4 Ways Living in Japan Changed Me

  • Published on Mar 18, 2017
  • For the 100th video, I look back on ways Japanese culture may have changed my personality.
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  • chwaca
    chwaca 4 hours ago

    Well you don't have to live in Japan to experience more civilized culture, just visit Europe. I was shocked when I came to UK, how dirty, loud and uncivilized are people in London. Rubbish on the street everywhere, chicken bones, and empty bottles in the bus, homeless almost on every corner, guys and specially kids shouting in the public transport !!!

  • KrakDag
    KrakDag Day ago

    sukky. do they have boom boom?

  • KayVintage
    KayVintage Day ago

    The funniest sign I've seen is in one of the Lumine malls in Shinjuku at a store called "Titty Co."

  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 3 days ago

    This is my first vid and im going to subscribe! I like your dry humor too funny, congrats on 100 vids but im pretty sure there's more but keep it going. Im from the U.S_ Texas

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 4 days ago

    Those sticks of Semtex and timer (assume fake); can't see the connection to, "The ball's in your court", however would discourage parking wardens stickering your car.
    You'd need to have a Tomy Toys logo, or slammer time would beckon.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 4 days ago

    A class once asked me about my hobby when I was a teenager.
    "I was really into bomb making; weed killer, sugar, model aeroplane fuse wire ..."
    I think the Irish dialect went over their heads.
    They did seem to cringe away from me after that.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 4 days ago

    I really think you're really on to something, Chris. Brits are definitely a type, and a dilution process occurs the longer you remain in sunny Japan, or perhaps that should be the longer you are out of Britain. The further you take yourself from Britain the nicer person you become. So if you put a Brit on the Moon … There’s a resentment, summed up in the throw-away line, "Young Caruthers, gone completely native."
    Mainstream Brits are less likely to fly the coop and seek their fortune in the colonies because they are completely satisfied with YUK. However, those pushed to the periphery of society, as example were you to you state, "I have no interest in football", may get the feeling the old umbilical cord is being axed in the nastiest possible way. So it's a case of "hate it and leave it". Britain's a nation of bullies with a "rats leaving the sinking ships (smart rats)" mind set, as you are rapidly finding out from the comments received.
    Have you noticed when you return to UK for that home visit, nobody's interested in your traveller's tales? A couple of polite questions and that's about all. Do they ask you what's it like living in Hong Kong? In the 1980's I got this all the time. As geographically challenged as Americans.
    The impression is that you are showing off and making those long-time friends feel insecure and inferior. Well, there's a solid reason that these gutless rubes feel up-staged and inferior; washed up on the UK beach with the flotsam and jetsam of the stream of life. They are inferior. How many times have you heard, “For two pins I’d emigrate”? Suuuure.
    The notion of "seek your fortune in the colonies" followed by a return to UK, get elected to the local Council and lord it over the peasants is a long abandoned dream. When you're gone, stay gone and don't leave one foot in UK, thus to deprive greedy HMRC of the excuse to throw "Double Taxation" at you.
    Japan’s only viable when you have high income to set against high living costs So always keep Plan B on the back burner.
    Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  • JellicleCat09
    JellicleCat09 6 days ago

    "It's normal to be loud and annoying in the UK"
    As an Australian, I feel you.

  • JellicleCat09
    JellicleCat09 6 days ago

    It's obviously changed your hair for the better. Kudos.

  • ero tero
    ero tero 6 days ago

    Ahahaha I miss Takeshi's Castle

  • M Say
    M Say 7 days ago

    Congratulations on making 100 videos, Chris. I really enjoy watching your channel. Thank you.

  • adir avraham
    adir avraham 7 days ago

    Why the fuck is he always sounds like someone shoot a semen up his nasal cavity?

  • Corey Shaffer
    Corey Shaffer 11 days ago

    could you imagine the Liberal uproar for a "White Day" LOL

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 11 days ago

    Wow he sound Johnny deps

  • Ur Joker
    Ur Joker 12 days ago

    "In the UK using a vending machine is like fucking gambling"!! XD

  • Diego Scur
    Diego Scur 12 days ago

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    If you don't want to miss the next cheap flight, give a like in my page on Facebook. :D

  • Your Likes Make Me Moist

    that teacher who didnt understand why you wanted to become a pirate obviously never watched one piece before, teenagers would probably understand why since one piece is the most popular anime in japan.

