Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills
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  • Tube Unique Wilderness
    Tube Unique Wilderness  8 months ago +1032

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    • ____ Stolinator
      ____ Stolinator 22 days ago

      Minecraft: Real Life Edition.

    • Gamer ii_HeroBailey
      Gamer ii_HeroBailey 2 months ago

      I wanna do this, you are amazing! And I love the hairr!!! Nice building! I would definitely build this if I could

    • archishashandilya
      archishashandilya 2 months ago

      Kindly share your contact number ,

    • Shemyron
      Shemyron 3 months ago +1

      @fourwheeler_ driven
      Exactly that man

    • cacoca79
      cacoca79 3 months ago

      they look like pencils, giant ones

    DEXS_PLUSULTRA 20 hours ago

    It looks so peaceful, you are truly skilled , mad respect

  • Miguel Tapia
    Miguel Tapia Day ago

    Why does this show in my recommendations only at night

  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne 2 days ago

    Steve is jealous

  • Yoshidude64
    Yoshidude64 3 days ago

    does anybody know what the name of the tool he uses is? the closest thing I could find was a long-handled billhook, but it seems to have a different blade shape

  • NoBliz
    NoBliz 3 days ago

    Wao you are really good at construction and sorry for the spelling I'm French .

  • BlueZ
    BlueZ 3 days ago

    Wow this guy is a god at Minecraft

  • BlueKing Lizard
    BlueKing Lizard 4 days ago


  • Cortney M-16
    Cortney M-16 4 days ago

    I wish I was the one who bathed him after all of that 😆

  • John Wilburn
    John Wilburn 4 days ago

    Ancient alien theorists need to watch this

  • Mangle1987fan Fnaf
    Mangle1987fan Fnaf 6 days ago

    You have to go on naked and afrade

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    Негр ебаный

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago


  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago


  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    Я ебал вас в рот

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    Помогите умираю

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago


  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago


  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    За услугу точто вы поможете построить на пяти этажку

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    А ещё мне сказали что вы не можете спать я могу помочь вам

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    Мы не можем постройть пяти этажку из песка 4 работников убило

  • Silash TY
    Silash TY 7 days ago

    Номер телефона дайте пожалуйста

  • cixteen.
    cixteen. 7 days ago

    How tony stark be in that cave

  • Malak Mohamed
    Malak Mohamed 8 days ago

    Now that is what grayson dolan watches and did in the survival video he did

  • Go Away
    Go Away 10 days ago

    What I expect my dad to build when I say I want a tree house

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh 12 days ago

    lol this aint a survival house, this house is if you want to live out inte the wild not get away from the wild

    SÉSIOM-X 13 days ago

    il fert

  • Subscribe Pew die pie
    Subscribe Pew die pie 14 days ago

    But what about when it rains

  • maximum aaron
    maximum aaron 14 days ago

    hopefully these dudes got paid. fuckers

  • r a i n c l o u d
    r a i n c l o u d 15 days ago +1

    Woah that's a really good build all I can build is a sand castle that won't hold up my fat ass body, yes I am insecure

  • Exon Sayo
    Exon Sayo 15 days ago +1

    The dislikes are from the people who thinks that those trees shouldn't be cut.

  • Rani hagedorn
    Rani hagedorn 15 days ago

    you make money, have 3 million subscribers, and gain millions of views each vid and u choose to do this😭😭

    • Rena Padilla
      Rena Padilla 9 days ago

      @Isaiah i yup

    • Rani hagedorn
      Rani hagedorn 12 days ago

      ik and i don’t need an 8 yr old coming at me

    • Isaiah i
      Isaiah i 13 days ago +1

      Did you not realised that he has money, 3.5 million subs, and millions of views BECAUSE he does this? Surely you noticed this corelation right?

  • Xenon TheRobot
    Xenon TheRobot 16 days ago

    When you are stranded on an island and your Minecraft memories pop up.

