Film Theory: How Batman DESTROYED Gotham (Dark Knight Rises)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2016
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    You thought Batman was a hero...but in true Film Theory style, today's episode tells a VERY different story. Batman in the Dark Knight Rises is supposed to be the realest, grittiest Batman EVER, but there's a MASSIVE scientific and logical error at the end of the Dark Knight Rises that shows Batman for what he actually is: a REAL failure.
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Comments • 13 586

  • fire 101
    fire 101 21 minute ago

    I love Batman

  • Amir Abedian
    Amir Abedian 19 hours ago

    Atomic bombs are far less effective when detonated under water, and water is one of top insulators used in reactors. He could have just dumped it into the river and everything would have gone fine

  • ScoreStreaks Gaming

    but hes not the one they disserve but the one they need

  • Dyath
    Dyath Day ago

    Yo forget it wasn’t a Nuke in itself
    It was a generator which was modified to overcharge and just blow up
    No RadX needed
    And they say if it explodes it will be LIKE a nuke

  • Delta Squad 4K
    Delta Squad 4K 2 days ago

    Now who want to nuke their city

  • Timothy Jackson
    Timothy Jackson 4 days ago

    He should make a theory about how much money it would take to be batman

  • straberrygal 279
    straberrygal 279 4 days ago

    Na na na na bath man bath man

  • Magdalena Sánchez Miguel

    Yeah but some moments of a series specially the emotive goodbyes dont last as long as shown in the series

  • Chilly Cat
    Chilly Cat 6 days ago

    what did you say batman I never kill? riiiight

  • Alex Holts
    Alex Holts 7 days ago

    As Green Arrow would say, "Batman, you have failed this city..." *looks around* "...or what's left of it anyway"

  • Chancey Smith
    Chancey Smith 8 days ago

    It’s New Jersey

  • JV Cooperative
    JV Cooperative 8 days ago +1

    I can't believe you put this much effort into this video.

  • uri Sheinman
    uri Sheinman 9 days ago

    He did it because he's batman!!!!

  • George D. Marsack
    George D. Marsack 9 days ago

    What if batman returned the bomb to the underground bunker that was filled with sea water?

  • Brett Van
    Brett Van 9 days ago

    Gotham is in New Jersey, Simpleton.

  • Br Dgk_Kadin
    Br Dgk_Kadin 10 days ago

    When it’s in the water wouldn’t it cause a tsunami

  • Slay epic Eric
    Slay epic Eric 10 days ago

    I know Batman’s excuse for that it’s cuz I’m Batman

  • Darius Visockis
    Darius Visockis 10 days ago

    after u moron fk told 6miles is 12km i stopped watch. 1mile is 1.6km u dumb braindead fk. gl. dislike been made

  • Scarlett Flannery
    Scarlett Flannery 10 days ago

    F in da chat for BatMan

  • Dr. Zalcus_ Wikkins
    Dr. Zalcus_ Wikkins 11 days ago

    "Believe it or not, there have been much, much BIGGER bombs made, and tested over the years-"

  • James Dinius
    James Dinius 11 days ago

    Not sure how you set your parameters. I needed to use a 57 kT warhead to get your results. 4kT only kills about 260 instantly according to the site.

  • James Dinius
    James Dinius 11 days ago

    Also, the Eurocopter kinda cheats as far as helicopters are concerned. Note the twin propellers, similar to a propeller airplane. This is a VTOL. It takes off like a helicopter, but it flies like an airplane.

  • The Nightmaric Senpai
    The Nightmaric Senpai 12 days ago

    All of that is true.
    Gotham is based on NYC.
    But it also has features from other cities.
    If you watch _The Dark Knight Rises_ and you watch the stadium scene in particular, any NFL fan will realize that the stadium is Heinz Field. Heinz Field, however, isn't in NYC. It's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    And yes that's actually true. If you went to Steelers home games in 2012, the programs for sale at the stadium would mention the movie. All of the scenes at the stadium were shot at the real life Heinz Field. They didn't have to make a fake stadium, unlike 42. ((But to be fair, they had to do that for 42 because Ebbets Field was demolished in 1960, a few years after the Dodgers moved to LA.))

