Entire House Makeover for Christmas!

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Comments • 80

  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  3 months ago +11271

    I hope you guys like todays video :)) I love decorating the house like the true mom that I am🎄🎄

  • Shelly George
    Shelly George 5 days ago

    “Oh my god I almost died on vlogmas” killed me!

  • Samantha Carranza
    Samantha Carranza 5 days ago

    I will love to get it because I’m a really a big fan of shane and JEFFREE

  • bigmagic66
    bigmagic66 6 days ago

    why does morgans parents fat shame her and praise ryland cause hes a toothpick? so confused im glad morgan is making content she deserves to be treated better, shane treats morgan better than her own parents- something unscrewed in that Colorado family on teaching their kids actual values- money doesnt equal success - i hope all modern parents dont teach them garbage values like them.

  • Tiffany Martin
    Tiffany Martin 8 days ago

    when Shane kicked the water bowl i cackled

  • John Galt
    John Galt 10 days ago +1

    they don’t care about my lumps it’s not lummas 😩

  • Maria Vieyra
    Maria Vieyra 10 days ago

    I care lumpy head Shane 🥺

  • Tenica Jones
    Tenica Jones 11 days ago

    Shane is so cute in this video!! As I am also a person who has low self esteem I get where he comes from. But also wish, as I do for myself, that he could see himself the way others do. Ryland and Shane together = goals!

  • Qwertyforever :D
    Qwertyforever :D 14 days ago

    That moment your school gets shut down so you have to stay home for 2 weeks.

  • Sam Dawson
    Sam Dawson 14 days ago +2

    Okay but may I ask what was the lump behind Shane's ear ??!?!?!??? because I literally have a lump in the SAME exact location and I'm freaking out !😭😂

    • Sam Dawson
      Sam Dawson 14 days ago

      Nevermind guys .. I went to the doctor today and he told me it is a lymph node becuz I had a recent ear infection and that's why it is swollen lol Ik no one cares but just in case xx 😂

  • Hannah Lawhorn
    Hannah Lawhorn 16 days ago +1

    Your mom should make a vlog

  • Chris
    Chris 17 days ago +1

    Why is Shane so sad :(

  • Keisha
    Keisha 19 days ago +1

    make more decorating & cooking vids pls & thank you!

  • thomas davis
    thomas davis 20 days ago


  • Empress Awkward
    Empress Awkward 21 day ago +2


  • Jessica
    Jessica 22 days ago +1

    Honey is the most chill Husky I have ever seen lol I wonder how she is behind the scenes 😂

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 22 days ago +1

    I love the tea and your content sis 🤗

  • Quenn B
    Quenn B 22 days ago +1


  • 4evercaliforniagurl
    4evercaliforniagurl 23 days ago +1

    Ryland with decorations is like my mom with her pottery barn catalog

  • Violet Pyatt
    Violet Pyatt 23 days ago +2

    I think Shane is just so mf tired. Like with all the editing and shit. Ryland has a very bubbly personality and Shane doesn’t, but don’t worry guys, that is just how they act around each other or whatever.

