hours ago

    What an amateur. He doesn't even add some salt and pepper on the burger to make it taste better.

  • Coolgirl283764 ——
    Coolgirl283764 —— 22 hours ago

    4:04 *mMMmm*

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 22 hours ago

    Gordon’s quite the name dropper

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 22 hours ago

    Did anybody notice how much salt and pepper he used 😱😱😱🤯🤯

  • UK Trainspotter500
    UK Trainspotter500 22 hours ago

    Gordon probably seasoned the fucking comment section

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 22 hours ago

    Hey Gordon 🖕I’m starving now.

  • saile zlov
    saile zlov 22 hours ago

    Give me an s S give me an a A give me an l L give me a t saltnpepper baby

  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis 22 hours ago

    Salt ...Pepper.... beautiful

  • DroneTube
    DroneTube 22 hours ago +1

    Gordon likes to relax his meat

  • AJ -
    AJ - 22 hours ago +1

    Shit burger tbh

  • The Wandering Order
    The Wandering Order 23 hours ago +1

    Do you think that he seasons his wife’s arse before he eats it?

  • Wonton Brothers
    Wonton Brothers 23 hours ago +1

    *”Want some seasoning with your ice cream?”*

  • alex king
    alex king 23 hours ago +1

    Gordon: quick, in, toast those buns

  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegend 23 hours ago

    Says you cant season after you cook it, seasons it after he cooks it lol.

  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegend 23 hours ago

    Butter is a cheating flavor in my oppinion.

  • Hannah wells
    Hannah wells Day ago

    a burger to die for= a burger to die from food poisoning from. Gordon handle raw meat cross contaminate all food and utensils. To use Ramsey descriptive "are you trying to f'ing kill me ! have you been drinking"

  • KRNG PL4Yz Z
    KRNG PL4Yz Z Day ago

    Gordon: seasons the grill

  • JustRandom Things
    JustRandom Things Day ago +1

    Dont forget to season the grill.

  • Ash Ashum
    Ash Ashum Day ago +2

    Creepy and disgusting disrespectful hideous chef in the whole world

  • Pablo Siles
    Pablo Siles Day ago

    I think there's a burguer in your seasoning

  • Wp Plus
    Wp Plus Day ago +1

    *He called dat plane ahead of time to drop season everywhere*

  • Nylah NJR
    Nylah NJR Day ago

    My mouth is watering just by watching this 💧😢🤤

  • Bryce Atwood
    Bryce Atwood Day ago

    Lol the light flexing at the end

  • This Kevin
    This Kevin Day ago

    That's terrible.Disguisting.That's not perfect

  • aleli rojas
    aleli rojas Day ago

    Fuck i want a burger from him 😭

  • Not Faze Chkheto

    Gordon i love you and no disrespect but it seems like he even seasons the grill

  • Ad vent
    Ad vent Day ago +1

    He contaminated the air seasoning

  • Bass Aholics
    Bass Aholics Day ago

    He even seasoned the seasoning

  • Søren Nielsen
    Søren Nielsen Day ago

    IT'S RAAAAWW. For FUCK sake !

  • Dimagrimento Dietiziano

    If you like this comment you are Awesome

  • calbassas87
    calbassas87 Day ago

    “Lightly brush with a touch of butter”
    Proceeds to paint the butter on them like he’s painting the Mona Lisa

  • Story Maker
    Story Maker Day ago

    He probably seasoned himself before cooking.

  • Gustav Gregersen
    Gustav Gregersen Day ago +1

    Legend has it. That Gordon is still seasoning the burger

  • Ange
    Ange Day ago


  • malaydogchaochibai Playz

    he seasons the pepper and salt

  • Ange
    Ange Day ago

    he forgot to season his nose before sniffing the burgers

  • Sycratech Industries

    Sure is the season for it.


  • Gereon Decker
    Gereon Decker Day ago +2

    TVclip algorithm:

    2017 : no
    2018 : Not yet
    2019: It is time.

  • P K
    P K Day ago

    The patty is way too thick for my taste. Rest looks great

  • Drew Collins
    Drew Collins Day ago

    Anyone else notice that he forgot to season the BBQ!?

  • Gaming Bull
    Gaming Bull Day ago

    “You cant even fit this in your mouth!”

  • Jonathan Pacampara


  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman Day ago

    Gordon has joy..he has fun...and he seasons, in the sun

  • garmush
    garmush Day ago

    Gordon will be the head chef in heaven

  • Shijia Wang
    Shijia Wang Day ago

    Gordon: the flame is the flavour
    Also Gordon: “forgets to season the flame”

  • LucianN5
    LucianN5 Day ago

    He forgot to season the table with salt and pepper

  • _-1NSTA K1LL-_
    _-1NSTA K1LL-_ Day ago +1

    I season my cows before actually tirning them into beefs

  • Johnny Donaldo
    Johnny Donaldo Day ago

    OMG!!! he sliced the burger without seasoning it!

