The Creature and Special Effects of Alien: Covenant!

  • Published on May 17, 2017
  • Alien: Covenant on Digital HD Aug 1
    On Blu-ray & DVD Aug 15
    Adam Savage explores the massive built sets of Alien: Covenant and chats with visual effects supervisor Neil Corbould about the resurgence of practical effects to complement cg effects in blockbuster filmmaking. Adam also gets up close with some familiar Alien universe props in the creature fabrication workshop!
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox
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    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Kishore Hari
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    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
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Comments • 679

  • Kirk Thomas
    Kirk Thomas 5 days ago

    Shame the movie wasn't as good as these effects...

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite 22 days ago

    i enjoyed the hell out of covenant - that said, i don't really care all that much for the alien franchise lol

  • Diego Vilas Boas
    Diego Vilas Boas 3 months ago


  • Fury of the Beast
    Fury of the Beast 3 months ago

    Practical effects will always be better. No matter how good the CGI is, nothing can replace something that's actually there.

    Keep movies real.

  • Forever_UT_ fan
    Forever_UT_ fan 3 months ago

    When the alien enters the hangar last scene and you see it walking, that is not CGI. And it seems cheap.
    For the aliens in AvP 1 there were used practical effects, and they still look fantastic.

  • Thor Manfield
    Thor Manfield 4 months ago

    CGI is okay for moving giant objects or for creating some epic natural disaster, but when you CGI things that could've been taken care of with some good practical effects it makes me hate the approach. There is nothing wrong with CGI but only if used in the right places.

  • Zion Leach
    Zion Leach 5 months ago

    Adam savage rip mythbusters

  • David Sucgang
    David Sucgang 6 months ago +1

    4:34 be careful, Ridley might’ve stuck his wussie in there

  • CarnageChronicles
    CarnageChronicles 6 months ago

    Can you imagine aliens come to Earth and for some reason they choose to watch one of the alien movies before they actually land on Earth they will skedaddle after they see what is waiting since they might not know about SGI.

  • sergio- 24m
    sergio- 24m 7 months ago

    I prefer the guy in a suit

  • grarghov1
    grarghov1 7 months ago

    regarding the sound effects, i found funny that for the hisses/growls of the classic Alien, sounds from Alien:Isolation were used :)

  • harry balsaq
    harry balsaq 8 months ago

    lot of vaginas in that alien

  • KissingZombie's Channel

    okay, so they had a guy in the suit ON SET, yet they decided to CGI over it.. shameless... Ridley has totally forgot what made the Alien scary in the first place.. as a superfan of Alien and Aliens, this movie was an insult.. its like Jason X style slasher with stupid looking CG creatures, and a fucking Android as the main antagonist... awful...

  • Přemysl Havlík
    Přemysl Havlík 8 months ago

    I think in this case, everything around this film is better than film itself =D

  • Sleepy Cerberus
    Sleepy Cerberus 8 months ago +1

    I love this movie, almost as good Alien and Aliens.

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 8 months ago

    Really wish they could stop CGIing over some of the props, that people worked hard on to make.

  • im a potato 234
    im a potato 234 8 months ago

    so much effort is put in the special effects. wonder why such effort wasn't put in the story itself

  • Piggy Oink Oink
    Piggy Oink Oink 8 months ago

    4:24 That facehugger looks even creepier than the original one from Alien. Too bad the actual xenomorph from 'Covenant' lacks the biomechanical look, it's too organic and "fleshy" looking with the texture of tendons and raw meat as opposed to the metallic "tubes and pipes" look of the original:

  • Tyler Messer
    Tyler Messer 8 months ago

    I've noticed a huge difference between Adam and Norm, and why I have the respect I do for Adam, and the mild irritation I have with Norm. Norm is very grabby and trying to pick things up, touch them, or even take things out of someone's hands, whereas in the last couple Alien Covenant videos I've watched, Adam has ALWAYS asked permission first before touching anything. Just a peeve of mine. If it ain't your shit, don't just assume people wanting you fondling it. Excellent manners, Adam. 😂

  • Ed Garazaky
    Ed Garazaky 9 months ago

    "can i touch?"
    "yeah, *it's perfectly safe* "

  • NateBit8
    NateBit8 9 months ago

    i think the reason he does it is because the reaction from the cast is more realistic with this kind of set

  • bob williams
    bob williams 9 months ago

    I feel so bad none of the people on set know how bad the movie is XD.