  • Jordan Mckinney
    Jordan Mckinney 24 days ago +2

    Shane : “garret has a friend”
    Ryland : *boom*, *crash*,

  • Christy Gunwaldsen
    Christy Gunwaldsen 25 days ago

    posting these on your channel in hopes that shane will see it lol sorry but what’s up.. hey shane i don’t know your business email so i’m just going to spam this in your comments until you see this or i get in trouble. my name is christy and i’m stuck. i just experienced possibly the most tragic loss i have ever took in my life. same goes for her family, and the whole town, because she touched everybody’s life in one way or another. and i feel like the only way to get some closure is to get to the bottom of this. it will never be okay, but i want answers and i’ll be damned if i accept the circumstances for what they are and move on. so a little back story, since i turned 7, i spent the majority of my childhood being a theater nerd. i spent my time at a little small town acting troupe organization called “Vagabond”. one of my first days there, i met a little 4 year old girl, who seemed abnormally professional. her name was skye graham, and she quickly became one of my baby homies. we worked in a shitty old church that we renovated into a theater. so the only real costume designers we had were our moms. which is somewhere around the time that kristin graham came into my life. i don’t exactly remember our first interaction, but if you can imagine, skye became one of my best friends and kristen was my best friends mom, who treated me like her daughter. actually a few years later when i was like 14, my mom ended up getting hospitalized and i got to stay with them for a month. my stay there was honestly the most wholesome time i have ever had in a family atmosphere, even to this day. but everything changed and now life is all fucked up. around the time i was 15 and skye was 12, her parents broke up. they didn’t get a divorce, i’m assuming to save money but idrk, but they broke up and kristin moved out. around this time we just finished a production and coincidentally, everyone just seemed to quit theater after that. we all went our separate ways, and didn’t talk for a while. (no hard feelings, idk why but it just felt right, kinda like it was natural) so now we skip to the present. so the kids (skye n her siblings) still live with their dad, and kristen was living in a little farm house next to where she worked. in september 2019, she started seeing a guy named matthew moser. they dated all the way up until a little over a month ago. kristin broke up with him (judging by the evidence) because of his mental instability and toxicity. her best friend claimed that he was cool at first impression, but soon began revealing a jealous and possessive side. by my previous life experiences and judging by the context clues, i’m going to assume that she remained with him because she believed with love he could change, and become a better person. you have to give everyone a chance. and no one likes to give up. if you’ve worked for it, you should fight to keep it even if it’s in your best interest to let go. this was a huge wake up call by the way. realizing this, kristen allegedly broke up with matthew a little over a month ago.
    fast forward to march 2nd 2020, kristen was having a conversation with her best friend, and as her best friend recalls

    “looked me dead in the eye and said ‘if anything happens to me, matt did it”
    procyson recalled
    procyson took her friend seriously and told her “oh, i will seek vengeance if anything happens to you”
    they broke into laughter; it was a way to lighten the mood, procyson said.

    and just as you probably guessed, later that day i’m assuming (dates aren’t quite clear) kristen graham was found by police, in her bedroom, the door locked, deceased. the case was ruled a homicide due to evidence of being strangled to death.
    but shane, this isn’t just another homicide on the news. this isn’t just a story for you to cover on your channel. she isn’t just a pretty lady smiling in a victim’s picture. she was like a mom to me. she IS a mom to three kids. skye isn’t even out of middle school yet. i grew up with her, she helped raise me. she helped raise a whole generation. i spent the night at her house with the family, and we would throw dance parties in the living room, make food, watch movies, just enjoy family time together. she was our mom. our mom is on that picture, and it’s true. you really never think it would hit so close to home. i literally saw her last week, smiling and being perfectly herself. but now she’s gone. and she’s not ever coming back. and the last words someone told her was that we will seek vengeance for her. i feel like we owe this to her, but i can’t figure it out alone, and you’ve definitely had enough experience to help me. there is so much that doesn’t make sense. did she talk to her best friend the same day she got killed? how did she know she was gonna get killed? if she knew she would get killed, why did she end up alone in the bedroom with him? why were they even together alone if they allegedly broke up a month and a half ago? where was her best friend during all of this? where was anybody? i’m not scientist but i’m pretty sure if you’re being strangled to death, you’re not gonna be fucking silent, if she was conscious, she had to have been screaming, kicking, breaking shit, making commotion somehow. it’s a natural human reaction. and like i said, she was in a house right next to the store she worked at, (none of the articles said what time it was and we’re still waiting for an autopsy) but still if it’s a store, and a big house, was anybody anywhere? why would anyone leave her alone with her crazy ex if they knew what he was capable of? or did he break in when she was home alone? i need to get to the bottom of this or i will dwell on it for the rest of my life. i owe this to her. and the evidence may suggest that her best friend might have been somewhere in the close area at the time (the articles aren’t very clear, but they were having a conversation about matt potentially hurting kristen at some point very shortly before the murder.
    if you hit me up i have screenshots of articles with specific details if you’re interested. & idec if you want to make this a video or not, i’m just begging you for your help. views don’t mean jack shit to me right now honestly, (although they are undeniably cool) in this specific situation i really couldn’t care less. views and exposure are not the point. i will not let this go like everyone is telling me to. i will not leave these questions unanswered. i can’t accept that a mother from my childhood family is gone and we don’t even get a reason. i can’t move on. she took care of me, she helped raise me. she kissed me goodnight i mean god damnit i owe this to her. but i can’t do it alone. sorry for the book, and sorry for this message being posted every place i can possibly post a comment, but i’m desperate. if you can help me, please hit me up whichever is easier for you
    (i love you by the way, like infinitely)
    Christy Gunwaldsen
    email: christygunwaldsen@gmail.com
    phone: 484-502-8298
    snap: christyg1024
    i don’t even care if my personal information is online i’m desperate. fuck it.

