Jackie Aina X Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review || Nyma Tang


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  • Priscilla Fuentes
    Priscilla Fuentes 6 months ago +5471

    Girrrlllll yes about that Texas heat. I am melting and becoming an oil slick on a regular bases. That foundation didn’t work for me either in this heat. I also do not understand why people are saying stuff about the foundation because you clearly understood why the shade was neutral and I thought that was so great of you to explain why it is Jackie would do that. She explained that she made these shades for WOC that are not represented already in the beauty industry. She had you in mind with the last shade but she knew neutral was the way to go because, like you said, many foundations in that shade have red undertones. Thank you for explaining that and understanding. Loved this video!

    • sourpetals
      sourpetals Month ago +2

      +даugнтеr оф тне кingdoм соме nyma def has blue undertones on her face & neck, but her chest is very red toned, so her saying shes red toned is still accurate!

    • Nat W
      Nat W 5 months ago

      Reetika Tamang it stands for women of colour. It pretty much means women who are not white.

    • MY LEG
      MY LEG 5 months ago

      People in Texas be complaining about the heat but here in California where I live its been 120 this whole week ..

    • Paige Birtles
      Paige Birtles 5 months ago

      Sweet Home Alamanda have you watched thattayla she does reviews for pale skin

    • Haley Wilson
      Haley Wilson 6 months ago

      I love this foundation but I rarely wear it in the summer! It's just toooooooo hot in Dallas! It's been 100-114 for weeks now 😩

  • ysa echavia
    ysa echavia 10 hours ago

    when she was swatching the foundation really close the white top i started sweating

  • DJMdalia
    DJMdalia 12 hours ago

    The neutral undertone on this foundation threw me way off but in natural light it looked pretty good

  • Kim K.
    Kim K. Day ago

    Why do so many people want to look like they have a damn lightbulb on the end of her nose? It looks ridiculous on everybody.

  • Christelle Francios


  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie Day ago +1

    I love your skin! It is so glowy and dewy. You are a gorgeous being.

  • sarah marshall
    sarah marshall Day ago

    You are so pretty

  • Minergirlwho
    Minergirlwho 2 days ago

    She is such a queen if I'm being honest

  • Sentel Bolton
    Sentel Bolton 2 days ago

    You r a trend setter

  • Priscilla's Palace
    Priscilla's Palace 2 days ago

    OMG yas and your hair is amazing!

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 2 days ago

    So the new 9 shades were still not good enough? She still had to mix.

  • Yvresse O
    Yvresse O 2 days ago

    I need to move to Texas. I need some heat. It’s COLD!!! out here!

  • Zaft
    Zaft 3 days ago

    So the new shades look amazing! Great work Jackie. Hope for more shades to come! But I’m a bit confused. I watched Jackie’s video talking about the foundation and saying that she spoke with Nyma for the darkest shade, for what she needs and she said something completely different than what Nyma needs. Jackie said less red more neutral and Nyma said the exact opposite. The undertone was completely different. How is this possible?

  • Zaft
    Zaft 3 days ago

    So the new shades look amazing! Great work Jackie. Hope for more shades to come! But I’m a bit confused. I watched Jackie’s video talking about the foundation and saying that she spoke with Nyma for the darkest shade, for what she needs and she said something completely different than what Nyma needs. Jackie said less red more neutral and Nyma said the exact opposite. The undertone was completely different. How is this possible?

  • Zaft
    Zaft 3 days ago

    So the new shades look amazing! Great work Jackie. Hope for more shades to come! But I’m a bit confused. I watched Jackie’s video talking about the foundation and saying that she spoke with Nyma for the darkest shade, for what she needs and she said something completely different than what Nyma needs. Jackie said less red more neutral and Nyma said the exact opposite. The undertone was completely different. How is this possible?

  • Queensmilesz
    Queensmilesz 6 days ago

    Naaahh. I think you’re trying to be nice because Jackie’s involved. It looks amazing. Like absolutely beautiful. But I’ve watched you review foundations darker than this and say it’s too light so this just doesn’t make any sense. But again, you look great. Just saying this video seems different compared to the other ones.