  • rhoadnaroahs
    rhoadnaroahs 9 months ago

    Too bad the movie SUCKED!

  • Clownman
    Clownman 9 months ago

    Hate to tell you guys that the xenomorph was 100% cgi throughout the film was fucking pissed -_-

  • Morgan Elliott
    Morgan Elliott 10 months ago

    I have zero interest in any Alien movies, but I'm such a sucker for all this behind the scenes stuff, it's making me want to go watch it just to see how it all turned out. So congratulations Fox, your marketing is working.

  • Necros1s
    Necros1s 10 months ago

    Props for the practical effects! but Studio ADI makes way better things. And covenant was a complete shit wave. shouldnt have been made.

  • Blue Tank Engine Pictures

    Which company did the practical FX for Covenant ? I know some was filmed in NZ

  • Smartphone Phone
    Smartphone Phone 10 months ago

    This Savage is very lucky to be invited to many interesting events.

  • The Helghan Empire
    The Helghan Empire 10 months ago

    This movie needed more Xenomorphs...

  • Joseindustries
    Joseindustries 10 months ago

    i love the monster-facehugger desing, i can't imagine what kind of creature could born of him!!

  • Jayee
    Jayee 10 months ago

    Ridley has such a fascination with vaginas. :D

  • Mr.ScaryPasta
    Mr.ScaryPasta 10 months ago

    Wow! At least Alien is using Practical still.

  • marksfirst1
    marksfirst1 10 months ago

    I liked the film it was just a shame the ending was so predictable.

  • Mauro angst
    Mauro angst 10 months ago

    Love the way this director choose to use a lot of practical effects. I think this help the actors and the production team to empathize with the story and this fake world that the movie is creating, so everyone can perform better and really understand what they are doing

  • GeneralBarricade
    GeneralBarricade 10 months ago

    "Ridley doesn't like too much CG"
    half the movie was in CG even the alien was CG'd over from a suit actor.

  • Klwir Qldf
    Klwir Qldf 10 months ago

    This was an amazing "behind the scenes" episode.

  • dh198423
    dh198423 10 months ago

    I understand you cant have the Aliens running & jumping with practical effects but if you're going to use CGI then why not do a great job. Why was the CGI so bad? Was it because of the budget cuts and maybe time constraints?

  • MY 2 CENTS
    MY 2 CENTS 10 months ago

    hmmm I expected them to talk more about the xenomorph suit used

  • mondomacabro major
    mondomacabro major 10 months ago

    .... i am glad practical effects are becoming more 3D printed!!!!?

  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot. 11 months ago

    In photos released several months prior of this massacre scenario, there are a couple of figures that seemed to be locked in close quarters fighting, my question is was the cargo David released upon the city meant to transform or vaporize?

  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot. 11 months ago

    Cecille B. Demille would've been proud.

  • Severian Wintermute
    Severian Wintermute 11 months ago

    Shame all this talent and work was in service of such a lackluster film. I can't say i was disappointed because the trailers made it pretty clear what we were getting, but still. What a shame. Ridley has forgotten everything that made the original Alien such a masterpiece.

  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 11 months ago

    Can you do more of these I love these

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 11 months ago

    Whoa, these sets are insane scale. Rain probably gave a more natural texture and finish. 😱 One of my favorite films this year.

  • perseus zeus
    perseus zeus 11 months ago

    kind-of boring of this old same lame alien shit.. fresh ideas please.. new xenomorph should help for better ticket sales

  • David Datura
    David Datura 11 months ago

    This movie still hasn't reached my part of the world yet, and I really want to see it! Mind you with its weak opening box-office weekend, will there be another one?

  • runningsandwich
    runningsandwich 11 months ago

    It seems like none of the creature effects made it in

  • Max Nelson
    Max Nelson 11 months ago

    These videos make the movie seem better than it was, it was ok, but definitely not as good as alien or aliens

  • Ethan Edmiston
    Ethan Edmiston 11 months ago

    Looks like pompa

  • Ndre Sadega
    Ndre Sadega 11 months ago

    why not adi studio ?

