Debra Messing: 'It Was A Shock' | Hardball | MSNBC

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  • Capybara Crip
    Capybara Crip 9 days ago

    Will and Grace was the worst show.

  • M. Ael
    M. Ael 11 days ago

    People like Debra is the reason Trump is President, her God Hillary cheated Bernie.

  • Noobyvapes Noobyvapes

    What a dimwit. Cant even articulate one point.

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell Month ago

    She Sucked In Will And Grace.......Worse In Real Life....Shilling For Hillary.....There Is No Excuse To Support The Clintons If You Have Access To Social Media.No Excuse To Not Know.She Needs To Put 2 - 3 Hours Aside And Go On TVclip,It's That Simple And Readily Available......You Could Be Excused For Not Knowing About Clintons In Early 90s But There Is No Excuse For Choosing Not To Know On Purpose In 2016/17........She Has No Place In Any Political Discussion By Displaying This Wilful Ignorance........GOOGLE SEARCH ➡BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON➡CORRUPTION.......You Don't Have To Not Know If You Want To Be Informed.....WARNING If It's You're First Time Researching The Clintons You Might Want To Be Sitting Down With A Glass Of Wine Or Two,It Is Quite A Shock.

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 2 months ago

    This is before they knew about the Russian and Stalin...or Putin,those Russian names ...

  • Fairfaxcat
    Fairfaxcat 3 months ago

    Just another in-kind contribution to the Democrat National Committee. The mainstream media-Hollywood elites are baked-in soft money for Democrats. It is conflict-of-interest for the media to complain about Citizens United as long as they can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money for their 24/7 project on behalf of Democrats. Hypocritical for them to complain about others, whose views might go against the NY Times narrative, getting to engage in political discourse when they have never been subject to regulation themselves.

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien 3 months ago

    Will and Grace reboot lost 4 million viewers between first 2 episodes. Giving this liberal lunatic a platform to trash Middle America for not sharing her anti-Israel, Sharia savage pandering views was a huge mistake for NBC. But clearly she needs a job since she is fighting with Susan Sarandon for rejecting Clinton. Too much time on her hands.

    RYER PHILIP 6 months ago


  • Stingjay 4000
    Stingjay 4000 7 months ago

    It's been a disaster since Jan 20 and it just keeps getting worse. It's June 1st today and already trump has proven to be exactly what everyone new he was, a horrible, horrible human being. What's even worse though is the question of him being a traitor, cause it's looking like some in his administration possible are. The people that voted for this puppet of Vladimir Putin should lower their heads in shame.

  • Truth Singer
    Truth Singer 8 months ago

    hey stupid, this is what happens when you choose to support a corporatist war hawk liar for president. Im sure that many people who voted for trump were actually voting against Hillary. and most of the people who ended up voting for Hillary didn't do so because they liked her or believed a thing she said. they just really didn't want Trump. Voting numbers were abysmally low because no one is going to be excited to vote against someone. they want someone to vote for, some one who has integrity and who represents the people over profit. you know that trump got less votes than mitt Romney and Hillary still managed to lose to him? that is called a bad candidate. she was flawed all along and you all knew that, yet you did all you could to lie about Bernie sanders and to screw over progressive voters. You have no one to blame but yourselves for being so arrogant and stupid enough to try and shame us into voting for Hillary.

  • michaeljkeywest
    michaeljkeywest 8 months ago

    Why do we want to listen to her political opinion. She is an actress that doesn't make her qualified

  • Cadmus
    Cadmus 8 months ago

    She didn't seem to realize that Russia among others contributed to Hillary's defeat, when are the people of the United States going to realize there is more at stake than just them. There are great powers in this world that stand to benefit like you wouldn't believe if the United States were no longer a world leader. Hillary losing is only the tip of the iceberg, get ready to face what is yet to come and it won't be good for anyone. If you think losing an election is bad wait until everyone loses their rights.

  • Aqua Man
    Aqua Man 9 months ago

    Rich, spoiled, and ignorant.

  • B M**se
    B M**se 9 months ago

    Just another Can't Understand Normal Thinker!!!

  • Hammer Nail
    Hammer Nail 9 months ago

    Liberals are enemies of the state and should be treated as such. I believe a final solution may be in order.

  • JohnsRadios
    JohnsRadios 10 months ago

    One speech and we forget everything that he has said. Wait a few days and it will be business as usually.

  • billionkek
    billionkek 11 months ago +1

    Does he have the ability to allow anyone to finish a sentence?

  • Steve Carnall
    Steve Carnall 11 months ago

    You liberals! People in Chicago hurting for jobs and you liberals want to give them to terrorist. You libs not out of woods. You murdering liberal dogs lie. George Soros minions!

