Film Theory: How Batman DESTROYED Gotham (Dark Knight Rises)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2016
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    You thought Batman was a hero...but in true Film Theory style, today's episode tells a VERY different story. Batman in the Dark Knight Rises is supposed to be the realest, grittiest Batman EVER, but there's a MASSIVE scientific and logical error at the end of the Dark Knight Rises that shows Batman for what he actually is: a REAL failure.
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  • ZeekZy
    ZeekZy 12 hours ago

    He did not even have to do it

  • Md Talha Ansari
    Md Talha Ansari 15 hours ago

    This is the DC universe, folks! The batcopter travels at 7.95 quintillion times the speed of light. Also after batman worked on the autopilot code, the speed increased to up to 200,000 nonillion times the speed of light. The bomb detonated so far away, that the laws of logic broke down and the explosion appeared to be nearby.

  • M Cordon
    M Cordon Day ago

    1 like= 1 matman saves the day

  • hip hop
    hip hop 5 days ago

    Norm peaple:0o0
    Terrorist: we have our target

  • 2019 Toyota Camry
    2019 Toyota Camry 9 days ago

    The Fat Man was actually dropped on Nagasaki. The Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima.

  • DemstarAus
    DemstarAus 9 days ago

    Hero-sh'muh. ぞっと

  • Pyro Gaming Inc
    Pyro Gaming Inc 10 days ago +1

    A kiss destroyed Gotham.

  • Elvira a
    Elvira a 10 days ago

    Gotham is in new jersey in suicide squad

  • Clara Wright
    Clara Wright 11 days ago

    Its called THE BAT

  • Salsa Mamba B
    Salsa Mamba B 11 days ago

    How do I change my picture on my TVclip profile? Also you're adorable and I love how your brain works

  • Ryan Kilpatrick
    Ryan Kilpatrick 12 days ago +1

    Time doesn't matter in any Hollywood movie

  • Awsome comments Me
    Awsome comments Me 13 days ago +1

    Pat: this is impossible Batman: BECAUSE IM BATMAN

  • MrPancake 1106
    MrPancake 1106 13 days ago +1

    Literally 6000 people died because Batman couldn't keep it in his pants.

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 13 days ago

    “Bath man””bath man hehe”

  • Boiizboi 23
    Boiizboi 23 14 days ago +1

    You should make a new channel called comic theory.

  • Andrew DeBord
    Andrew DeBord 17 days ago +2

    His vehicle thingy was actually a osprey or a jet helicopter hibrid which is much faster that was costomised for his needs

  • Nam Trần Hải
    Nam Trần Hải 17 days ago

    You cant compare the batcopter with even the fastest helicopter in the world because bruce tech is far more advance than the real world tech

  • Heath Gehlhausen
    Heath Gehlhausen 18 days ago

    What if he flew straight down into the water?

  • mycol tong
    mycol tong 18 days ago +1

    He can still pull it off.
    Why? Cause Batman

  • Sleepy animations
    Sleepy animations 18 days ago +1

    Wow why dosnt Batman just yell I’m Batman at the bomb

  • David Wamsley
    David Wamsley 19 days ago

    batman hates new jersey

  • Bluewolf Games122
    Bluewolf Games122 19 days ago

    The newest super hero movie BATH-MAN VS BATMAN!

  • Teo Prendi
    Teo Prendi 21 day ago +2

    Maybe the helicopter was faster because batman is a billionere who can buy a helicopter who are a lot faster.Maybe.

  • AnimationsOnly
    AnimationsOnly 21 day ago


  • Avenging Knight
    Avenging Knight 23 days ago +1

    If you ask Batman or anybody as a matter of fact, about how he won the answer will always be the same :- "BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!!!!!!"

  • Tuhin Singh
    Tuhin Singh 24 days ago

    Batman would be able to do it because he is BATMAN

  • roy rolling
    roy rolling 27 days ago


  • Brian
    Brian 28 days ago

    I'm watching this as I'm playing fallout New Vegas

  • eddie dutcher
    eddie dutcher 29 days ago

    No nakisaki

  • Rocky Wiskowski
    Rocky Wiskowski Month ago

    You forgot that the bomb would make huge waves maybe even a Tsunami

  • Jason Woo
    Jason Woo Month ago

    Just saying, 6 miles is not 12 km

  • TellyJart
    TellyJart Month ago

    Lmfao I'm in the middle of the danger wind zone :)))

  • Ollie Langan
    Ollie Langan Month ago

    that nuke website is really fun.

