3 Scientifically Proven Methods To Become Smarter

  • Published on Dec 12, 2016
  • 3 Scientifically Proven Methods To Become Smarter www.Ameerrosic.com
    It’s simple, your brain is at the center of everything you do, all you feel and think, and every nuance of how you relate to people. It’s both the supercomputer that runs your complex life and the tender organ that houses your soul. And while you may run, lift weights, or do yoga to keep your body in good condition, chances are you ignore your brain and trust it to do its job.
    Step #1 To Think Faster And Smarter
    Get your diet fixed.
    Low carb. Low sugar
    Get your Sleep fixed.
    #2 To Think Faster And Smarter
    Figure out how your body is primed. Morning person vs night
    #3 To Think Faster And Smarter
    Think like Elon Musk. Understand fundamental principles of a topic
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  • Ameer Rosic
    Ameer Rosic  19 days ago

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  • Fudashi Balanza
    Fudashi Balanza 3 days ago

    Sounds like a religious. Nah 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • stheday1
    stheday1 11 days ago

    Great video

  • stephlake powell
    stephlake powell 21 day ago

    your hot, I am honest. however... we are 100% on your life approach.

  • stephlake powell
    stephlake powell 21 day ago

    your hot, I am honest. however... we are 100% on your life approach.

  • TheChristianGodLovesUsAllBut MightSendUsToHell

    Would you happen to know What test/analysis shows that our dopamine/serotonin/GABA/etc is on point?

  • Baz87100
    Baz87100 Month ago

    Stopped watching when you said keto diet.

  • Alan Noriega
    Alan Noriega Month ago

    I’m watching this at 3 in the morning so I feel pretty bad lol

  • Knobbel Boy
    Knobbel Boy Month ago

    thank you my grades to high thank you so much making this simple how a brain works

  • spookyee
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  • nell wtd
    nell wtd 2 months ago

    i used to be really smart and get amazing grades, now i'm failing a lot of tests and feel so incredibly stupid

    • kuraun
      kuraun 2 months ago +1

      wtf same

  • Buppy
    Buppy 2 months ago

    This is I find out there is a girl smarter than me

  • John Farris
    John Farris 3 months ago

    👽Carl Jung, the true path to knowledge. Nerd and idiot alike wants to understand this.👽

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    Llama Squad 2.0 4 months ago


  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 4 months ago +1

    I don't evaluate this video as superb nor alluring, nevertheless it's not short-sighted ill-advised as well!

  • Rooeny Rooney
    Rooeny Rooney 4 months ago

    I always got baned B finally now i could get banned A thank you.I was teased so much because i am not smart

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  • Aiesha Peterson
    Aiesha Peterson 5 months ago

    This video really good for your mind thank you

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  • Elliez c:
    Elliez c: 6 months ago

    Did anyone know that your smart it’s just your different and we are all different, and you need to think again for those teachers that you hate. They tried all there hardest, they are always stressed because she/he wants to keep you safe and help you go into the real world. Teachers are like our answers, plus for test it doesn’t matter about answers it matters how you figure it out and your effort.
    Thanks for reading this your a truly beautiful person the way you are.

  • God Equals The Supreme Intelligence

    And study GAGUT

  • Dman
    Dman 6 months ago

    3 scientificalyl proven ways to make you smarter but you just use mythologies the wrong way buddy lmao

  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose 6 months ago +1

    Insomnia for 10 months. I’ll do everything I can man that’s for sure. There’s a lot of other factors as well trauma exc I don’t have an excuse but I do have a serious sleeping problem that I fight everyday.

  • Lost Planet
    Lost Planet 7 months ago

    Love truth

  • Max Khalus
    Max Khalus 7 months ago

    How do you know all this?!

  • Larish Singh
    Larish Singh 7 months ago +1

    Im 14 will doing this get me to Harvard

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  • LuchtLedig Music Drum and Bass


  • Larish Singh
    Larish Singh 8 months ago

    Im a night owl and I think most effective at night I have school in the morning what do I do

  • Aninka Badenhorst
    Aninka Badenhorst 8 months ago

    @ 0:11 does he say Mythology ?

  • Sangeeta Bora
    Sangeeta Bora 8 months ago

    I don't know why but instead of recommending all those shitty videos TVclip should rather recommend videos like these!

  • ·.· ·.·
    ·.· ·.· 8 months ago

    being wise is being CAPABLE of these things....you're just under the bar of processing this.

  • Star Plug
    Star Plug 8 months ago

    What about taking your vitamins

  • ellie.affirmations
    ellie.affirmations 9 months ago +2

    my teachers don't explain anything
    so i never understand

  • myway H
    myway H 9 months ago


    COLA SENSEI 9 months ago +1

    How to be smarter :
    • Read books
    • Drink Coffee
    • Eat healthy
    • Walk alone daily
    • Sleep early at night
    • Make love to relief stress
    • Go to the Gym
    • Join social activity
    • Meditation
    • Make a self education program
    • Watch documentaries

    COLA SENSEI 9 months ago

    The time you take to explain those ideas is too much , if you make it shorter it would be alot batter .

