Top 100 Throws in NFL History!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Check out the top 100 throws in NFL history!
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Comments • 2 046

  • Hyperslow
    Hyperslow 2 minutes ago

    Marino has the best arm in the history of the sport... I am on 42 and you have shown him 2 times...??? AND 42 was not even a great throw.

  • Hyperslow
    Hyperslow 4 minutes ago

    49... not in top 20.... cool story Pats fan who made this video.

  • Hyperslow
    Hyperslow 5 minutes ago

    50 in and we have multiple average to a spot throws from Brady and ONE fucking 1 Rogers throw. This list is a fucking joke.

  • Hyperslow
    Hyperslow 11 minutes ago

    Lots of Tom Brady throwing to a spot and not a lot of Marino and Manning pinpoint rifle shots...

  • Hyperslow
    Hyperslow 18 minutes ago

    Sorry, any top 100 throws with Tom fuckin Brady in the vid... is a shit vid.

    EET FUK Hour ago

    look at that baby spin! 17:16

  • cutty 4688
    cutty 4688 2 hours ago

    The catch of course!
    Rip Dwight Clark!

  • Saints WillWIn
    Saints WillWIn 3 hours ago

    Brees only makes the list once! SMDH!

  • Neal Fowler
    Neal Fowler 4 hours ago

    I'm having a hard time watching this and concentrating on what I'm watching at the same time because, wow, this list is screwed up and I haven't even made it into the 89th best. Whoever put this video together must have felt overwhelmed by all the good throws in NFL history. Like that one at 90-something of Aikman hitting a WIDE OPEN receiver? I know 10 guys off the top of my head that could have made that throw and I'm limiting my 10 guys list to my neighborhood.

  • Zachary Pflanz
    Zachary Pflanz 4 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how clutch Drew Pearson was tho

  • E. Love
    E. Love 7 hours ago

    #6 was the most difficult throw to me

  • LTCB
    LTCB 10 hours ago

    The Catch no.1. Dear oh dear. Pathetic. Not enough Marino or moon either.

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell 10 hours ago

    5:47 Archie's underhanded throw while running backwards is insane. If Herman Edwards doesn't tackle Mike Renfro at the last minute that goes into the top ten.

  • andrew carlson
    andrew carlson 22 hours ago

    This guy must really hate the greatest qb of all time to barely put him on this list. Unbelievable

  • Adrian Edwards
    Adrian Edwards 22 hours ago

    I'm skeptical regarding the accuracy of this list given that Dan Fouts, Warren Moon and Joe Namath have one appearance combined and Mark Brunell appears three times.

  • birch drummer
    birch drummer 22 hours ago

    I still think the best throw I've ever seen was the throw from Manning to Stokely, to break Marino's TD record.... Stokely ran a corner-post and under pressure, Manning threw the ball to the post before Stokely even made his corner move.

  • Straw Man
    Straw Man Day ago

    most of the brady throws are just normal route passes. and the hail marys don't count

  • Straw Man
    Straw Man Day ago

    the throw by wentz against the legion is under rated

  • kevin golomski
    kevin golomski Day ago

    What about Favre's 99 yd TD pass to Robert Brooks against the Bears on MNF?

  • David Poole
    David Poole Day ago

    So one for Drew Brees and ten for Rodgers? BS

  • Terry Price
    Terry Price Day ago

    Where the Mariota throw to himself

  • Larry Cetrone
    Larry Cetrone Day ago

    No immaculate reception, or doesn't it qualify?

  • LokeW12
    LokeW12 Day ago

    gotta be shitting me with that number 5 pick. Eli throws an abseloute duck. There's a reason we call it "the helmet CATCH" and not the ugly duckling throw wtf

  • Bret DeRuse
    Bret DeRuse 2 days ago

    Idk if in missed it or what and I hate to be this guy but...where the hell is mahomes to conley vs san fran last year?

  • No Thankyou
    No Thankyou 2 days ago

    Interesting, but not interesting enough to spend a half hour watching....

  • Kevin Mckenny
    Kevin Mckenny 2 days ago

    Ok, but can someone please give some credit to some of the greatest catches ever made by receivers?

  • Charles Day
    Charles Day 2 days ago

    Give me top 20 Marino throws any day! Thanks,.

  • CassesVultus
    CassesVultus 2 days ago +1

    Stafford, with a separated shoulder, sneaks past his coaching staff to get back on the field to throw the winning touchdown pass on the last play of the game. And that play doesn't make the list?

    • Corey McGregor
      Corey McGregor Day ago

      Stafford has plenty of throws that were better than a lot of these.

  • Nathaniel Reynolds
    Nathaniel Reynolds 2 days ago

    Gus Frerotte to Bernad Berrian for 99 yard pass

  • Jah Prime
    Jah Prime 2 days ago +6

    Seriously Namath has way more throws that desrve to be on here as well as O'Brien to walker..etc

    • Edward Munson
      Edward Munson 6 hours ago

      JAH P: My friend, you are DAMN RIGHT. You must be a little bit older than some of the others here........but younger than me. Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Bart Starr, Y. A. Tittle, Roger Staubach, were all extraordinary, but have gotten lost in the shuffle. Even by today's standards, these guys were incredible. That is what happens with a little age.

