Weird Stuff That Happens In School


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  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII  6 months ago +9841

    Y'all know weird things be happenin' in schools LOL. Comment below with the most whack thing you've seen yet! 😳

    • a random internet person
      a random internet person 9 days ago

      When I was in first year of primary school/elementary school. Some kid stuffed a pencil down his throat and had to get surgery to remove it... 😅

    • xoxUnicornWolfiexox
      xoxUnicornWolfiexox 24 days ago

      IISuperwomanII We we’re getting changed for PE and I looked over at my teacher SHE WAS STARING AT ALL OF MY CLASS GETTING CHANGED

    • Tea Sippers
      Tea Sippers Month ago

      IISuperwomanII to a substitute teacher I said my name was Kenny and my friend Kenny was me then I failed his test and he passed me;)

    • Corlize van der Tang
      Corlize van der Tang Month ago

      IISuperwomanII 🤟❤️💎👑❤️💎👑❤️💎👑❤️💎👑❤️ I wish I could meet u ! GIRL POWER !!! ❤️

    • daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV
      daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV Month ago +1

      When a teacher shares to much of their personal life and feelings with a student ( or the other way around )
      It just makes everyone uncomfortable like I get it if they’re just sharing how their day went but that’s about it.

  • ninjascottgames
    ninjascottgames Hour ago

    You forgot about the weird eye contact

  • ::UNIMATION studios::
    ::UNIMATION studios:: 13 hours ago

    The thing is if I know the answer I raise the hand but me not chosen and teacher says wow guys no one wants to answer really bish really!

  • Queen of the Memes
    Queen of the Memes 21 hour ago +2

    I hate school I gotta deal with a bunch of jerks and surprisingly I haven’t punched anyone... yet
    Edit: so does anyone else think that their comment is so rad than when u look back at it u think that it’s so lame

  • ta71367
    ta71367 22 hours ago

    Well uh punched a kid in the face in 5th grade

  • Lulu Bear
    Lulu Bear 22 hours ago

    I get candy when I help 🍬🍭🍫🍫

  • Sacha El Hayek
    Sacha El Hayek 23 hours ago

    Do you now Lele pons

  • Summer Rose Covers

    Everyone in the class has there hands up
    Me: drifting off in daydreaming
    Teacher: mmm... 37 times 34 plus 47 plus 87 minus 4 multiplyed by 2a + 4ad + 6h
    What is the value of 4
    Teacher: mmm. Anyone know the answer
    Me: daydreaming
    Teacher: mm...
    Everyone in the class has there hands up.
    Teacher: SUMmEr
    Me: *blushez*
    Teacher: muahauahauhahah

  • Arooj’s World
    Arooj’s World Day ago +2

    That actually happened to meee 😂

  • Saadia Anwaryan
    Saadia Anwaryan Day ago +1

    Who See's school as "JAIL" ?👮😁😄

  • hullosmile
    hullosmile Day ago

    0:0 - 0:3 YAAASS SIS! that made me like the the vid but i was already subed

  • Ibrahim Farrukh
    Ibrahim Farrukh Day ago

    3:10 exactly me

  • Caroline Trageser

    Wouldn’t it be good if you check the papers so you could give yourself a good grade

  • Mushfiqa Jahan
    Mushfiqa Jahan Day ago

    Ummm there is another word for "supply teacher" which is called *substitute* 😱😱😱😱😱
    Man ppl these days like you....

  • Kaden Rossney
    Kaden Rossney 2 days ago


  • Bob Mom
    Bob Mom 2 days ago

    That is the definition of my teacher

  • Sherri Gillespie
    Sherri Gillespie 2 days ago

    So true tho 😂

  • Elena Hampton
    Elena Hampton 2 days ago

    There’s always that one person who rats the class out

  • Dennie's Story
    Dennie's Story 2 days ago

    I've been homeschooled since second grade, so I can't get away with the sub excuses. Couldn't back in 1st grade either because the sub was the teacher's assistant. Not that we were smart enough to try back then.

  • Kate Cullen
    Kate Cullen 2 days ago

    Our class can never do that thing with substitute teachers because there's always that one girl, that ONE girl FRICKEN LAUREN

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 2 days ago

    For some reason I get nervous during attendance in music class (not in my home room because she just counts the class silently while we work) like I’m always thinking “what am I going to say? It has to be funny and original right? Wait no what if I get in trouble should I just say “here”?”

  • xxPOTATOxx
    xxPOTATOxx 2 days ago +3

    3:51 dat kid in the back starting a marker army tho..

  • pickled_ Penguinz
    pickled_ Penguinz 2 days ago

    that one kid that tells the substitute teacher what the actual teacher wants us to do. fffffffffuuuuuu

  • Lu Na
    Lu Na 2 days ago

    I thought you wrote too the past........i dont know why i said this

  • Angella Kumwenda
    Angella Kumwenda 2 days ago

    You forgot when the bell rings and everyone starts leaving and the teacher bee like “class the bell does not dismiss you I do “ and I’m like “then why is it there “

  • Una McDuffie
    Una McDuffie 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who calls the teachers substitute teachers not supply teachers?

