This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Greg Furstenwerth was an early adopter of the Tesla Model S, but once the car was out of warranty he had a hard time getting the parts and service he needed. So he took on the repairs himself, and found it surprisingly easy. "If you can put together Legos you can put together a Tesla.”
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    This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car | CNBC

Comments • 6 581

  • Erick Clark
    Erick Clark 7 hours ago

    Watching this just confirms that I won’t be buying a Tesla anytime soon. Lol

  • HadesOmega Moto
    HadesOmega Moto 16 hours ago

    So it's like a typical 90's American car, once the warranty expires stupid stuff starts failing =/

  • ShakespeareCafe
    ShakespeareCafe 18 hours ago

    Harbor Freight sells a handy Tesla repair kit for $39.95 with the 20% off coupon

  • sully
    sully 23 hours ago

    Sounds like Tesla has terrible customer service. Good to know.

  • PS4 Custom Gamer

    Countless fixings

  • Adam Lakhdar
    Adam Lakhdar Day ago

    That is why you dont buy a tesla

  • Jason Black
    Jason Black Day ago

    I wish we had "Right to repair" Laws in Australia

  • Tinopinoh
    Tinopinoh Day ago +1


  • Jon Carlos
    Jon Carlos Day ago

    My friend welcome to the world of the automotive industry.

  • Aceves Efrain
    Aceves Efrain Day ago


  • indra soebagjo
    indra soebagjo Day ago

    Not a good idea to take apart a car on grass. Drop a screw, it's gone!

  • Four Site
    Four Site 2 days ago

    First world problems

  • Jonny Mud Mower
    Jonny Mud Mower 2 days ago

    Imma stick to my x5

  • haider hameed
    haider hameed 2 days ago

    Tesla is not happy😭😭😭😭

  • TheOneNo20
    TheOneNo20 2 days ago

    Right to Repair needs to be written into legislation.

  • Captain Syahir
    Captain Syahir 2 days ago

    Im a fan of tesla. But why tesla? Thats too expensive for a repair.

  • Captain Syahir
    Captain Syahir 2 days ago

    They said its impossible to fix tesla because too scared. Lol this guys is legend

  • Cellulanus
    Cellulanus 2 days ago

    My car has been out of warranty for decades and parts and repair manuals are both easy to find, and inexpensive.
    Though half of the issue with new cars where everything is so expensive is that they shove so much pointless tech into the things. Those handles are so expensive because they do that stupid pop out thing and are electronic instead of mechanical. Though that problem is unfortunately not unique to Tesla.

  • Raul rangel
    Raul rangel 2 days ago

    I guess the news aren't a fan of electric cars. guess we know who owns CNN now

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 2 days ago

    That's basically Apple.

  • george burns
    george burns 2 days ago

    He copied the carguru that rebuilds them, and all cars or anything is put together like legos

  • Roberto Karlos
    Roberto Karlos 2 days ago

    Petrol cars are better

  • Iseewhat Youdid
    Iseewhat Youdid 2 days ago

    Crimp clips for wiring? seriously? You are going to cause yourself more issues in the future. Solder and heatshrink dude.

  • Martin Rey
    Martin Rey 2 days ago +1

    If he buys a Tesla, it is because he has the money to buy it and maintain it. So, I don't get the point of it.

  • Wayne Duszczak
    Wayne Duszczak 3 days ago

    This video will inspire other owners without big bucks to tackle things themselves. It may even bolster the used Tesla market!

  • Deep-fried south
    Deep-fried south 3 days ago

    When the farmers have to pass right to repair laws in order to fix programs on tractors and combines you'll begin to understand the complexities in manufacturing and intentional obsilesance.
    Base models dont exist anymore because unsustainable perpetual consumer growth is what drives markets.
    Throw it in the gutter and go buy another.

  • shawn cell
    shawn cell 3 days ago

    they should sell their parts at all the auto part stores . good job for fixing it yourself. as i always said,electric cars are for the very well off people, not the average jo

  • The Space Coast Life

    Poor, poor baby!

  • Carlos Merighe
    Carlos Merighe 4 days ago

    The guy is amazing

  • cambellschunky704
    cambellschunky704 4 days ago

    I'm sure this has been taken care of in the comments. Long story short: Batteries will not be viable for across country transport anytime soon.

  • Chaz B.
    Chaz B. 4 days ago

    I fixed my own tesla why am I not on the news??

