• Published on Jun 25, 2019
    How to make candle with chocolate scent by yourself? How to clean silver with simple milk? You'll know how to cook tasty homemade jam from orange peel, how to cook delicious dinner with cheese and mashed potato and quick hot dogs recipe to delight your friends!
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    00:10 DIY yummy flavored and scented chocolate candle from nutella
    00:30 How to color your clothes with natural dyes like pomegranate
    01:05 Homemade orange jam fast recipe
    02:00 Natural handmade soap DIY
    02:27 How to clean silver with sour milk
    03:47 Hot toasts life hack
    04:30 How to cook potato correctly
    05:58 Milk foam making for your coffee
    06:27 Chocolate cookies with milk life hack
    07:47 Sausage recipe 🌭
    07:47 Yummy eggs with sausage recipe
    08:30 Mashed potato with cheese and sausage tasty recipe
    08:57 Brie cheese with tomato 🍅delicious snack recipe
    10:09 Hot dogs simple recipe with dough and sausage
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