1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney 428 Super Cobra Jet MCACN Muscle Car Of The Week Video 336

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • This super slick 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special would be an amazing car even if it wasn’t one of the few built with the 428 Super Cobra Jet engine! It was a premiere unveiling at the recent Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Chicago.
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    1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special 428 Super Cobra Jet at MCACN - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 336

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Comments • 76

  • vrm
    vrm Month ago

    Well done, what a cool and unique car!

  • Thomas Barnard
    Thomas Barnard Month ago

    I wonder what other Cobra Jet cats he has?

  • Thomas Barnard
    Thomas Barnard Month ago

    Excellent job on the restoration BTW..

  • Thomas Barnard
    Thomas Barnard Month ago

    I believe the Dan Gurney version of the Cyclone Spoiler was sold West of the Mississippi and the Cake Yarborough Cyclone Spoiler was sold East of the Mississippi..

  • splattbastard
    splattbastard Month ago

    It's amazing how these non - existant cars pop up when there is a 7 figure buyer around. After fifty years anything can be created as long as enough "experts" get their grubby fingers in the pie. How about a wagon next time Marti?

  • John Guilbert
    John Guilbert Month ago

    Beautiful car. I had a 1968 Fairlane 500 Fastback, dropped in a BOSS 351C, it was a very fun car. I love the old Fords.

  • MrCyclone21
    MrCyclone21 Month ago

    My Brother had a 68 and 69 GT. Both ran very strong! The 69 Cyclone is one of the best looking cars of all time! Love how the rear end looks!

  • Neil Sackman
    Neil Sackman Month ago

    We haven't seen Kevin in the last couple videos...

  • Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly Month ago +2

    Ford's 'total performance' program had exactly two cars: the Mustang and the reskinned Mustang, the Cougar.

    • nvdirtbiker
      nvdirtbiker Month ago

      Jim Kelly, you never mentioned the term “muscle car” once. Then you define it as mid size car with high cid engine. More correctly, the formula was a mid-size car with a full-size engine, ala the 1964 GTO, which was a mid-size tempest with the full-size Catalina’s 389. THAT was the birth of the “muscle car”. That being the case, you then say that mustangs and cougars were muscle cars? Nope. They were not mid size cars. The mustang was a re-skinned falcon, which was a small economy car. Hardly a “mid-size”. Mustangs and cougars were “pony cars”. You know what were mid size? The Fairlane, the Torino, the Cyclone. You know what engines were available in those mid-size cars during the “total performance” era? Large-displacement V-8’s. The 390, the 427, the 428, and the 429. Rated anywhere from 335-425 horsepower. Consider the 1966 and 1967 “R” code Fairlane; a lightweight, mid-size two-door hardtop equipped with a solid-lifter, NASCAR-derived 427 side-oiler V8, factory fitted with two Holley four-barrels. Next up, the 1969 Torino and Cyclone Cobra-jet models. Again, mid-size two-door hard tops equipped with the legendary 428 Cobra jet. Laughingly rated by Ford at 335 hp, the NHRA refactored it at closer to 400 hp. And it DOMINATED super-stock drag racing for its ENTIRE production run, whether in a mustang or a Torino/Cyclone. Then in 1970/71, we have the mid-size Torino/Cyclone platform getting the incredible 429 Cobra-jet and 429 Super Cobra-Jet, rated at 370 and 375 hp respectively. And all the cars I just mentioned are among the most collectible, high-value muscle cars of the muscle-car era. Have a nice day.🙂

    • Jim Kelly
      Jim Kelly Month ago +1

      @nvdirtbiker Unfortunately, you don't seem to know what a muscle car is. Let me help you with that. It's basically a light, mid-sized car with a high CID, high horsepower engine, and thus, none of what you listed applies. Hell, at the start of the muscle car era, Ford was still using six volt generators and oil bath air cleaners.
      Besides, the muscle car wars were between GM and Chrysler. Ford was a wannabe and, according to Larry Shinoda, had no idea what they were doing. They accidentally crested the market and then let others dominate it.
      The first real post-war muscle car was the '49 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 with its 303 V8.

    • nvdirtbiker
      nvdirtbiker Month ago

      You forgot the 427 Galaxies, big block Fairlanes, Falcon Sprints, Cobra-Jet Torino’s, Super-Cobra-Jet Rancheros, and of course the world-conquering GT-40’s, to name but a few of the total-performance era Fords.

