How to Make a Breakfast Burger | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Aug 15, 2017
  • How do you combine a perfect smashed burger with a classic breakfast sandwich? Find out as Sean Evans gets schooled by Hard Times Sundaes proprietor Andrew Zurica, a patty purist who flips the "put an egg on it" craze on its head: Instead of putting a fried egg on his burgers, he throws a griddled patty inside an NYC-style bacon, egg, and cheese. Learn how to make it on the latest episode of Sean in the Wild.
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Comments • 2 123

  • Raphael Jaramillo
    Raphael Jaramillo Day ago +1

    Say there's no eggs in the burger video about a egg burger

  • Nick Cardillo
    Nick Cardillo Day ago

    “I got abused by everyone else’s creativity”

  • Nick Cardillo
    Nick Cardillo Day ago

    Golden Arches.... have it your way.... lol

  • Joey Bagadonuts
    Joey Bagadonuts 2 days ago

    What a pretentious clown shoe, the food must be fantastic!!!

  • TauraCasanova
    TauraCasanova 2 days ago

    This guy annoys me so much! Stop it with you gatekeeping bullshit, like what the fuck? You might not like certain things on your burgers, but what's with being so high and mighty about it? There are entire nations where a fried egg is pretty much standard on a burger! You're not better than anyone just because you don't like something.

  • Wayne Qu
    Wayne Qu 3 days ago

    I love this guy

  • Joaquin Permuy
    Joaquin Permuy 4 days ago

    Oh yes mayo on my pasta so good

  • Adam Duell
    Adam Duell 5 days ago

    Never seen someone be so fucking uppity about how "not uppity" he is. What a douchebag

  • Arvid Aasa
    Arvid Aasa 6 days ago

    Annoying guy.

  • TheMacel66
    TheMacel66 6 days ago

    The blood coming up: lul
    The crust seals in the juices: OMEGALUL
    this dude is just talking out his ass

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 10 days ago

    I ain't going to lie if the meat is good enough it doesn't need mayonnaise but I have rarely ever come across meat that good and I mean ever

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell 12 days ago

    1:22 what a dickhead

  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative 16 days ago +1

    Hah! He said up chuck

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey 18 days ago +2

    If you don’t like this guy, never go to New York.

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 19 days ago +1

    I stopped this video at “we don’t put sauce on our burgers” sorry bro but I put Siracha on my Siracha

  • KB3 yourmom
    KB3 yourmom 21 day ago

    McDonald's: Have it your wayyyyyy!

  • KB3 yourmom
    KB3 yourmom 21 day ago

    BITCH lasagna!

  • Home Tales
    Home Tales 25 days ago

    Amazing breakfast sandwich maker

  • Xcaliburz Storm
    Xcaliburz Storm Month ago

    what is up with people hating mayo lol is it a trend ? to hate just cause it is popular to hate it ?

  • zak damien
    zak damien Month ago +1

    I'd like to see him and Gordon Ramsay together in a cook-off.

    • TauraCasanova
      TauraCasanova 2 days ago +1

      Gordon would laugh in his face and tell him to go sit down.

  • curtislee
    curtislee Month ago

    I love how he likes every bite to be the same
    I usually have to restack a burger to have a equal bite

  • curtislee
    curtislee Month ago

    I hate American cheese
    It's technically plastic cheese

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 Month ago

    He's a dick... Imma go, (as he calls it) abuse him to quit :) seeing as how he caved at everything, Imma get the job done

  • KingHunterNick
    KingHunterNick Month ago +1

    lmao this guy is full of himself, food ain't even that crazy

  • stillbelieveinbruins

    Yo, your cheese looks like a post it

  • briggm
    briggm Month ago

    I wanted him to ask for some ketchup and mayo at the end there just to see what would happen.

  • Sky Johnson
    Sky Johnson Month ago

    Bro eggs on burger is dank af. Wtf are you thinking. This guy is a dooooooouche. Burger on an egg is the same fucking thing. Whadda dumbass

  • Fausto Faria
    Fausto Faria Month ago

    Its funny how hes proud of never doing what he doesnt like, but he does it when you order...

  • James Allan
    James Allan Month ago

    Has this guy heard of eye contact?

