A STAR IS BORN Extended Teaser Trailer NEW (2018) - Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Musical Drama


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    A STAR IS BORN Extended Teaser Trailer NEW (2018) - Musical Drama #BradleyCooper #LadyGaga #AndrewDiceClay #DaveChappelle #SamElliott

  • Juliette Johnson
    Juliette Johnson 7 hours ago

    It’s an awesome movie to see

  • K
    K 22 hours ago

    I wanted to love this, I really did. I know the entire cast poured their souls into this. The acting was great, the singing was great and I applaud Bradley Cooper on his directorial debut. However, something was amiss for me. Some of it dragged and some of it I found too choppy. I still prefer the Streisand/Kristofferson collaboration.

  • Dalia Hopkins
    Dalia Hopkins 6 days ago

    So we not gonna talk the Dave Chappell pop up that was not credited in the cover

  • Greice Rocha
    Greice Rocha 7 days ago

    Maravilhosa Lady Gaga e que filme maravilhoso

  • bipolar psychopath 1978

    I just saw this film, Bradley Coopers dies from being a pill popping boozer piece of shit who can't handle lady gagas success & kills himself - i just blew the ending & couldn't careless 😂🖕😂🖕

  • Judie5 Horzelski
    Judie5 Horzelski 7 days ago

    I am obsessed with this movie. I can not wait for the DVD to come out. The songs are the best. I love GaGa and Bradley Cooper. BEST MOVIE!

  • Lori Olson
    Lori Olson 8 days ago

    Such a great movie

  • Joanna BZ
    Joanna BZ 12 days ago

    Maybe the political Academy Awards would ask a regular viewer which movie moved them and thought them something about life. All those old men should retire already. A STAR IS BORN is the BEST MOVIE as far as I know and as far as all my friends know.

  • lem farba
    lem farba 14 days ago

    He's playing Kris Kristofferson

  • Trolls Trolls
    Trolls Trolls 14 days ago

    Lady Gaga you are beautiful!

  • 3enton 3enton
    3enton 3enton 15 days ago

    Uuuummm did I really just cry over a review? I saw this movie 2wks ago it still haunts me. Im sure that I will see it at least a couple more times.

  • Brandon Hinkson
    Brandon Hinkson 17 days ago

    Bradley cooper and lady gaga x9 times like we didnt know the first 2/3 times it flashed across the screen

  • TheBurkechi
    TheBurkechi 17 days ago

    Ugh, I hate to say this because I love Gaga, but the cosmetic work done to her face is distracting from her acting and detracts from the authenticity of the scenes. It prevents me from really connecting

  • mR. Anonymous
    mR. Anonymous 17 days ago

    Pure remake of indian Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2 😂😂

  • Lupe C
    Lupe C 17 days ago

    Beautiful story;) 💗

  • jordytjuhhhh
    jordytjuhhhh 18 days ago

    Who is the director?

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 20 days ago

    This movie some what copied a Hindi film ashiqui 2

  • Mirka Kostolanska
    Mirka Kostolanska 20 days ago


  • william woodmark
    william woodmark 21 day ago

    When I left this movie I knew this movie would never leave me.

  • jabhookjab cross
    jabhookjab cross 21 day ago

    Fantastic film. Absolute must see. Kicks bohemian rhapsody into the long grass. Fantastic deep performances from Cooper and Gaga. Real masterpiece.

  • Dina M
    Dina M 24 days ago

    this movie is a live proof that the Oscars became shit...how is this horrible performance nominated for an oscar??
    i was laughing out the whole movie on how awful she was acting!!!!!!!!!

  • Addison Brandenburg
    Addison Brandenburg 24 days ago +1

    Seen this movie made me cry

  • Steve cl
    Steve cl 25 days ago

    This proves we are all human! This Conservative is just mesmerized.
    Put hate back where it belongs..Hell

  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro 25 days ago

    Two stars were born! A singer and an actress!