  • Dopa Dopameme
    Dopa Dopameme 21 day ago

    Japan surely is a beautiful country to visit, but not to live in. I think that most people are very lonely while working their asses off for economy. (Look at the Mangakas)

  • Loya Frostwind
    Loya Frostwind 22 days ago

    Is Sukki just some trendy weird anglicism of suki?

  • Loya Frostwind
    Loya Frostwind 22 days ago

    A Super NES was the second thing I bought with my paycheck, when I got my first job in the 90s. The first was a pair of Oakley sunglasses that broke too easily. :(

    KYO SINGAPORE 24 days ago

    Human Centipde ! Rope Pinic Suicide Pact ! LOL !!

  • nitewing9
    nitewing9 24 days ago

    UK has a lot more racial violence than Japan tbh, Japan is just less diverse

  • Tori Ko
    Tori Ko 26 days ago

    That message at the end was so nice

  • Léo Pereira 「レオ」

    “There’s no faster way to a guy’s affection than by giving him some Sukky”
    I’m dying

  • Anthony Preece
    Anthony Preece 27 days ago

    you never disappoint   ever.... Nice hair..... Thanks

  • Alex Nikoo
    Alex Nikoo 29 days ago

    I do not know how can I speak that much fast like you? I am not native speaker, but it has nothing to do with level of language ability.

  • shaen evex
    shaen evex Month ago

    damn your hair grows fast

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen Month ago

    This is pure gold ROLF!

  • kairon156
    kairon156 Month ago

    A major way to tell the difference between individualism and collectivism is to watch how Japan plays baseball. It's very much a team sport rather than to see who can get the most home runs.

  • alex guzman
    alex guzman Month ago

    Man i love this guy!!!😂😂😂

  • ThroatSore
    ThroatSore Month ago

    Congratulations on your 100th.
    And thank you for them. They helped when I visited.

  • Saints_Ghost
    Saints_Ghost Month ago

    America seems to share the same vending machine troubles 🤦‍♀️

  • Sliverbane
    Sliverbane Month ago

    I love Pocari Sweat... -__-

  • M. P.
    M. P. Month ago

    "there is no faster way to a guy's affections like giving them some... sukky."
    I laughed so hard, I had to stop the video because I wasn't able to listen anymore.

  • J. S.
    J. S. Month ago

    Some other Youtuber in Japan got recommended by locals in Japan not to eat 7-eleven salads, as they put chemicals that makes the salads not get bad over a long period of time.

  • J. S.
    J. S. Month ago

    You should've said: "Like the type of pirate Luffy in One Piece is!!!" :)

  • Crimson Rose
    Crimson Rose Month ago

    You mean things in the Japanese vending machines don't get stuck?!

  • Shawn Barron
    Shawn Barron Month ago

    Hey I love the piece of music at the end what is it? Also Chris I got back about a month ago, from a short trip to Japan, and your channel was one of the main motivators to me having the confidence to start learning Japanese and eventually visit there, ありがとうございます ^_^.

  • Elizabeth Roberts
    Elizabeth Roberts Month ago

    is it me or the cat looks rather hitlerian? gochisousama deshita, Chris!

  • John LaPaglia
    John LaPaglia Month ago

    6:30 - In the nation of Japan, the train and subway-train is a place for you to quietly read and possibly play games on your "Nintendo 3ds" with headphones. You must keep quiet on trains.

  • bryan ventura
    bryan ventura Month ago

    top gear 😂

  • 4dualshock
    4dualshock Month ago

    is 'sukky' like a play on words and actually means 'suki' which sort of translates to 'i like/love'....i guess

  • Philippe D.
    Philippe D. Month ago

    yea hit me with that Hofstede bruv

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski Month ago

    Amazing vid. Thank you for making it!

  • EffYouCeeKay
    EffYouCeeKay Month ago


  • Nick Turvin
    Nick Turvin Month ago

    Nice video! Ive been living in Korea for the last 5 or 6 years and I can relate to all of this =)

  • sam ethan
    sam ethan Month ago


  • Johan F
    Johan F Month ago

    I just love your videos and your humour!! :D

  • David Heary
    David Heary Month ago

    After i found you, i watched 40 of your videos in one sitting. Keep it up, friend.

  • Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop Month ago

    There could be no doubt there's no faster way to a guy's affections than by giving him some sukky.

  • ellen_ ok_
    ellen_ ok_ Month ago

    Idk about others, but I 'm crazy about your accent 😍

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination Month ago

    Some of these things you compare to the UK, I keep thinking, "You mean the US?" because it's such a prevalent a stereotype in the US that the British are polite and we're rude.

