How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE... of Fallout

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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    Why the Fallout Society is DOOMED ►
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    Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!
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Comments • 14 464

  • Doge R.
    Doge R. 5 hours ago

    Did japan just dropped dead aswell?

  • TheRedneckGamer1979
    TheRedneckGamer1979 5 hours ago

    What was that music you were using at toward the end of the video?

  • TheKacperus22
    TheKacperus22 6 hours ago

    Maybe we should burn forest in brasil to make global warming

  • Pody Jr 101
    Pody Jr 101 8 hours ago

    Well, one good thing comes out of the everlasting nuculer winter

    *that NCR soldier is FINALLY happy*

  • Art I guess maybe
    Art I guess maybe 14 hours ago +1

    Lets go Switzerland! As a Swiss, I am proud.

  • Jared Booker
    Jared Booker 16 hours ago

    Ya know I knew that we all might die like that, but thanks for...(sobs to himself)...(inhales) THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP (begins balling tears).

  • Scifi Girl
    Scifi Girl Day ago

    There's always a solution

  • Scarab Gun
    Scarab Gun 2 days ago

    I like to imagine that Metro is whats happening in Russia

  • cat snake
    cat snake 2 days ago

    this is proving useful for my nurse weapons essay

  • Jonas Folkedahl
    Jonas Folkedahl 3 days ago

    8:22 when your country is yellow: oopsie

  • Zeion Stars
    Zeion Stars 3 days ago

    *completely forgets to talk about Australia*

  • Unity4213 gaming
    Unity4213 gaming 3 days ago

    But Austin, 58 years into our own future temperatures rising six-seven degrees will cause chaos. Wouldn't the temperature drop simply counteract the effects of global warming?

    CLEM TIME BITCH 3 days ago

    If the nukes do come I have my revolver with me and I’m taking as many as I can

  • NOphion Trollbringer

    We all want to defeat the Todd

  • fox_ abyss
    fox_ abyss 3 days ago

    Wow this was 380 days ago?

  • Léa C
    Léa C 4 days ago

    the fall out boy song in a video about fallout is iconic

  • Br fly
    Br fly 5 days ago

    10:45 Brazil would probably be the new U.S, Since based my assumptions African countries are still poor, but getting better as time goes on but maybe the Sahara desert has swallowed the rest of the continent and maybe then the only nations alive are the south American nations and on top of all of them Brazil has the best economy, military, industry, agriculture and all that stuff.

  • rick suave
    rick suave 6 days ago

    Thanks austin, you make this trip to area 51 so much more worth it.

  • Slenderman gaming
    Slenderman gaming 6 days ago

    The carribean lives!!!!!!!! yes

  • Cavillator Lupus
    Cavillator Lupus 6 days ago

    What is the cover he uses?

  • Dawn Solevad Ilai
    Dawn Solevad Ilai 6 days ago +1

    Me:*hears Austin say Africa thriving* Africa would basically become Wakanda

    Also me:*hears Austin say we're doomed* Maybe not

  • This Murican Boi
    This Murican Boi 6 days ago

    8:22, those 4.9 dislikes are from angry Tajiks and Kyrgyzstani people whose nations have been absorbed by China.

  • Dylan Linen
    Dylan Linen 7 days ago +1

    Whats the outro song?

  • Kay Jungbauer
    Kay Jungbauer 7 days ago

    You know what’s better then nuclear fusion?
    Free energy!
    Ps there is a contract where it says if the USA and Russia nuke each other, they would nuke Germany and Europe first... poor German me.

  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf 7 days ago +1

    When apocalypse come avoid these 3 countries

  • Skeptic4L
    Skeptic4L 8 days ago

    Who’s the guy that walked with eye not in The beginning

  • Exypnos
    Exypnos 8 days ago

    Thanks for keeping the idea that Georgia doesn't exist alive

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 8 days ago

    Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others would be safe

  • Galactic Dragon
    Galactic Dragon 10 days ago +2

    Wait, if they have infinite energy, cant they produce fake sunlight or something to grow crops?

  • Lord Lino
    Lord Lino 11 days ago

    It was really clever for the outro music be one from FALL OUT boy

  • Davatron42
    Davatron42 12 days ago

    This fucker is acting like it’s going to happen

  • Rhys Aqs
    Rhys Aqs 12 days ago +2

    Africa cant function with aid nevermind if the world fell apart

  • Troglodude
    Troglodude 12 days ago

    Shoddy cast Austin is factually better

  • Sven Zockt
    Sven Zockt 12 days ago

    Global Warming Exists

  • Hail Latrans
    Hail Latrans 13 days ago

    At 13:55 where can I find that remix?

  • JediMercenary
    JediMercenary 13 days ago

    why do austin and matpat both narrate just curious

  • mrpeaceful123
    mrpeaceful123 13 days ago

    13:35 is it possible to end climate change with some nukes?

