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  • jvwphotography
    jvwphotography 3 hours ago

    I love your videos so I will never stop because you are so amazing 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Raukura Cave
    Raukura Cave 4 hours ago

    Yeap weight is hard good on u for confronting those thoughts.

  • Shae GARWOOD
    Shae GARWOOD 9 hours ago

    Colleen is so inspirational. Love you Colleen

  • Allah Hudgon
    Allah Hudgon 11 hours ago

    @loni & joonie pls subscribe

  • Natalie McCarthy
    Natalie McCarthy 12 hours ago

    I love you so much , you so cute pregnant or not . You are adorable

  • Jazmine Fletcher
    Jazmine Fletcher 12 hours ago

    i love you colleen!!!

  • Jaeli Bleau
    Jaeli Bleau 13 hours ago +1

    She looks beautiful with and without being pregnant. She should not be self conscious

  • Family Hedley
    Family Hedley 16 hours ago +1

    You are beautiful while you're pregnant after you're pregnant and before don't feel insecure you're stunning xxx

  • dana berg
    dana berg 20 hours ago

    This is so inspiring and I’m glad to have you here if someone is saying this stuff to you just ignore it they want to get to you you need to be you and however big you are just say 1 million times,” I am beautiful best body and pretty.” You are my idol I can talk like you (in your Meranda’s voice) guys just spread love rn plsssssssss! Bye love you

  • Heidi Botkin
    Heidi Botkin 20 hours ago

    This was an awesome video. You are a beautiful person. I have had 4 children and my first pregnancy was so hard. So many things you’ve said are exactly how I felt. I have learned to love myself more and having a 6 year old daughter makes me want to be positive for her.

  • Taylor Peterson
    Taylor Peterson 23 hours ago

    Colleen we love you!!!! It doesn't matter what anyone else says about you because they aren't you. They can't judge someone unless they have done no wrong.

  • SophieLou 424
    SophieLou 424 23 hours ago +1

    Because u arent pregnant anymore, y dont u do a video of wearing your maternity clothes! I bet they will be MASSIVE on u!

  • Pinkhavanabay Pup

    I will NEVER be sick of Colleens pregnancy 🤰🏻videos I love u Colleen xx 💋 ur so gorgeous u need to love ur body just the way it, creating a tiny person inside u is AMAZING ur an amazing human being and ur beautiful 😍 u don’t need to feel huge and large, because ur PERFECT

  • Dutchess Nicklas

    like and comment if you love Colleens pregnancy videos 😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰

  • Maggie Hearts
    Maggie Hearts Day ago

    this is honestly such a good video!!! especially the last part💗💗

  • Tracy Fergerson
    Tracy Fergerson Day ago

    I love you so much don’t think that it just part of being pregnant

  • Corynne Moody
    Corynne Moody Day ago

    You are an inspiration. BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

  • Mirandaslimes
    Mirandaslimes Day ago

    I think everyone in the world should see this video

  • Sophiah Dovey
    Sophiah Dovey Day ago


  • D C
    D C 2 days ago

    😺💄🦄 don’t worry about your body you’re butiful

  • D C
    D C 2 days ago

    I love your video

  • Sarah Edward
    Sarah Edward 2 days ago

    You look beautiful colleen. You shouldn't be ashamed.

  • Raegan Lunceford
    Raegan Lunceford 2 days ago

    thank you for talking about this

  • Raegan Lunceford
    Raegan Lunceford 2 days ago

    you are sooo amazing

  • Alexis Sloan
    Alexis Sloan 2 days ago

    Omg .i love your Channel❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Carmina Weena
    Carmina Weena 2 days ago

    We all love u so much and we all think u are so beautiful

  • Harry Powell
    Harry Powell 2 days ago

    Your very pretty my grand child sead

  • Cara Hayes
    Cara Hayes 2 days ago

    Girl i love you so much!💗💓💕💖

  • Gwyneth Mitchell
    Gwyneth Mitchell 3 days ago

    Nailed it

  • Madi Carr
    Madi Carr 3 days ago

    Anyone watching this after Flynn is born lol

  • Ariana loves dogs
    Ariana loves dogs 3 days ago

    I think you’re pretty before and after your pregnancy

  • Dancy Desert242
    Dancy Desert242 3 days ago

    Am I seeing things or does after the try on does her hair look grey in some spots..?