  • Manjit Kumar
    Manjit Kumar Month ago +1

    6 MILES = 9.66 KM not 12 , u got even the basic thing wrong 😡

  • Cundee The Creator
    Cundee The Creator Month ago

    When we are at that scene do we know that coastline is just outside of Gotham?

    NOOR DRAWS Month ago +2

    What if Bane just lied about the blast radius to scare the citizens of Gotham even more?

  • Ryan Henry
    Ryan Henry Month ago

    It's half nuclear half technology. REMEMBER: it was used to power up stuff

  • Fredrik Andersson
    Fredrik Andersson Month ago

    I think that Bain lied about the blast radieuse to scare
    The people of Gotham

  • Griffin J
    Griffin J Month ago

    Fat man was the one dropped on Nagasaki not Hiroshima

  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 Month ago

    WILL YOU PLEASE do theories on the Burtonverse?!?!?

  • The Guy Who Killed JFK

    Hes a billionaire that helicopter was probably much faster

  • GE-Galaxy Emperor
    GE-Galaxy Emperor Month ago

    Don't worry the damage won't stand against the avenger and man of steel

  • The nerd Terminator/TNT

    When I tell my girl friend something sexist 1:15

  • conflict
    conflict Month ago

    I would pay money to view matt's search history.
    "how far away would a nuclear blast have to be from a building to still do it significant damage?"
    "what model helicopter is the fastest in the world"
    "how can I visit hiroshima to see the nuclear fallout?"
    and many more questionable things!

  • Javier Baldenegro
    Javier Baldenegro Month ago

    Just saying but the Fat Man nuclear bomb Was dropped on Nagasaki not Hiroshima. The Little Boy was the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

  • Fresh Inky Boi
    Fresh Inky Boi Month ago

    In loving memories of Gotham also is Pennsylvania fine?
    A little further in the video: welp time to pack my bags and go to Los Angelos

  • Filip Von Filbert
    Filip Von Filbert Month ago

    Wasnt the bomb a 4megaton bomb?

  • Imane Ben
    Imane Ben Month ago

    Dear Matthew,
    If you'd be a kind angel,may you include the metric system? I don't know the imperial system. So if you can include a metric system measurement even just in parantheses,it'd be satisfactory. You mayn't see this comment. But this was your feedback.
    -Imane Ben,loyal theorist and viewer since 2015.

  • DarkSypherGaming
    DarkSypherGaming Month ago

    Actually they used Chicago and New York for shooting The Dark Knight trilogy

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White Month ago

    Did Batman die

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White Month ago

    I do not want to watch this movie

  • Endylongwings
    Endylongwings Month ago

    The movie very clearly states that it's an atom bomb Mat

  • your_papas_papa 69
    your_papas_papa 69 Month ago

    BUT it's just a film and does it really madder?

  • Ranjeet Sandhu
    Ranjeet Sandhu Month ago


  • Laura Varner
    Laura Varner Month ago

    HE-RO-SHE-MA!! Dang you MatPat

  • Frank Tenpenny
    Frank Tenpenny 2 months ago

    1:little boy was dropped on hiroshima
    2:fat man was dropped on Nagasaki

  • skull Gray
    skull Gray 2 months ago +1

    Batman copter is called the bat wing

  • King_gamer 9000 21.12
    King_gamer 9000 21.12 2 months ago

    I lived next to the Hudson River

  • Lakshya Toshniwal
    Lakshya Toshniwal 2 months ago

    You are the dumbest person alive

  • T2 Throttle Maniac
    T2 Throttle Maniac 2 months ago

    larki ka chakkar...

  • My Animations
    My Animations 2 months ago


  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist 2 months ago

    Stupid batman making out with Catwoman while he should of been saving everyone.
    Just kidding I would have stayed and made out with Catwoman too.

