James Charles & Tati Westbrook - H3 Podcast #117

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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  • The Cosmic Eagle

    👽 hI SiSTerS!!

  • Falwen Valendur
    Falwen Valendur 6 days ago

    I really think you should keep the music rolling longer on the intros with the long podcasts. It'll keep a viewers attention and interest for longer until Ethan can get more into the details that would really keep someone's attention.

  • Soren
    Soren 7 days ago

    52:35 LMAO

  • Kitchen Sink
    Kitchen Sink 11 days ago

    How do you convince a straight guy that he's gay? If you're successful surely that guy was probably a bit gay anyways.

  • Martie Gallego
    Martie Gallego 11 days ago

    That " sister " shit is sickening !! He is a dude, not a female !! Sister's are female, women, girl's. , Not male, no matter how frigging gay he is, he is No One's Sister !! He makes me want to puke !! I Love this Channe!l !! Keep it up !!

  • Broben5
    Broben5 11 days ago

    Also on the more important part of my comment, this was just hilarious and it made no sense, tati should get the drama award for that one in fact replace any female character with her and she'll get whoever directed the movie the died in fired af

  • Broben5
    Broben5 11 days ago

    I might actually use stitch fix now thanks

  • Bella
    Bella 13 days ago

    She’s is an older woman and she’s crying like a 15 year old girl. Then goes all public about everything. This screams I want attention. Woman up.

  • Sarah Chadd
    Sarah Chadd 14 days ago +1

    "He looks like a gay crip"

  • S Mode
    S Mode 14 days ago

    So she makes a comment about how he "Did it AGAIN" like she is super concerned he is a predator. Again says she knew about these things before, but feels no need to expose him and protect the innocent until he promotes a competitor's vitamins....?? If she is telling the truth then she turned a blind eye to predatory sexual behavior for her own financial benefit. If she is lying or exaggerating to hurt him then she is a vindictive b**** and should be sued and slapped for minimizing real victims and ruining a kids reputation. Either way she is a rotten person. Kind of weird she started being bff's with a 17 year old anyway.
    I had no idea who these people were before the TVclip insomnia rabbit hole led me to his "Set the record straight" video. That these people (the drama queens, not H3) have so many subscribers paying attention to their nonsense lives while the climate is imploding makes me want to bang my head off the wall. Though it is interesting to watch these sharks eat each other alive in the "shallow" pool for a bit.

  • Steven The Smeg
    Steven The Smeg 14 days ago

    Hound was never brought back to life retard

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 16 days ago

    20:23 well said and delivered Hila XD

  • Aqil Hasan
    Aqil Hasan 17 days ago

    anyone else saw ethan’s eyebrows at 14:37

  • Aqil Hasan
    Aqil Hasan 17 days ago

    james charles: Turning straight men gay
    youtube sub counter: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?!?

  • MikezGotMILK
    MikezGotMILK 18 days ago

    He didn't have bud original and I felt abused.

  • Laura Varela
    Laura Varela 18 days ago

    But, like, the thing that many straight people don't get about tatis video is that even if james is a douchebag, he is still part of a marginalized community and straight dudes aren't. So, even if what he did is wrong, it's a problem that had its roots in the heteronormativity, because why does he need to feel value from some boy that he clearly knows is going to reject him? Why does he have to prove that his sexuality its valid to the hetero community? i mean, lest think about it. And he has done so many shit things, but the one Tati is calling him out for to me its the list reasonable to cancel him.

  • Camden Tolar
    Camden Tolar 18 days ago +1

    D&D only planned on 7 seasons from the start and were persuaded to do 8. They didn't get the Star Wars deal and want to walk away suddenly.

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 19 days ago +1


  • MizzFunny
    MizzFunny 20 days ago

    at the 57-58min mark Ethan is like "Tata, back on Ta-Ta" LOL LOL LOL

  • MizzFunny
    MizzFunny 20 days ago +1

    During the Honey advert at the 1/2 hour mark, Ethan burped like that guy that couldn't stop burping. You should really see someone about that Ethan. I'm sure it keeps Hila up at night.

  • DarthWeeder420
    DarthWeeder420 21 day ago

    Dude, in Germany almost everybody I've ever talked with about fast food said that McD's sucks D's and Burger King is King. Especially their french-fry-game, heard "French fries by McDonalds suck, no crisp whatsoever" way more often, in fact I heard "BK's french fries suck" the first time in my life. Guess I'll have to fly over to check out your original American burgers and then overthink my whole life. Sry for imperfect english, I'm a potato.

  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow 21 day ago

    Ethan said "I bet he jerks off to hentie" when talking about the 30 year old man who posts on Wendy's page acting line a 15 year old. Dose this mean Ethan doesn't watch hentie??? I don't know its just a theory, a tea theory thank you for reading my massively long comment.

