This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Greg Furstenwerth was an early adopter of the Tesla Model S, but once the car was out of warranty he had a hard time getting the parts and service he needed. So he took on the repairs himself, and found it surprisingly easy. "If you can put together Legos you can put together a Tesla.”
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    This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car | CNBC

Comments • 7 868

  • Kaloyan Bankov
    Kaloyan Bankov 3 hours ago

    A 100k car wow

  • Noneya Bizz
    Noneya Bizz 5 hours ago

    Good on him.
    Musk is a snake oil salesman

  • Julio Reguero
    Julio Reguero Day ago

    If you buy a Tesla you are a moron. Lease the LEGO car!

  • Sa'ad Suleman
    Sa'ad Suleman 2 days ago

    He needs to start his own TVclip channel about common Tesla problems and how to fix those problems!!!

  • Jim Woodard
    Jim Woodard 2 days ago

    well this Ford Ranger owner works on his own truck cuz. I'm always worked on my own vehicles, I am a licensed mechanic with that the side the point I grew up in a generation where you had to be able to adjust your own points or rebuild your own carburetor or Lord forbid change a flat tire. Such morons this last generation has become and I can only blame, ourselves. By being such overly protective parents

  • Craig Edward Jensen
    Craig Edward Jensen 3 days ago

    Just buy a older car with a metal door handle

  • Chuka Nweze
    Chuka Nweze 3 days ago

    This is why Japanese cars reign supreme. Alot of the cars are nice but you start putting miles on them and they fall apart, this includes german cars.

  • Pedro147
    Pedro147 5 days ago

    Who's the hottie in the background @5:04 ? ?:)

  • Tracy Hughes
    Tracy Hughes 7 days ago

    has he ever owned outright a new car? of course when the warranty runs out they stop looking out for ya.... i got a caddy with all kinds of problems and expensive parts and most shops wont work on it, welcome to owning a luxury car bro! i dont have a caddy dealership near my home either

  • Larry Lane
    Larry Lane 7 days ago

    Someone needs to build a totally open source electric car that can be put together like Legos as you said

  • Gap
    Gap 8 days ago

    So its useless after warranty

    MrKALANCE 8 days ago


  • Rob Watt
    Rob Watt 9 days ago

    Just look at what the big boys are doing! Audi, jag, BMW and Mercedes! They are going to eat Tesla’s lunch.

  • Rob Watt
    Rob Watt 9 days ago

    What happens when there is no dealer network!

  • csaleen302
    csaleen302 10 days ago

    @CNBC No news to report??

  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto 12 days ago

    Wow, is this the TESLA YUGO?
    A modern YUGO, with modern prices too?

  • Danmagnamius
    Danmagnamius 12 days ago

    The fundamental question is who owns the car. If you own it you decide how you fix and or modify it. If Tesla own it the pay and fix it!

  • Skynet
    Skynet 13 days ago

    Why I prefer motorcycles instead of modern cars.

  • Senpai Sexy Senpai
    Senpai Sexy Senpai 13 days ago

    I got a real jump scare at 3:42 who or what is that???

    TENNSUMITSUMA 14 days ago

    Dude needs to haynes manual that tesla. He may not be a mechanic but i highly doubt a non engineer (especially mechanical or electrical) is going to wear that shirt! he's sand baggin on the skills!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    Don’t buy a electric car

  • Edward RE
    Edward RE 15 days ago

    So Teslas are junk?

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday 15 days ago

    2:55 - 3:10 Literally me on a daily basis.

  • Sonic_K snk
    Sonic_K snk 16 days ago

    Wahhhhh wahhhhh

  • wiicart
    wiicart 16 days ago +1

    Wow someone fixed there own car!

  • Just a Regular Guy
    Just a Regular Guy 16 days ago

    But they wont so they will get beaten

  • dexburwell
    dexburwell 16 days ago

    He could subscribe to "Rich Rebuilds" channel on TVclip and get additional info if needed from Uncle Rich.

  • speed freaks racing
    speed freaks racing 17 days ago

    Clearly u dont gots to b a genus

  • Chris Banana
    Chris Banana 17 days ago

    sooo like every other car? If it is broke you have 3 options. Live with it, pay someone to fix it, fix it yourself. How is this news? haha

  • Andrew Avila
    Andrew Avila 18 days ago

    Its out of warranty what do you expect.

  • Mohd Helmi
    Mohd Helmi 18 days ago

    You can say that they just like apple

  • foghorn leghorn
    foghorn leghorn 18 days ago

    Has to tear apart a new car allready tesla crap

  • Stragixz
    Stragixz 18 days ago

    Its funny how tesla is no where to be found in the comments ....and they do own a channel wow

  • beautiful4everr 55
    beautiful4everr 55 18 days ago +1

    I considered buying a tesla, but im glad I didn't. Service is a nightmare and I'm not handy, so I would be screwed.