  • Rodrigo Zamora
    Rodrigo Zamora 25 days ago

    What's the prog rock song at 0:39?

  • Fenly Papendang
    Fenly Papendang 26 days ago

    Brad is very good, but I think Rami will win the Oscar.

  • shraddha fan
    shraddha fan 27 days ago

    can anyone tell the story of this movie?

  • Rahul vinal Narayan
    Rahul vinal Narayan 27 days ago

    I went into the theatre expecting good singing by Lady Gaga and good acting by Bradley Cooper..came out blown away by Cooper’s voice and Gaga’s acting performance. Breathtaking film.

  • legnA
    legnA 27 days ago

    I wouldn't go see this movie ever.....

  • Hery Izkak
    Hery Izkak 27 days ago

    *Irina shayk...................left chat*

  • Francesca Padula Autrice


  • Retired
    Retired Month ago

    great movie. I relate!

  • Charm Agbayani
    Charm Agbayani Month ago

    She looks like marilyn monroe

    • Da' Vi Perez
      Da' Vi Perez 27 days ago

      it must be those f***** up eyes Jesus gave you. because she looks nothing like Marilyn.

  • Akhil Akhil
    Akhil Akhil Month ago

    Copy paste from Aashiqui 2

  • lisbette28
    lisbette28 Month ago

    She is so beautiful without all the makeup on!!

  • Darcy L
    Darcy L Month ago

    Cooper really does try and emulate Kristofferson which, in my view, is a great choice out of the 3 other actors who have portrayed Jack. He emulates Kris's look, from the hair and beard to the sun and weather beaten skin tone of his face. He also talks with that gritty sound in his voice that was so distinctive in Kris's also. I like that this film captures the look, feel, and vibe of the 1976 version while still having it's own flair and an even superior soundtrack in my opinion. The musical performances by Cooper and Gaga were better also and that is no mean feat considering just how great Kristofferson's and Streisand's were!

  • fanrics
    fanrics Month ago

    I think Bradley Cooper is the director? XD

  • danka hlavata
    danka hlavata Month ago

    I think Bohemian Rhapsody is better

  • Deborah Lord
    Deborah Lord Month ago

    Just watched this film.. lady gar gar was brilliant.. my favourite two films of last year a star is born and bohemian rapsody.. they need Oscar's xx

  • Emat1971
    Emat1971 Month ago

    I’m the only one ON EARTH who found this film just ok

  • Iris Wingate
    Iris Wingate Month ago

    Lady GAGA so Beautiful,. I love this movie already, Go for it🤔🤗😇😇😇😇😇😇.

  • Ariana Westwood
    Ariana Westwood Month ago +1

    There could be a 100 people in a room and 99 of them don't believe in you and all it takes is that 1 person...

    if you know, you know

  • adrian ortiz obando

    Lady gaga without al the bullshit extravaganza Just sucks.

  • Gamecock 38
    Gamecock 38 Month ago

    Bradley Cooper has come a long way since the Hangover and Lady Gaga needs to stick to this type of music.

  • álvaro brito
    álvaro brito Month ago

    Indians, stop! No one wants to copy a fuckin shit Bollywood movie!!!

  • Rachel Joan
    Rachel Joan Month ago

    Are you ducking kidding me! I am two mins in and I’m already losing my sheeeet. Lady Gaga is suppose to be this feminist icon right? Okay then why is the opening scene to this teaser shit her talking down about her nose!!! Do women really sit there and think this!??? Like for real she wants to use her platform for good she would demonstrate a confident woman not some loser fixiatinf on some shit I swear his whole wahhh imma act like a loser and get a guy is why woman believe they don’t have power

  • Deanne Williams
    Deanne Williams Month ago

    He looks like Rick from the Walking Dead

  • Kaye Lee
    Kaye Lee Month ago

    I can relate to this , I can't sing but I don't feel comfortable filming a video while singing because my nose is small hahaahah

  • Doris De Melo
    Doris De Melo Month ago


  • Laura Buondelmonte
    Laura Buondelmonte Month ago

    The BEST movie in a very long time-loved the performances of every single character in the film, I agree with LiveLoveLaugh, there is an honesty in the way they ALL played their respective characters, but agreed, no one more so than Gaga

  • Steve McCollum
    Steve McCollum Month ago

    Stunningly raw, beautiful and natural.