  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Month ago

    The value on this car is astronomical.

  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Month ago

    That Marti is the be all and end all of FOMOCO.

    • Ricky Collins
      Ricky Collins Month ago

      @Larry Smith That's the way you do it.

    • Larry Smith
      Larry Smith Month ago

      You would be if you bought all the production records from Ford.

  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Month ago

    Oh my good God What a wonderful car!!!!!

  • Two Wheel Rocco
    Two Wheel Rocco Month ago

    Real Nice, Keep Up the Great Work.

  • L S
    L S Month ago

    Simply awesome!!! 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

  • u2mister1
    u2mister1 Month ago

    I'll take the '70 429.

  • theozman38
    theozman38 Month ago

    My dad had one. Didn’t have it for long.

  • LightningBlueMeanie

    Wow. That is beautiful.

  • Jim Moon
    Jim Moon Month ago +1

    My favorite car of all time is the 68 , 69 cyclones

  • Jim Moon
    Jim Moon Month ago

    My favorite car of all time is the 68 , 69 cyclones

  • Rick in Texas
    Rick in Texas Month ago +3

    I hate to say it, but I don’t remember the Cyclone badge. I thought I knew my muscle cars, but not this one. I was born in 1963, so I’m not young but not too old either. Regardless, it is a cool car.

  • WY O
    WY O Month ago +1

    Unfortunately I was only 12 years old when these came out, all I could do was look and drool all over myself


    Sweet Mercury , what a ride ! I know of a Cyclone at an older man's house that has been sitting for many years . I am a Chevy driver but I like them all . I've tried several times to talk to him about selling it but he won't even discuss it . His health is failing and he still says he's going to restore it
    "someday" . We all know that story . I'm going to keep asking about it , maybe "someday" he will change his mind .

  • steelpenguin1
    steelpenguin1 Month ago +3

    I’m a die hard Mopar guy but I like this thing. Beautiful car.

  • Fire .Phoenix
    Fire .Phoenix Month ago +2

    that is a gorgeous car :-)

  • Fire .Phoenix
    Fire .Phoenix Month ago +3

    i have this same kind of car on my 2020 American Muscle Cars calendar :-)

  • Paul Eannetta
    Paul Eannetta Month ago +2

    Love the Goodyear raised White polyglass, wheels are awesome!

  • Cyclone 428CJ
    Cyclone 428CJ Month ago +2

    What a sweet ride and so much rarer than a Torino

  • K Moss
    K Moss Month ago +2

    Poor thing. It’s going get treated gentle and tender. Burn up some tires with that thing.

  • velocità
    velocità Month ago +1

    Beautiful Cyclone. Where was this event please?

    • Rick in Texas
      Rick in Texas Month ago +1

      velocità MCACN. Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals.

  • John A
    John A Month ago +2

    3:07 So, when owner says 4.30 gear and MARTI report says 3.25 - I'm confused.

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer Month ago +3

      John A; At 3:10, you'll see drag pack option for $155.50. That would get you either 3.91 or 4.30, oil cooler, Le man rods which would make it a 428SCJ. Also at 3:07, you'll see "bucket seats w/o console". Option list shows "Sports Console for $55.70

  • Lewis Shepard
    Lewis Shepard Month ago +1

    I noticed on the window sticker it said 3.25 rear axle.

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer Month ago +2

      @Lewis Shepard ; You're welcome. But I did notice they charged extra for the hood pins and right hand sport mirror. Always double check window sticker listings. Even today. John

    • Lewis Shepard
      Lewis Shepard Month ago +4

      Cobra Charmer OK,thanks for explaining that. That's an amazing car.

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer Month ago +3

      Lewis Shepard ; Yep, That was standard. Look at the option list at 3:10 and you'll see "DragPack" for $155.50. That'll get you either the 3.91 or 4.30, oil cooler, Le man rods which would make this Cyclone a 428SCJ. Also, the window sticker shows bucket seat w/o console. A little further down, you'll see "Sports Console" for $55.70. John

  • troynov1965
    troynov1965 Month ago +9

    We had a neighbor when I was a kid that had a Cyclone back in the 70s.
    They were a young couple and his wife was smoking hot as well. Never forget that car or his wife.

  • MaxxRPM
    MaxxRPM Month ago +2

    Wow, she's a beauty....I wish Ford would have made more cars like these back then.