  • Lairah Castor
    Lairah Castor 4 days ago

    Thankyou for support colleen

  • Emma Charette
    Emma Charette 4 days ago

    I love you Colleen

  • Shawna Pimentel
    Shawna Pimentel 4 days ago

    I love you so much I understand so much how you feel even now somtimes I get "bulliyed" by my friends for being skinny and they tell me that there jealous and it makes me think that i should gain weight bc I dont want me to make them feel bad... And you are so bueatiful every day i try to watch one of you vedios and i can say in all truth that you have kept me alive sometimes I was about to kill myselfe I go to you when i cant go to anyone else i love you so much I know y o u probobly won't read this but I love you so much and i get what your struggling even though ive never been a big person you are so bueatiful and you have helped me I love you ❤❤❤❤

  • Jaime Fitch
    Jaime Fitch 4 days ago

    I’m very insecure about my body. 😭

  • Hailey Jo.
    Hailey Jo. 4 days ago

    obviously i’m on a binge watching spree of all of your videos please don’t mind all of my comments, but the very second you started getting emotional about how you feel about your body, i got freaking emotional 😩 everything about you is absolutely beautiful inside and out! you are the most relatable person in the youtube community and i LOVE you for it! thank you for being so open and raw with all of us. you are changing lives with this ❤️

  • Serena Corona
    Serena Corona 4 days ago

    All of this needed to be said and I love you for it! Thank you!

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 4 days ago

    Before your pregnancy you were sooo skinny. Almost uncomfortably skinny. I think you look much healthier now.

  • Nicholas brown
    Nicholas brown 5 days ago

    i think colleen is beautiful dont listen to the haters colleen 😁

  • Monse Mendoza
    Monse Mendoza 5 days ago

    You're so cute. 😍

  • Samantha Gallegos
    Samantha Gallegos 5 days ago

    You’re so beautiful!! Inside and out😭❤️ came across ur videos on ur pregnancy makes me so happy literally needed this 😭 you have no idea thank you ❤️ just recently made a youtube channel of my own and im struggling with some personal things so i haven’t posted in a few weeks but you’re so inspirational and positive 💕 it makes me keep my hopes alive thank you💖

  • Payton Kline
    Payton Kline 5 days ago

    I was a professional ballerina and still find myself struggling with the unrealistic expectations put on my body. It’s so hard Colleen, I know what you’re talking about. Like you know you’re thin you know you look beautiful but there’s still that voice that tells you you’re too big. I’m so sad someone else feels this too, and not just you but so many other girls and guys. You’re absolutely beautiful and I hope now with Flynn you’ll be able to quiet that voice just a little bit more everyday. Cause you already know he’s gonna think his Mama is the most beautiful woman in the world. Not cause of how you look or what size jeans you wear but because of your sweet and beautiful genuine soul. Same goes to all you ladies, never forget how perfectly God made you

  • Brooklyn Thompson
    Brooklyn Thompson 5 days ago

    I will never be sick of Colleen's pregnant belly 🦄🦄💎💎💍💍

  • DJ Joubert
    DJ Joubert 6 days ago +2

    Beauty is not beautiful until you act it. And i dont mean the mean girl type beauty! REAL BEAUTY! THAT GOD MADE US TO BE!!!💜

  • DJ Joubert
    DJ Joubert 6 days ago +1

    Thank you. She speaks the truth! LISTEN!!!!!

  • Clara Kennedy
    Clara Kennedy 6 days ago

    After flynn anyone?!? 💗💗💗

  • Juliana Castro
    Juliana Castro 6 days ago +1

    colleen i look
    up to you so much you are a beautiful and amazing person i have gotten so many mean things from boys at my school including that i can't do anything since i'm a girl but you help me you help many people and you deserve to be respected you know what i love how you look beautifully skinny and pregnant you are one of the most amazing beautiful role model i have ever known

  • forumaura43
    forumaura43 6 days ago

    I am living for her pregnancy videos!