  • Shakti Singh
    Shakti Singh Month ago

    Immature Gaga looks beautiful She did do it . Aashiqui 3

  • sonia hachemi
    sonia hachemi Month ago

    She's so beautiful i liked her since her first song then i disvover her extravagant style...i was always sure that she's beautiful. ..but without make up she's simply waw !!! Congratulations both of u sir bradley and sweet gaga !! U deserve this success a natural chemistry..a pure love 😉

  • Eduard Leahu
    Eduard Leahu Month ago

    Just realized how beautiful Lady Gaga she actually is.

  • TheIcypolarbear
    TheIcypolarbear Month ago

    I saw this today, I loved it Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper where excellent. Will watch it again, Lady Gaga looked so beautiful so natural and so herself. I personally thought her debut film acting was flawless and deserves an Oscar. I have liked and followed Gaga since she first started singing and will continue to follow her, and now hoping so much she will star in more films.

  • pamela pam
    pamela pam Month ago

    she is in the movie talk so much about her problem like her nose what lots of people point this but she is beautiful any way in and our real deal

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat Month ago

    Whats there not to love abt gaga's elegant high pointed nose

  • MrJoeinlove
    MrJoeinlove Month ago

    Na girls with those looks don't fall in love with older guys like these

  • BEAR
    BEAR Month ago

    wow..THAT IS GAGA? Looks like i must go see this one.

  • pocho payaso
    pocho payaso Month ago

    I'm a type of man, music genre all kinds of metal, movies, hardcore action, but after I watched this trailer, damn, I'm a fan of lady gaga now😍 I think if I watch this movie, I fall inlove with you lady gaga

  • Studio Lorstars
    Studio Lorstars Month ago

    I love you

  • Studio Lorstars
    Studio Lorstars Month ago

    Laidy gaga me rang fous d’elle

  • Andrea Huelmo
    Andrea Huelmo Month ago

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nalinii Ravichandran

    similar aashiqui 2 story

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz Month ago +2

    Never mind about Lady Gaga she will be a good actress. She is gorgeous. I saw this movie on boxxy software. And sure, Bradley is no comment super professional.

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul Month ago

    Lady Gaga is a guy in real life

  • Abdul Narayan D'souza
    Abdul Narayan D'souza 2 months ago

    Have anyone seen Bollywood movie of 2011 " Rockstar " ? If you have seen it you will get connected with this film trailer

  • melissa 3.141
    melissa 3.141 2 months ago

    Duck In Dave chappelle!!? What you been? Miss you man!!

  • melioraeligo
    melioraeligo 2 months ago

    epic movie

  • Guy Amber
    Guy Amber 2 months ago

    How can we meet so perfect and so "yes, it IS 1000%"?@!?

  • Guy Amber
    Guy Amber 2 months ago

    Bradley is HOT!!!

    X-MISMA-X 2 months ago

    Best Movie I've seen in 2018

  • ankush jeergyal
    ankush jeergyal 2 months ago

    Do watch aashiqui 2 before watching this movie!

  • VideoDrone
    VideoDrone 2 months ago

    Who directed this film? :P

  • Steve McCollum
    Steve McCollum 2 months ago

    SO much talent and heart

  • Ted. w.
    Ted. w. 2 months ago

    I hope both of them get Awards, They did a great job. My Wife & I really Loved this Movie.

