How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE... of Fallout

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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    Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!
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  • Crazy Penguin
    Crazy Penguin 5 hours ago

    Hey, simple idea popped into my head. Unlimited power, right? Yes! And what can you do to grow crops without sunlight? 2 things. Hydroponics facility's, and mushrooms. Water, as seen in fallout, can be purfied quite easily, and as seen in fallout 76, mearly boiling it (Which probally wouldnt work), but, you can use water purfiers, which, with some effort the sole survivor can make. Now, no radation on the plants, and with de-salantation machines, and and ocean right next door, as well as the amazon river, if de-salantation machines are not avaible. And, if technogly for thats destroyed, simple, low tech solution. Mushrooms. They need some organic matterial and other requirements that with a little preparation, and a small amount of tempture control, but otherwise, most pepole could grow mushrooms by themselves (source: So, i believe fallout's not doomed! - A crazy penguin

  • Hurr Durr
    Hurr Durr 9 hours ago

    Vault tec probably nuked the other cointries anyways

  • Aiden C
    Aiden C Day ago

    wait what happened to shoddycast?

  • Brad Starnes
    Brad Starnes Day ago

    So at 13:01 the things just got serious music from Hyrule Warriors starts playing and I'm at the moment playing Hyrule Warriors and I'm just like wait, hold up, I just loaded the mission. What the hell is even happening. Took me a sec.

  • Slender Man 186
    Slender Man 186 2 days ago

    Huh, so this is what you’ve been doing since abandoning Shoddy Cast, abusing your dead channel for views on another. Planning on taking over and killing this channel too?

  • rouge warriors
    rouge warriors 2 days ago

    So we are swred either way great job of make the world great job 👏👏👏✋😑

  • Chewbs
    Chewbs 3 days ago

    >Implying Africa would be better off without the west

  • zave da fishies
    zave da fishies 4 days ago

    why is everyone ignoring Australia

    • zachattack12
      zachattack12 Day ago

      zave da fishies Because it doesn’t exist

  • Aaron Licht
    Aaron Licht 4 days ago

    Isn’t there artificial ways to grow plants with UV lights? With unlimited fusion energy, couldn’t the countries who weren’t destroyed still prosper due to crops grown with artificial sunlight? (Mark Watney style Plant Growing)

  • Sam Womack
    Sam Womack 5 days ago

    I hope he really sends these emails

  • fuck kookie
    fuck kookie 5 days ago

    The Marines are like shooting and gun shots in the backs ground and there all like my oil my oil

  • anti anti
    anti anti 6 days ago

    And now all we can do is hope nobody pulls the trigger in that Mexican standoff....

  • R.K. Force Guy
    R.K. Force Guy 6 days ago

    There are infinite atoms in the universe, because it's infinite. That means that there is an infinite amount of hydrogen already existing, so don't slow down with fusion.

  • Cats In Hats
    Cats In Hats 6 days ago +1

    Austin are you an Aries?

  • Mysterious Darius
    Mysterious Darius 7 days ago

    It did not happen in 1952!

  • Tom Ton
    Tom Ton 7 days ago

    Better start making a whole bunch of takis And Doritos.

  • Meme page
    Meme page 7 days ago

    Love the Soddycast crossover

  • Master Cookie1234
    Master Cookie1234 7 days ago

    Me: Perhaps

  • AnimeShinigami13
    AnimeShinigami13 8 days ago

    *stares at incoming nuclear bombardment and runs for her life* Asimov! ASIMOV!!! I SAID ASIMOV MOTHER FU**ER!

  • Puglynoobslayer
    Puglynoobslayer 8 days ago

    Couldn’t we find a none inhabited area a n use nuclear winter to combat global warming

  • Black Hat Ty
    Black Hat Ty 8 days ago

    This guy is so annoying I want to stick him in ground zero with a giant bulls-eye on him.

  • adidashea29
    adidashea29 8 days ago

    this ain't a scene it's a goddamn arms race!!

  • FrozenLuna18
    FrozenLuna18 8 days ago

    0:19 lol to me that was so funny

  • Dont ChooseME
    Dont ChooseME 8 days ago

    The banjo playing in the concrete moble yeah what is that song called

  • Cory Baxter
    Cory Baxter 8 days ago

    does austin even breath?

