The Velvets- Tonight (Doo wop)


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  • Janette Chambers
    Janette Chambers 3 days ago

    GREAT SONG luv it

  • Yoda Jo Lewis
    Yoda Jo Lewis 11 days ago

    this is rock n roll

  • George Moomaw
    George Moomaw Month ago

    GREAT music. Too bad this era had to end.

  • William Shook
    William Shook Month ago

    A classic by a great singer from Odessa and Lubbock Texas. My home town. A+from The College Professor SAN BERDOO.

  • Ellen Pearl Jackson
    Ellen Pearl Jackson 2 months ago +1

    This is doo-wop at its very best adore this song it means that much to me I just love the velvets and they are as smooth as velvet this is doo-wop

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 3 months ago +1

    Proper music...

  • percy 12/37
    percy 12/37 4 months ago +1

    I'm 80 but only in age. In my mind; I'm more like 30.

  • LMHS63 John
    LMHS63 John 5 months ago

    Wow, haven't heard this in a long time. This was a DJ favorite on NYC AM radio back in the early 60's. Brings back a lot of good memories. As usual us teen aged boy's added our own version of "tonight could be the night to xxx". You get the idea. Thanks for the upload.

  • Judy David
    Judy David 6 months ago +3

    Wow, what ever happened to music like this? This is truly Rock N' Roll

  • Ann Pascarella
    Ann Pascarella 7 months ago

    Love ,Doo Wop

  • Darryl Evans
    Darryl Evans 7 months ago +2

    Doo woop at its best

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 8 months ago

    What a song !!!

  • Thomas Gill
    Thomas Gill 8 months ago

    Love it.

  • Ed Weichsler
    Ed Weichsler 8 months ago

    One of the most beloved educators in the State of Texas, yet very few knew of his recording background. R.I.P. MR Johnson. Those who love Doo Wop will remember you as much as those of your students through out the decades.

  • todd windyhill
    todd windyhill 9 months ago +1

    A true classic....'61....Virgil Johnson (RIP '13) and crew.

  • Cliff Patella
    Cliff Patella 9 months ago

    I'm 66 and do wop was the best

  • Wayne Logan
    Wayne Logan 10 months ago

    The "energy" of this record is just amazing!

  • Katherine Gates
    Katherine Gates 10 months ago

    No thank you

  • Katherine Gates
    Katherine Gates 10 months ago


  • Alan Cooper
    Alan Cooper 11 months ago

    Agree with comments below; Alley-Gator from Altoona, Wisconsin!

  • Steve andrews
    Steve andrews 11 months ago


  • Andros Forever
    Andros Forever Year ago +1

    The memories of this song brought tears to my grandfather's eyes, memories of when he used to sing in the US

  • Donald Potts
    Donald Potts Year ago

    I just ADORE this!!!!

  • hadoenoughful
    hadoenoughful Year ago

    Roy Orbison worked closely with this group

  • chillin dawg
    chillin dawg Year ago

    this would go thru my mind as I rode the coney island ave bus b68 on Saturday nights to pick up my g/f -- 1961 ----

  • pat o'boyle
    pat o'boyle Year ago +3

    If in the next century someone were to ask you what is /was doo wop music, all you'd have to do is play "Tonight" with one of the greatest leads ever, Virgil Johnson. This is exquisite!!!

  • Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez Year ago +2

    Song goes hard

  • bb89670
    bb89670 Year ago

    One of my favorites

  • LivingVinyls
    LivingVinyls Year ago +2

    I'm 21 years old, come from Germany and I love this song :)

  • blencathra11
    blencathra11 Year ago

    proper music

  • Patricia Kehaya
    Patricia Kehaya Year ago

    a golden goodie

  • Steve Motter
    Steve Motter Year ago +2

    The greatest era of music. What a blend of harmony. Just love to here this song

  • Coffy Mix
    Coffy Mix Year ago


  • firebase delta
    firebase delta Year ago

    always love this song -- so optimistic

  • kenneth odonnell
    kenneth odonnell Year ago +3


  • thadd gardner
    thadd gardner Year ago

    I grew up with these dudes 159th street between Amsterdam and broadway I hear eddie heard and his brother Arthur I have with the passage of time forgotten some of the others,the year was mid fifties also I grew with frankie lymon from 165th street and Amsterdam ave.and his brother lewis there were others if I think of I will add them I hope.

  • Michael alexander
    Michael alexander Year ago +4

    R.I.P Virgil Johnson

  • thomas Elferis
    thomas Elferis Year ago +2

    pure music. what a great Doo wop of my favs.

  • Nick Mad
    Nick Mad Year ago +2


  • Sven Olshammer
    Sven Olshammer Year ago

    I love this Music!!

