Slow Motion Making of Peppermint Hard Candy

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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    ***WARNING***This video is made for educational purposes only, if you attempt to make this at home you do so at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any injuries. Making hard candy is a dangerous process since such high temperature are used to make it. With that said, for those that are curious and want specifics this is how we make it.
    For one full size batch we combine into a copper kettle 14 pounds of corn syrup, 7 pounds of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 2 quarts of water. We heat it up to 310°F, then we remove it from the stove and pour it onto the marble table and cool it down. Here we add in color and flavoring oil before stretching it on the hook. We stretch it to add in air bubbles which turns it white. We combine the stripes into the body and put it through our fancy candy cutter, then we just wait for it to cool down and bag it up for you to buy!
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  • Infinimetrical
    Infinimetrical 11 minutes ago

    I'd like to find some peppermint and ginger candy.

  • Kimberly O'Boyle
    Kimberly O'Boyle Hour ago

    I never knew this about this place, I live very close to this!! The kids will have to come

  • Shawnie Hiter
    Shawnie Hiter 2 hours ago

    Are these the same mints in the stores?

  • Mexican Girl
    Mexican Girl 2 hours ago +1

    Ugh i cant stand the noise of metals scraping against each other😣😣Peace im out✌

  • xXUndeniable123Xx
    xXUndeniable123Xx 2 hours ago

    thought this was hella dabs

  • Shafted
    Shafted 3 hours ago +1

    It's sticking more because you aren't letting it rest longer. its more of a sticky substance when you pour and play straight away

  • mikito kurokawa
    mikito kurokawa 3 hours ago

    You should put like oil or flour on the paddle so it wont stick since over all when it dries you wont see the flour

  • 6 pets and a girl
    6 pets and a girl 3 hours ago

    Look like clear slime

  • Leonardo Teixeira
    Leonardo Teixeira 3 hours ago

    20:17 that's the world record for biggest dumpling!

  • Ian Goode
    Ian Goode 4 hours ago

    I swear that woman could try to clean her candy scooper for an eternity

  • Gabriel Hubner
    Gabriel Hubner 5 hours ago

    Para os trouxas que traduziram vai trabalhar vagabundo

  • Hali Toreihi
    Hali Toreihi 9 hours ago

    These people look like theyre so much fun to work with!

  • مسفر الحارثي

    اللهم صل وسلم ع نبينا محمد💗.

  • Discovery Laila
    Discovery Laila 20 hours ago

    Me: Can I have a peppermint?
    Friend: You can have a Peppermint,
    Me: *gasp* That’s So Hot For me
    Me: *SPIT* *HEY!*
    Friend: *AAAAH!*
    Me: I Don’t like the peppermint.
    Friend: You Don’t Like The Peppermin-

  • The Shift-65
    The Shift-65 Day ago

    LOL damn! These are some really "chatty" people. They really enjoy hearing themselves talk LMAO

  • Yoselin Ramirez
    Yoselin Ramirez Day ago

    Like si crees que al principio pareció la miel un slimer

  • yam316
    yam316 Day ago


  • Michael Plesch
    Michael Plesch Day ago

    old place, basement! what happened? Where am I? Where are you? Nicer working conditions for sure. Best of luck

  • dania sohail
    dania sohail Day ago

    What was that goop in the beginning but i loved it when they scooped the goop and it looked like slime

  • Kayleigh Bewlay
    Kayleigh Bewlay Day ago


  • Lysa J
    Lysa J Day ago

    My son and I are getting ready to make a hard candy for the holidays, this is amazing to watch. I love how everything is done by hand. Beautiful work, now I know where I want to visit when I'm in NY.

  • MrRegya
    MrRegya Day ago

    unhealthy af

  • Rita Surya
    Rita Surya Day ago +1

    Their mouth were not steril, full of micro organism, too much talking without masker. WTF

  • Web Cityx
    Web Cityx 2 days ago

    Hope those gloves are clean.

  • harry kirk
    harry kirk 2 days ago

    when I worked in a small sweet {candy} factory{just 2 of us} back in the 1950's in the uk we had a water cooled steel table we pored out the mix quickly added the flavor and colour by this time a semi hard shell had formed on the botom of the molten candy it was then mixed by lifting one corner and folding to the middle repeating this on all 4 corners untill it was workable it was then quickly lifted to a worm table where it was cut into flat squares and fed into a hand operated candy forming machiene the whole process was done very quickly a lot faster than in this video and all done without gloves or paddles or tools of any kind we had to work VERY fast useing alternet fingers against the thumb one hand at a time to prevent buning how times have changed

  • Patti Cook
    Patti Cook 2 days ago

    NOt sure why, but I found this extremely interesting to watch until the end! LOL

  • Gaylan Simmons
    Gaylan Simmons 2 days ago

    me: supposed to be studying for finals
    also me: watches a family make peppermint candy for half an hour

  • Denice Brown
    Denice Brown 2 days ago

    I love your hard candy! The spice drops are my favorite! Sad that the shipping is about the same as the price of the candy. But it is so good. Just like mom used to get!