  • CS:GO Frags/clips

    It's pronounced tomato not tomato !
    Get it right boi.

  • Depression Snowy Wolf

    4 seconds away from the ten min mark....sad

  • Crooked Dot.
    Crooked Dot. Day ago

    This video is more seasoned than my whole library of videos on pornhub.

  • Kulangot Gaming
    Kulangot Gaming Day ago


  • jossebas de carglass

    For a evenlycooked burger you need to call salt and pepper factory.
    1 step: season
    2 step: season
    3 step : call the truck to season everything else you have

  • Wolf Plays
    Wolf Plays Day ago +1

    Me: tries cooking a burger
    Sister: you burned down the house again
    Gordan: makes a burger
    Random people who smell it *form a line*

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Day ago +2

    Wher is the bacon

  • Wolf Plays
    Wolf Plays Day ago +1

    Neighbors: I smell something good oh Gordans cooking burgers again
    Me: *smells* something good oh its a mcdonalds burger

  • Cathal 27
    Cathal 27 Day ago +2

    Ya'll are getting it wrong u got to season the the grill the fire and even the coal its self other wise the resy of the seasoning won't work

  • mawrk
    mawrk Day ago

    This is just one big flex

  • Shadow Reborn
    Shadow Reborn Day ago +2

    Can anybody count how many times he said salt and pepper or season?

  • Shadow Reborn
    Shadow Reborn Day ago +1

    *salt bae has left the chat*

  • Vincent van der Velden

    What season do you like most? Winter, summer ,autumn or spring.
    Gordon: SaLt AnD pEpPeR!!!

  • TribunarySword
    TribunarySword Day ago +1

    He forgot to season the grill

  • aldi agung
    aldi agung Day ago +1

    He probably season the pool to , bcs it smells salty here 😂

  • ilmanthaqif
    ilmanthaqif Day ago +1

    I season the comment section before reading

  • Mark Mazz
    Mark Mazz Day ago

    Amazing delicious looking burger

  • clayton christo
    clayton christo Day ago

    “How to make a krabby patty”

  • Pro Wongpakorn Choktithirath

    Gordon Ramsey: f word burger
    Also gordon Ramsey: YOU FUCKING DONKEY

  • Savage Chewmonster

    *now the secret to amazing burgers is to lightly season the grill before you turn it on*

  • Wonton Brothers
    Wonton Brothers Day ago +1

    100% of comments: *MORE SEASONING*
    Me: Damn that burger looks fucking *DELICIOUS*

  • Exotic Who
    Exotic Who Day ago

    Nah he seasons the salt

  • Rami
    Rami Day ago

    Just realized he put the buns in the same tray where the raw burgers were

  • Jared Troubled
    Jared Troubled Day ago

    Shoot i forgot to drizzle my salt and pepper infused butter over the finished product oh well pass the salt and pepper please. I personally like to taste the ground beef not egg grapeseed oil, fancy butter and a shit load of salt and pepper. But really the burger on top of the tomato gonna be one sorry soggy Mess by the time that Burgers done resting and all the juices oozes out all over it lettuce and tomatoes on top onions and another slice of cheese on bottom

  • Adit Pratama
    Adit Pratama Day ago

    Everything seasoned including his swimming pool👌

  • J0k3r Cs:Go
    J0k3r Cs:Go Day ago

    Two trailer park girls go 1:13

  • Andrew Hunter
    Andrew Hunter Day ago

    I appreciate that unlike most people from his demographic he knows how to season food

  • tarissa mutia
    tarissa mutia Day ago

    Wait, do we season it or not? He doesn’t make that clear enough

  • Hi
    Hi Day ago +1

    where’s the lamb sauce11!!11!

  • Wonton Brothers
    Wonton Brothers Day ago +1

    Me: Feeding my cow hay

  • Ian Figueroa
    Ian Figueroa Day ago

    100% comments:season 😂

  • Peter George
    Peter George Day ago

    Toast those buns

  • Him Jalpert
    Him Jalpert Day ago

    Me: *watches video*
    Me: *goes to McDonalds after*

  • Memo Cabrera
    Memo Cabrera Day ago

    Waiter: here’s your burger
    Gordon: thanks
    Waiter: call me when needed
    Gordon: fuck where did I leave my seasoning

  • AustinfreAK47
    AustinfreAK47 Day ago

    Did anyone notice 3:25

  • Coolboy 60
    Coolboy 60 Day ago +2

    Gordon: Is this grill hot?
    Waiter: uh yeah?
    Gordon: *FAaCk mE*

  • Jesus Of Suburbia

    Kim and Kanye

    *3 Doors Down*

  • Phantomy Boi
    Phantomy Boi Day ago