  • Prodip Chandra
    Prodip Chandra 3 days ago

    My teacher does attendance the other way :3
    She asks us who is not here and people who do wanna yes or no go on and peeps who dont are good :>
    buuuuut i too also had to face the morning consequences -^-

  • Amina Coco
    Amina Coco 3 days ago

    School stands for seven cruel hours of our life’s

  • Ericka Harris
    Ericka Harris 3 days ago +1

    We have assigned seats and the substitute teacher let us sit any where

  • erin_marie_2007 BB
    erin_marie_2007 BB 3 days ago

    You know what's worse when you don't know the answer?

    The teacher pulling sticks..

  • Katie
    Katie 3 days ago +1

    Every like I get, I add a 🥰
    I liked my own comment

  • sujatasinha2000
    sujatasinha2000 3 days ago


  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 3 days ago

    1:04 alisha marie in background

  • Bella Hutchinson
    Bella Hutchinson 3 days ago

    number 3:stessed out. ....oh wait my hair NEVERMIND THAT IM PLAYIN THE PART

  • Natalia Janerka
    Natalia Janerka 3 days ago

    A supply walkes in: hi guys
    Everyone: sit next to freinds
    Teacher:takes out seating plan

  • Snxwy Cat
    Snxwy Cat 4 days ago

    One weird thing that happens is me

  • Anime Egde
    Anime Egde 4 days ago +1

    Im in pa cyber cant be mean to substitute


    One time. the first time we had a man substitute teacher (my teacher broke her arm) EVERY STOPPED ANSWERING EXEPT ME

  • Deb Serbousek
    Deb Serbousek 4 days ago

    Omg I’m dying ur so funny 😆

  • Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez

    my younger brother is a teacher helper

  • Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez

    my biology teacher is the number 3

  • Cam R.
    Cam R. 4 days ago

    the attendance part is SO TRUE LMAO

  • Zoey Christensen
    Zoey Christensen 4 days ago

    When you posted this video I was turning 11

  • LolyPlays
    LolyPlays 4 days ago

    Nowadays supply teachers are usually really mean and they only do what the teacher told them to do and they don’t listen to the students

  • Syma F
    Syma F 4 days ago

    6:31 that’s the point

  • Caoimhe Therrien
    Caoimhe Therrien 4 days ago

    For everyone doesn't know supply teacher means substitute teacher.

  • xXblack heart And light heartXx

    My favourite teacher is miss M (not using her real last name) she’s sweet and nice

  • Weave Snatch
    Weave Snatch 4 days ago

    can you do a video about teachers pets tattling on u 4 no reason.

  • Amelia Spitzer
    Amelia Spitzer 4 days ago

    With our sub...there is some people TRY to lie but then there are snitches

  • og Torigaming. com
    og Torigaming. com 4 days ago

    5:35 splits in half

  • Cerenity Hill
    Cerenity Hill 4 days ago +1

    My class does the same thing to my substitute teacher!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nina Robbs
    Nina Robbs 4 days ago

    Is a 'supply teacher' a Canadian thing

    SCARLETT SASSIN 5 days ago +1

    I subscribed cos why not

  • Maddie Fritch
    Maddie Fritch 5 days ago

    lol I'm in Algebra and literally y=mx+b is how to find slope lololol

  • _ elincyt _
    _ elincyt _ 5 days ago

    My name always is at the top of the attendance😎

  • Official Thea
    Official Thea 5 days ago

    The first one is soo true

    HAXELLE DE GARIE 5 days ago

    In Canada, they give you a grade for the helping thing now and you have to do it...

  • Alcat Smore
    Alcat Smore 5 days ago +1

    For the first one there is always that ONE PERSON WHO MESSES IT UP FOR EVERYONE .

  • Abc Abc
    Abc Abc 5 days ago


  • Betty Renteria
    Betty Renteria 5 days ago

    My science teacher picked on me even tho I didn’t have my hand up!! I was so mad

  • Lyra Lavatera
    Lyra Lavatera 5 days ago

    What I'm learning in school for number 2

  • Sahana Sankaradoss
    Sahana Sankaradoss 5 days ago

    After school me and my friends cleaned my science teachers room and organized her 300 million books onto a shelf ;-;

  • Catcrazy 73
    Catcrazy 73 5 days ago

    In my class every time there was a sub teacher we were the WORSTT

  • Olivia Jordan
    Olivia Jordan 6 days ago

    In maths we get a supply every Friday and we all give each other looks and we lie and are rude it's so fun

