Indian Street Food Tour in Chennai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry!

  • Published on Jul 4, 2016
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    Indian Street Food Chennai - Indian Street Food - Street Food
    Indian street food and Indian Food is something I've always dreamed about trying! So I flew to Chennai, India and have been eating street food and curry non-stop. Best Street Food I've tasted! The Indian food is so good in Chennai! I tasted a few different things, most of which were delicious!
    The street food in Chennai was so delicious. The restaurant food was also very nice! I had some amazing curry too.
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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Comments • 6 086

  • veds sharma
    veds sharma Day ago

    Bhai.. If you want to try samosa. Come north India... Don't give 0 ratings.. I have watching your many videos.. You are giving fake reviews also.

  • rozario anand
    rozario anand Day ago

    More than your food comments, I enjoyed your conversation with common people. Great job 👍

  • sumra munir
    sumra munir 2 days ago +1

    0 for samosa... But he praised him..i love 😍 that way he doesn't hurt anyone 😍😍

  • Binoy Chacko
    Binoy Chacko 2 days ago

    Every time he eats he makes this sound uummmmm....😂😂

  • Foody Delights
    Foody Delights 3 days ago

    Daal chawal .
    Lentil with boiled rice.
    easy recipe

  • jiya Khan
    jiya Khan 4 days ago

    Sir! It's only happens in Pakistan
    Price= try to pay but it's free
    Almost sab videos dekhi Maine Pakistan k tour ki.
    10,000 ka khana bi free khelaya Pakistanio ne😍😍

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali 4 days ago

    Tea with banana lol 😂

  • Sethu Pandian
    Sethu Pandian 4 days ago

    Chennai good place

  • ngarinring keishing
    ngarinring keishing 4 days ago


  • Akki Akki.
    Akki Akki. 6 days ago


  • DA channal
    DA channal 8 days ago

    Please American food something tell you

  • qquark99
    qquark99 11 days ago

    did he fall sick?

  • Shubham Bajpai
    Shubham Bajpai 11 days ago

    Trevor you ate all north indian dishes in Chennai. Those are best in taste in Delhi and Punjab. Chennai is in South India. Try all the south Indian dishes in Chennai like dosa sambhar idli bada etc.

  • Ravi Dutta
    Ravi Dutta 11 days ago

    Banana and tea you will get acidity my friend😂😂😂😂

  • Harini priya Rao
    Harini priya Rao 12 days ago +1

    Welcome to my home

    NIRPAL SINGH 12 days ago

    East or West Indian food is best

  • Eugenio Manilla Piña
    Eugenio Manilla Piña 13 days ago

    Valiente este hombre, yo no comería todo lo que él se tragó.

  • Priya Dharshini
    Priya Dharshini 13 days ago +6

    Come on just come to south of tamil nadu to have the real south Indian food and I'm sure you'll gonna love it

  • Aafreen Shaffiudeen
    Aafreen Shaffiudeen 14 days ago

    Awwww. He is too cute ..

  • Australia Tamil Express

    namma ooru taste kuu eedu ille.....

  • risco risco
    risco risco 14 days ago +1

    Any tamilions or malayalis are watching in 2019

  • so called warden
    so called warden 15 days ago

    Hmmm, ummm, immmm, ooooo, wawwww..mazedar.. 🤣

  • kapil sharma
    kapil sharma 16 days ago

    Big fan of you

  • vipin kumar
    vipin kumar 16 days ago

    Come in roorkee city brother

  • Ak fully_filmy
    Ak fully_filmy 17 days ago

    India is not only based on fucking hindi

  • Kalaiyarasi Rajendran
    Kalaiyarasi Rajendran 19 days ago

    You haven't tried the best foods I'm so sorry there are so many other cities and places in tamilnadu to go and try foods

  • Diogo Santos
    Diogo Santos 21 day ago

    Visite o Brasil e conheça a melhor comida do mundo. Culinária brasileira é fantástica.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • amudha sss
    amudha sss 21 day ago

    U forget to eat south Indian meal.......