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago

      Steve Carnall
      Not!!! That would be u rightwingers.

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 11 months ago


  • Cate Ellington
    Cate Ellington 11 months ago

    Trump asking him 'why don't you run for President'. So Matthews is bigly responsible IMO. Trump ran due to ego and that's what Matthews gave him - a nice ego boost for decades.

  • Cate Ellington
    Cate Ellington 11 months ago

    Matthews constantly talks about 'optimism' Becs he knows he has blood on his hands w/ Trump being elected.
    He's a HUGE part of the reason ths narcissist ended up running Becs for YEARS he FAWNED over and flattered

  • daboys1215
    daboys1215 Year ago

    Nobody cares about Hollywood elite. Go back to your gated communities.

  • mikeca98
    mikeca98 Year ago +2

    She jumped the shark after her Seinfeld episodes. She is trying to look smart, but looks used up instead. Overrated. Make Hollywood Great Again.

  • SuperUbermensch
    SuperUbermensch Year ago

    O.K. Donald, you were right I was wrong you fixed the whole world in just one weekend thanks alot man your work here is done you can go home now.

  • Morgue Prop Rentals
    Morgue Prop Rentals Year ago +3

    Yo! MSNBC, why are you interviewing an actress? Are you guys that desperate to connect with the people? Learn from your mistakes, wake the F up.

  • Cunty Jackpot
    Cunty Jackpot Year ago +3

    Europe for Trump!

  • Corny80
    Corny80 Year ago +1

    Debra chose the wrong horse to bet on (donkey even), get over it already. Bernie was your ticket to something better and Hillary stole his chance. She never deserved to win, give me a break, so why are you all acting surprised. If anything America reaps what it sows for undermining your own democracy again and again with all the tools available to you.

  • Jeff Hagerman
    Jeff Hagerman Year ago +1

    need to drug test hollyweed they are falling a part !

  • Toms Friend Kake
    Toms Friend Kake Year ago +3

    Well, if you didn't want Donald Trump, the DNC shouldn't have shoved a crook down our throats. Hillary Clinton should be going to prison; end of story.

  • Daily Sentinal
    Daily Sentinal Year ago

    did he belch on tv

  • ZilchFan66
    ZilchFan66 Year ago +5

    She is so full of herself. A twitter account filled with nothing but rants against Donald Trump.

  • ClonedfromDna
    ClonedfromDna Year ago

    I think priorities are Fu**ed up here. Your all arguing about the wrong thing.

  • ThePropheticClock
    ThePropheticClock Year ago +5

    skank loser I hope your new show glorifying sodomy and satan fails miserably.

  • PacificCircle1
    PacificCircle1 Year ago

    Trump cabinet picks + his positons speaks loudest about what Trump, the first illegitimate presidents, will do.

  • JudyBeauty
    JudyBeauty Year ago +12

    Liberalism has become a Communist mental disorder.

    • EQ-smoove
      EQ-smoove 7 months ago

      i thought it was always some sort of disorder. when did it transform? Do tell. Go on then..............

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago +1

      Eddie Thorne
      Exactly. One would think conservatives would be ashamed of all the bad politics they've vomitted out these decades, especially these past 8 yrs. And nowcthat they have Trump a dump, who has turned to the status quo, the conserves needcto be more humble in the face of MORE failures.

    • Eddie Thorne
      Eddie Thorne 9 months ago +4

      Really? Look at your conservative hypocrisies and how easy you are to show how low your superiority can go.

    • Carey Brown
      Carey Brown 10 months ago +1

      Well said, Spone Mr. A Mental disorder characterized by caring about others and not being so frightened of anyone different than yourself.

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 11 months ago

      No JudyBeauty...that would be and ALWAYS has been conservative right wing ppl. Just think conservative ppl have for genetations believe they were better ppl. Believed they were superior ppls. History tells a different guys are nuts. Always have been.

  • lib ural
    lib ural Year ago +5

    Another HACK!

  • Hare Krishna in the Movies

    Be patient. The Dems will get their turn in 4 or 8 years. Vote for Tulsi Gabbard. Then the first female US President will be a good one, instead of a crooked one!

  • RetropiaTV
    RetropiaTV Year ago +20

    What a washed up actress, vapid celebrity!

    • Polar Bear
      Polar Bear 11 months ago

      RetropiaTV Who's black lives matter what is that I'm confused is that a movie?

    • RetropiaTV
      RetropiaTV Year ago +1

      Are you saying she is superior because she is famous? That is a sad way to live life. I bet you also don't think that black lives matter because they aren't celebrities and nobodys...

