Mystery Doorbell Ringer Recalls Her Desperate Bid to Escape Boyfriend

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • The woman at the center of the doorbell mystery has revealed to Inside Edition what happened the night that made her frightened image go viral. “I was asleep and awoke to what seemed like a nightmare,” the woman, who wants to be identified only as Lauren, said. Five days after the video surfaced of her running to a Texas home for help, her boyfriend Dennis Collins, whom she accused of sexual assault, shot and killed himself. Lauren said she believes the doorbell video may have saved her life.

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  • Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht

    Maybe get to know what type of person he is before going to bed with him?

  • Gali Barkel
    Gali Barkel Month ago

    such a strong
    beautiful woman
    she should be so proud of herself for making it through!❤️❤️

  • BloomingFlower !
    BloomingFlower ! Month ago


  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 2 months ago

    So it sounds like the guy was trying to tea bag her

  • Trish Genoway
    Trish Genoway 2 months ago

    When I saw the restraints on her wrists, I automatically knew it was a luckily escaped survivor of rape. Ik, I hate that word too because it always reminds me of my father.
    To my father: Burn in h- you sick ba-.

  • eddie Saint
    eddie Saint 3 months ago

    Can’t believe it

  • Pro EliteMode
    Pro EliteMode 3 months ago

    i mean she is bad... jp but i hope she gets better 🙏

  • LilyGamer XD
    LilyGamer XD 3 months ago

    Im now worried for her because her boyfriend did something to her

  • The Golden Agent
    The Golden Agent 3 months ago

    Wait so this is why my friend told me his door bell got rung at night

  • Rip Fredo Santana
    Rip Fredo Santana 4 months ago

    Don't you think it's her fault he's dead

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 5 months ago

    The is scary I went through that.😢

  • YaMumsRollin Pin
    YaMumsRollin Pin 5 months ago

    The thing I’m interested In is why they didn’t show the owners of the doorbell.

  • CV 2153
    CV 2153 6 months ago

    And she is still half naked for this interview

  • abrxcadxbra
    abrxcadxbra 6 months ago

    i was literally when i saw the video, she's in shackles, she's escaping an abusive boyfriend.

  • Steve Master
    Steve Master 6 months ago


  • jessie hutcheson
    jessie hutcheson 7 months ago

    I feel so sorry for her

  • kermit_
    kermit_ 7 months ago

    Damn just when i thout it was going to be 4:20

  • asia marie
    asia marie 7 months ago

    poor woman, poor poor woman

  • Timothy Kalio
    Timothy Kalio 7 months ago

    Bdsm goes wrong

  • Marcus Galicia
    Marcus Galicia 7 months ago

    I would inpore the door bell

  • Willi Khan
    Willi Khan 7 months ago

    Even no pants at time of interview

  • AriZSaM
    AriZSaM 7 months ago

    I don’t care I’m not opening the door it’s late I’m trying to sleep and it could be a trap

  • jessicaslay
    jessicaslay 7 months ago

    1:18 did u see that?

  • ownw beoo
    ownw beoo 7 months ago

    So sad poor women

  • Wensi Mai
    Wensi Mai 7 months ago


  • Don’t bother Reading my name

    Aww poor girl ! I home the man gets found and gets thrown in jail

  • slαde Uchihα
    slαde Uchihα 7 months ago

    I'd rather call 911 for some person to help me if I was raped.

  • Munie Balkyz
    Munie Balkyz 7 months ago

    This is one of the reasons why I am good to my neighbors, however mean they seem to be, I wave or smile at them, you never know one day one time you might desperately need them.

  • Andre Morris
    Andre Morris 7 months ago

    Some dudes just don't respect the SAFE WORD (Mine is "Kiwi"). Glad she's safe and showing off her legs (again) in a better quality video and in color. If Andy Warhol was still alive , with the internet making everyone a instant celebrity. I think he would have double that 15 minutes of fame to 30 minutes

  • Sarah Mae Salazar
    Sarah Mae Salazar 7 months ago

    Them eyebrows tho

  • FineJay
    FineJay 7 months ago

    If i was a girl i would be SO paranoid about boyfriends after hearing this, and im glad that will never happen to me hopefully and ill never do that to anyone.