  • NuNu Ding-Lam
    NuNu Ding-Lam 4 days ago

    Repair EV mush easier than diesel car and less maintenance. Auto mechanic will have hard time to survive with existing model, also I like less BS from mechanic

  • Reubenator 94
    Reubenator 94 5 days ago

    So the same issue that everyone has when their warranty runs out. And YES if you buy a tesla you're going pay a lot for parts

  • H Rivera
    H Rivera 5 days ago

    I think Teslas is for rich people who don't mind about spare parts.

  • BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat 5 days ago

    You cant just pay them a fixed amount per month so you always have roadside assistance?

  • Hair
    Hair 6 days ago

    What is so special about someone fixing their own car, just like someone rebuilding their lego set, whats so special?

  • E30M3_4life
    E30M3_4life 6 days ago +2

    So let me get this right... he does his own maintenance... that’s it? Did I miss something?

    • Carlos Merighe
      Carlos Merighe 4 days ago

      Yes. You missed the point, which is the fact that Tesla makes a junky car that will start falling apart shortly after the warranty period. Inside and out. What a disaster!

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย

    Left cold by Tesla after warranty expired..horrible customer service which will back fire.
    What are some major safety issues or concerns that DIY can face repairing a Tesla?

  • elly franz
    elly franz 7 days ago

    I like how he's complaining about prices for parts when he obviously had the money to buy the car in the first place

  • Malik Browning
    Malik Browning 7 days ago +1

    So basically rich rebuilds except no kitchen knifes

  • Mike B
    Mike B 7 days ago

    The new Hyundai Kona is getting rave reviews and they have an actual dealer network.

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 7 days ago

    More smears on Tesla by the establishment. Trying to make Tesla sound like some evil car company. Like that’s any different from any other automaker. Warranty expires, you’re on your own. And if you have a Mercedes or Lexus, you’ll spend a small fortune on repairs.

    • elly franz
      elly franz 7 days ago

      yah I totally agree I don't know why people thinks it's ridiculous, all company's even for other products don't help after warranty...cuz they don't have to. also Elon is busy trying to get to Mars so your tesla can wait hahaha xp

  • ToastBlaster
    ToastBlaster 8 days ago

    With all the issues he has had over a 5 year span I don't think buying a Tesla is a good idea yet. Tesla needs to work out these kinks before owning one becomes viable.

  • M Dog
    M Dog 9 days ago

    Hey Please make it so when you crash the batteries won't be able to likely catch fire. :)

  • Juan Zingarello
    Juan Zingarello 9 days ago +1

    I sat in a Tesla Model X and was immediately turned off by the car. I could see and feel how cheaply the car was made. For $80k, I expect a solid feeling interior. I'm sorry but fully electric or not, I'd rather spend that money on a loaded Prius Prime. I am not impressed with these Teslas the least bit.

  • Mykle Bust
    Mykle Bust 9 days ago

    I still drive my 74 El Camino, just love this old weather-beaten car.

  • junior torres
    junior torres 10 days ago

    Elon Musk is LOL

  • rokid bay
    rokid bay 11 days ago

    this is real!!!!

  • devildog832916 Robinson

    Great Job. Maybe you could open a service center in your area.

  • Phantom Dust
    Phantom Dust 12 days ago

    finally getting electric cars, and like clock work the hit pieces start rolling out from the top bank run media ..

  • Apple A-TCR
    Apple A-TCR 12 days ago

    Good job

  • Ahmad Alsabary
    Ahmad Alsabary 12 days ago

    Thats the only way they can make money out of repairs since the tesla is electric they wont have oil change spark plugs tune ups or exhaust problems so they convert to small issues that they make to have so you can repair from time to time like door handles and mirrors

  • chickenware65
    chickenware65 13 days ago +2

    What kind of POS is Tesla? The thing is 5 years old and costs a fortune. My car is 11 years old and I just changed the tires and battery, other than that an interior lightbulb. Now It will last me another 10 years probably.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout 15 days ago +1

    Useful to know.... I can scratch Tesla off the list.

  • mr dave of dave
    mr dave of dave 15 days ago +1

    volvo all the way baby, the flying brick will prevail

  • Panther Taco
    Panther Taco 15 days ago

    This just in, Repairing your own car is cheaper.