  • ImNotTiny YourJustBig

    4:21 I’ve seen u commenting on CommunityChannel’s videos, I’m guessing you’ve seen her “Must contain a Upper-Case Letter” vid. 😂

  • Asha Dorge
    Asha Dorge 6 days ago

    Attendance part was best😂😂
    Because it really happens😊😊

  • mary jane
    mary jane 6 days ago

    OMG I clicked so fast. Been waiting forever for you to do a video like this

  • sheeba viswanathan
    sheeba viswanathan 6 days ago

    Wow I hate school

  • Liaba Khan
    Liaba Khan 6 days ago

    The attendance one is sooooo accurate!!! Lollll

  • Squirtleturtle
    Squirtleturtle 6 days ago

    The worst part is...
    That is slope intercept form
    All the algebra kids have this dang formula drilled into your head

  • Maisie Bishop
    Maisie Bishop 6 days ago

    I can relate to number one 😂😂😂

  • Demonic Angel
    Demonic Angel 7 days ago +1

    *My name is Jeff.*

  • Raiyaan Ali
    Raiyaan Ali 7 days ago

    Me and my class with the supply 😂

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon 7 days ago

    You forget when the teacher leaves the room and the classroom becomes a war-zone.

  • meserake melese
    meserake melese 7 days ago

    school is sooooooooooooo boring lily

  • Eclipsa Moon
    Eclipsa Moon 7 days ago

    We get marks if wear a student representative and we don’t do works for teachers we just give speach

  • Blue Death
    Blue Death 7 days ago

    She is getting plaid more than fortnite 😂

  • -
    - 7 days ago +5

    In kindergarten I wanted a milkshake from those crusha bottles in the uk, my kindergarten bought them, but the teacher wouldn’t give me one so I got the bottle, opened the cap and poured it all over her head 😂

  • Jurassic game
    Jurassic game 7 days ago

    Teacher’s helpers one. If we help the teachers with something then we get extra credit for are grades to go up

  • Calico Bunny
    Calico Bunny 7 days ago

    I remember having this one substitute teacher - I told her that her clothes made her look like a witch in Hogwarts and she’s been treating me nicely ever since lmao

  • CrystalCreates 205
    CrystalCreates 205 7 days ago

    And then assemble these iPhones?

  • Ella Woodruff
    Ella Woodruff 7 days ago +1

    I used to think teachers lived at school

  • Chippy Abbott
    Chippy Abbott 7 days ago

    I have the worst experiences with attendance
    I’m the first one
    It’s the worst when they ask you a question

  • Nikola Muszynska
    Nikola Muszynska 8 days ago


  • Katie Turnbull
    Katie Turnbull 8 days ago

    I hate it when I don't have my hand up and the teacher yesterday we were doing algebra I didn't know the answer so I didn't put my hand up and we were asked to work out in are maths book so guess who they asked ME so this is how the conversation whent like "you answer this question" " don't know the answer " "well didn't you work 8t out in your book" " I tried but I didn't understand" "well here's your chance to" I was so close to slapping the teacher

  • Ava Fagan
    Ava Fagan 8 days ago

    Is a supply teacher the same as a substitute?

  • Levern Pieterson
    Levern Pieterson 8 days ago +1

    lily:we allowed to smoke in protest against racism😂😂

  • It's Pastel Dreams
    It's Pastel Dreams 8 days ago +1

    In school I saw a boy get knocked by a basketball and fell off and his head I looked away for a second and saw blood all over his head
    Whacky enough??

  • Gwendalynn Alvarado
    Gwendalynn Alvarado 8 days ago

    It’s so awkward during attendance but I’m first so she will call “Gwen” I’m like yes what do you need help with then she calls other people 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mute Games
    Mute Games 8 days ago

    A boy kiss a boy now that’s weird

  • Andy
    Andy 8 days ago

    Lol we try to say present in the funniest way and exchange our names for attendance

  • Phoenix is Awesome
    Phoenix is Awesome 8 days ago

    I guess now we know why students torture supply/substitute teachers

  • Katelyn Pham
    Katelyn Pham 8 days ago +1

    when I was in 4th grade we set people up on dates...

  • Leah Waterman
    Leah Waterman 8 days ago

    I am taking a test and i have to look at my practice test.

  • Lamby_Loombs 13
    Lamby_Loombs 13 8 days ago

    Now because I'm a good person and ask if I can help my teachers

  • a random internet person

    You always lighten my bad days! Ily! Keep doing what you doing!!~

  • ashboi
    ashboi 9 days ago

    The only part that is not true..... we can’t wear hats in school

  • Yasmin Yehia
    Yasmin Yehia 9 days ago

    My mom bday is tmrw

  • Jasmine Robinson
    Jasmine Robinson 9 days ago

    you! speak the TRUTH sis!

  • Jake Lieberman
    Jake Lieberman 9 days ago +1

    My subs would not fall for that and I always felt bad for being mean to the teachers so I was nice to them.