  • uniform arc
    uniform arc 9 days ago

    Ik this videos old but whats the song at the end

  • Henrique Castelo Branco

    Brazil will be the new USA, aqui é Brasil porra

  • Marion The barbarian
    Marion The barbarian 10 days ago

    Austin > matpat

  • Pheonix 282115
    Pheonix 282115 10 days ago

    Does yourbootie have to eat too?

  • Ryndriedel Gabion
    Ryndriedel Gabion 11 days ago

    Wheres MATPAT 😑

  • Rickee Nunez
    Rickee Nunez 12 days ago

    I know this video is over a year old but the resource war began in 2052 not 1952

  • Aeden TNT
    Aeden TNT 13 days ago

    should we mention Hawaii?

    • Aeden TNT
      Aeden TNT 13 days ago

      I don't live there. I live in America

  • Xavier Acosta
    Xavier Acosta 13 days ago

    Science really does ruin everything

  • Landon Eli
    Landon Eli 14 days ago +1

    Of course Switzerland is safe. Have you seen the world wars it was in...of course you haven't because it didn't participate in any of also never got invaded because it was protected by the Swiss Alps to the south and fortifications to the north, east, and west...wait what was I talking about

  • SnoopDogg Weedo
    SnoopDogg Weedo 14 days ago

    Where is matpat

  • Armun Jay
    Armun Jay 14 days ago +1

    Welp, I’m moving to Switzerland

  • Ain'tCARE
    Ain'tCARE 15 days ago

    What about Australia?

  • Gal_ 27
    Gal_ 27 15 days ago

    Austin within the lore of fallout not all of the bombs went off at the same time like for example in fallout 4 just a little after an hour before the nuke in boston went off the president revealed live on TV that nukes had already went off in certain areas of new York and Pennsylvania

  • Mighel do PUBG
    Mighel do PUBG 16 days ago

    Let's get down to bizniz
    To defeat
    Da todd

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 19 days ago’s the duty of every real American to be on the lookout for goldbricks, pinko’s and fellow travelers. ‘Course without the likes of Americans like you the jobs of Americans like me would be a lot more difficult. But don’t get me wrong, Americans like me like difficult jobs. So don’t get the idea you’re doing the CIA any favors. We don’t really need Americans like you, we don’t need anybody.”
    Col. Flagg

  • Classic Gaming
    Classic Gaming 19 days ago

    They could live on fish

  • kidwajagstang
    kidwajagstang 20 days ago

    Love the “Maybe” riff at the end :)

  • Mr cat cat
    Mr cat cat 20 days ago +7

    wait so all of Switzerland will survive the nuclear apocalypse okay so i guess I'm moving there.

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 2 days ago

      Mr cat cat - Switzerland survives anything.

  • Cippy
    Cippy 20 days ago

    China doesn't own Tajikstan and Kyrgystan.

  • Political guy
    Political guy 20 days ago

    Africa would probably fall apart due to instability and the effects of nuclear war. South america probably would dominate for a large amount of time tho later on

  • Asveen Ramchurn
    Asveen Ramchurn 21 day ago

    At the least the Swiss would be the global superpower as well as the only onw

  • Mr Shark
    Mr Shark 21 day ago

    I think Austin ignored Australia because of Bethesda had no lore of Australia in fallout,
    So blame Bethesda!

  • Chad McButt
    Chad McButt 23 days ago +1

    Wakanda will save Africa

  • cosmo pixel
    cosmo pixel 23 days ago +3

    Yes but one thing *ICBM's exist in the fallout universe*

  • Bri
    Bri 23 days ago +20

    Hold up, by that logic, we just need more surface nuke tests to end global warming.....

    • Hydrochloric Acid
      Hydrochloric Acid Day ago

      Blasting ash into the atmosphere could help alleviate the symptoms of AGW, but it won't stop the cause. If we were to deploy this solution, we'd have to keep doing so until co2 came back to pre-industrial levels, otherwise there'd be a huge temperature spike as soon as we stop pumping stuff into our atmosphere.

    • Dothurnaax
      Dothurnaax 7 days ago +1

      @Eliza Gevorgyan *Al-Qaeda doesn't appreciate your lack of motivation*

    • Eliza Gevorgyan
      Eliza Gevorgyan 13 days ago +1

      I've always thought about that, but oh well, no one's gonna do it...