    • MaxxRPM
      MaxxRPM Month ago

      @EJ XOF66 Right, and 90% had wimpy 302s.....lol.

    • EJ XOF66
      EJ XOF66 Month ago

      They did, plenty of fastback Torinos, Mustangs, Galaxies, Cyclones, etc

  • Erik Stenberg
    Erik Stenberg Month ago +6

    Very rare car. I like the Cougars next to it too.

  • Todd Saeger
    Todd Saeger Month ago +3

    That 428 with the 4:30 rearend. 4 speed. Has to be a beast launching. Some low end grunt.

    • 231mac
      231mac 22 days ago

      @attitude adjuster 'Well over 500 ft lbs'??? I've never seen one break 450 ft lbs, lol. And here's some proof - bangshift.com/general-news/videos/dyno-video-just-good-428-super-cobra-jet-engines-factory-anyway/
      Now it's YOUR TURN.

    • attitude adjuster
      attitude adjuster Month ago +1

      SCJ 428s we're torque monsters, well over 500 ft lbs. Had to short shift them at 5000 to get best out of them.

    • Todd Saeger
      Todd Saeger Month ago +1

      @Jeff Norbert 👌👍

    • Jeff Norbert
      Jeff Norbert Month ago +2

      SCJ on top of it

  • Ian Fosbrook
    Ian Fosbrook Month ago +1

    BEAUTYYYY..... love me sum big old Mercs...

  • Red 13
    Red 13 Month ago +2

    Super nice!

  • Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum Month ago +1

    "1969 OK all across the USA..." things are changing but for the worse. i'd like to know more specifics on this car.

  • just enough
    just enough Month ago +1

    Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick!!!

    • WY O
      WY O Month ago +2

      Uh, No.

  • Randy Biby
    Randy Biby Month ago +2

    Nice! Definitely unique.

  • ZeroFu*ksGiven
    ZeroFu*ksGiven Month ago +5

    So fantastic that this one didn't go to a flipper and is being taken care of as she should. Bravo!!!!!

  • JR
    JR Month ago +2

    That is a really beautiful car. 👍🏻

  • Paul Eannetta
    Paul Eannetta Month ago +3

    Beautiful, Best looking Design Mercury of all time!

    • Hillbilly Scholar
      Hillbilly Scholar Month ago +1

      I can't make that statement with your confidence, but it is DAMN hard to argue against!

  • 413x398
    413x398 Month ago

    Hey Marty, when are you going to repop the eyebrows for this body? I need three sets!!

    • 413x398
      413x398 Month ago

      @Cyclone 428CJ Ya think? 😄

    • Cyclone 428CJ
      Cyclone 428CJ Month ago

      With a name like that you must be a 428 fan!

  • j swan
    j swan Month ago +2

    Quite Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing.

  • Peter L
    Peter L Month ago +2

    Wow! That is one special car. Perhaps the gentleman would consider donating this beauty to the Smithsonian Museum when he passes on? This piece of American history needs to be preserved and cherished for all time.

  • Ruach Adam
    Ruach Adam Month ago +12

    My Goodness...It's cars like this one who made millions of people car nuts.

  • Justin Sanders
    Justin Sanders Month ago +3

    I would love to get my hands on one of these beauties.

  • John Friend
    John Friend Month ago +1

    Interesting that the sticker shows the hood pins included in the Cyclone Spoiler package, then shows them as an additional $7.80 option further down.

    • John Friend
      John Friend Month ago +1

      @Mustang GT350 Good catch, I missed that one. It looks like a reproduction sticker, but with that level of restoration whoever did the sticker should have caught it.

    • Mustang GT350
      Mustang GT350 Month ago

      Looks like they double charged for the right-hand racing mirror as well.

  • Right Lane Hog
    Right Lane Hog Month ago +5

    A blue roof with a white body underneath, that Cyclone is really kicking up a storm.

  • The Fett Fan
    The Fett Fan Month ago +5

    Terrific restoration work, a barn find classic given a new lease of life. My congratulations to the owner and the restoration technicians. A short video but a good one!

  • Ricky Mellottsr
    Ricky Mellottsr Month ago +2

    Sweet !!!!!!!!!! I remember my brother had a mercury cyclone when I was a kid .....

  • neil mcdermott
    neil mcdermott Month ago