How to Take Part in 'The Shiggy Challenge'


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  • Inside Edition
    Inside Edition  Month ago +94

    Watch the full #DoTheShiggy Challenge Tutorial on Shiggy Show:

  • Lyeric Brickhouse

    Don’t put up a vid of how to take part in the challenge if your gonna try and convince people to not do the challenge by posting a vid of the dangers of doing it

  • Cexxm GT
    Cexxm GT Day ago

    Last video : Do not do the shaggy challenge

  • Louis
    Louis 2 days ago

    Wow hypocritical. You guys literally made a another that said this is dangerous.....

    RW TRAILERS 6 days ago

    The kid that’s named backpack kid one was cringe

  • Silver fox Wolfs
    Silver fox Wolfs 6 days ago

    Backpack boy is now not an internet sententious

  • Zoran Vojinović
    Zoran Vojinović 8 days ago


  • CORE C.F
    CORE C.F 9 days ago

    My cousin did that everybody was laughing xD

  • Gaming Palace
    Gaming Palace 9 days ago

    Can I skip to the next generation on the menu, I don't know if I like this one.

  • Naruto lover
    Naruto lover 10 days ago

    So first they say its dangerous and now they say do it

  • Maddie Wilson
    Maddie Wilson 11 days ago

    Obj jr. is my fav football player because when I played football I was a wide receivers and I was #13

  • •Shuger•
    •Shuger• 11 days ago

    *Year 1944* : In the year 2000, we will have flying cars and plenty of supplies to help people's everyday lives 😃
    *Year 2018* : this

  • •Shuger•
    •Shuger• 11 days ago

    What is the world coming too... dabs, the floss.... Ugh 🙄 Who agrees 😑

  • Bts HoneyOnCookies
    Bts HoneyOnCookies 11 days ago

    What about jhope/ jung hoseok ??

  • Feast ur eyes On my profile picture

    Alright inside edition, now we need a how to take part in a tide pod challenge

  • Jadieana Hernandez
    Jadieana Hernandez 12 days ago

    I was going to tommorow

    JARVIS CHIPPERS 13 days ago

    *Recommended for you*

  • Rosa Travis
    Rosa Travis 14 days ago

    #do the shiggy

  • Ryan Waters
    Ryan Waters 14 days ago


  • abby Cabrera
    abby Cabrera 15 days ago

    I really like this move that everybody did

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky 16 days ago

    Jumping out of ur car to dance your stupid I kinda want u to get ran over but not die

  • IndoRex
    IndoRex 16 days ago

    Da kiki generation

  • Bobbie LaVanway
    Bobbie LaVanway 17 days ago

    Not today

  • Jocelyn V
    Jocelyn V 17 days ago

    It’s actually the Kiki challenge

  • Viancarlos Moreno
    Viancarlos Moreno 17 days ago

    When white ppl announce something it' gets so lame

  • StepsOfficialPage
    StepsOfficialPage 18 days ago

    What have we become!

  • Erick Perez
    Erick Perez 18 days ago

    Bro drake is ass

  • rip xxxtentacion legends never die

    2 weeks ago:how to shiggy challenge 1 week ago by inside edition:dangers of shiggy challenge LMAO THEN WHY IS THIS VID UP

  • Jeatherlyy
    Jeatherlyy 18 days ago

    Weren’t they just saying on how dangerous this is? Lmfao Inside Addition do too much.

  • Cat Gaming
    Cat Gaming 18 days ago

    Lmao you made a video about how dangerous it is

  • Big ass toe
    Big ass toe 19 days ago

    What is the new

  • Rosemary Chavez
    Rosemary Chavez 19 days ago +1


  • Suga-ry kookie
    Suga-ry kookie 19 days ago

    J-hope is betta

  • Muzik Vares
    Muzik Vares 19 days ago

    On Instagram

  • Muzik Vares
    Muzik Vares 19 days ago

    No my aunty did

  • Lil Donkey
    Lil Donkey 19 days ago

    My eyes 🔥🔥🔥🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 360NoobScope
    360NoobScope 19 days ago

    Never knew a news channel would say to jump out of your car and dance 🤔

  • unicorn awesomeness
    unicorn awesomeness 19 days ago

    Hey my name is ciara

  • Joonies lime
    Joonies lime 19 days ago

    Everyone has their own way of doing it so

  • Toxic Time With Luis Gaxiola

    Stop with the backpack kid

  • Ivenz M
    Ivenz M 20 days ago

    Inside edition: have you tried to do the shiggy dance??

    Me : oh hell naw and im not trying it

  • Mia
    Mia 20 days ago

    I like how inside edition said that people get hurt doing this and now they showing you how to do it

  • Makayla Lettsome
    Makayla Lettsome 20 days ago

    OMG I can't watch no more lol

  • GeezMan H
    GeezMan H 20 days ago

    Backpack kid is so bad at dancing

  • Nylovesunicorns
    Nylovesunicorns 20 days ago

    They tell us not to do it but yet they show us how to do it like WHAT!

  • Sydney Tran
    Sydney Tran 20 days ago

    I don’t like BackPack kid at all.

  • Arzola Family
    Arzola Family 20 days ago

    Its theam de

  • Suga Genius
    Suga Genius 20 days ago

    Jhope is the best

  • Rafel Jaggai
    Rafel Jaggai 21 day ago

    Hate the challenge, hate the song, hate these people, except backpack kid, he's cool

  • Veronica George
    Veronica George 22 days ago

    What's with backpack kid's outfit ?