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636 Month ago

    Wise words to live by
    “keep it simple stupid”

  • SOSIKSON 546
    SOSIKSON 546 Month ago

    Should always be well done

  • oscarann
    oscarann Month ago

    didnt toast the bun ):

  • Marcos Ramirez
    Marcos Ramirez Month ago

    Dude is such an asshole. Makes great burgers tho.

  • Austin T
    Austin T Month ago

    At least this episode isn’t with “the slut guy” or “the guy who knows how to make eggs and shit”.

  • Christopher Zawistowski

    I would enjoy a burger exactly like this for 2 out of 3 of my remaining meals for life.

  • Luis Rojas
    Luis Rojas Month ago

    If you look up the word douche in the dictionary. You will see a picture of Donald Trump. If you look close. You will see Donald Trump holding a picture of Andrew wearing a McDonalds t shirt that says have it your way.

  • Reed G
    Reed G Month ago

    Dude sounds like he fuckin hates everyone he serves 😂

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh Month ago

    This guy is like a fucking doesn't like change, just like those pizza enthusiasts. Yeah after he gets bad reviews he starts changing.

  • 21kcuf Yeknoh
    21kcuf Yeknoh Month ago +1

    Another retarded meathead who thinks his normal ass burger is the world’s greatest sandwich. What a prick, but god damn I’m hungry.

  • Adam Strauss
    Adam Strauss Month ago

    American cheese?

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez Month ago

    Coked out owner lmao

  • Benji's Boxing Channel

    Fucking love a fried egg on my burger.

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson Month ago

    There is nothing better then that egg yolk on your burger in my opinion. I love it with some carmelized onions an some good maple bacon

  • Jeff Robichaud
    Jeff Robichaud 2 months ago

    As someone from Wisconsin, 'American cheese' is not cheese, period- usually labelled as a "pasteurized prepared cheese product". Also, the dude doesn't know the history behind the burger. I'll stick to my Midwestern-style burgers.

  • Tinne gamer
    Tinne gamer 2 months ago

    What a Chef... "blood is comming out of the meat"... na logic

  • John Vasquez
    John Vasquez 2 months ago

    Been there it honestly SUCKS.

  • starcontrol2
    starcontrol2 2 months ago

    wow...sean, after watching a few of your videos, I can say your content fucking sucks. just stop, please.

  • sombrae
    sombrae 2 months ago

    What an asshole

  • infidel 1371
    infidel 1371 2 months ago +1

    Hey can you see my watch? Can you see?? No really can you seeee myyyy watch?!!??!?

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 2 months ago

    what a shithead.
    mayo is good.

  • Teniola Soyebo
    Teniola Soyebo 2 months ago

    I love this guy!

  • Tsunami Jani
    Tsunami Jani 2 months ago

    "Put tha fuckin egg on tha burgah"

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey 2 months ago +1

    Great advert for a typical New Yorker! 😂😂

  • Mundane05
    Mundane05 2 months ago

    5:30 What about raclette?

  • Harrison Hill
    Harrison Hill 2 months ago

    Love this guys philosophy on burgers 🍔

  • Deshanté's Toy Reviews

    Isn't "Have it your way" Burger King's Slogan????

  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 2 months ago

    Reminds me of the guy from the arrow.

  • Felix Nilbog
    Felix Nilbog 2 months ago

    Ive been wanting to start a restaurant with breakfast burgers. Oh well

  • roguematsby
    roguematsby 2 months ago

    Heres a man that clearly would negotiate with a terrorist

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 months ago

    Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard aren't sauces you idiot are condiments! Andrew Zurica the king of morons

  • Stephanie R
    Stephanie R 2 months ago


  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 2 months ago

    No sauce... I’m out

  • Ingo Pickhan
    Ingo Pickhan 2 months ago

    Now I want one. So bad!!!

  • sherry kao
    sherry kao 2 months ago

    What a colorful character 😂

  • Zed C
    Zed C 2 months ago

    I like how pretentious he is about how to make a burger and then uses fucking american cheese.

  • Alex Eats HQ
    Alex Eats HQ 2 months ago +1

    "Keep it simple, stupid." I like that.