  • jasonx409able
    jasonx409able 19 days ago

    If you could put together legos you can put together a Tesla 😂😂😂

  • Spencer Alexander
    Spencer Alexander 19 days ago

    If u know nothing about cars u think this guy is a genius

    • Fly High
      Fly High 18 days ago

      I know this guy, he is a tech guy! I am serious! We were working together at Seattle Amazon Flex, he is always about tech staffs.

  • SUMMIT556
    SUMMIT556 19 days ago

    Using scotch locks.... Mechanics nightmare

  • Joe Pere
    Joe Pere 19 days ago

    Tesla is garbage , they catch on fire

  • c Phillips
    c Phillips 19 days ago

    The ugliest car on the road

  • GrnArrow092
    GrnArrow092 19 days ago

    I don’t ever see myself buying a Tesla with all the technical problems that can crop up. I’ll stick with my Chevy.

  • Hi -C
    Hi -C 19 days ago +1

    this looks like the man who likes to date those old ladies

  • reagan simon
    reagan simon 19 days ago +3

    I can't feel bad for him, he bought a Tesla

  • Sammy Martinez
    Sammy Martinez 19 days ago

    Meth, one hell of a drug...

  • Mike ustan
    Mike ustan 19 days ago

    That guy seems a bit weird to me lol.

  • James Moore
    James Moore 19 days ago

    Rich rebuilds did it first

  • dosepulveda 34
    dosepulveda 34 19 days ago

    What a junk car

  • R
    R 19 days ago

    You should have filed for a Lemon. Tesla fails a lot and has very serious quality problems.

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 19 days ago

    Rich rebuilt a flooded Tesla. Why isnt he on the news?

  • mac berry
    mac berry 19 days ago

    You would think Tesla would want to higher these people

  • Ricardo Sosa
    Ricardo Sosa 19 days ago

    Ls swap it

  • Kieth Wester
    Kieth Wester 19 days ago

    You buy a car you get things fixed under warranty . When out of warranty you get ripped off any more . Like all either car maker you need a special tool for this or that worst part can't get parts to fix a simple problem . I like a Electric Vechicle but if you can't due anything after Warranty or you live too far and it takes a Day and lots $$$$ They are losing the command person from the whole thing it New but no Old once unless we say so .

  • Thatairplanegeuy
    Thatairplanegeuy 19 days ago

    Is it now an astonishment that a man fixes his own vehicle???
    I do it every day. Been doing it before I could drive.

  • Brady
    Brady 19 days ago

    Up next: A man fed up with Pizza Hut drives in to deliver his own pizza.

  • Giselle Garcia
    Giselle Garcia 20 days ago

    Mean Jose down the streets been fixing his own cars for 20 years, but they wanna deport him.

  • President Moore
    President Moore 20 days ago +1

    I never knew Tesla vehicles had rear-facing seats...

  • ianthia
    ianthia 20 days ago

    He reminds me of Jakob Dylan for some reason

  • Kennth Bennett
    Kennth Bennett 20 days ago +6

    Tesla quality! I'll stick with Toyota.

  • orlando perez
    orlando perez 20 days ago

    they should work with him, to find and fix there issues

  • empty
    empty 20 days ago

    Oooh...Aaaaah. I literally do this all the time. I fix my cars myself. And before you say something about it being electric or whatever, I fix my kids power wheels too. So yeah, no different

    ARUN JAIN 20 days ago

    Rich says hello

  • 64 zoo lane
    64 zoo lane 20 days ago +1

    Looks like TESLA already knows your location. LoL

  • KnobstoneStickbows
    KnobstoneStickbows 20 days ago

    So basically, considering how new tesla is still, the cars are junk.

    JUNKYARD GOAT 20 days ago

    Do a story on me and my GTO 🤣

  • mike atl
    mike atl 20 days ago

    So pretty much afterwards the warranty is gone they start to fall apart....why am I not surprised

  • Lehel Zelenka
    Lehel Zelenka 20 days ago

    It's really a joke that a door handle can have so many problems when it isn't even pulled hard. It all works on microswitches, which operates a motor to open the locking mechanism so it's never abused. My 20 year old car never had a doorhandle related failure so you would think that a car company, even if it's a new one, would be capable of designing these parts to last a lifetime.

  • Wilbert Huh
    Wilbert Huh 20 days ago

    My 03 325i started misfiring. Smacked the coils and been running no problem.

  • Mike Teshan
    Mike Teshan 20 days ago

    That’s what you get for buying a Tesla. Especially when it first came out.