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 23 days ago

    Forgetting America anexed Canada and medico and the rest had very little to no tech

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 23 days ago +1

    Your forgetting some places were taken over by China so they were targets

  • Valdragon 2.0
    Valdragon 2.0 24 days ago +7

    Ha ha Switzerland Wins every Swiss manifest !!

  • duelgundam
    duelgundam 25 days ago

    Look on the bright side, Austin:
    Even if our earth DOESN'T turn into Fallout earth, at least we now know that we currently have JUST enough nukes for the reapers.

  • Aarav Wadhawan
    Aarav Wadhawan 26 days ago

    What about India

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 27 days ago

    All the cancers all of them

  • Theportuguese racer
    Theportuguese racer 27 days ago

    9:35 I mean, I doubt non nuclear nato will make it out alive

  • Geek In utopia
    Geek In utopia 27 days ago

    It's most likely that the rich would survive, after all, they've got the money to move to outer space or their deep subterranean bunkers, the rest of us however, would likely be screwed. That is, unless we pooled our money for community bunkers and space colonies .

  • unknown player
    unknown player 27 days ago +1

    Wait could we solve global warming by detonating nukes in a isolated place (non-populated) ?

    • the CTCS
      the CTCS 25 days ago

      well i am kinda asking the same thing when i watch this video!

  • OnSwiftWings
    OnSwiftWings 27 days ago

    2:00 I wonder if that's the same guy that did the Star Fox 64 intro?

  • Jackson McDonald
    Jackson McDonald 27 days ago

    Are Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan part of China now?

  • Dr Alchemy
    Dr Alchemy 28 days ago

    we should rename this Austin ruins his voice

  • Age Restrictions
    Age Restrictions 29 days ago

    The version of the rouvan music

  • dampenedhorizon
    dampenedhorizon Month ago

    I may be jumping the gun here but how would Australia fare in all this destruction
    Please... Austin... WILL I LIVE?!?!?!‽‽‽
    Edit: Oh... Ok... well at least I have almost a whole extra year to accept and embrace my inevitable demise... cool?

  • Dachbodendennis 30
    Dachbodendennis 30 Month ago

    I'M M.A.D

  • OkarasChimera
    OkarasChimera Month ago

    Everyone has less than 500 then Russia is at like 8k lmao

  • Nova 21303
    Nova 21303 Month ago

    antartica be like

  • Esma Beşer
    Esma Beşer Month ago

    The guy with a power armour is another youtuber shoddycats storyteller series

  • DM50CAL
    DM50CAL Month ago

    Where's matpat

  • Silvia Moan
    Silvia Moan Month ago

    What if you are in a memory sit going though a training simulation that is made from the Enclave

  • Mighel do PUBG
    Mighel do PUBG Month ago

    China: boom baby
    I said "boom baby"
    (nuclear explosion)

  • Nonsense With Jessie

    Welp I'm moving to switzerland. Who's with me?

  • VisionT100
    VisionT100 Month ago

    Okay here me out and stick with me, its a long comment but it might explain how these countries could continue to live and possible strive following a nuclear war. After re-watching this for the nth time i thought of something that could save these non-involved countries (at least in the fallout universe, if nukes drop tomorrow we are all screwed). Following the invention of the micro-fusion cell, humans have access to essentially unlimited power (to a point at least). Using this fusion power and seeing tensions rising between all countries in the great war, these countries begin to develop great growing stations underground. With access to the amount of uranium they have and the ability to use advanced technology to build these vast grow beds within maybe 4-5 years, countries in south america and Africa secretly develop nuclear precautions in case the rest of the world goes kaboom. Since grow lights are relatively easy to mass produce and with the energy behind them to back them up it could be plausible that these countries recognized that nuclear war was coming, and used things similar to the GREAT SEED BANK that's in a permafrost zone that has like... every kind of seed imaginable, in order to preserve their food stocks, and thus their population, in time for them to rebuild there society in order to conform to the rules of this new world. Now obviously in today's universe/world this couldn't happen. These countries are too reliant on the rest of the world to survive, but in a world torn apart by war, on the brink of destruction, along with the help of some bullshit futuristic fusion tech, it's possible that there could have been some kind of secret alliance that came about behind the scenes to prep for the events of October 2077. Long story short, like I said, if nukes drop tomorrow we are all dead, scraps of humanity might live in cells for some time, but chance of recovery is low. That being said, if 50 years from now humans have yet to blow each other up, and we have access to far better power sources than we do now, countries that are smart and prepare for the inevitable could strive with the rest of the world unable to hinder their progress. All we have to do is develop some kind of power source that allows "easy access", micro fusion cells are a bit on the extreme end, being able to vaporize massive monsters, yet being small enough o fit in the palm of your hand, but it's not unimaginable that a power option a fraction of that could be developed could allow for these countries where electricity is scarce and hard to move around right now, to bloom into great nations since these things could power water purifiers and food production plants that would keep their population alive for long enough to make great strides.