  • tiesiog ba
    tiesiog ba 23 days ago

    Noooo i turned your store it was too complicated sorry H3. i TRIED.

  • Mike Keith
    Mike Keith 23 days ago

    Also, the idea is so simple, the magic is supposed to be now gone from the world.

  • Mike Keith
    Mike Keith 23 days ago

    First off, not everyone read the books, so it's irrelevant if they changed shit. Second, if you don't like the guys taking about the episodes, then you can just turn it off. Simple. Other people like the behind the scenes and directors commentaries.

  • Kim Breitbach
    Kim Breitbach 23 days ago

    I think its was her family dinner. I think tati is a bit of a covert narcissist. They tend to want a pat on the back for helping others. In general i could say on one side of my mouth that these communities, drama channels, and even ur two cents are not necessary however on the otherside i am glad u r giving some time to these dramas on youtube as it sheds a light on how many of us act in similar ways in our daily life. We dont have to be rich or on utube to relate to human emotional and social issues. We can really learn, from watching all of this, even it seems trivial, to be better people

  • Richie Jacobs
    Richie Jacobs 24 days ago +1

    I don't think Joe Rogan's daughter watches James, I think he watches it.

  • Legion Ella
    Legion Ella 25 days ago

    I want one of these meals to decorate my millenial house. How do I get these crowns???? BTW thanks for being normal throughout this shit

  • JustinPayton
    JustinPayton 25 days ago

    Ethan really sounds like "Old Man Yells at Cloud" this podcast.....

  • dnceinmybloop
    dnceinmybloop 25 days ago

    UPS one is pretty good. Wendy's is consistently the best fast food social.

  • Jay Chapman
    Jay Chapman 25 days ago

    Tea was adopted in gay-drag culture, which spread to every other sub-culture on the internet. Mimicry.

    • Benedict Cumbersnatched
      Benedict Cumbersnatched 23 days ago +1

      Jay Chapman wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened but at the same time...
      who gives a shit?

  • Mr.Shuffles
    Mr.Shuffles 26 days ago

    I might be down for a YAAS! Meal

  • Micah Buzan
    Micah Buzan 26 days ago

    All this youtube drama stuff really brings out the tribalism in our species.

  • Gregory Galyan
    Gregory Galyan 27 days ago

    Ethan was right about the last episode of GOT sucking ass

  • Bizabizow
    Bizabizow 27 days ago

    Is no one going to comment on the fact that Ethan called the Mii Channel theme the “Yoshi Theme”?!

  • Lucas lockard
    Lucas lockard 27 days ago

    All of us normal working shmucks are just enjoying app the drama

  • Xap Ete
    Xap Ete 27 days ago

    Vitamins can kill you the FDA should regulate them more strictly but they don’t

    • Dominique Robinson
      Dominique Robinson 23 days ago

      Vitamins can't kill you, man. FDA doesn't regulate supplements.

  • chelsea munroe
    chelsea munroe 27 days ago

    Please come out with your own line of flavored teas. Since you’re spilling the tea now I think this would be a great addition to your merch. Or a tea kettle/ tea set. Or a teddy fresh shirt with a little bear sipping tea

  • servenToGo
    servenToGo 28 days ago

    Calling McD better than BK...

    This is like saying Keem's gnome dick is superior...

  • Good ol' Joe
    Good ol' Joe 28 days ago

    TVclip is starting to become a game of agar

  • Sunyeya p.
    Sunyeya p. 28 days ago

    I actually do disagree quite a bit and I do side with Tati. I've been watching Tati for years and she's always been real and honest. She's hardly ever in a controversy whereas James is in a new one every month. James has also been proven to lie many times and there are so many people with their own testimonies about how he truly is. Tati's video made a lot of sense to me and I don't blame her for going public as the situation was already going public before she even made it an issue. She had the right to explain her side of the story. All of James's actions were very calculated since the beginning making him incredibly insincere to me. All he ever does is damage control, and he leaves out many details if they don't fit into his version of the story. Of course, everyone would have preferred to keep it private but the actions of multiple people is what forced it to go public.

    THE GOOD CONTENT 28 days ago

    48:30 The exact moment when Ethan's brain actually turned on and answered his own question. But of course, because he is amoral he won't admit it, he just manipulates to get what he wants without caring at all about the truth...

  • Hunter Malloy
    Hunter Malloy 28 days ago +1

    That fucking spider is from an older tv show I used to watch when I was younger.
    It didnt creep me out then but it gives me the chills now

  • Colten Ace
    Colten Ace 29 days ago

    Your podcasts are boring and not funny, mostly just cringe, and unbalanced audio

  • E Sz
    E Sz 29 days ago


  • WookDizz18
    WookDizz18 29 days ago

    "Hi thisters!!"