  • Kiyah Walker
    Kiyah Walker 25 days ago

    Am I the only one who would be fine if the did vlogmas like that?😂

  • Patty McFatty
    Patty McFatty 26 days ago


  • Katie Batie
    Katie Batie 27 days ago

    Shane: WrOOooOoOoo Honey: damn, this bitch is spittin

  • Jacquelyn Newborn
    Jacquelyn Newborn 29 days ago

    When Shane spilt the water I lost it😂😂😂😂

  • Adri Marks
    Adri Marks 29 days ago +1

    Can Shane make more vids with you please

  • Georgia Hughes
    Georgia Hughes Month ago

    It made me sad seeing the charred mountains in the back when he was going to the garage.

  • ats S
    ats S Month ago

    why is shane being like that lol

  • Sophie Restelli
    Sophie Restelli Month ago

    14:24 omg my family had that on our counter for Christmas

  • death boy
    death boy Month ago

    Shane: Cheeto loves Gary!

    Ryland: is dying

  • jamie neal
    jamie neal Month ago +2

    Shane being a mood: *GaSp* why is Gary in the closet?
    Ryland: Because....he's been replaced by Christmas.
    Shane still being a mood: BrInG hIm OuT

  • Danyiele Clift
    Danyiele Clift Month ago

    How are you liking the white g wagon?

  • Dawn Palmer
    Dawn Palmer Month ago

    Please tell Morgan that it’s against the law for the people living at her old address to open any mail or packages with her name on it. They can and will be prosecuted for theft, if the postal inspectors find out about it. She needs to put in a change of address with USPS and change her address directly with the other companies that don’t ship through the post office.

  • Ph0ny Gam3r
    Ph0ny Gam3r Month ago

    I think Shane is the only person in the world who has said “ow I’m vlogging”

  • Ivana Sookha
    Ivana Sookha Month ago

    Ryland, you breathe life into everything you do. Your energy is much needed! 💖

  • Mikhel Williams
    Mikhel Williams Month ago +1

    7:10 when shane was distracted my the cat & ryland was crying for help.. lmaooooooooo😂

  • Metalhead 1966
    Metalhead 1966 Month ago

    When Ryland asked, "Is that straight?" I thought, "straighter than all of us."

  • Jasmine Wong
    Jasmine Wong Month ago

    the lump behind shanes ear is completely normal. it shows that something is recovering

  • Ivy Sparkles
    Ivy Sparkles Month ago +1

    11:36 Shane sounded like honey so much!

  • Alisa Williams
    Alisa Williams Month ago

    I wish Shane and Joey were still friends cause then we could have a vlogmas collaboration between Ryland and Daniel. I know it’s a unrealistic and selfish wish.

  • Nissa Georgette
    Nissa Georgette Month ago

    alternative title: Shane being anxious for 21 minutes

  • Aimee Robinson
    Aimee Robinson Month ago

    Is Shane really that whiny? If he is... then I'm sorry 😂😂 love you Ryland! You seem to be a joy to be around.

  • Gacha_lgbt 101
    Gacha_lgbt 101 Month ago

    I love how ryland Is just always so happy and optimistic and shane is just sad and depressing their like perfect for each other 😂🤣

  • Maverick Mota
    Maverick Mota Month ago +1

    You guys are so funny 🤩😂🤣🤪

  • Zelain Fajardo
    Zelain Fajardo Month ago

    Morgan looks so pretty ❤️💕

  • Dimya Pinard
    Dimya Pinard Month ago

    Aww I missed this video cause I was to busy being depressed all threw thanksgiving and Christmas 😂

  • Kelvin Alvarado
    Kelvin Alvarado Month ago

    15:18 did he say shanes wife?

