Airplane Things You Don't Know The Purpose Of

  • Published on May 23, 2017
  • Airplanes have had wings, controls and some kind of motor but planes have evolved significantly. The commercial airliner you fly in now has features that Orville and Wilbur wouldn’t have dreamed of. Here are 10 things you might not know about modern aircraft.
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  • Cody-Gaming
    Cody-Gaming 2 years ago +667

    I love your vids :)

  • drika rezende
    drika rezende 3 hours ago

    Have you ever heard of Santos Dumont? October 1906 his 14-bis made the first powered heavier-than-air flight. Unlike others, he donated many of his prizes and inventions plans. Because of him, Cartier invented the first wristband watch. But everyone just talk about these brothers. You can find more about Santos Dumont in Wikipedia.

  • Fox McCloud 007
    Fox McCloud 007 14 days ago +1

    For number 4 only Airbuses have these. The yokes on Boeings are mecanically interlinked and this would have prevented the tragic events of Air France 447.

  • Barre Yo
    Barre Yo 16 days ago

    I watched the video twice, so the title became incorrect the second time

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 22 days ago

    Half of which you'll never see....because they're in the cockpit~

  • M1rky
    M1rky 22 days ago

    Did you know that some planes have glowing paths for night time in the planes? Oof that’s obvious haha (might not even mean for night time)

  • Matthew Gregory
    Matthew Gregory Month ago

    I feel like some smells like a dental or doctor smell and starting and engine smells dezel on the plane

  • Sloan Marianicz
    Sloan Marianicz Month ago


  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long Month ago

    I always enjoyed air foods

  • Evil Twin
    Evil Twin Month ago

    Tipping or gifting your flight crew (chocolate) will serve you wonders in flight.

    Did you know Flight Attendants are not paid until the plane is airborne?
    So chill until we're in flight ..then thank, compliment, tip or tell joke to staff

  • I'm a moron but
    I'm a moron but 2 months ago +1

    Death zone above 3000 meters? What a joke.

  • IoyaItyxx
    IoyaItyxx 2 months ago

    i never noticed half of these

  • Swiss100
    Swiss100 2 months ago +1

    2:52 he said driving the plane lol

  • K Anand
    K Anand 2 months ago

    No comment

  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 months ago

    Great video, but FYI the deathzone is 8000 meters.

  • Bryan Dover
    Bryan Dover 2 months ago

    Great video unlike so many others!

  • prayfawind
    prayfawind 3 months ago

    that's why pizza taste so damn good during flight, only like eating pizza during flight, would never buy it any other time

  • Jan Petersson
    Jan Petersson 3 months ago

    Passengerplane jetplanes have since 60 Years back ALWAYS fly in compressed air, they have no jetfuel, so it is a fraud we have to pay for fuel and tax for something they don't have

  • Anya Vlad
    Anya Vlad 3 months ago +1

    Flange aka felangy, from friends made up by Phoebe 😄👌 sorry, I had to...

  • Radio 1PVK EDM
    Radio 1PVK EDM 3 months ago


    OG WEASEL 3 months ago

    Never been order to open my window!!

  • Darrell Geist
    Darrell Geist 3 months ago

    Cool, I enjoyed your video

  • Éva Magassy
    Éva Magassy 3 months ago +2

    7:15: Death zone is over 8.000 meters

  • Joberto Reyes
    Joberto Reyes 3 months ago

    amazing video

  • Warrane Lamoureux
    Warrane Lamoureux 3 months ago

    I wish i could be a pilot. Adventurous

  • Charles Bédard
    Charles Bédard 3 months ago

    Compressor air ends up at a very high temperature due to pressure increase and that feeds bleed valves. If the air came from the turbines you would roast like a chicken.

  • Big Ragu
    Big Ragu 3 months ago +1

    I can say with great confidence that 100 percent of airplane crashes are caused by gravity.

    • Mr.Miketon
      Mr.Miketon 3 months ago

      Mid air crashes may be the exception

  • TNS
    TNS 3 months ago

    I've been on many flights and have never heard any flight attendant ask the window shades be lifted.

    • negative_pt
      negative_pt 3 months ago

      Just for take off and landing.

    • Boyd J
      Boyd J 3 months ago

      They insisted on it the last time I flew in June.

  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 3 months ago

    6. I fly 30-40 times per year and cannot recall ever having been asked to raise my window shade for takeoff or landing. They do often ask that, when it is hot outside, you lower your shade before deplaning. Not sure where this one comes from.

  • john Baldock
    john Baldock 3 months ago

    Excellent Vid. Answered many of my Questions Thank You.

  • Ajow Music
    Ajow Music 4 months ago

    I really do wish a pilot would watch this lmao

    • Ajow Music
      Ajow Music 3 months ago

      @Gary William thanks sir! Yes I can imagine 😂😪

    • Gary William
      Gary William 3 months ago

      @Ajow Music Good luck with your license and career. I've really enjoyed flying. Its gotten so much safer than it was when I was growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

    • Ajow Music
      Ajow Music 3 months ago

      @Gary William Oh alright then i understand haha, im sorry sir. Im 2 years away from entering pilot school and getting my license for commercial airline pilot :))

    • Gary William
      Gary William 3 months ago

      @Ajow Music I agree with you 100% and I was not trying to be smart I thought your comment was funny.