  • Jaska V
    Jaska V Month ago

    Ayy nice topgear reference there how are you liking the japanise car culture

  • ArohkYT
    ArohkYT Month ago

    Japan realy is amazing, i only was there for two weeks holiday but had a great time. maybe i go back to see even more in one or two years.
    I can not imagine to live there for 4 years, like how to finance that, also learning japanese realy gives me a hard time , i just can't remember the words xX

  • Well Hush
    Well Hush Month ago

    Chris you are just an awesome guy :)

  • Cam Sivyer
    Cam Sivyer Month ago

    I really like your videos. Congrats on 100. On the very 1st vid I subbed. I think you're a really cool guy.

    THE BEST IN THE WORLD 2 months ago

    "it´s normal to be loud and annoying inthe UK"
    Boy for me the UK was the most quiet place ever
    You should go to south america to have a true culture shock

  • Ngọc Hiếu Vương
    Ngọc Hiếu Vương 2 months ago

    Sukky sukky 10 bucky

  • asd asdas
    asd asdas 2 months ago

    Lol I see singapore place under "Low uncertainty avoidance traits"
    Thinking about it.. yea. Except most people in my country doesn't seem to accept the uncertainties as well as the westerners.
    Imagine a customer picking a fight with a store owner over a strand of hair in the food(which we don't even know who's hair is that really).

  • Lachelle Washington
    Lachelle Washington 2 months ago

    Coming to Japan in 2 weeks it would be cool to meet you in person

  • seiranshi
    seiranshi 2 months ago

    Im going in osaka this october i hope i could buy that cute cat!!

  • Brad Reeves
    Brad Reeves 2 months ago

    I've been binge watching your channel for about a week now. I love your videos. Your humor is spot on and the info you give about Japan is excellent. Keep up the great vids!

  • Anne
    Anne 2 months ago

    i love the faulty vending machines, when mashing the buttons i usually get 1 extra for free xD

  • Sir Milner
    Sir Milner 2 months ago

    You look a lot healthier since your first videos, your skin looks a lot clearer....must be your diet of fried chicken, soft drinks and kit kats hahaha

  • Milan Sekulic
    Milan Sekulic 2 months ago

    Why does that cat behind him look like Hitler?

  • Jason R
    Jason R 2 months ago

    8:52 I'm kind of surprised that One Piece hasn't softened the view of pirates for the Japanese People :/

  • Alicia Chan
    Alicia Chan 2 months ago

    Constantly flouting the law of continuity errors. Brilliant!

  • Sung Ahn
    Sung Ahn 2 months ago

    annoying ass fat dude

  • Kristina Cuzon
    Kristina Cuzon 2 months ago

    The pirate story is so effin funny!! 😂😂😂

  • Sgt.Grinner
    Sgt.Grinner 2 months ago

    "...shown to physical, inanimate (FUCKING) objects as well."

  • Ms. Nohotyoga
    Ms. Nohotyoga 2 months ago

    "I wanted to become a pirate." Quizzical death stares abound.

  • Mike The Gamer
    Mike The Gamer 2 months ago

    what the hell is the outro music? I MUST KNOW!!!!

  • Sidney Pendergrass
    Sidney Pendergrass 2 months ago

    Have you tried to look up your Japanese family crest?

  • Megichu
    Megichu 2 months ago

    I'm grateful for you too... even though I just realized I don't remember what your name is. :L Thank you, regardless, for giving me much-needed motivation to keep studying my Japanese. You're the bomb.

  • The Bashers
    The Bashers 2 months ago

    How much was the Sukky? Was the Sukky Sukky five dorra?

  • Farhan Sid
    Farhan Sid 2 months ago

    i would like some sukky sounds fun :p

  • Samaris Nychelle Stephens

    I stayed away from Pocari Sweat. Sounded 🤔

  • Pinkman BreakingBad
    Pinkman BreakingBad 2 months ago

    4:59 i knew you was the Mr.Bean

  • Ross Rudolf
    Ross Rudolf 2 months ago

    Haha the top gear part!

  • Gustav Muller
    Gustav Muller 2 months ago

    Love this channel!!!

  • Japanese Sushi
    Japanese Sushi 2 months ago

    Wondering what videos beginners want to learn? I can help you out i guess!

  • I Am The Editor
    I Am The Editor 2 months ago

    Everything is a thing in Japan.