  • BBerry
    BBerry 2 months ago

    Just because you're from new york, That doesnt mean you have to be a dick.

  • Abe Barrera
    Abe Barrera 2 months ago

    Why is this show called Sean in the wild is a city the freaking jungle.... NO

  • Anarchy Anarchy 3 months ago

    Looks like it could use some mayo

  • Johnny Speed
    Johnny Speed 3 months ago

    I could probably eat about 4 of those too...

  • Robert
    Robert 3 months ago

    Hes such a fucking ho. I love it.

  • Rodin
    Rodin 3 months ago +1

    It’s his fucking menu don’t go off it and do not fuck with people from New York it’s simple

  • Useless Information
    Useless Information 3 months ago

    Hes an asshole, but that burger at 7:10 DOES look goddamn delicious

  • WhatsHisName26
    WhatsHisName26 3 months ago +1

    Whether you like the guy or not, the finished burger does look delicious. I'm sold!

  • R E
    R E 3 months ago

    I love this guy he is so right good job Andrew

  • Brimmed_Mutt
    Brimmed_Mutt 3 months ago +1

    This is how I imagine every person who detests pineapple on pizza

  • iOnsteins Engineering Group BMW BENZ AMP REBUILDERS

    Finally someone who breaks the damn yolks! I love burger on my egg like the next guy, but damn man when yolks is dripping wet it is not as delicious.

  • Muhammad Ali Hassan
    Muhammad Ali Hassan 3 months ago

    I’m liking his swag already 👊🏼

    THE SLICE 3 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how clean that egg flip was

  • Ducati NYC Vlog
    Ducati NYC Vlog 3 months ago

    so, yea, this guy is full of shit.

  • Michael G.
    Michael G. 3 months ago

    The pretentious bald dude? I'd tap that.

  • John Trahan
    John Trahan 3 months ago

    This guy’s take on mayo is spot-on.

  • Ger -
    Ger - 3 months ago

    Pretty basic cooking, nothing special

  • Ger -
    Ger - 3 months ago +1

    Less talking bollox more making burgers please

  • Christian Roy
    Christian Roy 3 months ago

    I can’t stand a burger without sauce way too dry without it

  • Salty Cracker
    Salty Cracker 3 months ago

    ha ha, i love this guy

  • SGO010
    SGO010 3 months ago

    How confident i wanna be

  • one two
    one two 3 months ago

    Is that stugotz?

  • Bradford Le
    Bradford Le 3 months ago

    How about this guy fuck off.

  • gaminglife for ever
    gaminglife for ever 3 months ago

    keep it simple stupid 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Vincent Greenier
    Vincent Greenier 3 months ago +3

    Sean is a great interviewer, but why is he permanently stuck in his 'game show' host voice? While some level of broadcast discourse is necessary, stop talking like your narrating life and just have a conversation.

  • Dushanka Perera
    Dushanka Perera 3 months ago

    Mayo is perfect in burger😋

  • Mitch09
    Mitch09 3 months ago

    Then he slices a roll with a non-serrated knife.....

  • Mitch09
    Mitch09 3 months ago

    NEVER SEASON THE EGG UNCOOKED. Always season after, otherwise it goes grey

  • Mitch09
    Mitch09 3 months ago

    If I want sauce on ny fucking burger, you put sauce on my fucking burger cunt.

  • William Gates
    William Gates 3 months ago +1

    Bro u burnt

  • mashroob
    mashroob 3 months ago

    Bacon, egg and cheeseburger... never really did care for those. I've had a few and found them ghastly. This however, looks promising.

  • Marty McFiveMics
    Marty McFiveMics 3 months ago

    didnt realize that the stuff rising to the top was not blood until reading the comment section. but... who cares? his advice is good, flip the burger when you start to see "blood". Its what ive always done, and I work in a kitchen for a living. How people expect an owner of a food truck to know what myoglobin is is beyond me. You think this guy blew his money and time in culinary school? You dont need to go to culinary school to be successful in the food biz, and for most aspiring chefs, (and all aspiring cooks) its probably a waste.

    RANGER RICK 3 months ago

    Where the hash browns

  • Gooby
    Gooby 3 months ago

    homie pops the yolks then says its a over medium egg nah homie at that point its a fried egg