  • Nightshade Hunter
    Nightshade Hunter Month ago +7

    Im going to Switzerland, Bye yall.

  • DnG 3on
    DnG 3on Month ago

    Wait...what about Australia?

  • GalaxyWolfPlayz
    GalaxyWolfPlayz Month ago

    lol north korea has barely any nukes XD thats so ironic

  • GalaxyWolfPlayz
    GalaxyWolfPlayz Month ago +1

    if only I lived in Switzerland than I would be ok in the Fallout universe... but I don't :/

  • LeeSo Mthing17
    LeeSo Mthing17 Month ago

    The Fallout narrorator reminds me on the GC STARFOX narrorator... maybe it's the same guy??

  • Grey Way
    Grey Way Month ago

    Wait.....fallout has lore?!

  • leon fierce
    leon fierce Month ago

    we should make an agreement to disarm all nuclear bomb's and at least prevent a massively long lasting nuclear fallout

  • Aymen Miled
    Aymen Miled Month ago

    Why don't we launch all nuclear weapons to the sun

  • Meowium99
    Meowium99 Month ago

    Learn to eat mushrooms.

  • Charlie Friend
    Charlie Friend Month ago

    What about Australia?

  • Niveous23
    Niveous23 Month ago

    But would these countries have access to that new energy resource? My guess is all the physical research would be in the desolate wastelands that were once first world competitor nations. The most generous bones I can throw your way to make that work is the data was still available via the internet, or smuggled into africa or south america via safely keeping them in shelters.

  • therealdragonboy2923 tube


  • stopmo crow
    stopmo crow Month ago

    Scariest nukes are castle bravo and tsar bomba

  • Zepol Yar
    Zepol Yar Month ago +1

    Wouldn't they be able to use the fusion cores to power grow lamps to provide crops with the light needed to grow?
    It wold take a metric f**k ton of lamps and a constant supply of power but it could be done. Heck, most countries could convert any existing sports stadiums with relative ease. Since the energy is free that part of the equation is a moot point. Also, most of our lighting is manufactured in Mexico and South America which would be largely untouched by the war and nukes.

    Humanity is saved!!

    Wait. What have I done?

  • Lids Bakolina
    Lids Bakolina Month ago

    Somebody know the song of the conclusion?? Is awesome lol.

    • The Bookworm
      The Bookworm Month ago

  • Gilles
    Gilles Month ago

    Why are you including canada with the united states?

  • Declan Griffin
    Declan Griffin Month ago +4

    Austin's Scientific Method:
    1. Ask a question
    2. Do some background research
    3. Construct a hypothesis
    4. -Test with an experiment-
    5. Is the procedure working?
    6. Analyze data and draw conclusions
    7. Communicate results

  • Sterben
    Sterben Month ago

    What about Australia

  • Self Deletus
    Self Deletus Month ago +20

    Before singing THINK:
    *but you are*

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    The map you used was wrong. Jammu and Kashmir *are* in India. What are they telling you guys?

  • Nick Calyx
    Nick Calyx Month ago

    But you could grow plants indoor with LED right?

  • Greg Poe
    Greg Poe Month ago +1

    why does he lowkey sound like Shane Topp from Smosh

  • Anton Steinhardt
    Anton Steinhardt Month ago


  • Sir_Plopleus
    Sir_Plopleus Month ago

    What about the increase in temperature caused by the depletion of all fossile fuels?

  • Timo Winkel
    Timo Winkel Month ago

    Why is Austin here? Wasn´t he with shodycast?

  • Honey Mist
    Honey Mist Month ago


  • Mr Pie panda
    Mr Pie panda Month ago +1

    The end is ne'er