  • daniel occoner
    daniel occoner 2 years ago +19

    Simple songs of love. No need for cursing, gangsta rap, hate, race baiting, or political BS. It was great while it lasted. Now its selfishness, and the entitlement generation. Everyone's into what have you got for me, the latest I phone, and greed is the norm. Our leaders sell out to the highest bidder, and they care little about the people who trusted them to do the right thing, and put them in power. Good manners, respect, and helping one another is gone as well.

    • vic steckhan
      vic steckhan Year ago

      Yeah, there's a place near here that has them but I never drive out that way so never know when they are, Who knows, maybe the place went outta business

    • Angel 1
      Angel 1 Year ago +1

      I have searched..there are a couple ...very irratic dates and times...hard when you're older at times...:)

    • vic steckhan
      vic steckhan Year ago +1

      I think there are, just gotta search. With ya on that!

    • Angel 1
      Angel 1 Year ago +1

      wish there were places we could still dance our music singles and we did as teens...some older singles need this...

    • Larry Stimely
      Larry Stimely Year ago +1

      Lots going on here. The United States has had cheap money for far too long and now an entire generation of folks who simply believe they're entitled to live in a nation where neither money nor education nor even themselves have value of any kind. We have a cure but implementing it will be *very* painful. A brutal recession is coming.

  • Gary Hoogenboom, Sr.
    Gary Hoogenboom, Sr. 2 years ago +4

    Tonight... could be the night
    To hear her say... darling I do
    And tonight... could be the ni-eye-eye-eye-ight
    To give that ring... around your finger
    Doo-wop, doo-wop-de-wop, doo-wop
    Doo-wop, doo-wop-de-wop, doo-wop
    Doo-wop, doo-wop-de-wop, doo-wop
    Oh my darling... hold me tight
    And tonight... just could be the night
    Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, yeah
    Tonight... could be the night

    To fall in love... with someone like you-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
    Oh my darling... hold me tight
    And tonight... just could be the night
    Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, yeah
    And tonight... could be the ni-eye-eye-eye-ight
    To give that ring... around your finger
    Oh my darling... hold me tight
    For tonight... is the night

  • Stephen Stone
    Stephen Stone 2 years ago +3

    One of the sexiest doo wop songs of all tine.



    • Rooftop Voter
      Rooftop Voter 11 months ago

      Beehive doo's so high they would stop the blades on a ceiling fan! EVERY gal in high school had their hair up like that.

  • Gerard Windsor
    Gerard Windsor 2 years ago +4

    This was still floating in the US top 100 well over 20 years after it was released.

  • Milton Williams
    Milton Williams 2 years ago

    One of the great Doo Wop songs from a generation that brought us so much great music.

  • Levan Moore
    Levan Moore 2 years ago +6

    one of my all time favorites

  • Angela Sanders
    Angela Sanders 2 years ago +26

    This is Music...50s time ever..
    great memories...

  • Michael alexander
    Michael alexander 2 years ago +3

    1 of my favorite doo wopp songs of all time

  • Bernie Andrews
    Bernie Andrews 3 years ago +39

    Tragically we had very little Doo Wop in the Uk during the 50's. Thank the Lord for UTube and all you guys that are uploading this stuff. I'm 70 now and catching up on all that missed talent.

    • Bernie Andrews
      Bernie Andrews 27 days ago

      Yeah, well, I wish!!! British invasion, okay there was some good music there, but you had to pick and choose. But when we got the Everlys and Roy Orbison, that's when great American music hit us. Have a good day Steve.

    • Mary Dean
      Mary Dean 5 months ago

      Bernie Andrews ......Im 70 now and grew up with this music and even mid 60s had a group from NYC on the ship I served on ....kept things good to say the least ...thanks for the post...jd ol man way down in tx

    • Rooftop Voter
      Rooftop Voter 11 months ago +2

      Doo Wop, the 50's car culture and all the rest. Great times then. The trash that passes as music today is not music.

    • Steve andrews
      Steve andrews 11 months ago

      This was a 45RPM I had in my collection/ then came along the British invasion
      Could we be distant cosuin by some remote chance??? I'm of the andrews CLAN OF queens n.y.

    • J S m e l l e y
      J S m e l l e y Year ago +1

      Sorry to hear that, I'm 15 and have been listening to this music ever since I could say doo and wop

  • Anthony Jamroz
    Anthony Jamroz 3 years ago +2


  • Brenda and Sal DelPreore

    Magnificent!!! :)

  • harris gillian
    harris gillian 3 years ago +8

    I ,wish , i could meet a guy who could sing this style of song Doo-wop to me !x

    • Christopher Field
      Christopher Field 3 years ago +1

      Check out a young man by the name of Robson Field , he sings all sorts of 50's & 60's songs

  • Howard Speizer
    Howard Speizer 3 years ago +7

    Agree that this song is great.