  • ooofly
    ooofly Month ago

    _i just vlogmased_

  • Sunset 2971
    Sunset 2971 Month ago

    I love watching this is February

  • Katelynn Gossett
    Katelynn Gossett Month ago

    Ryland and shane are my two personalities😂

  • ashley Cortes
    ashley Cortes Month ago +1

    1:20 I HAVE THE SAME PJS hahaha

  • Kay J
    Kay J Month ago

    I have never laughed so hard at an intro to TVclip video 💀💀

  • Rachel Murray
    Rachel Murray Month ago

    ryland there is never enough of you

  • Cartersaurus
    Cartersaurus Month ago

    Shane: Obsessing over Cheeto and Gary

    Ryland: Literally dying in the closet

  • elfyn magyck
    elfyn magyck Month ago +1

    honey howling sounds like Ryland trying to howl

  • Katie Kempson
    Katie Kempson Month ago

    Has ryland got an allergic reaction from something am I the only one seeing his checks are so puffy and red

  • I am dead
    I am dead Month ago +2

    Honey: *makes weird sounds*
    Honey: hold my tea.

  • Gina
    Gina Month ago

    Please you two are hilarious!!!

  • Paratronix
    Paratronix Month ago

    Am I watching this in February?


  • Emily Klatt
    Emily Klatt Month ago

    Did they ever find out about hat bump that was on the back of Shane’s ear? I have one too and I wanna know what it is lol

  • Amalie Valencia
    Amalie Valencia Month ago

    Why’s the Santa on the mug that says “Bottoms up” wearing Convers?!?!?!

  • Ivy Mulhern
    Ivy Mulhern Month ago +1

    Shane doesn’t realize how actually cute he is. He’s also so selfless and sweet. In one of the videos he swatted Ryland and automatically without thought was like: “omg I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you 🥺” they are so pure

  • WiFislilpeach
    WiFislilpeach Month ago

    Ryland reminds me of me in so many ways 🤣 we have similar personalities, we both do yoga, we both love tea, we both love decorating/organizing, we’re both vegetarian, and we both love bougie 😘 although I’m like the poor ass version hahaha. Girrrl wish I knew you in person. I feel like we’d be good friends ☺️

  • Kayla
    Kayla Month ago

    Shane’s face at 5:34 is a whole mood

  • Alannah Harte
    Alannah Harte Month ago

    A Gucci tree would be everything

  • Good Spark
    Good Spark Month ago

    You two cuties warm my lonely ass, black heart 😭😍💙

  • Sofiaslife2007
    Sofiaslife2007 Month ago

    Everyone was talking so slow for. A minute like what

  • Lourdesmercedes
    Lourdesmercedes Month ago

    Shane is literally me lol

  • majorPhysics
    majorPhysics Month ago

    Better Vlog thanksgiving title. Vlogsgiving.

  • Tori Wade
    Tori Wade Month ago

    You’ll never see this but you should tell Shane to do another makeup tutorial with William. But Shane does her makeup this time

  • eight Gabrielle
    eight Gabrielle Month ago

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  • Daniela Mileva
    Daniela Mileva 2 months ago

    Please do a vlog channel

  • CJ Corter
    CJ Corter 2 months ago

    this is my 3rd time watching this...i want the giveaway lmfAOOO

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 2 months ago

    when shane was all sad "i found a lump on the back of my head" i screeched ilysm

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 2 months ago

    this is so funny thank u even tho its like a little cursed to watch it in january

  • duckbot
    duckbot 2 months ago

    12:15 " started from the bottom now we're _cheer_ "

  • finn franklin
    finn franklin 2 months ago

    why is Shane being so whiny 🙄

  • Ashley Prokic
    Ashley Prokic 2 months ago

    You really did Morgan dirty with that thumbnail 😂 poor Morgan

  • ghostly wolf_gacha
    ghostly wolf_gacha 2 months ago

    Wont the tree die if u arent there on christmas, because I cant water it