  • Darsi Koznichova
    Darsi Koznichova 2 months ago +2

    I had similar nose as her one,and I never been confidence in myself exactly of that,I was feeling ugly even people saying that, I’m beautiful,but I could say everything is in our minds God creat us in different looking no one is the same as other one,people need to learn how to love their self,I grow up in poor family, in the school no one was wanted to seat with me, because I wasn’t dress up like them,they always made fun on me,insulted,and I grow up full of dreams ,one day to be like them,to feel that I’m normal as them,but thanks God now I,ve got everything I wanted in my life

  • Fay Yah
    Fay Yah 2 months ago

    Hollywood way to copy bollywoods movie "Ashiquii 2" and change it a bit lol...still a good movie

    • Ms.gshunw
      Ms.gshunw 2 months ago +1

      Lol no one is copying crappy Bollywood movies. They're both remakes of A Star is Born. BOOM!

  • Laylanie Gernale
    Laylanie Gernale 2 months ago

    I feel in love❤️❤️

  • Alecsandra Borges
    Alecsandra Borges 2 months ago


  • IAmSamurai
    IAmSamurai 2 months ago

    Bradley Cooper looks SO HOT in this!!! He's got a beautiful voice, too.. 💋✌

  • Mix Everything
    Mix Everything 2 months ago

    Story of every superstar .

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang 2 months ago

    watch it just now,awesome movie the songs r just excellent.. it deserve an Oscar..

  • Rachael Salvador
    Rachael Salvador 2 months ago +1


  • Wanda Worobiej
    Wanda Worobiej 2 months ago +5

    Today I watched this movie in Poland! It is beautiful and very moving! I cried a few times! Love, love, love...

  • Hannah Grace Abne
    Hannah Grace Abne 2 months ago

    Where can i watch this pls 😞

  • JoeyMcSmokey
    JoeyMcSmokey 2 months ago

    This looks amazing! I wish i was the kind of woman who could afford movie but that shit in the white House raised my taxes and it broke me. Please release to re;ease to Hulu or Netflix soon!

  • Azad amad Hassan
    Azad amad Hassan 2 months ago +1

    one of the best movies i have ever seen

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 months ago +2


  • Veronikka Pitalla
    Veronikka Pitalla 2 months ago +9

    It’s my first time seeing lady gaga that beautiful. She’s pretty without makeup. 😍

  • Sangita Thapa
    Sangita Thapa 2 months ago +3

    I am in love with this movie...

  • Zac Fritz
    Zac Fritz 2 months ago

    What the actual fuck. fucking trash. Lady gaga when she sings doesn't even sound like country, it sounds like slow pop. The fuck outta here. if you don't like country and like this movie, go kill yourself. Sorry but not fucking sorry, fuck you.

    • Zac Fritz
      Zac Fritz 2 months ago

      Even if you do like this movie..... you might be fucking gay, retarded , or know nothing about country music.

  • Amelia Barbaro
    Amelia Barbaro 2 months ago

    This looks shit

  • Frepa Gioerne
    Frepa Gioerne 2 months ago

    This was so bad, I went to see Venom after watching Lady Gaga "act" for 5 minutes. Bradley Cooper should really stick with Jennifer Lawrence for those romantic dramas, Gaga is much too ugly for him. Streisand wasn't a beauty either but her voice was undeniably the best thing in the movie. Gaga doesn't make the par on this, not my a long shot. Sorry, but compare the two, you'll hear it for yourself.

    • Ms.gshunw
      Ms.gshunw 2 months ago

      What a "Shallow" piece of shit you are. You probably look like the bottom of my shoe after I've accidentally stepped in dog shit.

  • sun shine
    sun shine 2 months ago

    lady gaga looks more beautiful without make up ❤

  • Grace
    Grace 3 months ago

    Omg she is so beautiful

  • caleb hunter
    caleb hunter 3 months ago

    now i dont need to go see the movie nice

  • Kim Havlik
    Kim Havlik 3 months ago

    I love it

  • Kim Havlik
    Kim Havlik 3 months ago

    I love the movie!