  • Robert Cummings
    Robert Cummings 3 years ago +27

    This is the kind of music that brought us together as a nation LONG LIVE DOO WOP !

  • louis young
    louis young 3 years ago +3

    Remember it so well. And my youth and the good times.My Dad turned me on to music at a young age,and he loved this song.

  • bob magnus
    bob magnus 3 years ago

    the great lead of virgil johnson...the remaining members of his group were his students from his english class

  • Johnnralph
    Johnnralph 3 years ago +5

    Virgil Johnson (December 29, 1935 - February 24, 2013)

  • TexasAmerican Patriot
    TexasAmerican Patriot 3 years ago

    Virgil Johnson is awesome!

  • gecko/36a
    gecko/36a 3 years ago +30


  • WOODBINEXX .john r
    WOODBINEXX .john r 3 years ago +7

    THE best 50s record

    • Gerard Windsor
      Gerard Windsor 3 years ago +1

      +WOODBINEXX From 1961 but floated in the US top 100 for decades.

  • paprikash
    paprikash 3 years ago +19

    AWESOME----A classic frozen in time

  • iconaclastor
    iconaclastor 3 years ago +4

    never heard this one, very good oldie

  • viewome
    viewome 3 years ago


  • Jon Elliott
    Jon Elliott 3 years ago +2

    Thats the one mate . DOO WOP 4EVER X

  • Mike Mangan
    Mike Mangan 4 years ago +3

    Great doo Wop from out of Texas,Roy Orbison got them a recording contract with Monument records.

  • Michael Dunne
    Michael Dunne 4 years ago +4

    The most requested song on a radio show I had the pleasure of hosting for 13 years on Dublin City FM (Doo-Wop Street)

    • Tim Liddell
      Tim Liddell 3 years ago +1

      +Michael Dunne No wonder why !!

  • Matt Bayes
    Matt Bayes 4 years ago

    great sound. old school friends of ''roy orbison'' he helped set them up, absolute magic harmonies…wayne

  • Robert Garrett
    Robert Garrett 4 years ago +22

    Now THAT, my friends, is music!

    • Robert Garrett
      Robert Garrett 3 years ago +4

      The term, "rap music is an oxymoron" with emphasis on the "moron" !!

    • jayjayvee4444
      jayjayvee4444 3 years ago

      +Robert Garrett Absolutely!

  • Keith Bartholomew
    Keith Bartholomew 4 years ago +4

    One of the greatest songs ever made!!

  • Anne Beusink
    Anne Beusink 4 years ago +2


  • HerxUtub
    HerxUtub 4 years ago

    released in 1961.

  • schmidt williams
    schmidt williams 4 years ago

    thanks for the doo wop!

  • john cor
    john cor 4 years ago +27

    The best - bring back doo wop!

    • Cara Wilson
      Cara Wilson 4 months ago

      Feb. The gibbon

    • Larry Stimely
      Larry Stimely Year ago

      Could be done, given the technology that's out there. It might even be better than before.

  • 9675775
    9675775 4 years ago +4

    If you like this great song, check out "I Love you" by the Volumes.
    It's great,too!

  • dan fiore
    dan fiore 4 years ago +8


  • Jerry Gray
    Jerry Gray 4 years ago +4

    This is doo wop at its best

  • Keith Lake
    Keith Lake 4 years ago

    One of my favorite songs

  • Bruce Farris
    Bruce Farris 4 years ago

    IMHO--it should have reached the top 5!!!! Great song!!!

    • coyotesong
      coyotesong 3 years ago +1

      +Bruce Farris Totally!!! One of the all-time great hits in my songbook!!

  • terry wheatley
    terry wheatley 4 years ago +5

    one of my favorite doo wops!

  • IYoungDaddyO
    IYoungDaddyO 4 years ago

    This was a "one hit wonder" that hit the top 40 charts in June 61' for 4 weeks. It reach as high as #26. The Quartet' lead singer was Virgil Johnson from Odessa, TX.

  • Dustene Barrett
    Dustene Barrett 4 years ago +23

    Makes you wanna get up and dance the night away......

  • Tim Liddell
    Tim Liddell 4 years ago +33

    Turn this one up LOUD in a public place, and watch the smiles.

    • bb89670
      bb89670 Year ago

      Tim Liddell. and happy, I could listen to this song all day.

    • Tim Liddell
      Tim Liddell Year ago

      Thanks for your reply, Roberto. I am with you all the way .

