• Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • The ACE Family Documentary - Official Trailer
    DROPPING FEB 23rd!!! (4 Part Series)
    HEYYY ACE FAMILLLY!!! We are nervous and excited at the same time...we've been collecting real and raw footage for the past year for this, along with working hard to make this possible for everyone to enjoy. This will be the first time you will see us talk about things we've never talked about. Everyone asks us to show more, so it's time to give you more. "Welcome To Our Life"
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  • Nadia Al-Amin
    Nadia Al-Amin 20 hours ago


  • Hope
    Hope 21 hour ago

    can't believe it

  • BatLlama 21
    BatLlama 21 21 hour ago +1

    My dream is that the ACE family can have a better life

  • Kimora YNZ
    Kimora YNZ 21 hour ago

    why does this come out on my birthday...

  • Márcia Carlos
    Márcia Carlos 21 hour ago

    Wow just wow

  • Omaima
    Omaima 21 hour ago +1

    This reminds me of that one time austin spoke about how he monitors all sorts of content to see whats doing best and this just seems like he saw shanes documentaries and decided to use it for his own benefit

  • Wasee Rahman
    Wasee Rahman 21 hour ago +1

    If this is a way to get sympathy I’m not buying it. If you want to regain your trust act like an adult and own up

  • Gloria Morales
    Gloria Morales 21 hour ago

    Why is everyone being mean it is hard being famous ant they to babes Alaïa and Elle that trespassing if you go to there house and just stay there looking through their window not trying to be mean but that is called stalking through people’s windows it just doesn’t make sense 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nicholas Spencer
    Nicholas Spencer 21 hour ago

    They seriously trying to break and come back hoping we forget this messed up shot they be doin

  • sameerah patel
    sameerah patel 21 hour ago

    yall need to learn theres no room for haters

  • Shockey little
    Shockey little 21 hour ago

    Cant wait to see it

  • BatLlama 21
    BatLlama 21 21 hour ago +1

    Why can’t people just leave the ACE family alone there just trying to make people happy and if they lie maybe it’s for reasons and please don’t quit ACE family because I love you’re Chanel it’s AWESOME my name is Kimberly Lopez and thank you for reading this

  • Dr. Brown2
    Dr. Brown2 21 hour ago

    Omg I can't wait till the documentary comes out, so excited!

  • Rim Jaber
    Rim Jaber 21 hour ago +2

    Omg can use all just shut up about omg I liked it when they had money back then bla bla bla... like guys this is their own lives , ofc they changed like cmon guys 🙄 I love u ace family ❤️ and guys idc if u don’t agree with me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Zoe Westmoreland
    Zoe Westmoreland 21 hour ago

    February 23 is my birthday

  • Symone C
    Symone C 22 hours ago +2

    15 Million subscribers, yet a small youtuber cant even make it to 1,000 subscribers. This is sad 😩

  • Berenice Morales
    Berenice Morales 22 hours ago +1


  • คשคкเภ รђคץรђคץ


  • Daisy Sams
    Daisy Sams 22 hours ago

    Who cares what the haters are saying! Leave if y'all want to, don't go wasting yo time hating on the ACEFAM..

  • Josiah Kamason
    Josiah Kamason 23 hours ago

    If there is one thing that I could ask you to do when you come back from your break.
    It would be to explain the lollipop video and me and my siblings will be here for what ever you are going through because the amount of hate your getting it's just shameless and disrespectful .

  • Josiah Kamason
    Josiah Kamason 23 hours ago

    I me again

  • Josiah Kamason
    Josiah Kamason 23 hours ago

    Hey ace family

  • Evelin Grajeda
    Evelin Grajeda 23 hours ago

    Search Joe Robinet if y’all want genuine family content!!!! Thank me later 😁

  • Farhia Abdi
    Farhia Abdi 23 hours ago

    Where is my popcorn at bcuz the comments is more entertaining than the trailer

  • Farhia Abdi
    Farhia Abdi 23 hours ago

    Tea spill *SPILL THE TEA*

  • Mariza Garcia
    Mariza Garcia 23 hours ago

    Im READY For this ACE Family! LOVE You Both!

  • VorzeCzYT
    VorzeCzYT 23 hours ago +1

    UmG sO unTolD story xD

  • Michael Zornes
    Michael Zornes Day ago


  • Kristina Sanchez

    Happy valetines day

  • Marquise Gomes
    Marquise Gomes Day ago

    O M G! I can’t wait! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Kinsey Watts
    Kinsey Watts Day ago


  • Caylie Waylie
    Caylie Waylie Day ago


  • Tiffany Castillo

    Can't wait to watch it love u guys , go ace family!!!

  • Nancy Menjivar
    Nancy Menjivar Day ago

    Haters are hilarious. Judge all you want but ya'll still broke and struggling 😂. People can never be happy for others doing better than them. Sad. Yall are a sad bunch.

