holly breaks a window with a vehicle antenna


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  • GYM_NATION 2.0
    GYM_NATION 2.0 7 months ago

    Just punch it

  • HundredSubsStarts A new channel

    2018 this shit look fake

  • Ruby Rose Ruelos
    Ruby Rose Ruelos 10 months ago

    Thats face tho

  • Joker JR.
    Joker JR. 11 months ago

    He had something in his gloves

  • sactown916
    sactown916 Year ago

    Wow I feel really stupid. At first I thought she was a fire fighter. Lol girls can't be firefighters.

  • just saying
    just saying Year ago

    She needs to go back making sandwiches.

  • A7xFo
    A7xFo Year ago +3

    Women shouldn't be fire fighters. They're physically too weak.

  • Shawnevin Watson
    Shawnevin Watson Year ago

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  • Eric B
    Eric B Year ago

    Nicely done, that was my lil secret for getting car's to the chop shop quietly and quick now my cover is blown

  • ramon murillo
    ramon murillo Year ago

    Bruh what a dumb bitch just keep trying

  • Kennedy's Locksport

    You need a bigger hammer

  • Masa Allen
    Masa Allen Year ago

    What an uptight bulldyke

  • kman54
    kman54 Year ago +4

    some women don't deserve equality I'm sorry.

  • Alice Cullotto
    Alice Cullotto Year ago +2

    Yea that's the exact person who I want trying to save my life in an emergency.

  • Marc Aliventi Aliventi

    Nobody has a BB gun

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Year ago

    Woulda been much more badass if she busted the window with the diamond on her ring if she’s married.

  • mark jones
    mark jones Year ago

    A simple "center punch" (metalworking) works beautifully the 1st time.


    Typical bitch doesn’t listen!

  • Revik
    Revik Year ago +1


  • Michael W
    Michael W Year ago

    And how many cars still have antennas like that

  • Mark Blomberg
    Mark Blomberg Year ago

    Can’t you just punch it

  • Chris Stinson
    Chris Stinson Year ago +1

    What's the point

  • Accurate Arsenal
    Accurate Arsenal Year ago

    Thanks im bringing my antenna to the universal parking lot

  • Gabe-fartpoop Peepants

    Lol the black guy is the teacher to show how to break a window

  • The Darkness It Consumes Me

    It was so funny when she shattered the glass 😂😂
    She was like, "Yeah! Look what I did"

  • Faux Schief
    Faux Schief Year ago

    Are u Jack Doherty mom

  • SmokeRingsPipeDreams

    This is why girls shouldn't do stuff.

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx Year ago

    You should show what holly does with ping pong balls!

  • Pedro Escárcega
    Pedro Escárcega Year ago +1

    Muricans are so funny, they fully dress up when they are gonna do any handy shit lol

    • Joey Quiroga
      Joey Quiroga Year ago +1

      Shes probably a volunteer if anything she needed a facemask to protect from glass

    • Aaron H
      Aaron H Year ago

      Treble Hook No they are idiot mericans

    • Treble Hook
      Treble Hook Year ago

      Pedro Escárcega They’re fire fighters

  • Ray Montoya
    Ray Montoya Year ago +1

    Name of video "how to rob a car"

  • G00D4Y0U
    G00D4Y0U Year ago

    She looks dumb asf

  • Louis Read
    Louis Read Year ago +25

    Why did she act hard after.

    • aluminumfetish
      aluminumfetish Year ago +1

      Because just 15 seconds prior, she didn't have a clue.

  • ItsRyan
    ItsRyan Year ago +5

    You exeprect us who holly is

  • munro master
    munro master Year ago +4

    Just rubbish

  • Marbert Not sharp
    Marbert Not sharp Year ago +5

    ERMAHGERD SOMEONE IS TRAPPED INSIDE. QUICK, get me an adjustable wrench (because its quicker than finding the correct size) to remove the antenna so i can bend it around this corner of the car to break the glass so i can get them out of the vehi..... TIME OF DEATH 1645... we need to do more training.