  • milkyway.2222
    milkyway.2222 29 days ago

    I agree that what Tati did is shady, but she did turn the attention on the fact that James is a predator in the making. He had his Tinder account blocked multiple times and he had his profile set on female to catch straight dudes. Just because he speaks fast and has some receipts doesn't mean everything is cleared. He is telling half-truths. Just wait, time will tell if he will stop with the whole straight thing.

  • Bryan Andersen
    Bryan Andersen 29 days ago

    “Well Danny kinda forget about the ironfleet” lmfao I died at that edit, I was thinking the same thing when the writers explained that scene, how could danny forget about the fleet that is literally the only other problem for her. Such shitty writing this season

  • Nyx Queen
    Nyx Queen 29 days ago

    Sorry but naw. Spillin tea is from the LGBT community, specifically black and Hispanic LGBT people and drag queens that has since been picked up by bigger people like influencers and celebrities

  • Renicus
    Renicus 29 days ago


  • Matty Matt
    Matty Matt 29 days ago

    I work at McDonald's and have to say, thanks for the compliment!

  • Keaton Burson
    Keaton Burson 29 days ago

    Hila never talked because she was building mental wisdom nukes to decimate the population. Jerusalem sleeper agent.

  • Georgina M
    Georgina M Month ago

    1:11:05 every time i get burger king

  • Ghelma
    Ghelma Month ago +1

    People act like James fetisch is weird when the biggest consumer of lesbian porn is straight men. Talk about preying on the unobtainable lol

  • Pea nut
    Pea nut Month ago

    can you guys have post malone on?

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle Month ago +1

    Tati Westbrook went south!

  • RERProductions
    RERProductions Month ago

    His eyes remind me of the tick tock crocodile in Peter Pan.

  • Gey Boi
    Gey Boi Month ago


  • Rogelio Beltran
    Rogelio Beltran Month ago

    jesus dont encourage him with the r kelly songs lol

  • Trisha Roe
    Trisha Roe Month ago

    Just want to say I Listen to you guys at work love ya

  • Cav
    Cav Month ago

    I thought I would hate watching my daughter be born. If it’s a clean birth (some are NOT) it really is not that gross and more amazing to watch than you’d think 🤙🏻

  • yogi bear
    yogi bear Month ago +1

    Never date/marry a Tati. Marry a Hila 19:20 mature, logical, and cute as hekk

  • RogersBase
    RogersBase Month ago +1

    8:25 "Nintendo's about to spill the tea on the tea community for using their music" LOLOL

    • Subzero Anime
      Subzero Anime Month ago

      RogersBase WOW is that the real Rogers Base?!

  • PENNY Wise
    PENNY Wise Month ago

    Maderchod... Teri maa ko chodu..
    Your great man

  • aerotable
    aerotable Month ago

    these big dramas turned out to be the most boring topic for a podcast

  • BradenHoltbeast
    BradenHoltbeast Month ago

    Yeah but when are we getting a dedicated Joji episode up

    PLOOPLY Month ago +1

    Anyone got that song at 1:03:14 ???

      PLOOPLY Month ago +1

      @Subzero Anime thanks broski 🤘🏻

    • Subzero Anime
      Subzero Anime Month ago +1

      PLOOPLY Engelwood - Crystal Dolphin

  • James Young
    James Young Month ago

    So I'm new to h3, and I'm not trying to being mean in asking, but is there a reason Ethan has so much facial tick? I myself have a eye flinching problem occasionally, so I sympathize.

  • True Life True Health

    “.... it’s Wendy’s...” lmfao

  • Novacro
    Novacro Month ago +1

    "She think's he's immature"
    No shit, he's 19 years old. Jesus Christ, lady, you're 37, what's your deal?

  • Isabel Vasquez
    Isabel Vasquez Month ago

    when ethan sneezed around 1 hour i just kept thinking ETHAN IS ALLERGIC TO JAMES CHARLES BULLSHIT

  • Kevin Dreyer
    Kevin Dreyer Month ago

    That burgerking commercial was terrible. Forget Burgerking if you want bad food go to Mcdonalds.

  • bnenomore
    bnenomore Month ago

    I'd like to put in a request for a podcast discussion of the documentary Red Reign. I just watched it on TVclip & hoooooly sh*t. It brings to light how the Chinese government has been systematically imprisoning & harvesting the organs of their own people.