  • Kimberly Lopez
    Kimberly Lopez Day ago

    We miss you Ace Family

  • Victoria Little
    Victoria Little Day ago


  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards Day ago

    Dang its only been a week but its felt like months. Hope you gies are a little les stressed. Nothing but love from over here!!!!!!!

  • Carly Fosnow
    Carly Fosnow Day ago

    This is gonna launch on my birthday!!!!!!

  • Nurul Auni
    Nurul Auni Day ago


  • Hind Osman
    Hind Osman Day ago

    ya gonna make us pay for this to?

  • Drusilla Rengma
    Drusilla Rengma Day ago

    Ok! I can’t wait
    Watching the teaser again and again

  • Devyn Dugie
    Devyn Dugie Day ago

    I need this to HURRY.

  • adrienne
    adrienne Day ago

    i’m intrigued

  • Emily Eliza
    Emily Eliza Day ago

    Trying to hard to be shane

  • Brenda B
    Brenda B Day ago

    I love the entertainment you guys provide , BUT what about your real life personality Austin , acting like a jerk in public with your “Ace Family” members kinda sad dude !!

  • Gabby YT
    Gabby YT Day ago


  • Luna97
    Luna97 Day ago

    2 weeks ago: Taking a break from youtube!
    1 week ago: Getting a documentary!

  • juliana arias
    juliana arias Day ago

    where are the subs coming from? litteraly all of these comments are hate comments are they buying subscribers??? hey whats up you guys! yES

  • Jamie's emoji world

    Who else thinks that Ella should have her own channel

  • Insfiring Suga
    Insfiring Suga Day ago

    *austin switches off the light*
    A few days later:
    “Why we broke up” video goes up on the internet

  • linaxot
    linaxot Day ago

    Shane Dawson who? I love the ace family but the hate comments is just irritating because your spreading hate and that is way beyond the line so if you wanna express your hate go do it somewhere else cause the aace family don’t want it here I love them so much so if I see hate comments imma reply I love them sooo much can the hate comments just stop bringing people down it’s depressing knowing that people hate even spread hate just stop

  • Fatima Grande
    Fatima Grande Day ago

    9 days left..

  • Serena Jaramillo

    Hey Austin and Catherine i been watching your show for a while now and when I first started it was nothing but laughs and smiles on my face .... when I was down I always watch y’all show you maid me feel confident about myself since I am over weight and there are a lot of people out there who bully and everything but I don’t care about that any more .... I do love watching y’all show but if y’all go I will understand y’all had a hard life and we never even new ... I don’t know if y’all will read this message or not but if u do I love y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • OkayItsKailey Obviously

    February 23 is when my milk spoils 🤣

  • Lily Dimartino
    Lily Dimartino Day ago

    February 23rd is my birthday!!

  • Lauren Vater
    Lauren Vater Day ago +1

    shane dawson ain't shook

  • Leena Mumin
    Leena Mumin Day ago

    I have watch this almost 3,000 times

  • Alexis D
    Alexis D Day ago

    How the hell did they get 15 million subscribers in just a couple years... literally never heard of them till all this scandal

  • Carley Chapman
    Carley Chapman Day ago

    This is really good... and I know it gets hard but please don't quiet we all believe in you😭

  • Dulce Rife
    Dulce Rife Day ago

    Miss you ace family 😘

  • Dark Senpai
    Dark Senpai Day ago

    Being a youtuber is hard

  • Jannika Cathrine

    I got surveys down my spin cant wait ❤️

  • Samantha Reynoso

    If you people are just going to say bad things about the ace family just keep it to yourself no ever told you to watch them that was yours guys decision

  • Google Adventures

    I thought the last video was a goodbye?

  • skysky slays
    skysky slays Day ago

    I don’t care if everybody is hating on you I’m always going to be he’s family member love you so much

  • rukes !
    rukes ! Day ago

    documentary about scammers? nice!

  • Ashley Dufresne
    Ashley Dufresne Day ago

    When are you guys doing the movie I guess

  • Gaby world
    Gaby world Day ago

    Did you guys leave TVclip

  • aghani g
    aghani g Day ago


  • McKinley's World

    Was I the only one crying the hole time😔😔😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😥😭😭😭😭😭 I love the ace family so much I hope They never stop TVclip everrrr

  • Ridah Hasan
    Ridah Hasan Day ago +1

    “I think that sometimes people forget I’m a mom and I haven’t slept in months” 1:18🤨🤔just like every mom out there..... what makes you so different?

  • marina fin
    marina fin Day ago

    Miss you guys 😢😢😢😢♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • GeorgiaM.
    GeorgiaM. Day ago


  • Sabrina G
    Sabrina G Day ago

    Damm Ace family you use to be family goals to me now I'm just hurt and disgusted ya were my inspiration at first but now I'm heartbroken and disappointed ... STOP just stop SMH

  • Daniela Suarez
    Daniela Suarez Day ago

    don’t take all full credit and at least say your inspired by what Shane Dawson be doing. It blows tf outta me.