    • Roberto Molina
      Roberto Molina Year ago +2

      Great song, and the great voices of The Velvets were just perfect. Not like the senseless music we listen to now-a-days.

  • Wayne Jones
    Wayne Jones 4 years ago

    Went to # 26 in 1961.

  • charliedontsurf70
    charliedontsurf70 4 years ago +4

    it never charted?

    • StagPreston
      StagPreston 4 years ago

      +IYoungDaddyO LANA was a pretty big hit too.

    • charliedontsurf70
      charliedontsurf70 4 years ago

      many thanx.i couldnt find it in the billborad going

    • IYoungDaddyO
      IYoungDaddyO 4 years ago +1

      It was a "one hit wonder" that hit the top 40 charts in June 61' for 4 weeks. It reach as high as #26. The Quartet' lead singer was Virgil Johnson from Odessa, TX.

  • Maria Reyes
    Maria Reyes 5 years ago +2

    Such as group¡¡¡¡

  • Bob Murphy
    Bob Murphy 5 years ago +37

    Sometimes America amazes me! Doo wop was the beginning of an incredible era in music. It was fresh and liberal in it's outlook. We wanted everyone to take part. Now we bicker and argue, instead of taking time out to help and be kind to others. What happened?

    • this guy
      this guy 6 months ago +1


    • Robert Easton
      Robert Easton Year ago

      In Canada socialism began in Saskatchewan. In the 1930's there were farmers so poor that they had to shot gophers and magpies for food. Girls had to wear potato sacks for skirts. It is not about entitlement. It was about survival. Also Saskatchewan had a socialist government that was fiscally responsible. Nineteen years without going into debt(1944-1963). That is a better record than a lot of parties that believe in free enterprise. For two generations the most honest politicians in the British Empire were socialists. That is because socialism came from Methodism; not Marxism. Even today the politicians that are involved in sex scandals in British Commonwealth countries are usually from the right; not the left.

    • George Bobb
      George Bobb Year ago +1

      Gentlemen ! Its called Socialism. Give someone something free of charge for a year than stop doing it. Typically what's then expressed is surprise, resentment and often anger and hostility. Why ? Because they now feel entitled. They didn't feel entitled at first but that was a year ago.Ambition ,hard work, sacrifice then accomplishment , inspire more of the same . There are some sorry assholes out here today. Pumping iron and finishing concrete still and I'm 70 years old. I should be " checking out " soon. These young guys may as well bend over and kiss their asses goodbye. America is over with. Nice chatting with you

    • Mary Jane Cornielle
      Mary Jane Cornielle Year ago

      Bob Murphy, IGNORANCE TOOK OVER!

    • Enrico Sanchez
      Enrico Sanchez Year ago +1

      Bob Murphy Because the Beatles made people into racists.

  • Jean Antoni
    Jean Antoni 5 years ago +10

    Wonderful doo-wop !

  • fgonzalez6
    fgonzalez6 5 years ago


  • fgonzalez6
    fgonzalez6 5 years ago

    thanks for the doo wop clip doing great job

  • BeachComber1977
    BeachComber1977 5 years ago +1

    One of the very best in fast doowop!

  • monkeeman1966
    monkeeman1966 5 years ago

    A great record! Also, the USA has been fighting against the spread of Communism, Tyranny and now Terrorism. Whether or not we supported them against the USSR is irrelevant at this point. People who hate this country ought to go live somewhere else and see how good we have it here. There is a reason people from all over the world come here to live, besides welfare and other freebees. We were a world leader until five years ago.

  • MrBeefreetwo
    MrBeefreetwo 5 years ago +2

    peace in the name of jesus Christ the lord!

  • onlycec
    onlycec 5 years ago


  • kevin oswaldo chavez berrios

    Soy de la generación de los 90s, pero me fascina esta música: Dion di Mucci, The Crest: Platter, Bobby Darin, Bobby Vee,the Cleftones, etc. Esto sí es música señores, viva el Doo wop

  • Zev Feldman
    Zev Feldman 5 years ago


  • Cesar Flores
    Cesar Flores 5 years ago

    Look Jason no 1 agrees with u every is telling u that ur wrong so how does that make u right

  • Darci Mattos
    Darci Mattos 5 years ago

    R I P VIRGIL.........

  • Jason Pollock
    Jason Pollock 5 years ago

    Obviously you just know I'm right, and can't admit it. That's fine, I know I'm right anyway, I don't need your validation. 'Little boy', haha. And go to bed? FYI, not everyone is in your time zone.

  • MrADjam5
    MrADjam5 5 years ago

    20 huh? Wow...I have baseball gloves that know more than you. Go be an expert somewhere else. Remember this...fighting on the internet is like the special Olympics...even if you win...your still retarded.. Now go to bed little boy.