  • Michelle Playz_YT
    Michelle Playz_YT 7 months ago

    So I have a story that I want to share and this is 100% it was my birthday and my mom and I were coming back from celebrating it and we saw this woman run out of a black truck and she was running towards us with a screwdriver and her pants were wet and she kept saying that these people were trying to take to someplace and so my mom let her in and we stopped at dollar general and my mom called the cops and, and the woman(her name was Tiffany) locked herself in the bathroom and when the cops came me and my mom went home and I was thinking about that the entire night and I’m still wondering how that woman is doing.

  • Lee Chaytor
    Lee Chaytor 7 months ago

    she is lying

  • p schaub
    p schaub 7 months ago

    I'd like to know who the driver was that took off.

  • Hello Corp
    Hello Corp 7 months ago


  • Gunterstryke
    Gunterstryke 7 months ago

    Plot twist - she raped the doorbell

  • obglobgablob
    obglobgablob 7 months ago

    Really though if a woman tried to flag me down as I'm driving past in the middle of the night my first thought would be that it's an ambush or theft of some kind.

  • AlcibiadesPFT
    AlcibiadesPFT 7 months ago

    That is her cover story, She is lying about some details..

  • Meadow Dark
    Meadow Dark 7 months ago

    Omg at lest she ok that man needs to go to hell

  • Justice 31
    Justice 31 7 months ago

    What an evil sick man. So sad.

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 7 months ago +1

    WTF is wrong with that boyfriend

  • Vaalotu Iakopo
    Vaalotu Iakopo 7 months ago

    Poor guy. RIP

    ANIMESH GAUTAM 7 months ago

    She is so pretty

  • Kskcusjamxm Jdhcjsjqmansjj

    Why when he said “Help me” it sounded like when cardi B saying “halp me halp me” 💀💀💀 Sorry I’m too much ;-;

  • Spriggles 256
    Spriggles 256 8 months ago

    I knew it would be something like this.... poor girl.

  • Śhádów * Dusk
    Śhádów * Dusk 8 months ago

    I feel horrible for her...

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg 8 months ago

    I wish I could turn back time to the good days

  • Becke Taylor
    Becke Taylor 8 months ago

    Seemed to me like she was trying to remember what was written down in her script. Just looked very off. I got a sense of lying. If she was standing in front of me telling me this i would tell her ass to leave and don't talk to me until she's ready to tell the truth. I'm sorry but the woman is lying.

  • Sniper Snake
    Sniper Snake 8 months ago

    If I see a woman or man at my front door I would ask what was happening I would write it on a piece of paper and SHOW IT TO THE PERSON

  • SKy bAN
    SKy bAN 8 months ago

    They don`t really look the same tho...

  • Jan Rosas
    Jan Rosas 8 months ago

    I found her last name. Her full name is Lauran Bres

  • Hey daddy I stuck my finger in my butthole

    Now I can’t trust anybody

  • Noa Williams
    Noa Williams 8 months ago

    Omg she sounds so traumatized😰

  • TheHalfBloodWolf
    TheHalfBloodWolf 8 months ago +1

    Did anyone else think that on the doorbell video she looks like a teenager?

  • Hildebert
    Hildebert 8 months ago

    The way of interviewing is sick. Its so unhuman. Cant understand how americans find this normal.

  • James Banner
    James Banner 8 months ago

    9 years ago I had a young woman bang on my door screaming for help. She was violently banging on the door and my sister told me not to open, because she was scared. My heart told me otherwise. I couldn't stand there and listen to this girls cries for help and do nothing. So I opened the door. Turned out it was a young girl who was around 13 years old had her apartment was on fire. She had several younger brothers and sisters who were in that apartment. I called 911 right away. Everyone got out safe, but I never forgot about how I almost ignored a child pleading for help, because of someones cowardice.

  • 接班人共产主义
    接班人共产主义 8 months ago


  • AlliPlays993
    AlliPlays993 8 months ago +1

    then THAT isn't her boyfriend

  • JackieDJ
    JackieDJ 8 months ago


  • Sarah Sauze
    Sarah Sauze 8 months ago

    who came here from the other video?😂

  • Pineapple S
    Pineapple S 8 months ago


  • Mauro Ariel Alegre
    Mauro Ariel Alegre 8 months ago

    A blunt lie.