  • velly belly
    velly belly Day ago

    watching fake people

  • Red Reyes
    Red Reyes Day ago +1

    Tbh some of that shit they did was fucked up and they prob thought it was funny and a good idea but as soon as they rethink it again it definitely wasn’t the right thing to do like all I literally want back is the old ACE family, when they were still living in that apartment doing short weekly challenges. The money and fame just really got to them and ruined them.

    AMAYA GYMNAST Day ago +1

    *i can’t wait!!*

  • vitamin zee
    vitamin zee Day ago +3

    *so what's the purpose of this documentary?*

  • Divine Buggie
    Divine Buggie Day ago +1

    This is going to be good love you ace family

  • Jennay4ever
    Jennay4ever Day ago

    Wow i know people broke into ur house but i dident it whas that bad....
    Respect Austin and Catherine

  • Aimee Ball
    Aimee Ball Day ago

    I really don’t have hate for the ace family and that is why I feel the need to tell them that they may be copyrighted for their new merch. For those of you who have seen their new merch dropping Saturday. You would’ve seen their take on “the north face” logo. I did some research and found that the north face could sue them for using parts of their logo.
    Found this on a copy right laws website.
    - anytime you design something that relies on the Intellectual Property of another person or company (whether that be a logo, character, phrase or likeness) - you are potentially breaking copyright law.

  • Jen Thomson
    Jen Thomson Day ago

    The 23 is my perants wedding

  • Alexandria Greenfield

    Their old house just got listed for sale. I can't wait to see this

  • Starexia
    Starexia Day ago

    *shane Dawson has left the chat*

  • Taylor StAnge
    Taylor StAnge Day ago

    Man you haters are really hating on this family. I never felt so connected and inspired by them until truly now. And if you guys have something mean to say then keep it to yourself cause they were parents when they were young and they are doing just fine. I’m sorry ace family but I’m really fed up with you haters and we all learned manners so please use them. Love you Alaia and Elle,

  • Silz_BTS Toeoaana
    Silz_BTS Toeoaana Day ago +1

    All the haters should just back off and let the ace family be, yous are just wasting time if you hate them why bother watch all their videos and spread gossip yous are th reason why crap goes around fast and exactly why youre "idiots"

  • Talk Siick
    Talk Siick Day ago

    Do they buy there likes n views

  • Kissed BySunlight15

    Honestly yeah it's hard.. but at the same time why do we need a documentary about their lives. Their lives is theirs, let them be. Let them go through whatever on their own. Don't y'all feel weird that we need to know everything about a TVclip star we are subscribed to.. for some of us, we'll never have the chance of even meeting them..

  • Care Lynn
    Care Lynn Day ago

    What in the Actual Fk has the Ace Family done for You that You're actually willing to pay $$ to watch their Documentary ?! .... other than continue to Lie , Deceive AND Hustle YOU , AND millions of others out of $$ to watch their content on an app (with almost zero footage) specifically for the Ace Family ?! (they probably hustlin' , lying AND deceiving each other too! 😂😂😂😂) They are ALWAYS about "Giving Back!" , which ends up costing You more $$ . (ssshh , don't tell nobody tho!🙊) Ha!

    ANAHI DIAZ Day ago

    I love u guys ❤️❤️

  • Kaylee Jennings
    Kaylee Jennings Day ago

    Why is everybody bashing on the Ace family! There people who just started off doing some videos for fun then they became famous and fame isn’t easy they have to deal with regular people problems and famous people problems!! There a mom and a dad who want nothing more than to protect and love there kids. People call em fake but their just like the rest of us just because there “the ace family” doesn’t mean anything there humans and they have feels so with all y’all fake friends saying stuff about them is just disrespectful they’ve given up so much and worked hard to get we’re they are today.

  • Naomi Hohepa
    Naomi Hohepa Day ago

    I hate the ace family they act like there struggling when theres kids starving, people living on the streets, people who don't have a house, don't have food and they think there life is hard, the should be grateful that they have food and clothes and a house

  • He need some milk

    Rip off much

  • Akira Jensen
    Akira Jensen Day ago

    can not wait to binge watch this but it does give me the heeby jeepys

  • Siempre Tuya
    Siempre Tuya Day ago

    You lost alot of subs Damn..

  • Robert Ramos
    Robert Ramos Day ago

    You guys are letting your fame and money get to your heads. I used to watch you guys back in the day when you were humble, but I haven't seen a video in at least a year or 2.

  • Le Trinh Tran
    Le Trinh Tran Day ago

    I broke into tears when Catherine asked, have you ever thought about quitting?
    and Austin said, yeah.

  • Fredkitten
    Fredkitten Day ago +2

    When the ace family comes for Shane Dawson's weave 🤣 ( not hate, just thought it would be funny )

  • Manar Alsharifi
    Manar Alsharifi Day ago


    Plzzz say it’s free???