  • amazinggrace911
    amazinggrace911 6 days ago

    This made me so sad to watch especially because Colleen is a beautiful person with such a fantastic personality. I hope you know how beautiful you are, especially in this post partum season. Not only is your face and body pretty stinkin awesome girl but you emulate a beautiful light. Ily xx 💖

  • abby samol
    abby samol 6 days ago

    colleen you said your thighs look twice the size they were but that’s pretty much what my thighs look like, and i’m almost 13 so don’t feel bad about yourself, you are sooo beautiful no matter if your pregnant or not

  • Katelynn Tull
    Katelynn Tull 6 days ago

    i'm glad i know i'm beautiful but i really wish all my friends knew their beautiful too

  • SimplyCharlotte
    SimplyCharlotte 6 days ago

    ✨💖 everybody is beautiful, no matter what shape or size 💖✨

  • Manuel Corta
    Manuel Corta 7 days ago

    Thank you for that important Message!!! You are so pretty Colleen!!! Love that body!

  • Michelle_Elizabeth
    Michelle_Elizabeth 7 days ago

    4:11 i wouldnt've been surprised if she went into labour😂

  • Jennifer Travies
    Jennifer Travies 7 days ago

    I’m pregnant and going through all the same things you went through. It’s rough.

  • Ilya Grace
    Ilya Grace 7 days ago

    I wish I was as thin as pre-pregnant Colleen

  • Angelika Abela
    Angelika Abela 7 days ago

    1:07 OMG a Miranda sings burp

  • Kayla Shilling
    Kayla Shilling 8 days ago

    are you watching this after her birth of her son flyn

  • Sha Ishah
    Sha Ishah 8 days ago

    Babyis is ok😉😉😉

    • Sha Ishah
      Sha Ishah 8 days ago


  • MacKenna Saunders
    MacKenna Saunders 8 days ago

    colleen you are all ways great just the way you are

  • Baby Brazy
    Baby Brazy 8 days ago +5

    Ur an amazing person don't let anyone tell u otherwise ❤️

  • Karen Wenger
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  • Angelina Hajj
    Angelina Hajj 8 days ago

    Oh my god I have the same positovity crop top as you!!

  • ItzMeAngel
    ItzMeAngel 9 days ago

    Now you should to after pregnancy photos!

    CELIA CARBONE 9 days ago

    That was the shirt she wore when she told her mom!

  • Dancingqueen
    Dancingqueen 9 days ago

    thank you for being so vulnerable and posting this

  • Charlotte Mills
    Charlotte Mills 9 days ago

    Sis Colleen Colleen Colleen dear dear dear u look like a flour so dus everyone in the wold u are nice

  • Groovy kidzz
    Groovy kidzz 9 days ago


  • kelly811543
    kelly811543 9 days ago

    When you’re so used to Shane burping it doesn’t even phase you

  • Aesthetic _.Noodlez
    Aesthetic _.Noodlez 9 days ago

    Looking through the comments

  • nicole miau XD
    nicole miau XD 9 days ago

    :3 me encantooooooo :3 x1000

  • xzavier muncy
    xzavier muncy 10 days ago

    It's a girl or a boy

  • Ishita Das
    Ishita Das 10 days ago

    I literally cried watching this

  • Ishita Das
    Ishita Das 10 days ago

    Tbh you look better now then you used to be as skinny

  • Nneka Pat
    Nneka Pat 10 days ago +1

    You got natural beauty let it shine

  • Nneka Pat
    Nneka Pat 10 days ago +1

    Being Pregnant makes you thicker and being thicker means you can carry more pets at once or more kids at once. Pretty is you being yourself. My cousin older than me is kinda thick and she is so beautiful she only ever wears lip gloss and she has no makeup. She has like perfect skin and natural beauty. Even when she wears no makeup she's gorgeous she has such a pretty smile and nice laugh. I wanna be her. The point is you could weigh 600 pounds and I could care less I love you and you being you makes you prettier than you ever were