  • psycho killer
    psycho killer 22 days ago +3

    Please.come Kozhikode KERALA

  • Muhammad Muzammil
    Muhammad Muzammil 23 days ago

    They drink cows pee as a holy drink

  • Muhammad Muzammil
    Muhammad Muzammil 23 days ago

    Indians are dirty people they are smelly

  • Zohaib Naz
    Zohaib Naz 23 days ago

    India walo pakistan m kisi n is bande se pese nahi liye par aap logon n .......😥 agar yaqeen nahi aa e to is ka peshawer tour check kro

  • let's get started
    let's get started 24 days ago

    Even am a big foodie 😍🍔🍕🧀🍖🍗🥩🥣🍲🥗
    I wish I could travel around the world like you
    Am Glad you came to Chennai & hope you liked our street food
    The only problem you would have faced is dirty roads etc

  • venkat paranthaman
    venkat paranthaman 24 days ago

    Happy to see this as a chennaian😍😍

  • Inamul Hasan
    Inamul Hasan 24 days ago

    I am also in tamil nadu come coimbatore, this is queen of tamil nadu for food, thanks

  • Kanish Ravikumar
    Kanish Ravikumar 25 days ago

    சமோசாவுக்கு ஏன் 0
    Samosa my life

  • Gagan Gowda N
    Gagan Gowda N 25 days ago

    Come to karnataka the best in india

  • Puneet Sivananda
    Puneet Sivananda 25 days ago

    You got ripped off 1500 for a meal !!

  • ilive 247
    ilive 247 25 days ago

    They shake their heads alot :D :)

  • Srivathsan dhoni
    Srivathsan dhoni 26 days ago


  • latest Updates
    latest Updates 26 days ago +1

    Hey,U said Poori is a snack,It'snot snack it's a breakfast.Not Rickshaw it's Auto.

  • sassie cel
    sassie cel 26 days ago

    I like that tea

  • Steve Bergman
    Steve Bergman 27 days ago +8

    What’s a bit funny is that all the food he sampled in Pakistan was free and He paid in India. Which is totally fine.

    • Tanisha Khanna
      Tanisha Khanna 15 days ago

      maybe pakisitanis are more humble and generous for tourists
      indians just want to nab them for profits

  • Jaysonsawit Rivera
    Jaysonsawit Rivera 27 days ago

    i really love indian food.,. im from philippines

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar 27 days ago

    U r the best.....

  • Krishna Sekaran
    Krishna Sekaran 28 days ago +1

    தமிழ் ?

  • Murugan Gnanam
    Murugan Gnanam 29 days ago +2

    u missed a lot bro. next time if u come to chennai try payaa

  • Abdul Haq
    Abdul Haq Month ago

    Highly appreciate it.... You should visit Madurai

  • indian Bakchod Association

    I'm batman❌
    I'm automan✔️

  • Gayu Gayathri
    Gayu Gayathri Month ago

    does the camera guy even eat? or is it behind the scenes? i feel really sorry for him.

  • umar naseef
    umar naseef Month ago +5

    You missed Calicut in Kerala


    Banana 🍌 and Tea .....this is Chennai style ....(I think is worest combination )

  • 5zzy Sml
    5zzy Sml Month ago

    In every his vdos, when he tastes the foods.....we can hear mm..hmm...mmmmm......mmmmm😂

  • Nanda putra n
    Nanda putra n Month ago

    Tastes like cardboard. XD

  • Danii Khan
    Danii Khan Month ago +3

    This is so worst from Indian they take pay from their guests.. Also pay for A single banana What a shame 🖕

  • Venkat T
    Venkat T Month ago

    Intha ponnungala nightu oomba vitruppaan

  • Venkat T
    Venkat T Month ago

    Ivanoda soothu kizhinjirukum

  • Prem shankar
    Prem shankar Month ago

    You lucky love your videos

  • mota manob
    mota manob Month ago

    that auto driver just roobbbed you.

  • Aman Bajwa
    Aman Bajwa Month ago

    Awesome sir

  • M Pavan
    M Pavan Month ago +18

    She: You wanna try this?
    He : I ordered, thank you.

  • Sampathhkumar Sankuru

    Please visit guntur. .andhra pradesh....india

  • indu chanda
    indu chanda Month ago

    That looks like the shittiest biriyani on the planet :P

  • purnima Gogoi Saikia

    Please visit in Assam. So many traditional food here. Come & check it out. Please contact me when u come.

  • Sara Abdo
    Sara Abdo Month ago

    I am from Egypt and I saw the tour which he made in Egypt it was also very funny.Chennai is my favorite city in the south of india i want to visit it I want to see the live in Tamil Nadu, people there is very kind and helpful that is why I love India because Indian people

  • CA தமிழன் சிவா

    Kodambakkam railway station 😍❤

  • Vijay Krishnan
    Vijay Krishnan Month ago

    I like

  • Vijay Athira
    Vijay Athira Month ago +2

    His smiles makes me smile .. he is a good man

  • love mom everybody never give up

    Vuu yeh good good 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Raige Rios
    Raige Rios Month ago +1

    Great sociakizing skills lol

  • Jamsheer jamshi123
    Jamsheer jamshi123 Month ago


  • achik boy Momin
    achik boy Momin Month ago

    You really investment lots of money to buy foods and show us thank you so much

  • Sharmila ACJ
    Sharmila ACJ Month ago

    There is no comparison with our(Tamil Nadu) TEA.You are Welcome.