  • I only comment in 3 word

    *This is Sin*

  • A Pair of Lungs
    A Pair of Lungs 23 days ago

    *how to commit sudoku using only a couple stupid dance moves*

  • Pink Diamonds
    Pink Diamonds 23 days ago

    The last little girl look like she could be Beyonce's daughter

  • Queen Mel
    Queen Mel 24 days ago

    Guys stop saying negative things its just a dance so need to have

  • Bad Guy
    Bad Guy 24 days ago

    Want someone to get hit by another car passing so this cancer stops

  • thelastkingT 27
    thelastkingT 27 24 days ago

    Nah didn't they just make a video saying it's dangerous

  • Miss. Makayla
    Miss. Makayla 24 days ago

    Make a video how to do it

    Then makes a video about how dangerous it is

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan 24 days ago

    Oof J-hope...

  • Fatima Morales
    Fatima Morales 24 days ago

    Who calls it the shiggy challenge

  • Tahir Dickson
    Tahir Dickson 25 days ago

    When your parents ask you how to do "that dance"

  • samory8280
    samory8280 25 days ago +1

    I can't do the "Shiggy" but I can do the "Jiggy" lol.
    I'm old school.😁😁😁

  • HyperWhite7
    HyperWhite7 25 days ago

    I will sub to who ever subs to me

  • •waffle queen•
    •waffle queen• 25 days ago

    this dance gonna end up on fortnite

  • gamer awesomens
    gamer awesomens 25 days ago

    Its KIKI

  • 011010101110110111100010 0001111011011010101

    00:01 eww its the floss kid 😷😷😷 i hate his retarded dance

  • Long Live Free Media
    Long Live Free Media 26 days ago

    How to torture your enemy step 1 : play this video over and over

  • Long Live Free Media
    Long Live Free Media 26 days ago

    Oh lord the cringe

  • SJ_XxwolfxX xoxo
    SJ_XxwolfxX xoxo 26 days ago

    They make a vid not to do it its dangerous then makes vid to do it which do i pick!?

  • JustKillz
    JustKillz 26 days ago

    Will Smith did the shaggy on top of a bridge.

  • potato Girl
    potato Girl 26 days ago

    This generation is actually screwed

    NAZI EGG 26 days ago


  • Kaden and Kollan awesome


  • The ACE Family!
    The ACE Family! 26 days ago

    it was Danny Duncan

  • The ACE Family!
    The ACE Family! 26 days ago

    did you all now that backpack kid is a fake he didn’t create the floss

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown 26 days ago

    The comideion haahahhahha

    APRO_PLAYZ 27 days ago +2

    ok so you say how to take part of the challenge now you make a vid about how dangerous it is? smh

    MD JUBAYER AHMAD 27 days ago

    I done this on musically

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie Lopez 28 days ago

    They deleted my comment 😭😤

  • Saturday Night Special

    this makes me want to jump off the nearest bridge

  • Battle Droid
    Battle Droid 29 days ago

    What The Hell Did I Just Watch

  • BayernLucario25 YT
    BayernLucario25 YT 29 days ago

    Kiki, No no no no, no no no no, no-no-no no no no no

  • taesugaandkookies
    taesugaandkookies 29 days ago

  • Alex Silverstein
    Alex Silverstein 29 days ago


  • Evan Logan
    Evan Logan Month ago

    why me

  • Broken Ceiling
    Broken Ceiling Month ago

    Can someone push me to the edge pleas?

  • Be Be
    Be Be Month ago

    I challenge everybody to graduate from something and be somebody

  • Izzy's World
    Izzy's World Month ago

    now they just made a vid on how its dangerous????

  • Daily Mari
    Daily Mari Month ago

    Well...... that was interesting....

  • Jasmine McFadden
    Jasmine McFadden Month ago

    There’s like three different names for this damn challenge
    1.the Kiki challenge
    2. The in my feelings challenge
    3. The shiga challenge

  • John Basher
    John Basher Month ago

    People shouldn’t take these kinds of challenges so lightly. I had a cousin who died from the shiggy challenge.

  • Shah Gamer
    Shah Gamer Month ago +1

    Americans Americans

  • Josh Cornell
    Josh Cornell Month ago +1

    *lol inside edition is reporting this*

  • Justin Mondary
    Justin Mondary Month ago +1

    Step 1 find a gun
    Step 2 hold gun to forehead
    Step 3 unload as much of the clip as possible before death
    Step 4 YOU WIN!!!!

    • Gaming Palace
      Gaming Palace 9 days ago

      Justin Mondary The natural selection challenge.

  • damnthose
    damnthose Month ago +1

    this is super cringy

  • Kay Cash
    Kay Cash Month ago +1

    Lady:Busting a move!
    Me:oh no!

  • Adalid Fuentes
    Adalid Fuentes Month ago +2

    They should make a “kill your self challenge” the world would be a better place with out all this pea head “humans”

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson Month ago

    What the hell was that kid wearing in the very first clip?

  • Yafav. Kialie
    Yafav. Kialie Month ago

    Oh cmon if some dumb white kid wasn't doing the dance ya would have said this was lit

  • Hol M
    Hol M Month ago +1