    • Ajow Music
      Ajow Music 3 months ago

      @Gary William oo damn okay bro chill I didn't mean anything bad but if someone shares information to audience I think it has to be 100% true so that yiu don't tech people wrong things.. And it has to be professional too...

  • Chalk6ix_NZ
    Chalk6ix_NZ 4 months ago

    How about that. Learned a couple of things that i didnt know before. Cheers dude

  • michael uscmktggroup
    michael uscmktggroup 4 months ago

    US Airlines getting worst and worst.....

  • Mykolas Klapatauskas
    Mykolas Klapatauskas 4 months ago

    Lol this lol

  • Yadoking
    Yadoking 4 months ago

    I knew like half of these cause I work on KC-135 aircraft :P
    I came here for the window hooooooles

  • Mysticofshadowyhearts
    Mysticofshadowyhearts 4 months ago

    My ears pop all the time when I fly. No wonder why they pop!

  • Teladian2
    Teladian2 4 months ago

    So all of these cockpit things are NEVER seen by the general flying public so no one os ever going to wonder about them...

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 4 months ago

    I’m Jenny so I’m our

  • Noob Playz 21
    Noob Playz 21 4 months ago


  • Tyler Weather
    Tyler Weather 4 months ago

    0:23 *AMAZING*

  • Dhillon Simpkin
    Dhillon Simpkin 4 months ago


  • The true Yin Yang
    The true Yin Yang 4 months ago +1

    U say i dont know

    I do know k

  • Codes&Shoots
    Codes&Shoots 4 months ago


  • Itsablackline Aviator
    Itsablackline Aviator 4 months ago

    4:54 what happened to the plane

    JOSIAH HAYDEN 5 months ago +1

    I will never fly on a airplane

  • octalicious
    octalicious 5 months ago

    Really cool video, I gave it a like. Thanks so much for narrating this with a human voice instead of one of those annoying computer ones...

  • Hardcore Parkour
    Hardcore Parkour 5 months ago

    it can blow up!

  • vze1lat7
    vze1lat7 5 months ago

    What do I care about those parts that I don't see like inside the cockpit !

  • Sir Royston
    Sir Royston 5 months ago

    What's the vector, Victor? Roger. Huh? Over. What? We have to get these people to a hospital....

  • Jeffrey Ramsden
    Jeffrey Ramsden 5 months ago +1

    Where in the world did you get the idea that the center of gravity is ideally over the center of the wing, or that the center of lift is the center of the wing? And how does moving passengers around in the fuselage that size reduce drag? As far as the sidestick replacing that "old steering column" - check out the 787 control yoke. Oh - and you can fly around all day long at 3000 metres without a pressurized cabin or supplemental oxygen. Entertaining video, but a bit of research would help.

  • Gost3123
    Gost3123 5 months ago +2

    Im sry to say, but the side stick is really only used on Airbus's (i think)
    and most planes use a yoke or stick as you say.

  • Okman
    Okman 5 months ago +2

    9:01 thumbnail

  • ClobberXD
    ClobberXD 5 months ago

    Yokes aren't a thing of the past, mate. Ever heard of Boeing?

  • Master of the Universe
    Master of the Universe 5 months ago

    I always drink Bloody Mary's when flying. You never stated what the little hole in the window is for.

  • EXL Playz
    EXL Playz 5 months ago +1

    A.P.U (a - poo) A POOP! 💩

  • S.E. Sander
    S.E. Sander 5 months ago +2

    You can take your meters and celcius and cram them right up your elastic poo hole.

  • Scott Wallis
    Scott Wallis 5 months ago +1

    isnt everyone a airplane mechanic

  • Dave Woff
    Dave Woff 5 months ago +1

    The death zone is above 8000 meters in mountain climbing

  • Fernando Barajas
    Fernando Barajas 5 months ago

    Trash collected from international flight originated from outside the USA to USA has to be incinerated and not just thrown away. This is to prevent "bugs" or anything harmful from just being tossed in garbage.. When Air Force 1 fly's to a foreign country say in Africa jet fuel is flown in for the plane along with the Presidential limo aka"Beast" and the Marine Corp helicopters are put into C-5 Galaxy planes.. A lot of logistics..

  • Avia
    Avia 5 months ago +1

    If you bleed air into the cabin right out of turbine and you will be roasted !
    Bleed air is actually taken out of low pressure compressor where the air has appropriate temperature and pressure , conditions roughly similar to those at ground level or above up to 9000 ft.

    • Tom Lies
      Tom Lies 5 months ago

      Bleed air is taken from 5th stage or 7th stage on average, with the stages being counted as each level of compression from the front to rear. It is highly compressed and therefore it is also heated considerably from the rapid compression (hundreds of degrees). Bleed air is routed from the engines to be used as anti-icing for the leading edges, on aircraft that employ such systems, as well as being used to pressurize the cabin and provide temperature control. When used for cabin pressure, the bleed air is cooled to almost 32 degrees and is mixed with the hot bleed air to achieve the desired temp as set by the pilots. Outflow valves on the main pressure bulkheads (again depending on aircraft design - can be front or rear) constantly open and close to maintain the pressure differential which is set by the pilots as well.

      This is a general overview of a typical bleed air system.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 5 months ago

      That’s good for anti-ice and wing heat? But not the cabin....ami right?