    • Spone Mr
      Spone Mr Year ago

      "bringing power back to the average american"+jug gernug
      that means absolutely nothing at all.

    • jug gernug
      jug gernug Year ago +3

      Spone Mr exactly. thats why she supported hillary. trump is bringing power back to the average american. the majority who gets taken advantage of by the elites.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Year ago +8

    I voted for Trump and I would rather have one of him than ten thousand Debra Messing's. The Liberal media sucks, and they can't stand that there is an Alpha male in the Oval Office that will stand up and fight for America first instead of political correctness first.

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago +1

      Bill Smith Oh pls a knee jerk reactionary like Trump AND YOU lead to an american nightmare.

  • Eric Roth
    Eric Roth Year ago +1

    Let's hope - as Chris notes - that the next four years are far better than many fear.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Year ago +6

    "Debra Messing: 'It Was A Shock" liberals were also "shocked" to learn that their racist identity politics was never really that "popular".....

  • Jojew
    Jojew Year ago +6

    Go march in the middle east you cuck!

  • Integ82
    Integ82 Year ago +11

    Rich people in hollywood tell poor people how to vote.
    Yeah how did that work out for you dems?

    • Neil Hardie
      Neil Hardie 5 months ago

      Tirzahbeloved Joyrose *Breitbart"

    • Tirzahbeloved Joyrose
      Tirzahbeloved Joyrose Year ago +1

      Integ82 Unlike you who get their marching orders from Breithbart, Fox and Alex Jones.

    • Googlecommie Commiekisser
      Googlecommie Commiekisser Year ago +3

      Integ82 spot on. rich dead-behind-the-eyes hollyweird types who they themselves get their thoughts from the party

  • Darrell B
    Darrell B Year ago +5


  • Christopher
    Christopher Year ago +1

    Chris matthews more or less suggested that the millions of women, black people and Latinos that supported Donald Trump were idiots......the condescending, arrogant, elitist Dixiecrats of the alt left, have clearly learned nothing in their disastrous "liberal" election season....

  • Christopher
    Christopher Year ago +1

    Breaking News!! Democratic party to cease all National operations, and henceforth will only operate in the "liberal" venues of San Francisco, New York City, Martha's vineyard and anywhere in white "liberal" racist 1% Hollywood

  • Randy and Richard
    Randy and Richard Year ago +6

    The "FAMOUS" Debra Messing??? Haaaaa Haaa Honey NO!
    - Karen Walker

  • Lyle Smith
    Lyle Smith Year ago

    Under represented OH please

  • AugustanFinn
    AugustanFinn Year ago +18

    I remember just how passionate Debra was for HRC.
    She trashed everything Bernie was doing to support her.

    • Gay Bottom Pride
      Gay Bottom Pride 7 months ago +1

      i lost all respect for her. how can anyone support Hillary :(

  • AugustanFinn
    AugustanFinn Year ago

    I remember just how passionate Debra was for HRC.
    She trashed everything Bernie was doing to support her.

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson Year ago +3

    Every video like this adds more fuel to Trump's rockets. You never learn, do you?

  • cj Jones
    cj Jones Year ago

    YES! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!.... RESIST, RESIST, RESIST! Just like the original Boston Tea Party, there will be incidents.

    • cj Jones
      cj Jones Year ago +1

      +Googlecommie Commiekisser
      lol. that was not a protest! that was a gift from Russia, and Comey, and the Electoral College!

    • Googlecommie Commiekisser
      Googlecommie Commiekisser Year ago +3

      cj Jones we just did and thank the stars trump is here

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright Year ago +4

    She looks good.

  • Maqqa
    Maqqa Year ago +6

    Stopped watching Will and Grace as a result of Debra's sore loser reaction

    • Milly Z
      Milly Z Year ago +1

      Maqqa mmmmmk dunno if she feels any pain by you boycott that show rad

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell Year ago +10

    She's hoping....but.....I take that as you won't even give The President a fair go....She had me listening up til the third word.....Why would anyone care how it may affect a millionaire former celebrity....,I'd like to know what Radar O'Reilly from M*A*S*H thinks as well.....These Hollywood Types still don't get it!!

  • Michael Dim
    Michael Dim Year ago +6

    After protesting and marching against trump.. Wat do u intend to achieve?

  • Brian hues
    Brian hues Year ago +12

    America first America first America first

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago +2

      Actually the left learned that crap fm the right. 8yrs of practice fm the right taught the left very handlely.

    • Spone Mr
      Spone Mr Year ago +2

      yes , bullies sometimes win but they don't last long and liberty and justice will prevail .