  • Drama Queen
    Drama Queen 10 days ago

    I think you look beautiful

    HEY GIRL HEY W 10 days ago

    What do you have on your butt love Colleen: WHAT IS IT. POOP

  • Andrea Yu
    Andrea Yu 10 days ago

    just saying,
    i know your middle name is mae.
    and in mandarin, "mae" sounds like 美, which means

  • Lyrah
    Lyrah 11 days ago +1

    3:40 Kinda sad how proud she was of looking underweight 😕

  • Brielle's World
    Brielle's World 11 days ago

    Colleen, or anyone shouldn’t be insecure about their body image.. everyone is beautiful the they are💕💕

  • Erika O
    Erika O 11 days ago

    Little Flynn in Collens stomach

  • Aubrey Beazley
    Aubrey Beazley 12 days ago

    Girl, I've been told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you hold yourself wonderfully and you are put together so beautifully that you are more than welcome to share insecurities and show others that even cool, sweet and adoring women have the same problem! You are truly beautiful, and if anyone tells you other wise, smile and walk away with your head held up high! Have fun with the precious miracle!!!!

  • reilly shaw
    reilly shaw 12 days ago

    I am so late to the party but I love this video

  • Dawn Pohlman
    Dawn Pohlman 12 days ago

    Colleen is so inspiring

  • Lucy Galbraith
    Lucy Galbraith 12 days ago


    WRAITH 12 days ago

    3:52 What did she mean by this?

  • Anna Olariu
    Anna Olariu 12 days ago

    Colleen u are beautiful just the way u are 😊

  • C Damm
    C Damm 13 days ago

    You are so beautiful.

  • Kelsey Cross
    Kelsey Cross 13 days ago

    I needed to hear this. Thank you.

  • Baelin King
    Baelin King 13 days ago +1

    Anybody who hates on Colleen, they suck. She is amazing, and a huge inspiration to me. Love you Colleen😁😁😁

  • Mary Velazquez
    Mary Velazquez 13 days ago

    This is how I feel 😭 I am now watching your pregnancy videos. I have 13 weeks left and have already gained 19 ibs. I used to always always go to gym and be insecure over 1ib. and Now I understand it’s for my little human but it’s super hard and has taken a toll on my insecurities with my tummy growing and leaving my clothes behind lol it is my first baby and Im scared on if whether loosing the weight after

  • Kai Alexandria
    Kai Alexandria 13 days ago

    You can see the pain in her eyes & hear the anxiety in her voice when she talks about her weight
    I just started following you Colleen but I believe you have one of the most beautiful souls
    What makes you attractive is your confidence babe. You're beautiful either way but you're glowing from this baby (I know you're no longer pregnant)
    We *ALL* have insecurities/faults, no one is perfect. When *you accept you* the need for validation of others dwindles down & dies down *SO MUCH* !!!!! Those voices will always be in your head for as long as we're imperfect but you validate you & please understand that ❤🙏🏾

  • Hannah Stockl
    Hannah Stockl 14 days ago

    is miranda pregnet

  • Katie Lytle
    Katie Lytle 14 days ago

    I just realized your maranda sings (I think that's how it's spelt) I like this channel more hope you are having fun being a mommy now! Just subscribed, and about the body thing, girl your so beautiful don't worry about them, I use to be 5"1 and 100 pounds then I got thyroid problems and I became 5"1 but 210 pounds, it's really hard for me to feel good about myself and I wish I could get thinner but sadly I can't so I have to try and feel pretty like this, I think you look so perfect, plus being pregnant is beautiful, looks and all, plus there's shops for adorable pregnant clothing hehe

  • Liv Opsal
    Liv Opsal 14 days ago

    You are beautiful 💖💜

  • Sadie Mae
    Sadie Mae 14 days ago

    You are so beautiful pregnant or not

  • Brett Angelique
    Brett Angelique 14 days ago

    I feel absolutely the same way about my body. You got to my feels Colleen. I love you so much ❤️❤️

  • McKenzie S
    McKenzie S 14 days ago

    You are gorgeous inside & out Colleen💖