I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
    Fantasy Violence
    Violent References
    Suggestive Themes
    Crude Humor

    Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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  • Jade Pages
    Jade Pages 27 minutes ago +1

    Contrats for completing 100 days !!!

  • Mepnet
    Mepnet 40 minutes ago

    No one:
    Luke: *W A L L*

  • che Mokni
    che Mokni Hour ago +1

    Idk why , but I really like the way he narrates

  • Roblox Gamer Ryancris21

    I liked the video

  • Sohaib Martil
    Sohaib Martil 2 hours ago

    What is this attack oof titans ??

  • ZanyMango
    ZanyMango 2 hours ago

    i love his commentating

  • Brindon DesRochers
    Brindon DesRochers 4 hours ago

    My goodness this makes me feel terrible at Minecraft

  • Aidan Luo
    Aidan Luo 9 hours ago

    I find a cow and extract some white stuff and sip it down

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres 10 hours ago

    MrBeast Watching Him Destroy 3200 Trees : *Am I a joke to you?*

    ANDREW ROADEN 10 hours ago

    pretty please go back to halo

  • Dertex
    Dertex 11 hours ago

    Do we know his seed?

    • fluffycorgu
      fluffycorgu 10 hours ago

      he shows his coordinates and all that fancy stuff sometimes pressing f3. find it there.

  • Ayla Blackshaw
    Ayla Blackshaw 12 hours ago


  • AllianTheGamer
    AllianTheGamer 13 hours ago +1

    Im making a version of this hope i don't die 50 thousand times!

  • Reilly Clark
    Reilly Clark 14 hours ago

    Do a 2nd series

  • King L1976
    King L1976 16 hours ago +1

    Who’s here rewatching waiting for 400 days

  • Rob Major
    Rob Major 17 hours ago

    Nice content

  • Skynet steel
    Skynet steel 18 hours ago

    If you find only one or two diamonds there should be more diamonds nearby within the stone.

  • DjSnaxx
    DjSnaxx 18 hours ago

    I thought the world got deleted if he died? We saw him die and he just reloads a save file to day 25? Kinda defeats the purpose doesnt it.

  • SoggyPlays
    SoggyPlays 21 hour ago

    *Donald Trump liked the wall building...*

  • Ambrosia Williams
    Ambrosia Williams 22 hours ago

    Commentary had me dead😂😂💀💀 new subbie

  • A Kirby Fan
    A Kirby Fan Day ago

    You can play hardcore mode on other consoles by setting the world on to hard, and deleting the world if you die.
    It depends on your own integrity.

  • Camelotanis Caminisody Guillermo

    i like this video
    i love youtube series playlists

  • No more Gamer girls

    this is basically 100 times of scammers taking your v bucks

  • FaDe_TeddyGram
    FaDe_TeddyGram Day ago

    Who thinks luke should join hermitcraft for season 7

  • Republic of Bolson

    This is actually the only video series of any videos I have been genuinely interested in throughout the whole series

  • Stick man dude 201

    100 Mc says or irl?

  • Shane D’Auria
    Shane D’Auria Day ago

    Sugar cane grows pretty quickly.

  • LaResha Cade
    LaResha Cade Day ago +1

    Pls I watched 200 and 300 pls make a 400 500 600 700 800 900 and 1,000 plssssssss

  • Sana Mittal
    Sana Mittal Day ago +1

    who else is on a 100 days spree? can't wait for 400!

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom Day ago

    It's not really survival, being that you've already died twice before day 100, once with the skeleton, the other time with the creeper, kinda confused as to why the series continued after that?

  • The GoodApple7 Show

    Rewatching the whole series

  • Jayzcupid Edits
    Jayzcupid Edits Day ago

    13 million views well deserved

  • Jolie JC
    Jolie JC Day ago

    i love this evolution of day 1 to 100!

  • Yoyo
    Yoyo Day ago

    Did he make golden apples ever? How is his health going back up

  • gaming with easten 19

    He thot lapis was dimeonds.so he peed hemself

  • Traci Haynes
    Traci Haynes Day ago

    U will build a bigger sexy powerful wall and it's going to keep in mobs faceplams

  • wesley
    wesley Day ago

    I built an incinerator too! I made it way more complicated than it needed to be. It had hoppers and droppers.

  • Paul Marquardt
    Paul Marquardt Day ago

    "There was no way I was gonna sleep on day 69"


    I have a world and it was on normal but it was so much monsters. I was on low health but i kept my head above water and survived. That was intense. So a lot of mobs can spawn on normal aswell. When i start a survival world i always look for sheep before night time so that i get a bed

  • Acer _Sunset
    Acer _Sunset Day ago

    Just here waiting for day 400. :(

  • Switch Witch
    Switch Witch 2 days ago

    Already rewatching

  • Brendan
    Brendan 2 days ago

    This guy doesn’t know anything about minecraft

  • OofRemix
    OofRemix 2 days ago

    I just saw that the episodes in the series is all 30 mins and a sec

  • lelec 1
    lelec 1 2 days ago

    Do you mean 100 real life days or 100 minecraft days???

  • StitchyPlays
    StitchyPlays 2 days ago +1

    LUKE: it's over creeper i have the high ground
    CREEPER: you underestimate my power
    LUKE: don't try it

  • Sans Diamond
    Sans Diamond 2 days ago

    *Finds 2 Diamonds*
    Him: Why Would You TWO This To Me?!

  • Phoenix Playz
    Phoenix Playz 2 days ago

    Is it 100 real days or minecraft days ?

    • matt Grom
      matt Grom 2 days ago

      Phoenix Playz minecraft

  • Christine Madelo
    Christine Madelo 2 days ago

    cool vedio

  • JustArcher
    JustArcher 2 days ago

    Bruh after watching play throughs of RL Craft, regular Minecraft just don't feel the same. There's so much to do, make, see, fight in RL Craft that I just don't wanna go back to regular Minecraft, ya know?

  • spam josh
    spam josh 2 days ago

    Your horse is there it just went invisible, not kidding

  • SaltyFox
    SaltyFox 2 days ago

    I could watch seventeen hours of this oh my god

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 2 days ago

    Let’s see it in real time. I dont care about hearing about it

  • Inky Gaming
    Inky Gaming 2 days ago

    Him When He Does 100 days 69 500 day 420

  • Shaphan Wiedemeier
    Shaphan Wiedemeier 2 days ago

    Day 62 Is SCP C.B

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J 2 days ago

    Hay Luke if you find kelp its a good sorse of food

  • Susan Matchie
    Susan Matchie 2 days ago

    awwwwww man

  • ialen wilson
    ialen wilson 2 days ago +3

    I Loved watching this. It made me feel younger (18 btw) when I had more patience and determination, I can’t play a game now for more than an hour or two at most without getting bored and this refreshed my interest I’m minecraft, making want to play for days at a time

  • Nuclearheadshot
    Nuclearheadshot 2 days ago +2

    I would like to make you a skin lukethenotable. Ur such a good youtuber it’s a shame you don’t have your own. Heart if you want me to make one

  • Pomson Man
    Pomson Man 2 days ago +1

    "To cure myself, I simply had to find a cow, extract some white stuff and slurp it down"

    • Pomson Man
      Pomson Man 3 hours ago

      @Goblin 604 you know whats funny? you're actually incorrect!

    • Goblin 604
      Goblin 604 17 hours ago

      This guy is the guy that likes his own comment

  • Nuclearheadshot
    Nuclearheadshot 2 days ago +1

    Loverfella would be proud of your torture dungeon