  • Dustywitch
    Dustywitch 11 months ago

    I'd love to see Adam do a build on a xenomorph costume for cosplay.

  • Mark Barrera
    Mark Barrera 11 months ago

    so much great work and effort- then the story is THAT. >:(

  • KALIMAindia
    KALIMAindia 11 months ago

    C'mon!! You create practical effects just to scan them and make them CGI???!?!?! Stupid idiots!!!!!
    I have to say that the design of the Xenomorph in Covenant was really good! But because it was all CG it felt disappointing :/

    DRUMMINGCYBORG 11 months ago

    Couldnt think of a more perfect host for my nerdgasm

  • Johannes Snutt
    Johannes Snutt 11 months ago

    Funny how after people put in so much work into making a movie you always get entitled douche bags that has done nothing with their lives complaining.

  • OkraOba
    OkraOba 11 months ago

    Covenant was SUPERB!

  • Justanother fancy screenname

    Watching this on Tuesday, I can't wait. I'm a huge alien fan. Still get a little chill, thinking about to when I saw the first one in the theaters.

  • JordanJee
    JordanJee 11 months ago +1

    To Adam, this were the most comprehensive review of Behind The Scences

  • Tactical Burrito System
    Tactical Burrito System 11 months ago

    Its safe to call Covenant Garbage because the movie's actual title is "Prometheus 2: Electric Boogaloo".

  • DFrost25
    DFrost25 11 months ago

    Boom operator got bored at the 6:40 mark

  • -ED case-
    -ED case- 11 months ago

    'Special Effects' is practical (real) and 'Visual Effects' is CG

  • Ali A
    Ali A 11 months ago

    Heard this movie was a complete and utter disappointment..Ridley ruined all the lore and mystery behind the Aliens..would recommend checking out the review by AngryJoeShow

  • AlchemyRiot
    AlchemyRiot 11 months ago

    So many vaginas in this video with the eggs and facehuggers. :P

    • Roberto Gonzalez
      Roberto Gonzalez 10 months ago

      Shay Brooks pussy

    • One-Eye
      One-Eye 11 months ago +1

      That's Giger for you. His work was very heavily sexual.

  • cama leon
    cama leon 11 months ago

    they should named this video interview with special effects people or whatever they call this guys crap video.

  • Elohmn
    Elohmn 11 months ago +1

    The cgi in AC looked like garbage. Hated every second of these on-screen "aliens". What a terrible death of such an incredible creature.

    • Elohmn
      Elohmn 11 months ago

      +Bru741iX Nope hated those just as bad. The difference was those were never really meant to be more then what they were. A popcorn movie.
      AC is supposed to be held to the same standard as Alien itself.
      Have you seen the dorsal tubes clipping through the deck in the scene on-board the Covenant? Thats shit expected from a video game, not from a movie directed by RS.

    • Bru741iX
      Bru741iX 11 months ago

      So you hated the CGI in Alien Covenant, but didnt mind the CGI from Alien Resurrection, AVP and AVP:R?
      Get your fucking head out of your ass, the alien creature have been "dead" since Alien 3...

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant 11 months ago

    "Two-headed monsters? C'mon."