  • Paul Herndon
    Paul Herndon Year ago

    Ain't got time for that

  • rahorin
    rahorin Year ago +10

    she looks like a noob

  • Abiley Arevalo
    Abiley Arevalo 2 years ago

    like I said the smaller surface areaer 😂😂

  • saul chm
    saul chm 2 years ago

    cant do that in newer vehicles

  • teophile deleglise
    teophile deleglise 2 years ago

    Good "tip" :)

  • Ethan Skinner
    Ethan Skinner 2 years ago +64

    The only problem is nowadays cars don't have antennas, they have shark fins.

  • Joe Cloud
    Joe Cloud 2 years ago


  • Eric Robinson
    Eric Robinson 2 years ago +1

    just use spark plug parcelin

  • Chrispy 1
    Chrispy 1 2 years ago

    Can anyone subscribe to me please

  • 14ishmeal
    14ishmeal 2 years ago +74

    not very tough

  • · Krazyyy ·
    · Krazyyy · 2 years ago

    This is not really helpful. I mean bruh. Just Jackie chan that shit

  • Sigma Octantis
    Sigma Octantis 2 years ago +2

    "That's good to know!"
    - uses that technique to burgle a car.

  • sonofnothing
    sonofnothing 3 years ago +5

    hold it down like 5 inches from the tip... then pull it back. way more force.... a lost more practical than the "where's a spark plug when you need one?!" method haha

    • Kappa Shiner
      Kappa Shiner Year ago

      sonofnothing all I've got is 3 inches from the tip max

  • Matt G
    Matt G 3 years ago

    Smaller surface arer

  • bryan Smith
    bryan Smith 3 years ago

    she's a dumbass it dndnt brack it cracked

    • TheDudeofDudes
      TheDudeofDudes 3 years ago

      +db bd Hint: If an entire pane of glass is shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces and it is only being held up by gravity, it is in fact BROKEN.

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel 3 years ago

    Well thanks for that now people know how to break a window.

  • colin rochfort
    colin rochfort 3 years ago +15

    She did that move where she was really proud of herself but was like "hmm not even hard m8" lol

  • EvilTwin-niwTlivE
    EvilTwin-niwTlivE 3 years ago

    She's too timid to be a FF.
    I want confident, assertive FF.
    I know medics who are 5 3 who can out lift a 6 3 dude. Best partners. The psych patients never see it coming *SLAM*, sit your ass down!

  • EvilTwin-niwTlivE
    EvilTwin-niwTlivE 3 years ago +1

    Fran Fresher's voice also works to break glass.

  • Ball Sack
    Ball Sack 3 years ago +42

    Well of course a black guy would be the expert at this.

    • Ravusion xell
      Ravusion xell 2 years ago

      Well to be fair he IS called ballsack so u just Paired the two.

  • H.a Player
    H.a Player 3 years ago +1

    Wt* is wrong with her ?

  • Benjamin Glesinger
    Benjamin Glesinger 3 years ago +245

    she thought she was so cool when she broke it lmao

  • Gabe Turcotte
    Gabe Turcotte 3 years ago +65

    and that's why there shouldn't be woman firefighters

    • Mr Gamer4148
      Mr Gamer4148 Year ago

      Gabe Turcotte well not exactly any gender can be any thing they want your just Being sexist jus because she’s a girl doesn’t mean anything she was teaching it I’d like to see you try to be a firefighter there pretty much keeping us safe from fires and losing their life’s for us to save us

    • Sniper
      Sniper Year ago +2

      You are a sexist piece of shit

    • Mary-Rives Stanley
      Mary-Rives Stanley Year ago

      Sasuke The Husky really man

    • James the gamer gamer
      James the gamer gamer Year ago +6

      Bro that rude if there was a fire in yiur huse and u were stuc in it and a women fire fighter came and helped you wat would u say /men are not the ony fire fighters

    • Sasuke The Husky
      Sasuke The Husky Year ago +10

      Gabe Turcotte If you're going to make that point, at least make the right points so you don't make the rest of us who agree look like dumbasses. There is literally no strength involved in this, it's just the technique.