  • Hexa Promos
    Hexa Promos 2 months ago +2

    Well, I am a Singaporean and I'd like to voice some of my thoughts on Singapore...
    First off, Family life can be pretty stressful here too. Both or either parent is usually out of the house at work from around 7/8am - 7/8pm (But this is just a rough estimate). I must say that I am indeed thankful for my family having able to have time together despite my Father's work. As for my other friends, they sometimes do not usually see their parents around all that much. To top that off, school is pretty stressful too. Many parents stress the fact that studying is key to a successful future and put a lot of emphasis on that.
    Secondly, I've lived in the USA while my Father had the chance to study overseas, thus the whole family being able to follow suit. And from my experience, people in the USA tend to be more relaxed than an average Singaporean. I personally feel that Americans are much more easily approachable than the locals here in Singapore. Another good thing that occurred to me while I was there was that, I barely experienced any racism or prejudice from the people around. And that, I am really thankful for. Despite being a full-fledge Chinese born in Singapore with complete exposure to the Chinese Language, I am barely able to speak any of it. From young I spoke only English and very little Chinese and now I am only able to communicate in English with the ability to comprehend a tad bit of Chinese.
    Although most locals are fine with communicating via English, there are some who are just unable to speak it. There were many instances where I attempted to order food and was met with a condescending or annoyed attitude for I was only able to speak English. And on some occasions I am called names which I consider rude and insulting. Although I've mentioned before that most locals are fine with English being used in a conversation, apparently my accent seems to be in the way. It seems that some people believe that it is weird for a Chinese to be speaking in an American accent and because of that, they would want to avoid me.
    Well, it is what it is. Although I am a Singaporean, I personally do not enjoy where I live but I must say that I am thankful that Singapore is sheltered from natural disasters, less prone to terrorism, low-crime rates and a government isn't corrupted. If I had a choice, I would pick to stay either in Japan or America. I feel more at home over at those places rather than my home country.
    Well that was quite a comment and I apologize that there is no TL;DR
    Thank you for taking your time to read this!
    If you have any thoughts or anything, I'd love to hear them out :)

  • OCD Stig
    OCD Stig 2 months ago

    You owned a Vectra?...You poor soul...

  • RepublicanGuard
    RepublicanGuard 2 months ago

    Bru - I just found your channel and you are a buster!!!
    Your new #1 South African fan!!

  • Thy Poet Hath Spoken
    Thy Poet Hath Spoken 2 months ago +1

    I think that a move to Japan would up most peoples mental endurance.
    Where someone from the west would normally say: "You don't see that every day..."
    Instead, it would be replaced by: "That is completely normal. Nothing weird about it. Just an ad, or a name of a store... yep. Completely normal."
    ***Mental Endurance has increased by 1. Current ME skill is 100. Perk: Can never be driven "completely" insane.***

  • watfordman
    watfordman 2 months ago +2

    10:05 CYBERDOG!

  • watfordman
    watfordman 2 months ago +40

    Sukky Sukky ten dollar?

  • stefan hanousek
    stefan hanousek 2 months ago

    Thumbs up cause CAT

  • Elinars
    Elinars 2 months ago +2

    Praise Kek

  • federicoz100
    federicoz100 2 months ago

    The sukky joke was so good

  • Idris Hussain
    Idris Hussain 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing but then again you are one slow learner in a culture which is better than UK's.

  • KawaiiPettanko
    KawaiiPettanko 2 months ago

    7:58 "is it a British custom?"...xDDDD

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M 2 months ago

    I'm procrastinating on my Organisational Behaviour assessment by watching this video and you throw some Hofstede at me. Jfc, mate. :))

  • Numair Mansur
    Numair Mansur 2 months ago

    man i just love your humor :D

  • RyuN
    RyuN 2 months ago

    there's no faster way to a guy's heart than giving him a "sucky"
    and i'm out

  • Benches Laroue
    Benches Laroue 2 months ago

    I ate the pavement today in Tsukiji like I fell down the stairs and a lady picked up my stuff and helped me. People here are crazy nice. Thanks Japanese lady!!!!

  • beth98362 R
    beth98362 R 2 months ago

    Try freezing your pocky sticks... fantastic... my favorite is Strawberry!

  • Philip Gregory
    Philip Gregory 2 months ago

    It's supposed to be "suki", as in 好き

  • Mai Maitho
    Mai Maitho 2 months ago

    Oh yeah! Sukky! Sukky! Me love you long time 😂