  • Dino Pappous
    Dino Pappous 16 days ago +1

    Issues with Tesla build quality are well known in the automotive community but the Liberal Left Tree Hugging Media has conveniently kept them on the down low to avoid negative press about PT Barnum's addition, the liberal left refuses to acknowledge the human rights violations of little African children mining cobalt so as to create PT Barnum's batteries.....The liberal left doesn't want to talk about that because of their desire to protect this abomination on wheels.....imagine if Ford was unable to meet demand on a vehicle that it had promised to its consumers....promising production of 2000 cars per day and producing 20 instead....PT Barnum has fired (he calls it a leave of absence) 5 head production engineers and has now built a tent (at taxpayers expense of course) to try to ramp up production of his "affordable" (50 K on average) model 3 sedan....Time to pull the plug on Elon, I mean PT BARNUM, and shut down this disaster of an enterprise.....

    • Dino Pappous
      Dino Pappous 6 days ago +1

      +elly franz I love your father already...and if you were smart, so would you....Why do you feel it's OK to deny the civil rights violations of little African children forced to mine cobalt for PT BARNUM's battery cells ? FORZA ALFA BABY !!

    • elly franz
      elly franz 6 days ago

      lol you remind me of my dad, every conversations is a opportunity to talk about the liberals or Muslims hahaha xp

  • neoxide h
    neoxide h 16 days ago +1

    not saying this guy isn't doing it safe but before anyone gets any ideas from this, working on cars with electric motors can be very dangerous and definitely can be, and has been fatal

  • Accept the truth it will set you free.

    Lol only in 2018 would there be a news article on a guy working on his own car.... smh

  • thomasucc
    thomasucc 16 days ago

    Get a volvo

  • tank
    tank 16 days ago

    Rich rebuilds has been doing it for a year-and-a-half now tour completely apart and put it back together and still driving it.

  • redxsage
    redxsage 16 days ago

    Well, this guy is a lot more reasonable than the other _'Right to Repair!'_ morons I've come across online. Here's the thing about _'DIY'..._ If you want to _DO IT YOURSELF...? YOUU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF!_ The constant whining about what Tesla won't let you do with your own car is idiotic. The guy said it himself -- the cars are easy to take apart and put back together. If you know how to do that, cool.
    Traditional automobile manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are in the spare parts business. They make their money on the backside, by selling aftermarket parts. That process has has served them well for over 100 years. Yet, two of them still went bankrupt somehow. Maybe that was because they lost focus, stopped making a profit on the initial sale, and counted on profits from the sale of spare parts instead? So, they built cars with parts designed to fail and be replaced. And when people got tired of replacing components, they stopped buying their cars, and eventually didn't need tgeir spare parts either.
    Since Tesla is a new car company, not a spare parts company, they have no motivation to make spare parts readily available. The parts they have on hand make Tesla more money by selling them in a complete car. It will be a while before Tesla's growth stymies and they'll have enough capacity to concentrate on spare parts. I see that as a good thing.

  • AmazingPiggy
    AmazingPiggy 16 days ago

    redneck meets tesla

  • Reinhart Dedrighed
    Reinhart Dedrighed 17 days ago

    genius owner

  • Andrea Ratkovic
    Andrea Ratkovic 17 days ago

    Tesla like Yeti like BulletProof like any other product name that herd mentality HAS to have without educating themselves first. Elon Musk is a marketing genius as many company execs/marketers are.

  • Vanwanderer Xx
    Vanwanderer Xx 18 days ago

    If you can't afford to service the car don't own it.i can't imagine how much time he must have spend to repair the car himself.

  • Frankie Garc
    Frankie Garc 18 days ago


  • Faith Hunter
    Faith Hunter 18 days ago

    He's like my mom. She always complains about the mechanics charging to much. And my mom is a Doctor!! The mechanics are probably complaining about how much doctors charge.

  • Sabin Ionesco
    Sabin Ionesco 19 days ago +3

    Musk is a fake Guru. The whole Co. is a scam. Like Apple.

  • Bobby Paredes
    Bobby Paredes 20 days ago

    *This guy has a electric heart!!!!! After all...Tesla have to be shame for this*

  • Chris Hvid
    Chris Hvid 20 days ago

    Build yourself a decent ebike and say hello to real fun!

  • Chrzysztof
    Chrzysztof 20 days ago

    Americans realising they can fix tings instead buying new one for their hard earn money.

  • J
    J 20 days ago

    What do you expect. Free service for life? They treated you as any other car manufacturer would. Warranty is over, it’s time to pay up.

  • Kenny Tam
    Kenny Tam 20 days ago

    Should’ve leased it...