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 6 days ago

    They still don't have a ight enough concealer.

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 6 days ago

    They finally got a lighter shade I may be able to use. Sucks to be too white for snow. 😮 I have wanted to try it but their lightest shade was too dark.

  • April McGeorge
    April McGeorge 8 days ago

    I don't think it's fair to pit a "dewey" foundation up against Texas heat. You can't expect that type of foundation to last when you sweat. I am in menopause and have yet to find "ANY" foundation to last on me including Esteé Lauder which is matte. If your looking for something to last in hot weather, you have to go for something that is not dewey or it will slip off of your face. Dewey =silicon = slippage. Otherwise, thank you for the review.

  • Icezy Kawaii
    Icezy Kawaii 8 days ago


  • Azzedine Al-Razi
    Azzedine Al-Razi 8 days ago +1

    Your voice is so lovely.

  • Dogwood Pond
    Dogwood Pond 8 days ago +2

    She is gorg! Bare face! Geez!

  • Joyce Brito
    Joyce Brito 8 days ago

    Meu Deus que mulher lindaaaa! Que peleeeee! Meu sonho, maquiar uma pele negra nesse tom... 🤩

  • Saadet
    Saadet 8 days ago

    Wow your face! That melanin!!😍 Wow you are so gorgeous your bare face seriously looks like you are already made up perfectly

  • grace
    grace 9 days ago

    sable is ORANGE

  • Aïda K
    Aïda K 9 days ago +1

    you are soo pretty 💕 and i love your skin tone i hope brands make more dark foundations ! everyone should be able to find their shade in 2019 like come on :(

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 9 days ago +1

    I love the texture your skin. I love that you don’t over powder. Beautiful.

  • Denni Elyse
    Denni Elyse 9 days ago

    You are soooooooo pretty 😍😍😍

  • Mali jama
    Mali jama 10 days ago

    Ur skin is flawless ❤️

  • Lila Baroumandi
    Lila Baroumandi 10 days ago +1

    please try the darkest morphe foundation shade!!

  • Diya k
    Diya k 11 days ago

    You are SUCH A NATURAL BEAUTY 😍😍😍😍

  • Haley Hymers
    Haley Hymers 11 days ago +1

    I hope you take this as an observation and not a criticism (so no one @ me), but I think the foundation have off a very weird green hue. I don't think it suited you whatsoever.

    • J B
      J B 6 days ago

      Haley Hymers it definitely was very olive/ green. I think she mentioned it was too neutral. She prefers foundation with red undertones I believe.

  • Bleach
    Bleach 11 days ago

    Try out glossier pls!! They only have 5 shades for their skin tint which they say will match pretty much everyone

  • XRandom Ugly GirlX
    XRandom Ugly GirlX 12 days ago

    I'm literally like on the opposite shade scale but I am in love with your skin 😂 it's so beautiful and smooth and different. I love your videos already.

  • Allison Peters
    Allison Peters 12 days ago

    Girl your skin is GORGEOUS!!

  • Alex Brand
    Alex Brand 13 days ago

    Nyma's skin looks so hydrated and I LOVE It

  • Kurby Pinky
    Kurby Pinky 13 days ago

    Lord this woman put makeup on her marble smooth chocolaty beautiful porcelain face LOL LOL Lady please, Leave the makeup for us ugly people LOL LOL You real funny

  • Madeline Matthews
    Madeline Matthews 13 days ago

    I love how you KNOW. What you are talking about!!
    Love watching you’re videos

  • Victoria Cronin
    Victoria Cronin 14 days ago

    Okay sooo off topic but you have such a perfect nose lol 😆🤩

  • logan.512
    logan.512 14 days ago

    omg your skin is perfect i’m so jealouussss

  • Tikia Williams
    Tikia Williams 14 days ago

    New to your channel. WOW!! You are beautiful

  • Lovisa Thelin
    Lovisa Thelin 14 days ago

    Guuurl you are so damn pretty and I love your hair.. I'm so excited that Too faced is finally being more including and putting more darker shades out. I haven't tried the born this way foundation, but since it looks sunning I might try it out

  • Laura Reid
    Laura Reid 15 days ago

    try using the elf tone corrector with it

  • JLW 1006
    JLW 1006 15 days ago

    I’ve come to your video via Jackie. Having seen her videos about the challenges of foundation shades it never really dawned on me just how many things must not be catered to for a large demographic of people and it’s blown my mind.