  • TheAjiChannel
    TheAjiChannel 2 days ago

    I don't even eat peppermint. I despise it except for when I burn it for aromatherapy.

    *What am I doing?*

  • Max Zummo
    Max Zummo 2 days ago

    I thought they were making shatter

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 2 days ago


  • Shanta Roberson
    Shanta Roberson 2 days ago

    wat a luving famo

  • Taylor Macko
    Taylor Macko 2 days ago

    It's so cringe-worthy!
    I can't focus on the video when all I see is no use of hair nets or beard nets.
    I'm OSHA certified and this is gross.
    I'm sorry I couldn't get into the video.
    You guys making it, obviously enjoy talking and breathing with your open mouths over something that is going to be consumed by other people. Have you no respect for others?! Honestly!
    P.S. I'm NOT here to bash your video, just the work ethic.
    P.S.S. Throw your negative comments at me. I'll just toss them in the trash. >.>

  • Sammuel Fontana Ferraz

    Save their lives for $14 and send them non-sticky spatulas. AHO!

  • ThePerfectAddiction
    ThePerfectAddiction 2 days ago

    I think its so satisfying that Im getting frustrated

  • Trish Smith
    Trish Smith 2 days ago

    have you ever tried using a block of ice to cool down the marble table between batches

  • Caleb Grant
    Caleb Grant 2 days ago

    Looks like slime

  • Emily White
    Emily White 2 days ago +1

    What does the hammering do?

  • M Iqbal Abbasi
    M Iqbal Abbasi 2 days ago


  • حلاتي بغمزاتي

    العراقي لايك

  • identity _
    identity _ 2 days ago +1

    speaking English is so hard..! Its so very fastTT I cant listen talk well...

  • Monica Awaliya
    Monica Awaliya 2 days ago +2

    I really enjoy it

  • MadisonSoFlyyy
    MadisonSoFlyyy 3 days ago +1


  • Dorothy Paulk
    Dorothy Paulk 3 days ago +1

    This was fun to watch..

  • zx6r79
    zx6r79 3 days ago

    Think about your body trying to digest that lmao

  • Killertomato84
    Killertomato84 3 days ago +1

    wait, new place? no more crowded basement? Where have I been?!?

  • christian gonzalez
    christian gonzalez 3 days ago +1

    Who wants to dab that lol

  • no
    no 3 days ago +3

    can i have a peppermint?

  • DoomsieDoll
    DoomsieDoll 3 days ago

    This is fascinating!

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 3 days ago

    So that’s how those candies are made. I didn’t know

  • Heidi Thomas
    Heidi Thomas 3 days ago +1

    Never knew the amount of physical work that went into making candy. I've kneeded and mixed dough by hand and that is hard, but this looks so strenuous. Im impressed and amazed.

  • olivia rivera
    olivia rivera 3 days ago

    Wow that was neat like this channel cool

  • Harleen 00f
    Harleen 00f 3 days ago

    My dumbass thought this was wax

  • Nikki Schoessow
    Nikki Schoessow 3 days ago

    Yah help dad out hes working too hard some day you will be taking over I want some your mom and dad and you made now. I would cherish that how do I get some different candies

  • Nikki Schoessow
    Nikki Schoessow 3 days ago

    Its so beautiful Im licking my lips how do I get some

  • Kてー
    Kてー 4 days ago


  • anônima sim
    anônima sim 4 days ago


  • Ryan and Cameron
    Ryan and Cameron 4 days ago

    Can I h ave a peppermint
    You can have a peppermint
    I don’t like the peppermint
    You don’t like the peppermint
    It’s to spicy

  • mega faggit
    mega faggit 4 days ago

    I wonder if they could put some sort of oil on the paddles to keep it from sticking?

  • Jo Giesler
    Jo Giesler 4 days ago

    why is this in my recommended and i love it

  • Maxi Mini
    Maxi Mini 4 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought "aqua fresh toothpaste"?