  • marc xiong
    marc xiong 22 days ago +1

    easy, don't buy pos tesla

  • ELi-MHB Fps
    ELi-MHB Fps 22 days ago

    I dont get what tesla did wrong lol,warranty up you knew that

    • Drake Smith
      Drake Smith 6 days ago

      It isn't that, its that it's a pos that is designed to fail

  • Urnest T
    Urnest T 22 days ago

    I haven't had that many problems with my pickup and it is a 2005 model

  • Diego
    Diego 22 days ago +22

    Jesus, when he started listing the problems with the car it really makes you wonder if it's made of defective legos.

    • Hiluxtaco
      Hiluxtaco 8 hours ago

      New Company that just started making cars not long ago. Problems are going to happen...

    • FireOccator
      FireOccator 2 days ago

      The production was rushed and corners were cut.

  • Jeffrey Korir
    Jeffrey Korir 22 days ago

    RichRebuilds anyone?

  • Floyd1504
    Floyd1504 23 days ago

    I don't even need to go through the comments section to see the cult of Tesla will be going mad at this guy.
    Petulant dickheads! 👋🏻

  • Espen Bøgh
    Espen Bøgh 23 days ago

    Is that the real joy of having af Tesla?

  • TheYoyozo
    TheYoyozo 23 days ago

    He’s a plant

  • Tom Szaw
    Tom Szaw 23 days ago

    Why do you do that work? I have Mercedes E-class cabriolet 2015 and I just pump some fuel in, that's it. Everything works flawlessly.

  • Keecha M
    Keecha M 23 days ago

    I see Greg as a new auto repair business owner in the making. Fill the whole while he can, ahead of the game visionary.

  • K24 Accord
    K24 Accord 23 days ago

    Welcome to honda life..

  • Jeff Hur
    Jeff Hur 24 days ago +1

    Tesla’s restrict so much of our freedom. You have to wait for an hour to charge your car (sure you can read a book inside but honestly when you’re on the go it’s one more thing you have to do), you have to take a detour for an hour or more to charge your tesla on a road trip, impossible to get parts and go to any manufacturer, can’t have anyone replace a flat tire in the middle of the road etc etc. A car is a machine not an app that exists inside a machine. All these foolish people expend money to be more uncomfortable. It’s hilarious. I went on a Tesla test drive of the model x and the sales guy driving it had to drive around the black 5 times just to get the auto parking to kick in. Every Tesla owner I know is pompous. One of them pulled up beside a Maserati and tried to outrun it and said how much better Tesla was. The dude in the Maserati could care less and when that car drove away it made the most satisfying low purrr.

  • bong Scott
    bong Scott 24 days ago

    ☺😊😀😁😂5 Smile's

  • GS 5717
    GS 5717 24 days ago

    An independant selfsustaining spirit succeeding against an arrogant conglomerate. I like this very very much.

  • Nicholas Medina
    Nicholas Medina 24 days ago +1

    All those problems in 4 years 🙃

  • LeFuq
    LeFuq 25 days ago

    Who has time to take his car apart and put it back together ?!
    Especially for an apple car?

  • Curious George
    Curious George 25 days ago

    THEY succeeded in shaft ing you. Just buy another huh...

  • Curious George
    Curious George 25 days ago

    Did THEY try to remote fry your controls???

  • Curious George
    Curious George 25 days ago

    Hahaha ha haha. Buy trash and THEY'LL make more, trash...

  • Spam Protection
    Spam Protection 26 days ago


  • Jamie Blicton
    Jamie Blicton 26 days ago

    LOL after my warranty ran out i was treated like i didn't own a Telsa, THATS FOR LITERALLY EVERY PRODUCT WHEN WARRANTY RUNS OUT, YOU GET NO MO HELP!

  • Kearon O'Brien
    Kearon O'Brien 26 days ago

    Congratulations for your Discovery reminds me of Apple😊

  • Todd Lavigne
    Todd Lavigne 26 days ago

    after seeing this I would never buy this junk car
    how can you love a car that has had such stupid problems....brainwashed dude

  • Shantanu Pant
    Shantanu Pant 27 days ago

    Rich Rebuilds

  • Name
    Name 27 days ago +1

    Tesla will be the apple of cars in terms of terrible customer service and ripping people off

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller 27 days ago

    It’s a car!
    All his problems happen to all cars...
    If it’s after warranty... that’s the response you get “it will cost you this much”