  • RJspiderhat
    RJspiderhat 15 days ago

    I think you looked amazing before the make-up, and that the foundation only made your dark amazing skin lighter in shade, which you don't need to be.

  • Xochitl CJ
    Xochitl CJ 16 days ago

    Just based off the way it looks on camera, which I know can change things, I always thought your skin seemed to be cool toned versus red. Maybe that just me, but I think the red undertones don't match you. You almost appear to have a blue undertone.

  • Wiwi Ben
    Wiwi Ben 17 days ago

    You are gorgeous

  • Kim B
    Kim B 18 days ago

    The first swatch is red. Like it is red

  • Elise Barlow
    Elise Barlow 18 days ago

    Is it just me that thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning 😍

  • Nesrine Ab
    Nesrine Ab 18 days ago

    You are so beautiful omg I love your face

  • Tori Simmone
    Tori Simmone 18 days ago

    *in my spongebob voice* CHOCOLAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEEEE 🍫 🍫🍫🍫🍫😘😘😘😘

  • Victoria .A
    Victoria .A 19 days ago

    How dId you figure out your undertone? I’ve been trying to figure out what mine is but I’m having trouble 🙄

  • Ronda Lomax
    Ronda Lomax 20 days ago

    That stuff looks a hot mess on you! You never wear your makeup looking like that! Gurlllll your face is always beat!

  • Pau Valenzuela
    Pau Valenzuela 20 days ago

    So cute girl, I love your skin 😍😍

  • Makeup 'n' beauty Complications123

    Almost at 1m! Congrats hun x

  • Tiffany Kiep
    Tiffany Kiep 20 days ago

    You skin looks so gorgeous! I’m a little envious of how clear and dewy it is! I absolutely love your end look!!! Keep up the awesome reviews😻

  • marni da silva
    marni da silva 20 days ago

    omggg you and john maclean should do a video together. id love to watch it

  • Anna Marusarz
    Anna Marusarz 20 days ago

    How did u know ganache was your shade because they all looked red on your chest but somehow it blended good?! I’m so confuzzled

  • Sean Austin
    Sean Austin 21 day ago

    I just have to say, you have the most beautiful skin tone! :)
    I’m from a small town in Australia and I have never seen anyone in Australia with this skin tone- it’s so beautiful. 🙂

  • Sha-Mel Bomb.diggity


  • The Education Edge
    The Education Edge 21 day ago

    Your are beautiful! I don't feel you need make up. You have God's foundation. Gorgeous.

  • Summer Skerritt
    Summer Skerritt 23 days ago

    Love your skin tone! So beautiful!!

  • Abagail Hamilton
    Abagail Hamilton 23 days ago

    You are spool pretty omg...

  • Ali Dorn
    Ali Dorn 24 days ago

    You are soooo beautiful♥️

  • Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    Why don’t they do the very dark ones with blue undertones ? Cause like you for example are very dark and all of the darkest always tend to be lighter, why tho? Foundation is supposed to even your skin tone not blur it...instead of making people buy double to make a true match
    Ps I thought your face had more of a blue deep undertone or purple like a dark sightly warm blue neutral 🤔

  • LizTantoco
    LizTantoco 24 days ago

    yes i live for a dewy finish

  • kblasst.Jr.
    kblasst.Jr. 24 days ago

    i just found this channel and im loving it already she is really pretty im subscribing!

  • iHeartZebraPrintt
    iHeartZebraPrintt 24 days ago

    Is no one gonna tell her that her makeup looks like shit?