  • Jesus Avila
    Jesus Avila 17 days ago

    Oooooh and God bless you

  • Jesus Avila
    Jesus Avila 17 days ago

    It is cool can you build one like unicorns

  • mynamejeff
    mynamejeff 20 days ago

    Minecraft called and they want their creator of all worlds notch back

  • Sorojini Tanti
    Sorojini Tanti 20 days ago


  • odd ddo
    odd ddo 20 days ago

    When the time comes of where I have to survive in a jungle, i would look back and thank myself that watching these videos were not a waste of my time

  • sangindil
    sangindil 21 day ago

    Why did he build the roof so low? He can't stand upright inside.

  • Cracker gaming
    Cracker gaming 21 day ago +1

    This is so cool

  • Aaron Ast
    Aaron Ast 21 day ago

    He is a hard working man

  • Barbara Guyette
    Barbara Guyette 22 days ago

    He is so creative

  • Joshuah Dabilas
    Joshuah Dabilas 22 days ago

    Make that house in minecraft

  • loszhor
    loszhor 23 days ago

    Nice but those torches look dangerous!

  • thanth’s god
    thanth’s god 23 days ago

    snow battle!!!! Never Mind!!!

  • Gamerguy197577
    Gamerguy197577 25 days ago

    Wait, this isn’t minecraft

  • Melon Bb
    Melon Bb 25 days ago

    Their so hardworking omg I just can’t believe they can build a house of their own without like building tools

  • verity anais
    verity anais 25 days ago

    This is extremely therapeutic to watch now I understand why Grayson watches these types of videos

  • makeupaddict
    makeupaddict 26 days ago

    I don't know why but the sticks look like pretzels

  • 티아Lemon_Tea
    티아Lemon_Tea 27 days ago

    *Grayson has totally watched this.*

  • Reverth Mc
    Reverth Mc 27 days ago

    Minuto 15:03 se cae de la casa

  • Lil pickle Smurph
    Lil pickle Smurph 28 days ago

    Let’s be honest this guy wins the award for most patience

  • Goku mui
    Goku mui 28 days ago

    Minecraft in real life.

  • SenpaiFoxx
    SenpaiFoxx 29 days ago

    Now that’s wild 😏

  • G.J. Groen
    G.J. Groen 29 days ago

    What is that tool that you are using? What is it called?

  • Abid Khan 123
    Abid Khan 123 29 days ago


  • xTOXIC x
    xTOXIC x 29 days ago

    I couldn't even do that with modern tools 😂😂

  • King of free fire vi

    Brazil alguem

  • Why does god hate Me

    Hey what is that rope like stuff he’s using to bound the logs together?

  • Arnizar Ace
    Arnizar Ace Month ago

    Maybe this man has pocket WiFi in his house😂I salute u men

  • Joseph Bednarz
    Joseph Bednarz Month ago

    Next level of Minecraft Grayson

  • ZiG Zag Fly
    ZiG Zag Fly Month ago

    Looks like Manny Pacquiao down on his luck

  • Ásmundur Grettir
    Ásmundur Grettir Month ago

    Man I can't even make a good Lego house:(

  • MatewLbz2004
    MatewLbz2004 Month ago


  • Grey Eagle
    Grey Eagle Month ago

    this man takes minecraft to a whole new level

  • Fluffnose 339
    Fluffnose 339 Month ago

    Holy crap! this man is amazing!

  • Bailey Talbot
    Bailey Talbot Month ago

    I could do this if I had duck tape on me

  • Raayven Wolfgirl
    Raayven Wolfgirl Month ago

    I want to see something like this, but like. Tall enough to stand upright in. Every one of these I see always makes my back ache just thinking about it.