  • Sacred Owl
    Sacred Owl Year ago +8

    I hope Trump is better than the last few presidents, after all, how much worse can it get then millions of innocent people murdered around the globe and here at home 98 million who don't have a job. Some of the biggest cry babies supported the most corrupted, which created the backlash, setting up a Trump election. (Of course these same people don't want you to know this, so they blame Putin to divert attention)

    • TheMaryam1891
      TheMaryam1891 7 months ago

      Sacred Owl Apparently ur not much on wisdom

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago +1

      David Smith
      Sacred Owl is delusional.

    • Spone Mr
      Spone Mr Year ago +2

      David Smith - they have but 1 brain cell between then and cannot comprehend facts . they just live on tweets from a twit .

    • David Smith
      David Smith Year ago +5

      "98 million who don't have a job"
      OMG hahaha, read a book, do research somewhere. Tramp totally brainwash you! that's 1/3 of American population

  • Quang B
    Quang B Year ago +9

    What happened was the Dems forced Hillary on their voters. Million of people were willing to sacrifice their country for a dangling carrot of a job!

    • Quang B
      Quang B Year ago +1

      Well, I voted for her but that's because there was only one other choice and I didn't want to vote for a psychopath so I voted for the lesser of two evil. Green party was a waste of a vote since they can't even break 10%. Given no other options, people voted for a glimmering hope of a job that Chump promised but will not be his main priority. His main priority is to enrich himself and his supporters and pay off his debts with a wink wink nod nod.

    • Pink Panther
      Pink Panther Year ago +2

      Yes. The powerful Democrat elites were willing to sacrifice the American workers in order to enrich themselves.

  • Dawn Oceanside
    Dawn Oceanside Year ago

    baggrz awaiting fresh nudes of flotus. white trash house now.

    • Samson Strong
      Samson Strong Year ago

      Obama's mother has nude pictures Melania Trump's are at least done with some class

    • Samson Strong
      Samson Strong Year ago +1

      Obama's mother has nude pictures Melania Trump's are at least done with some class

  • Maxwedge12000
    Maxwedge12000 Year ago +19

    Left wing nuts, Trump is the president. Choke on that you loony tunes.

    • Carey Brown
      Carey Brown 7 months ago +2

      That's the kind of ignorant and intellectually bereft attitude that trump cherishes and represents beautifully.

    • g c
      g c Year ago +5

      A projection if I ever saw one

  • kfowler5
    kfowler5 Year ago +29

    Debra Messing should just go back to Hollywood where she belongs. She is nothing but a communist.

    • MasteR BlasteR
      MasteR BlasteR 11 months ago

      +Spone Mr were going to give California yo russia

    • Dawn Oceanside
      Dawn Oceanside 11 months ago

      +Pink Panther mom to 3 Marines, while your still in mommys basenent duggaring your sister. Understand that though dontcha puss??

  • ABG1983
    ABG1983 Year ago +7

    This interview has no reason being on TV.

  • neighborhood socialist

    Bernie Sanders deserves to be President. He's a true leader. Dignified, honorable, decent man.

    • Gay Bottom Pride
      Gay Bottom Pride 7 months ago

      Bernie is much better than Hillary but don't forget he is also a socialist. Majority of Americans would not vote for a radical socialist like him.

    • ThePropheticClock
      ThePropheticClock Year ago +1

      You must be one of the most ignorant people ever. That old useless commie was run off stage by a couple of 20 year old blm welfare recipients dummy.

    • Christopher
      Christopher Year ago

      @RobG...Blame the "liberal" Dixiecrat party....they are the ones that rigged the game and forced career grifter and racebaitor Hillary Clinton on you....

    • Jojew
      Jojew Year ago +4

      Rob G Bernie Sanders owes every Vietnam Veteran an apology for his cowardice.

  • neighborhood socialist

    Optimistic? You're nuts Chris. No way minority rights will be better in four years.

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 9 months ago +1

      Dean Rockwell
      paralysis comes fm selfishness and all the indifferent "isms" pushed by you know who's!!!

    • Dean Rockwell
      Dean Rockwell 11 months ago

      I think white people should be the majority in America, no question. Because the laws and governments, checks and balances etc are more easy for them to assimilate. Anglo-Saxon and Nordics wondered if Irish, Italians and Poles could assimilate, and they did seamlessly. Others from South America, Middle East and Africa etc...not so much. A multi-racial society eventually becomes paralyzed, with so many different interests, so many voting blocks etc. These liberals think they are revolutionaries, but are simply functionaries to the consensus of globalism.

    • Polar Bear
      Polar Bear 11 months ago

      Christopher DEMOKKKRATS

    • Graham6762
      Graham6762 Year ago +1

      Since the democrats dismantled the black family nothing has gotten better. Throwing money at these issues doesn't help.