  • rielitty
    rielitty Month ago +42

    james: *promotes sleep vitamins

    tati: im gonna end this man's whole career

  • Julia Molinar
    Julia Molinar Month ago +1

    Not defending Tati but actually the whole dinner situation was at a restaurant for her birthday party and it was in front of her parents not his and it was embarrassing for her

  • Bullitt
    Bullitt Month ago +1


  • Bullitt
    Bullitt Month ago


  • Bullitt
    Bullitt Month ago


  • Bullitt
    Bullitt Month ago


    • Bullitt
      Bullitt Month ago

      @julia h this video was before james final video. he didnt say anything about james video. he pulled up pics of negative tweets that havent been proven to be legit or not.

    • julia h
      julia h Month ago

      this was before james' video??

  • Hell_Pike
    Hell_Pike Month ago

    in b4 this chick gets absolutely roasted by Eathan

  • partystarta1
    partystarta1 Month ago

    nobody cares.

  • Squad B
    Squad B Month ago

    Me at Tati’s house: Hey can I borrow some make-up
    Tati: Yeah it’s in Section B-32

  • hykuzb npithrt
    hykuzb npithrt Month ago


    TOTALLY TRUE Month ago

    Your next guest whould be Gared Way

  • seqingnicole
    seqingnicole Month ago

    i can't wait to witness the growth of their baby and learn from them as a person

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown Month ago


  • ThePipeMonk
    ThePipeMonk Month ago

    Hair Vitamins??? Sleep Vitamins??? Bruh really?

  • Fought a Pidgeon
    Fought a Pidgeon Month ago

    U gon apologize bitch?

  • Clau93
    Clau93 Month ago +1

    Lol!! When you do not knw what the hek but you still wanna do a video about it!!
    Also:::He is into guys(that means gays and straight)
    All the stories came out after Tati which is questionable!!!

  • A C
    A C Month ago

    Sadly I need to say that for the first time I disagree with you. I feel like you missing point of this entire drama and focusing on small, not so important points. I do not think that age can be excuse in this case. He was not just beginer in make-up world. He was supposed to control at leaset what is he saying and Im sure he was.
    For example: Consider his "statement" mentioned in 15:00. It was just a text, without any emotions, just cold information. It was so artificial (in comparison to his standard way of communicating things) that I find it was insincere.

  • yeahnahnahyeah
    yeahnahnahyeah Month ago

    you guys sicken me. it makes me so bloody mad, you make me so happy and inspired its disgusting. you're the worst pitch for an MTV show ever. I hope you have a great life and fulfill your dreams, Beautiful people.

  • Neighborhood Watch
    Neighborhood Watch Month ago

    Yes!! Finally!! Two of youtubes biggest sociopaths interview two of youtube’s other biggest sociopaths!! Heck yes, papa bless!!

  • Harrison Clare
    Harrison Clare Month ago +1

    Yeah Tati is in the wrong. Imagine coddling this kid and helping him become this massive egomaniac and then only deciding to call him out on his behaviour after he promoted some other vitamin.
    I do agree that James trying to turn straight men is inappropriate but people already knew he was like this. People didn’t give a shit until it was a trend to unsub from James.

  • MarredCheese
    MarredCheese Month ago

    You guys need to climb down off of McDonald's dick. It's firmly meh tier.

  • victoraires
    victoraires Month ago

    firs time here. what's up with the host's eyes?

  • ShannonErin
    ShannonErin Month ago

    Aside from everything else..all vitamins have this label. Even Iron isn’t evaluated by the FDA .

    MIXED FICTION Month ago

    12:41 A little disappointed in the ""TVclip, don't flatter yourself" comment only because of what I was gonna wait to say until I watched the whole video, which is: (First, I share this love) My husband and I are going through the exactly the same thing at this very moment, but they’re our roommates and friends since grade school!! Our hearts hurt so deeply after the realization that they may not have had the best intentions and definitely took our caring, encouragement, and friendship for granted. It was never about vitamins, it was never about the cat, it was about manipulation to get your way and carelessness of our support of them along the way despite their faults because we all have them and growing takes time. It’s been so so painful and I give Tati so much kudos for sharing her position with her real emotions each step of the way, anger, sadness, pain, not giving a f*ck, relief, closure. I felt that. No matter what corner of the industry you're in (for us music at local pubs with our friends) if you're in a creative world or life style and you've accomplished so much to then experience a betrayal close to your heart can wreck your sh*t. Just had to say my peace before I keep watching. Love you guys and am so excited for Hila to have Theodore any second! 🧸💚

  • sidehatch69 -
    sidehatch69 - Month ago

    I want the host to get something in the chroat.

  • Veronica Esquivel
    Veronica Esquivel Month ago

    The white spider James Charles is being compared to is from I think a nickelodeon show called miss spiders sunny patch friends

  • Nichole Gonzalez
    Nichole Gonzalez Month ago

    Ethan you are spot on. You totally made me look at this in a whole new light.