  • ☁Kashfi dreams☁
    ☁Kashfi dreams☁ 25 days ago +1

    She is the only person who talked about shades before fenty

  • Adrien Miller
    Adrien Miller 25 days ago

    You should try finding your actual shade, the one that matches your face.

  • Amina Halsey
    Amina Halsey 25 days ago

    You are absolutely STUNNING!

  • Sidny Bencic
    Sidny Bencic 26 days ago

    Your so pretty

  • Rhiannon Williams
    Rhiannon Williams 26 days ago

    Your hair is so beautiful

  • Lauren
    Lauren 26 days ago

    Anybody else obsessed with that hair?

  • Brooklyn & Jordan
    Brooklyn & Jordan 28 days ago

    Omgggg it’s not “times” you just say “x” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joanna Castillo
    Joanna Castillo Month ago

    your so beautiful 😭♥️

  • Amore Idefk
    Amore Idefk Month ago

    GIRL!!! you've probably heard this a lot but WOW, you are absolutely STUNNING AND GORGEOUS. your skin is flawless, your bone structure is beautiful, you legit have natural highlight! I just had to get that off my chest , your gorgeous

  • wbc
    wbc Month ago

    your cheekbones and brow bone like you just look like highlighter was made to put there , but I always look weird with it 😭

  • Prav Shank
    Prav Shank Month ago

    honestly you don’t even need foundation! you have beautiful skin I am actually seriously so jealous omg!

  • Rashad Hartzog
    Rashad Hartzog Month ago

    Damn you are gorgeous without makeup...you look like a Goddess

  • its dat boi ya know

    She is so beautiful!! 🤩

  • Hannah Love
    Hannah Love Month ago

    to nyma and anyone else who's looking for a good shade range; there's a cruelty free, vegan company called apdg and they go super deep dark. there are 40 pigment shades and they are about $18 each and I totally recommend checking them out if you're on the darker side and can't find your shade anywhere

  • hopefully good
    hopefully good Month ago

    This hair makeup and everything is perfect 😍😍😍

  • Dania_ 2003
    Dania_ 2003 Month ago

    You are soooo beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Cerise Jackson
    Cerise Jackson Month ago

    Can someone tell me where she is from? I mean obviously she's American but I'd love to know her ethnicity. In love with her features!

  • beep boop beach
    beep boop beach Month ago

    girl you have the most gorgeous skin omg

  • K W
    K W Month ago


  • Renae WRX
    Renae WRX Month ago

    You have a relaxing voice and a lovely smile.

  • enaruvie
    enaruvie Month ago

    I love how calm you are. I could watch your vids all day and I’m not even your skin tone. That and I looove your complexion. I find it so pretty.

  • Lamyae riabi
    Lamyae riabi Month ago

    Omg u are truly a sweetheart

  • sabby elsa
    sabby elsa Month ago +1

    You are so pretty 😍 I have to Subscribe and give some love ❤️

  • missSDW
    missSDW Month ago

    gawwd her skin is flawless.

  • Gloria Diaz
    Gloria Diaz Month ago

    You’re so gorgeous! 😭🥺💞💞

  • Marilyn Opoku
    Marilyn Opoku Month ago

    wowww you are sooooo beautiful!

  • karolyne silva
    karolyne silva Month ago

    ok but WHY is ur skin color so incredibly beautiful!? it’s about time these big brands fully included people of color into their foundations lines... everything looks so beautiful on u 💖

  • Aijalon Rivas
    Aijalon Rivas Month ago

    im a little late to the ball game. just stumbled over your YT channel. you. are beautiful.

  • Mercedes Lewis
    Mercedes Lewis Month ago +1

    Holy shoot you are beautiful!!

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L Month ago

    Her skin looks like...just...perfect

  • TheGracefulUnicorn
    TheGracefulUnicorn Month ago

    All of those shades look red like tf

  • HJ Slaughter
    HJ Slaughter Month ago

    1. Hair
    2. Lipstick
    3. Highlight
    A list of everything that looks freakin amazing in this video.