  • Hate on People
    Hate on People 13 days ago

    The batwing goes much faster than anything ever made on earth

  • David Sotomayor
    David Sotomayor 15 days ago

    But Mat, when we see the batcopter go to the ocean we can't see any type of land, meaning he made it out of the lower bay, and with that information you can calculate the speed of the batcopter. You just have to count from the point when he made it out of Manhattan till he reach the sea. 13 miles or 21 km. That make it safe for the City of New york. Unfortunately i dont have time to calculate the speed he is going. So i will guess he made it from out of Manhattan to the edge of the lower bay area in 45 seconds. With that he is going to 1680 km/h or 1044 mph !. That's a a lot more than the fastest chopper.
    But hey, thats just a theory. A counter theory.

  • NighTWolF
    NighTWolF 15 days ago +1

    Wait, he could have saved them all very easily. The bomb explodes right under his batcopter, which would mean it is indestructible. Why not just put the bomb inside of it and let it explode?

  • Anderson Sousa
    Anderson Sousa 17 days ago

    You’ve just become a meaner destroyer of fun than Austin from ShoddyCast.

  • Zacky Boi
    Zacky Boi 17 days ago +1

    Rest in peace Heath Ledger. (Dark Knight's Joker) You're a Australian icon, and will be missed

    • fire 101
      fire 101 18 minutes ago

      Zacky Boi I love heath ledger

  • No One Of Consequence
    No One Of Consequence 17 days ago +2

    Gotham may look like New York, but in Batman mythology Gotham is either in southern New Jersey, or in one iteration, it's Stamford, Connecticut, with Wayne Manor in the town of New Canaan.

  • Breaker X
    Breaker X 18 days ago

    Oh yeah, my history teacher played that simulator and set off fake bombs all over Asia.....

  • Krazyk007x2
    Krazyk007x2 18 days ago

    A six-mile radius would be 3 miles from ground zero, would it not? If the bomb blows up & affects 3 miles on each side, that would be a 6-mile radius. =-)

  • EmilBarak
    EmilBarak 18 days ago

    TSAR BOMBA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    IN A FLASH 19 days ago

    0:00 his mouth though!

  • Carliss Cole
    Carliss Cole 19 days ago

    Actually the bat helicopter with the most speed can go past the speed of sound

  • juani gonzalez
    juani gonzalez 20 days ago +1

    Here's something that could help:
    If you hold out your thumb and you can't see the entire explosion then your good
    If you can see it your screwed

  • Abit Artsy!
    Abit Artsy! 21 day ago

    I ffreaking looovvveee dark night, and i love heath ledgers joker! 10/10!!!!!!!!!

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 22 days ago

    Matpat says no causleties. fishermen and merpeople. Am I a joke to you?

  • Rick Guillen
    Rick Guillen 22 days ago

    I mean technically its Gotham not Newyork but idk man

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 23 days ago

    and this is why having the bomb plot was silly to begin with. I understand Nolan's plan to bring it full circle by having the League of Shadows back with some doomsday device plot. However, it felt like a very weird tonal shift from the more "grounded" crime drama feel from the previous movie. The third movie should have been more of a manhunt/fugitive plot, where Batman shows how resourceful he can be, specially when the world has turned against him. I also think this plot would have fit Bane better. Having said that, I still like TDKR but not as a whole but as a set of very good action scenes and well, how can you not like that ending.

  • AnimexGaming Reviews
    AnimexGaming Reviews 23 days ago

    Well, mat pat,
    You proved that bane really new that there were going to be

  • Trekith
    Trekith 23 days ago

    Gotham is in New Jersey

  • gamers in a container
    gamers in a container 23 days ago

    1:16 That's a slick edit.