  • Jah Prime
    Jah Prime 2 days ago

    I'm starting to notice more and more that people that make these kind of vids never ever think of the Jets. The Jets aren't the best franchise but they deserve more credit than they get.

    • jokermann100
      jokermann100 2 days ago

      Not ture the butt fumble shows up quite a bit.

  • J.J Jameson
    J.J Jameson 2 days ago

    Completely honest here, I admit I don't know much about football, but what special thing does Mahomes have? All I see him do are some sloppy but aimed passes

  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue 2 days ago +6

    Retitle: 100 throws we put together on ice cream break.

  • Grenadehappy45
    Grenadehappy45 2 days ago

    For me I think the best throw of all time is that Brett Favre vikings TD against the 49ers. Second would probably be Eli manning throw to Manningham (sorry if I didn’t spell his name right). And third best would be the first Hail Mary by Roger Staubach.

  • white deion
    white deion 3 days ago

    I was waiting for #18

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter 3 days ago +5

    One of the greatest throws of all time has to be the Music City Miracle. That throw may have looked forward but it was a lateral by about 1/2 an inch across the width of the field. A perfect throw.

  • vikwillwin
    vikwillwin 3 days ago

    Not one Tarkington throw , Give me a break !!!!!!!!

  • dankbubba
    dankbubba 3 days ago

    The left handed Mahomes throw on the run is top 10. missed some others. One big one is doug williams from his butt beautiful spiral into the end zone to rout Denver in the SB.

    • Bret DeRuse
      Bret DeRuse 2 days ago

      That was beautiful and insane!! And the one to conely again san fran?

  • blakfloyd
    blakfloyd 3 days ago

    I see y'all fucked up and accidentally got some other QBs' passes in your Brady highlight reel.

  • Christopher Sardinha
    Christopher Sardinha 3 days ago +1

    Needs the other Marino to Fryar TD in the '94 season opener, or Marino to Clayton, Duper, or Gadsden.

  • Brian Cananzey
    Brian Cananzey 3 days ago

    there are a ton of better catches than throws

  • Brian Cananzey
    Brian Cananzey 3 days ago +1

    7:16 was his 2nd ft down?

    • kram Null
      kram Null 2 days ago

      That was back when they were calling push outs as TD's, saying the second foot would have gotten in bounds if not for the shove. Rule changes, so hard to keep up with over the years, for sure...

  • Richard Gregory
    Richard Gregory 3 days ago +2

    Man that throw from Cutler 64yds in the air hitting the receiver in stride was a thing of beauty. It's a shame his heart wasn't in the game cause he could have been one of the great one's

  • Russell Hallman
    Russell Hallman 3 days ago +1

    hey nfl you should make a top 100 catches and a top 100 runs if possible

  • Zachary Vorpahl
    Zachary Vorpahl 3 days ago +1

    #6 should be #1

  • laverdadesmejor
    laverdadesmejor 4 days ago

    What makes great quarterbacks???? ................ Great receivers !

  • B11video
    B11video 4 days ago

    Elway still the best gun in the NFL. I don't think there will be another as strong as smart and as competitive. Don't believe it? Just ask Shannon...

  • My Name is Gladiator

    Disgusting video... basically the patriots and a few other teams.

  • erik puka
    erik puka 4 days ago +1

    Montana #1 throw is overrated

  • erik puka
    erik puka 4 days ago +1

    Eli threw 2 perfect throws.Especially to Manningham.Ypu cant throw a better ball than that.

  • Rodney Bray
    Rodney Bray 4 days ago

    Some great throws. I gotta say, 5 step drops and no pressure doesn't equal a top 100 throw.

  • Jose Alexi
    Jose Alexi 4 days ago

    I'm calling BULLSHIT! on this list. Mark Brunell has more top throws than Brett Favre?

    • No Thankyou
      No Thankyou 2 days ago

      And at least one person in the world, probably you, actually cares...

  • ConservativeGamer11
    ConservativeGamer11 4 days ago

    no immaculate reception?

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 4 days ago

    100 was way too many. Most of these were pretty routine. The top 10 weren't very special. I mean, why is Bradshaw to Swann number 2? QBs are supposed to be able to throw to one of the best WR ever to play the game when he's in single coverage and has his man beat by 2 yards. Why?

  • bijou bijoux
    bijou bijoux 4 days ago

    I was waiting for the catch by dwight clark. How nice that it was number 1.

  • Alexander Micharski
    Alexander Micharski 5 days ago

    Every Nathan Peterman throw should be on this list

  • MobileGamingReviews
    MobileGamingReviews 5 days ago

    So...we are just gonna ignore the edelman catch in the superbowl against the falcons??? Smdh

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart 5 days ago

    too philly-heavy

  • ikickazz23 Gaming
    ikickazz23 Gaming 5 days ago

    Maybe i missed it but why did i not see staffords pass to pettigrew. We all know the play.

  • vince widemann
    vince widemann 6 days ago

    Aaron Rodgers, best all-time three-flies-up qb.