  • Ernesto Gutiérrez
    Ernesto Gutiérrez 20 days ago

    Meet up with Rich Rebuilds

  • BiggieVic ­
    BiggieVic ­ 20 days ago

    That's how warranties work, dummy. You pay for their services for a set amount of time for a reason lol

  • Vishnu Priyatham
    Vishnu Priyatham 20 days ago

    Sad! What Happens After the Warranty! A Wakeup Call

  • Ed Lomonaco
    Ed Lomonaco 20 days ago

    Imagine how guys like him are gonna feel when they find out Elon is a fraud and Tesla is a sham.

  • john Wilson
    john Wilson 20 days ago

    Rich did it first...

  • Los 2 Plebes
    Los 2 Plebes 20 days ago

    This is so fake omg

  • Yard Sale Dale
    Yard Sale Dale 20 days ago

    If your car looks good but costs too much: sell it to drag racers. They will strip it and put a 3000hp v8 in it.

  • Yard Sale Dale
    Yard Sale Dale 20 days ago

    You got jewed

  • Tristan Hobart
    Tristan Hobart 20 days ago +3

    I don't think this guy understands how having an expired warranty works.

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 20 days ago


  • Aura RC
    Aura RC 20 days ago

    Of course the benefits go away once your warranty runs out durr.

  • E H
    E H 20 days ago

    in the meanwhile my 2003 toyota tacoma with 326, 334 miles needs a new radio 😃

  • sjpaulson
    sjpaulson 20 days ago

    If you can’t afford the time or money it takes to fix things that break, you can’t afford the car. I don’t think that’s Tesla’s fault.

  • H M
    H M 20 days ago

    And that's how the first Tesla mechanic was born.

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez 21 day ago

    So you buy a luxury vehicle you know you don’t have money to repair with no dealerships near you and it’s the company’s fault

  • Tony Frantz
    Tony Frantz 21 day ago

    Tesla should give him a job

  • CJ official
    CJ official 21 day ago +1

    Tesla is a commie. No one can profit with them.

  • Niraj kumar
    Niraj kumar 21 day ago

    the entire time he is only trying to explore the the cutting edge technology of stripping wires and that door handle, which is already working

  • Modified Mafia Co
    Modified Mafia Co 21 day ago

    How is this mainstream worthy? I've been doing this in my cars since I was 16. How about give us some valuable info. Let's do something over the Chem trails, not this bs. I cant believe TVclip recommended this.

  • Benjamin Kent
    Benjamin Kent 21 day ago

    Hes not a mechanic, but hes always had a knack for fixing things.... bwahahahahahaha. People like this are the reason I make $100k/yr as a mechanic.

  • Cascadian Nationalist

    Cubical geeks will be the tough mechanics of the future we are doomed

  • Ed edd
    Ed edd 21 day ago

    Please do not say with two wires I can go steal your car

  • Nerd of Skittles
    Nerd of Skittles 21 day ago

    Damn, I fixed my car. Can anyone get me an interview?

  • jeremyviromek
    jeremyviromek 21 day ago

    i guess im no longer getting a Tesla

  • williams milton
    williams milton 21 day ago

    That rich build guy is rubbing off. Heres another guy working on his car. Something must be done about this. Were losing money over this.

  • Christopher Vtec
    Christopher Vtec 21 day ago


  • reality bites
    reality bites 21 day ago +1

    Working class shouldn't buy these cars

  • Martin Krastev
    Martin Krastev 21 day ago

    Seems like the endless money pits are Teslas, not Mercs or BMW's.

  • Escrye Ipsliz
    Escrye Ipsliz 21 day ago

    So, dude is complaining about not getting warranty service when warranty is expired? How is that different from anything else?!
    Also, the car seems to be a piece.

  • meritocracy
    meritocracy 21 day ago

    I really dont see the problem. The warranty is up, soooooooo Tesla is no longer required to fix it... you know like every other car manufacturer. Like wat

  • Branden Burnett
    Branden Burnett 21 day ago

    Let's give this guy some slack, he's just trying to "experiment" doing more Manley things like working on his own car due to customer service not hand holding him through this crippling dilemma that when you drive any vehicle cross country for years it might just start to show some character. His own body is even showing similar wear, his chest is inverting do to lack of testosterone...Tesla is just looking out for you bud, keep that sweeeet fan boy shirt clean now...your not getting another one!

  • Dex
    Dex 21 day ago

    Guy buys an obviously new technology car, lives a days drive from anywhere that can fix it, gets his entire warranty's worth of awesome service and now complains because they won't drive to him to fix it and he ends up fixing it himself and complaining enough to make a youtube video. Seriously?

  • Krishna Rao
    Krishna Rao 21 day ago

    Are you seeing this elon !?