  • Kristopher Prahler
    Kristopher Prahler 4 days ago

    I work for the company that sold you those gloves lol

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis 4 days ago

    I would love to work there ☺️

  • Kyle Harlan
    Kyle Harlan 4 days ago

    It's so satisfying

  • easyweasy21 hi
    easyweasy21 hi 5 days ago


  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister 5 days ago

    5:50 Did Max just say Sugar. Honey. Iced. Tea?

  • Amy Stafford
    Amy Stafford 5 days ago

    Amazing. So cool to watch!

  • Makena Lue
    Makena Lue 5 days ago

    Life hack. Just put it on 1.25 playback speed

  • Nathan Johnston
    Nathan Johnston 5 days ago

    They have just made Colgate candy.

  • Pathetic Goldfish
    Pathetic Goldfish 5 days ago

    theyre so pretty omg

  • Phillip Bishop
    Phillip Bishop 5 days ago

    Who cares?

  • Jelena Nortey
    Jelena Nortey 5 days ago

    im sorry i love this sooo much but, that man in the blue polo shirt is sooo slow.

  • MA YU
    MA YU 5 days ago


  • rick p
    rick p 5 days ago

    i'd be fat if i was working there!

  • Yeshiel Seso
    Yeshiel Seso 5 days ago

    Eww is that glove clean??
    Like if you agree

  • Muhammad Murad Khan
    Muhammad Murad Khan 5 days ago

    What if hair falls into the candy? old people shed hair.

  • Jewel Raven
    Jewel Raven 6 days ago

    This so cool.
    I love watching videos like this

  • Brandie Scholz
    Brandie Scholz 6 days ago

    Where are you guys located?

  • Sharica Monét
    Sharica Monét 6 days ago

    I'm enjoying the family, forget the candy.

  • David Caruso
    David Caruso 6 days ago

    When you guys were pulling the candy it Reminded me of aqua fresh toothpaste

  • Dancer&singer 1202
    Dancer&singer 1202 6 days ago

    Oh I see the video before I clicked thinking it was 3 minutes and 45 seconds? It turns’s 34 MINUTES

  • Now or Never
    Now or Never 6 days ago

    *The title should just be: CALLING ALL FATASSES, CALLING ALL FATASSES 😂😂😂😂*

  • Imma be a rock star BABY

    Anyone else skip through most of the video lol

  • Shane Prince
    Shane Prince 7 days ago

    i wish i had a family like this

  • Adil Ibrar
    Adil Ibrar 7 days ago

    If I was there I would be one fat kid

  • 船山亜由美
    船山亜由美 7 days ago


  • Loik Pop
    Loik Pop 8 days ago

    they spent more time cleaning the paddles then actually working the candy

  • MiMiCalhoun
    MiMiCalhoun 8 days ago

    This was oddly satisfying. A half an hour of my life I don’t want back. 15 mins of this was repetitive watching them cut the candy, but I couldn’t just stop watching. My daddy didn’t raise no quitter! 😂

  • Karrie Goodson
    Karrie Goodson 8 days ago

    I miss the old basement, it seemed to feel more homey.
    The stories of candy the walls could tell if they could talk.

  • валера Филайтов

    Гоняеш гогяеш такую конфету во рту и раз КУДРЯВЫЙ ВОЛОС.......ИЛИ ДЛИННЫЙ СЕДОЙ..... ну теперь понятно откуда он)))))....Chase chase a candy bar in his mouth and once CURLY HAIR.......OR LONG WHITE..... well, now we know where he is)))))....

  • Hakan Çağlar
    Hakan Çağlar 8 days ago

    Gardas bu bizim Osmanli macununa cok benziyor ondan olmasin ?Yoksa biz mi araklamisiz farkli biseymi nedir bunun muhteviyati ?

  • Daniel Darby-Lewis
    Daniel Darby-Lewis 8 days ago

    what kind of gloves do you use?

  • Challis McAffee
    Challis McAffee 8 days ago

    All that hard work for what is arguably one of the worst candies ever conceived.

  • Aniyunwiya Ageya
    Aniyunwiya Ageya 8 days ago

    Yes, you are losing flavour when you add it to the hot syrup. Peppermint is an essential oil, and has a much lower flash point that vegetable cooking oils, and the evidence of losing flavour is in how much it burns your eyes, as the hot syrup acts as a sort of 'diffuser', in an intense sense.

  • Mima16131
    Mima16131 8 days ago

    When will we see the starch room in the new place.

  • Havana Woody
    Havana Woody 8 days ago

    Dad is very graceful.

  • Jillian Trimble
    Jillian Trimble 9 days ago

    just LOOK at those CUTE little candies

  • RJewels
    RJewels 9 days ago

    You know most kids are watching minecraft or roblox and I'm here watching people make CANDY!