  • Phung Loan
    Phung Loan Month ago

    Người Việt điểm danh nào


    Real primitive video

  • Rachel Mournian
    Rachel Mournian Month ago

    I have so much respect for this man. He is one of the older builders in these types of primitive building sites and still, he is strong, works fast but is also very precise in his measurements and building. He's careful and creative.I saw a video dated Feb. 3, 2019, where he passed out from exhaustion or illness and two other guys carried him away. We never heard what it was but a week later he was back working hard and making great things!
    I have tried to find out more information about these guys who build and work so hard.
    Are they paid well for having millions of subscribers and getting thousands and thousands of views and likes?
    Who gets the money generated from TVclip likes and subscriptions? Do the REAL WORKERS get compensated fairly?
    I have a friend in California who has a very successful home improvement site on TVclip, and he makes thousands of dollars a month!
    What do these guys get? Who's the person behind the camera? Is that who makes and keeps all the money generated here?!
    I really would like to know!
    Because if they get very little or a just a cow or chickens, that is just wrong - just another form of human slavery and exploitation!
    If anyone knows the truth about how these people are paid or fairly compensated for their hard work, please post it here or on this guys main site:
    Tube Unique Wilderness.
    They ALL deserve to be paid and treated fairly.

  • Cleverer Heart95
    Cleverer Heart95 Month ago

    Unintentional asmr

  • Emma Herrera
    Emma Herrera Month ago

    Mincraft in real life and its survival mode

  • youtube mix
    youtube mix Month ago

    This man is awesome

  • Grant Dejewski
    Grant Dejewski Month ago

    In jungle with better camera the pewdiepie

  • xXblayzeXx
    xXblayzeXx Month ago +1

    Everyone btw just hope you know he doesn't live in the wild he just goes to the wild

  • Karyn Diver
    Karyn Diver Month ago

    I love you vid

  • V1K175U RØDR1
    V1K175U RØDR1 Month ago

    That's an interesting tool, it looks like a knife attached to a stick.

  • SlenderBug
    SlenderBug Month ago

    mute this and play oh yeah and it is so cool

  • богатырь
    богатырь Month ago +1

    2:50 when you tryen to find a straight line

  • Santi 701
    Santi 701 Month ago

    You speak spansh

  • Naseem Mushtaq
    Naseem Mushtaq Month ago +1

    Nice work

  • Colin Shockey
    Colin Shockey Month ago

    Those wooden planks look awesome, what texture pack are you using?

  • Michael Arnett
    Michael Arnett Month ago

    So uhh.... It's nice and all but.... What happens when it rains???

  • adam brown
    adam brown Month ago

    Looks like an ultima online house

  • Nicole Mimor-Froehlich

    Baut mal ein Hochhaus

  • A master at life
    A master at life Month ago

    Well sorry man but I’m in m bed eating chocolates but you’re building a house

  • DeathleCreator
    DeathleCreator Month ago

    Cool I wish I could be there

  • Baris Cankaya
    Baris Cankaya Month ago

    The forest real life.

  • Scrooge Ebenezer
    Scrooge Ebenezer Month ago

    2:50 He was so good that he was lookin at camera while doing the survival house

  • dingFAching
    dingFAching Month ago

    That's gonna be a leaky roof.

  • Wallus
    Wallus Month ago

    Lol this uploaded on my birthday

  • foxio26 és zsombor


  • Lloyd Mawdsley
    Lloyd Mawdsley Month ago

    What do you do with the house after you're done with using it?

  • Jago Baird
    Jago Baird Month ago

    Yo great build man keep it up. Next time speak tho??!

  • Eleazar Gonzalez
    Eleazar Gonzalez Month ago

    Y nosotros que hacemos un pedo para hacer una casa en EUA

  • Tyler Gillespie
    Tyler Gillespie Month ago

    I wonder what he can build on creative Fortnite

  • The EpicEric
    The EpicEric Month ago

    Not trying to be mean but look at 2:52

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart Month ago

    that's awesome , how long did it take to build? and when can I move in ?
    that's one smart man !

  • 5678coolgu y
    5678coolgu y Month ago +1

    Are you trying to make a city in the forest