  • Scotty MacDewder
    Scotty MacDewder 24 days ago

    As if cancer rates here on long island werent high enough already...

  • George Marsden
    George Marsden 25 days ago

    Did you know that a few decades ago they used to dump nuclear waste off the shore of NJ? Even at one point getting the military to shoot barrels of it if they didn't sink naturally. That water is already irradiated.

  • Duncan Lin
    Duncan Lin 25 days ago


  • Tin Watchman
    Tin Watchman 25 days ago

    14:39 BTAS Batman would've had that sucker out to sea before Gordon even noticed he was gone.

  • Science Builds
    Science Builds 26 days ago

    I use nukemap

  • hold my bottle'o grog
    hold my bottle'o grog 27 days ago

    He does realise it's not a helicopter right?

  • Alex_w1308
    Alex_w1308 27 days ago +1

    Is there an established speed of “The Bat”

  • Alex Waddington
    Alex Waddington 27 days ago

    What about the water? If he dropped the bomb in the water off shore, surely the water would attenuate a lot of the radiation.

  • Max Nash
    Max Nash 27 days ago

    Couldn’t the people just escape on planes or boats? They don’t need bridges.

  • Mckenzie Gorman
    Mckenzie Gorman 28 days ago +1

    Wasn’t the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima little boy not fat man

  • YoloMasterGamerTag
    YoloMasterGamerTag 29 days ago

    There a location called Gotham city in New York City. I been there plenty of time since I live there

  • waylon cash
    waylon cash 29 days ago

    I love bathman, and his nemesis, the shower.

  • Brandon Whitmore
    Brandon Whitmore 29 days ago

    Something else
    Wouldn't anyone notice that as soon as batman dies bruce wayne goes missing

  • Xtina Lee
    Xtina Lee Month ago

    Gotham is a fictional city. It could be on the coast. It also is based off of New Jersey, Metropolis is New York.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo Month ago

    Movie magic trumps your theory. The bridge he flys over before heading out to the water is actually the Greenboro bridge and there is no big ocean once you fly over it. Just the city. So the cinematic aesthetics used by Nolan to create dramatic tension as the final hurdle to be overcome before the open water means that the Greenboro bridge stand in place of the Verazzano Narrows bridge. And if we accept this bridge substitution, then the batcopter is much faster than indicated in the video. So Batman has enough time to get the bomb away safely and get himself to safety before it blows.

  • Aleph Null
    Aleph Null Month ago

    Should we talk about how the people of the "Narrow" area of gothem should've exploded in the first movie?

  • knine 999
    knine 999 Month ago

    Gotham is from North Pole next the Santa's home

  • Sercil
    Sercil Month ago

    It's that movie logic where something is EXTREMELY urgent, but the characters still take their sweet time saying goodbye.

  • GJ Studios
    GJ Studios Month ago

    Ah yes, but that extra radiation can make more Supervillains so, it doesn’t matter, lullz

  • philipp ii.
    philipp ii. Month ago

    "6 miles are about 12 km"? Right. You know, if you get basic stuff like that wrong, it makes your other math a bit untrustworthy.

  • Delta
    Delta Month ago

    At the start with joker XD

  • Camera Man Cai
    Camera Man Cai Month ago


  • Sjors Van Duijn
    Sjors Van Duijn Month ago

    Hé, I am mat pat, I am a nerd that likes to break a your vieuw an a movie, batman? Not true, marvel? Also not what you think? Hell, even starwars, a film that is knowhere to be true, even then I can make you never watch those movies in the same way you did in the first plays. But still can you subscribe pls?

  • Canadian Magd
    Canadian Magd Month ago

    Well there is no Bad scenarios with *Batman*

  • daniels rose
    daniels rose Month ago

    You forgot to mention what would have happened to Batman. Where was he when the bomb went off? Didn't see him in his Bat-radioactive Suit.