  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun 2 months ago

    Holy dog meat batman

  • collateroL
    collateroL 2 months ago

    Learn how to say Hiroshima right

  • A non-talking gamer
    A non-talking gamer 2 months ago +1

    Batman needs a cover for his mouth

  • T-rex Beats
    T-rex Beats 2 months ago

    So you cannot compare it to the fastest plane

  • T-rex Beats
    T-rex Beats 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that batman had made a way better plane than the fastest plane as he is a BILLIONARE

  • shriram
    shriram 2 months ago

    You missed one point and that is that you didn't talk about the radiation will affect the waters that are pretty much used for everything(like drinking)

  • CoRe_Apple
    CoRe_Apple 2 months ago

    Korea has entered the chat

  • TheBreakFast
    TheBreakFast 2 months ago

    6:57 if the bomb was weightless, in the 75 seconds it would’ve travelled a about 22 500 000 km because if it doesnt have weight, it doesnt have mass either and since massless object must always travel at the speed of light, gotham doesnt have any chance of being devastated.

  • Kiitsune
    Kiitsune 2 months ago

    MatPat you must be on lots of watch lists, like a lot!

  • Marie Burns
    Marie Burns 2 months ago

    what about defusing the bomb...

  • Filoteoaz09 ds
    Filoteoaz09 ds 2 months ago


  • Timothy Giga
    Timothy Giga 2 months ago

    The only problem I have is with the speed in the cartoon the bat copter can go Mach 1 witches 767.269 MPH

  • Danny Birkett
    Danny Birkett 2 months ago

    what has this got to go with the joker

  • Ruchil Jain
    Ruchil Jain 2 months ago

    I mean he is batman cant he own a better helicopter

  • ChanWin17
    ChanWin17 3 months ago

    MatPat pronouncing Hiroshima is triggering to my ears.
    And i thought the "FatMan" was dropped on Nagasaki not Hiroshima

  • Camilo Manjarres
    Camilo Manjarres 3 months ago

    Do you know how he managed to save everyone? BECAUSE HES BATMAN

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie 3 months ago

    Matpat, I am one of your greatest fans, but Fatman was only dropped on Nagasaki. The Little boy was dropped on Hiroshima
    (Edit: also, the smallest nuke, the W54 "Davey Crockett" weighed 34.5 kg, even though I am American, I like metric)

  • aryan verma
    aryan verma 3 months ago

    Radioactive tsunami

  • Maximus YT
    Maximus YT 3 months ago

    He row she ma

    • Maximus YT
      Maximus YT 3 months ago

      Not her roshi ma

  • clawleone 1134
    clawleone 1134 3 months ago

    But Gotham is canonically in New Jersey...

  • The Canyonside Bandit
    The Canyonside Bandit 3 months ago

    not new York city. bane says the west coast will learn bla bla bla(I forgot the rest)

    GWAPWURLD100 3 months ago

    Na they said Superman came thru and saved him look it up on TVclip

  • Kristy
    Kristy 3 months ago

    The Dark Knight Fails

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini 3 months ago


  • DjProductions
    DjProductions 3 months ago

    what’s the name of the nuke website, asking for a school project

  • Leeann hell yeah man
    Leeann hell yeah man 3 months ago

    How come you only showed Fallout 4 we all have to remember Fallout 3

  • Pietro Casarrubia
    Pietro Casarrubia 3 months ago

    Ecco, lo sapevo, mai andare al cinema a guardare i film dei supereroi in live action

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 3 months ago

    How could you insult me?!

  • Miftahudin Miftahudin
    Miftahudin Miftahudin 3 months ago

    anyone notice 6 miles is 9.6 km instead of 12

  • Bugatti_ Cuda
    Bugatti_ Cuda 3 months ago +2

    1:15 *whooPOW*

    In all seriousness, that’s the best edit ever

  • MacAttack *_*
    MacAttack *_* 3 months ago

    3 year anniversary

  • kriss 25anime
    kriss 25anime 3 months ago +1

    i like when MatPat ruin someone's favorite superhero !

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 3 months ago

    Yeah, not making out with Catwoman would've saved everyone...but can you blame him?

  • Felix Knight
    Felix Knight 3 months ago

    But... IS that how Hiroshima is pronounced??

  • Abe Knight
    Abe Knight 3 months ago

    Dude you ruin everything

  • Klayden004
    Klayden004 3 months ago

    This whole theory is based on Gotham being just a different name for NYC! Gotham is located in New Jersey in the comics and in the movie the way Batman flies there are non boroughs or anything its all open water. The geography of Gotham is not the same as New York city!!!!!

  • Sabastian Bova
    Sabastian Bova 3 months ago

    Did you see sadako the statue she was in a book about World War Two on how when they dropped the atom bomb and she got sick and stuff

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 3 months ago

    1:15 Batnips in that terrible Batman movie would’ve been better than glorious dancing Maguire