    YIN DAJIE 9 months ago


  • BroBoard!
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  • Firoz Akhter
    Firoz Akhter 10 months ago

    Mind don't absorb linearly but it needs a linear complete data structure Specially my brain

  • Sugainfires
    Sugainfires 10 months ago

    i need to review there ia no test the only reason is i didnt get a merit awardee and im very upsetso today i review 2 subjects and also if you wake up ay 5:00 am what time should you sleep

  • John Farris
    John Farris 10 months ago

    A light bulb can change but it's got to want to.

  • Mohsina Akhter
    Mohsina Akhter 10 months ago

    Yo guys

    Read more

  • GitfiddleMike
    GitfiddleMike 10 months ago

    "...certain principals and certain MYTHOLOGIES..." Enough said.

    • GitfiddleMike
      GitfiddleMike 10 months ago

      Obviously, I meant "principles" and not "principals." Sometimes my fingers type before I can think. Still, I'm sure he meant "methodologies" rather than "mythologies" ... but that seems like a pretty BIG mistake for someone touting "3 scientifically proven methods to become smarter!"

  • Kamila Rammo
    Kamila Rammo 10 months ago

    He sweared!!!! :o

  • Carly Cernota
    Carly Cernota 11 months ago

    Bro i have a D+ in math😭😭😭😭

    • Harmony & Life
      Harmony & Life 3 months ago

      Carly Cernota I have an A+ or A

    • Son Of Jesus
      Son Of Jesus 10 months ago

      @Carly Cernota what math class are you in? :)

    • Son Of Jesus
      Son Of Jesus 10 months ago

      @Carly Cernota Yw :)

    • Carly Cernota
      Carly Cernota 10 months ago

      Son Of Jesus Awh thx

    • Son Of Jesus
      Son Of Jesus 10 months ago

      You can do it. You can make an A because you are smart :)

  • Kreo
    Kreo 11 months ago +141

    How to become smarter.
    Step 1: Get rid of distractions. e.g. (keep a clean room or it could be to make amends with others or yourself)
    Step 2: Learn who you are, what you want and what you stand for (Vision) after that, find out who youre doing this for (Mission)
    Step 3: Read alot of different stuff e.g 1-2 chapters from alot of different books, to see where your interest is.
    Step 4: when you find interest in some of the things you read, take notes.
    Step 4: combine knowledge from the books you read.
    Step 5: Build a project.
    Step 6: Fail
    Step 7: Try again.
    Step 8: Fail.
    Step 9: Try again.
    Step 10: Realize you're losing a fortune.. Decide to keep going despite the outcome
    Step 11: Fail.
    Step 12: Try again.
    My point is, you might not feel smart now.. And you will fail alot, but fuck that, just keep moving forward.
    - I was the dumbest kid in my class.. It might not be true now, because of my knowledge from business school, but I still feel like a dumb motherfucker sometimes, but thats okay, i like the idea of pushing myself above my limits. Thomas Edison was seen as an idiot, just until he invented the lightbulb, after 1000 attempts, and getting fired from all his jobs through many many years.. KFC, not my kind of food, but he was around 60 - 70 when he discovered he wanted to make money from fried chicken... You might feel dumb, but keep believing in yourself, that is what makes you smarter.

    • Eyy-Its-Me XD
      Eyy-Its-Me XD Month ago

      Cool comment

    • Warp
      Warp 3 months ago

      Nikolai Tesla discovered electricity and the lightbulb.
      Thomas Edison was a fraud businessmen who patented the lightbulb.

      SAVAGE BROTHERHOOD 4 months ago +2

      Personally, I really think you deserve more likes!

    • Do Kim Kevin
      Do Kim Kevin 8 months ago +7

      Albert Einstein did poorly in school... guess who discovered the formula e=mc2 that went into inventing the atomic bomb?

    • xiu
      xiu 9 months ago +2

      Thomas Edison is an idiot and a fraud

  • Übermensch
    Übermensch 11 months ago

    but you only sleep 7hrs? that's below avg

    • Harmony & Life
      Harmony & Life 3 months ago

      Übermensch Im to tired even when I get 8 it has to be like 10 hours bro

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    v t 11 months ago

    Gather dara. dara dara dara

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    Fedora Gaming Year ago

    he is genius real 👌

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    Björn Norén Year ago

    :O This guy is me!

  • Luke Solomons
    Luke Solomons Year ago +1

    Whats wimhaff breathing???

    • wosterlee
      wosterlee 11 months ago

      Wim hof breathing method

  • باسم ناظر

    I Love you😍😍😍🤗🙈🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

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    Video is beautiful and I am Arab from Iraq with greetings to all foreigners you are known for cleanliness😘😍😎
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    ههه هاي اذا اكو عرب هنا😅

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    I am so smart

  • Peter M
    Peter M Year ago +13

    Yeah i can imagine Einstein preparing 3 meals a day by counting carbs and necessary fats. How about just spending 2-3 hours a day trying to dig into a concept by understanding it? asking questions and solving puzzles?

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  • CryptoInspector_Cybersecurity Games_Music_&More

    Nice Research and Video :) a method i also found that makes you smarter is having any form of checklist whether be paper or digital, setting tasks and completing them as a challenge on a daily basis. Since we know brain works with repetition, with time, after like 1-2 month of daily small disciplines, your task completions will grow overall. Then it can be a choice whether you will keep the checklist methodology or subconsciously will be processing the tasks,checklists in your mind and executing them.

  • Mayur Sonawane
    Mayur Sonawane Year ago

    Principal determine our thoughts Pattern.

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    First impressions --
    No offence