  • Ram Reddy
    Ram Reddy Month ago

    I'm auto man 🤣😅🤣😕

  • Siku Paik
    Siku Paik Month ago

    Come in odisha

  • swaraj saiba
    swaraj saiba Month ago +2

    8:45 i am auto,auto man,i died almost

    • puvi puvi
      puvi puvi Month ago

      Atleast he tries to speak in English...

  • Elyzer Silverio
    Elyzer Silverio Month ago


  • udas rani
    udas rani Month ago +3

    Man 10rs for a banana what a ripoff....

    • Adithya G
      Adithya G Month ago +1

      செவ்வாழை 😊

    • Sunil Aaron
      Sunil Aaron Month ago +1

      Bro that variety he gave is a rare breed... It's costly... It also helps to cool our body temperature...

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    Most of his answer is Hmmmmmmm😋

  • Wrestling Hero
    Wrestling Hero Month ago

    You are funny guy

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    singular creations Month ago +12

    I think the next day you would be busy in ur bathroom... 😂😂just for fun✌🏼❤

  • Basu Official
    Basu Official Month ago

    Bro come to karantak

  • shreeselvam
    shreeselvam Month ago

    Hi Trevor James, please visit Madurai in Tamilnadu to taste best south Indian traditional foods

  • Mirza Zaheer
    Mirza Zaheer Month ago +1

    I live here. The food here is nonsense

  • Sabh imran
    Sabh imran Month ago

    Why india looks so overpopulated?

  • Mohammed Asfan
    Mohammed Asfan Month ago

    Mate, you're roaming around in worst areas of Chennai and eating unhygienic food. Feel so sad for you and you need a proper guide in Chennai. Thalapakatti is not the authentic Biryani. My gosh! You've been fooled. Please come to me. I'll show you the best areas of Chennai and healthy food.

  • monish m
    monish m Month ago +2

    Bro come to pondicherry in Tamil Nadu in India

  • broken angel
    broken angel Month ago


  • Magudeeswaran N
    Magudeeswaran N Month ago +3

    10=0.15$😠😠😠😠😠😠....If you have 100$ dollars... You are rich man in india 🙄

  • Chirag Patidar
    Chirag Patidar Month ago

    It was not that good.

  • fashion club
    fashion club Month ago +1

    Finally i understood we all live for food.😁😁😁how much we earn we can't eat money.

  • Abdul Ifat
    Abdul Ifat Month ago

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  • Abdul Ifat
    Abdul Ifat Month ago

    I from in Bangladesh

    ASHOK KUMAR Month ago

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  • Think Media Tamil
    Think Media Tamil Month ago +1

    Wineshop la poi drink adcha maari 😂😂 nammalu nammalu dha ya

  • Think Media Tamil
    Think Media Tamil Month ago +1

    Annanuku oru masaal vada parcel

  • Bob Cat
    Bob Cat Month ago +2

    You are roaming in very worst areas of chennai. It's like Chicago in U. S. We've good areas like LA go there. Don't show only darkside

    • CA தமிழன் சிவா
      CA தமிழன் சிவா Month ago

      @Mohammed Asfan yov... Avan itha saapdanumnuthaa chennaikea vanthurukaan...
      Neengathaa hygiene geigine nu thirunjikitu irukeenga

    • Mohammed Asfan
      Mohammed Asfan Month ago +1

      That's exactly I was thinking ! He is eating unhygienic foods and enjoying it! He needs a proper guide. It was sad to see him being trapped unknowingly ! I can guide him to good areas in Chennai.

  • Ashwanth Ram
    Ashwanth Ram Month ago

    Cover the Below places if possible
    Besant Nagar
    Tambaram to Velachery main road

  • Preeya Ashiyanaah
    Preeya Ashiyanaah Month ago

    Looks like you are really enjoying eating South indian food. Hope you learn speaking Hindi soon so you can talk to people.

  • Nelson Mach
    Nelson Mach Month ago +2

    Muniyandi villas kuttu parotta is the best of all time