  • BigBoyCam
    BigBoyCam 3 years ago +112

    Holly looks like a bitch

  • DavidDaGamer
    DavidDaGamer 3 years ago

    lol, at the end a lady said " that's good to know!"

  • ➰ Kromevalus Lopemvy ➰

    i came here to see a girl break glass not fucking crack it

    • TUMORs
      TUMORs Year ago

      GummyBoar car windows dont fall apart like normal glass. They are like wet papers

    • sonofnothing
      sonofnothing 3 years ago

      if you do it right, the window will drop like a sheet. I've gone into junk yards and done it haha. gotta pin the antenna down close to the tip and pull back the last 5 inches of it

    • 0778drz110
      0778drz110 3 years ago

      +L.E Wolf The title isn't misleading at all, the glass is broken. Not all glass is the same.

    • ➰ Kromevalus Lopemvy ➰
      ➰ Kromevalus Lopemvy ➰ 3 years ago

      +0778drz110 so.. i still came here to see a girl break glass becuase thats what it said in the title. i just think that this is misleading, dumbass

  • polopowered
    polopowered 3 years ago +121

    Her smug face tho after she broke the glass. Give it a slap!

    • Tanner Howard
      Tanner Howard 5 months ago

      Dick slap across the face lol

    • Sasuke The Husky
      Sasuke The Husky Year ago +1

      polopowered I mean someone literally said "maybe we should let her do it another day" right before she did it so I'm sure she felt a certain sense of "see I can do it"😂

    • Kaden Jorgensen
      Kaden Jorgensen 3 years ago +2


  • aferguson850
    aferguson850 3 years ago +1

    "that's good to know"

  • Diesel CJ
    Diesel CJ 3 years ago +1

    Wtf she tried to act like a bad ass

  • Rotor Wings
    Rotor Wings 4 years ago +6

    wimpy ass mo fo.

  • daskatechanneltv7
    daskatechanneltv7 5 years ago +13

    god that chick was stupid...... how the fuck is she even a fire fighter..

    • Sasuke The Husky
      Sasuke The Husky Year ago

      daskatechanneltv7 first time trying that technique to break a window and she doesn't get it the very first try.. and that makes her stupid? I agree that she maybe should not be a fire fighter but this doesn't have anything to do with strength or smarts.

  • Spikevistock
    Spikevistock 5 years ago +36

    hahahaha women fire fighters

    • Mr Gamer4148
      Mr Gamer4148 Year ago

      Nobin hahaha a no life that sits on his ass and judges womens for their capabilities

  • Sepharite
    Sepharite 5 years ago +4

    How do you push the glass outward?

  • Scott Bock
    Scott Bock 5 years ago +22

    Fix your gear, you look like you already don't know what you're doing when you show up like that.

    • Xnate13X
      Xnate13X 3 years ago

      +Scott Bock lol, exactly what I was thinking XD

  • ellomirza
    ellomirza 5 years ago +16

    Holy shit women are useless and incompetent. I hope I don't get hurt where she works.

    • Sam GW
      Sam GW 3 years ago

      +Matan Pulverman Inb4 wtf have you been smoking

    • Dennett Shane
      Dennett Shane 3 years ago

      +Matan Pulverman I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality and Dennette sounds like a lovely name.

    • Sam GW
      Sam GW 3 years ago

      +Dennett Shane Someone's mad

    • Dennett Shane
      Dennett Shane 3 years ago

      Inb4? You're almost a year late for an inb4 you meme-haired faggot.

    • Sam GW
      Sam GW 3 years ago +1

      Inb4 tumblr feminists who can't take a joke

  • Josh
    Josh 7 years ago

    be honest, how itchy were your gloves after extraction day? those tiny glass shards get