  • HooliganMovement
    HooliganMovement 11 months ago

    I have what would've been a better back story which would set up multiple trilogies pre-prometheus and post-Aliens (obvious SPOILERS, but this is a spoiler video itself sooooo):
    Long ago engineers encountered another advanced civilization in the universe. They were better at science and engineers were better at war. Diplomatic truce. The science ppl were so good at it they figured out how to seed life and started doing so in secret. Mankind turned out to be one of their experiments (more on that later). Eventually the engineers stumbled upon earth and found it inhabited w a species oddly similar to their scientist buddies who didn't tell them they were seeding life. They started taking small samples of the population for experiments and such, while also trying to steal whatever data they could from the scientists. They were eventually caught and war breaks out (this turns out to be what's been speculated as the Engineer Civil War).
    Since engineers are better at killing things, being the physically superior species and all (see: engineer fighting off that massive octopus thing in prometheus w his bare hands) the scientists create the OG biomechanical Xenomorph to even the odds. Now this Xenomorph cannot spawn, and each one much be lab created (a caveat encoded into their original DNA by the scientists to completely control them). Eventually a few are captured by engineers and experimented in, etc (in secret hiding locations such as the world of Prometheus). Eventually the engineers manage to create black goo (a mutagen they used to seed life and can be weaponized to create Xenomorph-esque creatures but not being as good at science, can't 100% replicate the OG biomech Xeno).
    Back to humanity. Turns out we're the most promising seeded life form yet, in terms of our evolution/scientific and technical advancements/large scale societies and governments, etc culminating in our "creation" of AI (which our scientist creators already made long ago, we're essentially just accessing shit encoded in our DNA copied from our creators). Inspired by us, the engineers attempt to seed life in their own image as well using their black goo (which is how/why the civilization on Paradise that David eventually destroys looks like smaller engineers w/ human skin tone... And ultimately why David kills them in the first place. More on that later).
    So, back to prometheus. The signal sent to us by engineers was merely to gather additional samples of humans for archiving/experimentation/etc before they destroyed earth (since they're still at war with the scientist race and have decided to wipe them, and all evidence of their work out of existence).
    Now, leading into Covenant this would explain what David learned while Shaw was in cryosleep that made him decided to bomb the inhabitants of Paradise out of existence. It would also explain why he (SPOILERS) experimented on Shaw. He realized her reproductive organs were mutated during the events of Prometheus but she still managed to both live, and remain seemingly fully human. So there's something about her physiology that needs to be learned/utilized/etc (I would have Shaw alive during Covenant in an open surgery/adrenaline/antibiotic drip state but that's just me), and from his experiments on her the Alien ability to reproduce is developed (which doesn't make him the creator of the Xenomorph, but does give him a huge role in their advancement). This would explains the eggs in Alien, Aliens, etc without having to retcon anything (and would even make key plot elements of Alien 3 and Resurrection tolerable/logical). David could also use Walter to recreate the OG biomechanical Xenomorph as well, as he discovers that the original creator of man had AI capabilities tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago.
    All this does multiple things: explains why engineers hate humans w/o having to tread along the "Jesus was an engineer" shtick, explains the variations in xeno/proto/neomorphs and various kinds of huggers etc, it sets up a trilogy pre-dating prometheus which can also now include OG biomechanical Xenomorphs, as well as make earth ufology and metaphysical fantasy elements ppl love in movies now canon to the Alien universe, as well as setting up a potential post-Aliens (or even post Alien Resurrection depending on where you want to pick the time line up at) trilogy that's literally engineers vs the creators of man vs colonial marines vs Aliens just fucking shit up on a galactic scale.
    Unfortunately, I think that Ridley Scott may have fucked that all up to shoehorn Covenant directly into pre-dating the original Alien film.
    Lmk what yall think?

  • BigJohnno2
    BigJohnno2 11 months ago


  • 00Mindi00
    00Mindi00 11 months ago

    Such a disappointing film. Awful storyline (wait, it barely has one), doesn't continue from Prometheus like it should have, none of the scenes had anything scary at all, too much xenomorph, the list goes on. Ridley Scott is to the franchise as George Lucas is now to Star Wars. Time to let Blomkamp steer this sinking ship right!!!

  • darknecropsy
    darknecropsy 11 months ago

    too bad the movie sucks...

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 11 months ago

    Loving these behind the scenes. Great to see Adam get all excited over the props and models

  • Jason Tennant
    Jason Tennant 11 months ago

    As much as I love seeing these behind the scenes videos Tested do, and marvel at the craftsmanship of movie making at this level, I still have zero desire to actually go to a cinema to watch this thing. And I probably won't bother with the home release either.
    I'm almost completely burnt out on these big blockbuster pop culture "event" movies. Same with the next Star Wars installment. I will watch plenty more "making of..." videos no doubt, but I'm happy and content with the originals and I actually couldn't care less about the new releases.

  • Nando Klein
    Nando Klein 11 months ago

    3 scifi fictionist nerds could have made a better movie....100 times better so far...some scenes of this movie are just unreal....kind of scenes that toy wiht spectators inteligence...Like arrive with simple clothies on another unknow planet...get a sick guy to a quarentene room, and stay there, then close the door, then open the door sealed...a hat cowboy guy crying for the death of his woman in a minute, and in the other lauguing and whistling like a cowboy ridding a bull very happy....Just a trash movie god sake i feel ofended to have watched such a crap movie. Trust. This movie is like my english ....rsrsrsrs LOL

  • That Guy
    That Guy 11 months ago

    Oh Adam, how I wish I was you.....