  • Bodohyono
    Bodohyono 8 months ago

    She hot

  • Sparky The Dragon
    Sparky The Dragon 8 months ago

    She was hesitating so much... 🤔 no offence tho

  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming 8 months ago

    So she got raped by her own bf... and the gurl in the doorbell video looks completely different

    SKULL CRUSHER 8 months ago

    Love is raping her? He a punk and a coward he should've died in jail not by himself

  • Rhino Luv!
    Rhino Luv! 8 months ago

    Wait why would someone do sexual assult? Is it like beatin someone up or something...?? (sorry i dont know what it means i dont know much despite my age)

  • Sem Renaldo
    Sem Renaldo 8 months ago

    She killed his boyfriend

  • Sem Renaldo
    Sem Renaldo 8 months ago

    She lied

  • Vegan Peasant
    Vegan Peasant 8 months ago

    she's a lying crack head.........

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 8 months ago

    This is why I go solo 👍🏻😀

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 8 months ago

    He could be a serial rapist

  • The Q Guy
    The Q Guy 8 months ago

    I can't even imagine the terror and the way she must be feeling

  • dhaval patel
    dhaval patel 8 months ago

    Sad world when you can't help people anymore

    iJESUS PEREZ 8 months ago

    The girl on the video looks like Pinocchio 🤥 it’s not the same chick.

  • fuzzy peaches
    fuzzy peaches 8 months ago


  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 8 months ago

    Somethings Really off about this..somehow her story is not adding up.

  • Near 87
    Near 87 8 months ago

    I would date her.

  • Mia
    Mia 8 months ago

    Why does it have to be black and white?! It makes it seem so much scarier!

  • itz._. Scarlet
    itz._. Scarlet 8 months ago

    Why do people have so many likes! (。-`ω-)ー

  • Daniel LockHart
    Daniel LockHart 8 months ago

    i just searched for a doorbell sound to surprise my dog now i'm watching these stupid videos lmfao

  • Myhead Hurt
    Myhead Hurt 8 months ago

    girls ignore good guys and go with rapist like this. makes you think

  • Diane Crawford
    Diane Crawford 8 months ago

    Please bless Laura's journey may she find peace and joy all is done

  • -GachaStacey -
    -GachaStacey - 8 months ago +1

    Oh, hell no. I would be screaming. The earth is *QUAKING.*

  • Breanna R. Paez
    Breanna R. Paez 8 months ago

    I'm so so so glad they found her and she's safe now. Those videos chilled me
    Edit: her ex is a pos coward. still hurting her from beyond the grave, making her feel guilty for his decisions

  • Troy
    Troy 8 months ago

    My heart breaks for this woman. Glad she is ok.... I am even happier the guy is no longer on the planet.

  • TwixBarSquared
    TwixBarSquared 8 months ago

    I thought she was escaping from the police because I first saw it with no context.

  • Gabriela Mia
    Gabriela Mia 8 months ago +1

    Aww I’m so sorry for her...

  • Roxanne Smith
    Roxanne Smith 8 months ago

    This is going to make me so paranoid when my kids starts dating or even married. Lord please give me long life I don't know what I would do if this was my baby I pray healing for you young lady and this too shall pass good bless you their is a heavenly calling on ur life.

  • dunhill1
    dunhill1 8 months ago

    To add to the conspiracy….did anyone notice when they flashed a portion of the bf's letter, his penmanship is absolutely perfect.?? Every letter looked exactly the same, all the letters had the same exact height and spacing. He could have been a calligraphy artist. Most perfect handwriting I've ever seen, especially for a man.

  • J J
    J J 8 months ago

    And yet she’s wearing a dress that shows skin...

  • Kristin Gallo
    Kristin Gallo 8 months ago

    Doesn't look at all like the same chick though

  • Riley Rubin
    Riley Rubin 8 months ago

    She is a smart women

  • Rodrigo Ruiz
    Rodrigo Ruiz 8 months ago

    She’s not

  • Sp00ksy
    Sp00ksy 8 months ago +1

    Something doesnt feel right about this... This cant be the woman.

  • wendy_ t49
    wendy_ t49 8 months ago +1


  • jollyholymen
    jollyholymen 8 months ago

    She is lesbian after this

  • PhyreK
    PhyreK 8 months ago

    This terrifying video
    *Rings door bell*

  • Joanna Ellis
    Joanna Ellis 8 months ago

    You can still hear that she is scared in her voice