  • Dan Hitchman
    Dan Hitchman 11 months ago

    It's just like Ghost in the Shell... they make a bunch of great practical effects and then they all get replaced by CGI in the final film!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • ingram98ab
    ingram98ab 11 months ago

    if aliens ever try to invade earth, we just need an army of animatronic monsters to scare the shit out of those muthaf*ckers, and maybe a lot of fake "propaganda" videos showing unbelivably powerful, yet nonexistent weapons...

  • MilesTCG
    MilesTCG 11 months ago

    hi adam i watched ur entire show mythbusters! i wish u kept it going! :(

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 11 months ago

    A saw a few vaginas on those eggs and aliens, oooh the rudeness of it all!

  • Acheiropoietos
    Acheiropoietos 11 months ago

    Loving this stuff Adam!

  • Distortzz
    Distortzz 11 months ago

    Great film

  • Jason
    Jason 11 months ago

    Why didn't they use practical Aliens! Missed opportunities if you ask me...

  • Tiger H. Lore
    Tiger H. Lore 11 months ago +2

    Now if Ridley would only spend that much time and effort on the screenplay...

  • a. banks.
    a. banks. 11 months ago

    So, Alien life, imitates art through 3D Printing...

  • A M
    A M 11 months ago

    those boom mic skills...

  • MrTikru
    MrTikru 11 months ago

    Adam make a fidget spinner / the works largest fidget spinner

  • AllTheMovies parsnip
    AllTheMovies parsnip 11 months ago

    Adam should make the suitcase-stamp from antisocial as a oneday build!

  • The Schwarsztz
    The Schwarsztz 11 months ago

    6:52 on the mic is in the shot. really cool interview.

  • Mike Recoil
    Mike Recoil 11 months ago

    126 assholes

  • Neale Scott
    Neale Scott 11 months ago

    if only the story was as good as the fx.

  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy 11 months ago

    What's the difference between a blue screen & a green screen?

  • William Miller
    William Miller 11 months ago

    I've grown weary of the super hero heavily CGI genre movies, nice to see Hollywood get back to some of the basics.

  • Вадим Янченко

    Pls, reply if there are any spoilers!

  • cfbcfbcfbcfb99
    cfbcfbcfbcfb99 11 months ago

    this movie is crap! fox and Ridley have no clue about the saga direction!

  • PhoenixofSun
    PhoenixofSun 11 months ago

    Unpopular opinion apparently: They use the practical models as a reference for actors on set and later as a lighting reference for animators converting the practical model to a computer generated model. I think it really does make the creatures look really good. As much as people love practical models, CG really makes them feel more alive. Its like Yoda in Star Wars, the puppet looked better but the animated model felt more alive and like a real character.

  • Dhayalan Subramani
    Dhayalan Subramani 11 months ago


    Valli may 172017

    Valli may 17 2017

  • Simon fisher
    Simon fisher 11 months ago

    Haven't seen it yet but I have to say, I really don't give a shit about how technically brilliant all the effects are, it's not essential for making a great scifi anymore. The priority should be atmosphere, soundtrack, great characters and most of all, a fantastic script. Ridley Scott used to take big risks with effects, pushing people to the limit, and it was rewarding but now it seems that as technology is making life easier for everyone, there is too much focus on superfluous details, he needs to take a different type of risk like pushing for brilliant scripts, great characters and a 'less is more' approach to special effects, that takes guts and talent.

  • Алексей Добрых

    look this movie in cinema,David kill all and kill yolter.kill doctor show and create alien

  • Thane
    Thane 11 months ago

    Off to Wikipedia, to see the budget of the movie. I bet it's trillions.

  • Birkins TheBigDaddy
    Birkins TheBigDaddy 11 months ago +2

    ah this movie suck dont tutch of mee baby alien :'(
    fuck you you ridley :'(

  • Michael Teale
    Michael Teale 11 months ago

    great stuff uh?