  • Riley Chapai
    Riley Chapai 14 days ago

    Now I get why they put "I dont want to set the world on fire on the fallout radios"

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano 15 days ago

    Why do you sum up europe like it's a country you don't even talk about neutral county's like ireland

  • Lauren Crocker
    Lauren Crocker 15 days ago +1

    Hey does anybody know the name of the last song that plays? Can’t find it and really wanna know :)

    • TheSecondary LP
      TheSecondary LP 12 days ago there it is

    • TheSecondary LP
      TheSecondary LP 12 days ago

      It's fallout boy- This ain't a scene it's an arms race but i too don't know the exact cover but i think it's Ellen Wright's version..

  • Hunter Lane
    Hunter Lane 16 days ago

    *in Ellen degeneres voice* "you get a cancer, and you get a cancer, and youuuuu get a cancer, everyone gets a cancer"

  • No Body
    No Body 16 days ago +1

    13:53 That fire guy is from Metal Gear Solid five the Phantom Pain.

  • Elmer Balota
    Elmer Balota 17 days ago +1

    Thanks, now i have the schematics to make the bomb. Now i can make a real life fallout!!!

  • Aaron Heych
    Aaron Heych 17 days ago

    this went from a little fallout video to what nuclear war will do to us. dammit

  • freecatboobies
    freecatboobies 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure one can grow food in the cold and dark when given access to unlimited power.

  • ADON Sakurah
    ADON Sakurah 18 days ago +1


  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 19 days ago

    Austin's shtick is the loud salesman type guy.
    Matpat's is the quiet nerd that wishes he wasn't the quiet nerd

  • Puid
    Puid 19 days ago

    3:13 The Enclave was secretly built over the last major Oil supply in the Pacific, 150 miles west of San Francisco, so there was oil left.

  • Puid
    Puid 19 days ago

    2:29 WAIT 1952?

  • King_MC Playz
    King_MC Playz 19 days ago


  • FaZe Pyro
    FaZe Pyro 20 days ago +1

    That’s it I’m moving to Switerland

  • C S
    C S 20 days ago

    So..... Can we again talk about how Fallout 76 is a thing, BETHESDA?!?! What the absolute hell? 25 years and there is sunshine and live vegetation. Ummm......

  • robbie davis
    robbie davis 20 days ago +1

    I kinda watched this late and well thanks you for reassuring that we’re basically all fucked even outside of the fallout universe

  • The Soviet Socialist World Union

    lol switzerland being all nutral again

  • District 9
    District 9 21 day ago


  • viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    1:10 SCIENTIFIC METHOD!!! sounds like invader zim

  • Scott Shiffer
    Scott Shiffer 21 day ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the song that starts playing at 13:01?

  • mathijs vanhaverbeke
    mathijs vanhaverbeke 22 days ago +1

    I agree with every part of this video, except with the end. You overlooked the existence of bioscience-engineers who, with infinite power from the mentioned nuclear fusion, could definately figure something out in terms of the foodgrowth. I alone can already think of some solutions, and i’m only a bio-engineering student! But, awesome video! Keep it up

  • XxexpectedslasherxX Exp

    but when you think about it the countrys that survived the fallout could have created there own source of sun lights and use the nuclear energy to have life for years.

  • TT - WISTY
    TT - WISTY 24 days ago

    Why did I decide to watch this XD

  • Kyle Cox
    Kyle Cox 25 days ago +1

    Meanwhile in Switzerland be like. *sleeping whilst rich noises*

  • Bacon Brian
    Bacon Brian 25 days ago

    It's a little harder sleeping at night knowing I could wake up to a bright flash and see a giant mushroom cloud

  • یه کسی
    یه کسی 26 days ago

    That was most scariest game theory i ever watched.

  • that one Account
    that one Account 26 days ago

    But wait in fallout 4 isn't there oil? Like as a settlement resource

  • LilRevive 420
    LilRevive 420 26 days ago

    Let's just enjoy this moment the earth might not be the same in like 10 years..

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil 26 days ago +1

    Well heres the answear
    The rest of the world was destroyed in the resource war but still mutations were common because during the great war West-Tec reaserch facility (currently known as ,, the glow " was hit by one of the nukes unfortunetly FEV was being held there . FEV has mixed itself with radiation in the atmosphere creating abominations just like Deathclaws , Bloatflyes and Radscorpions so it does not look much different

  • Fazed Out
    Fazed Out 26 days ago

    When he said raging infernos I was like it’s Austin!

  • CharcoalBridge5
    CharcoalBridge5 27 days ago

    Can you tell use who pulled the trigger first in fallout

  • Hassah 037
    Hassah 037 27 days ago

    What about Australia it’s got hot enough deserts to make it so it doesn’t snow and with all this unlimited nuclear power you could power sustainable underground farms and Australia has millions of tonnes of water underground and the water would most likely not be effected and the country is completely water so diseases will not come to australia

  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant 27 days ago

    why dose no-one talk about whats happening in Australia?

  • Melvin Jones
    Melvin Jones 28 days ago

    Hey, sure, we're all doomed, but only if the world goes MAD. Let's have at least a little fate in our respective governments (also I'm in France, near Switzerland. So yeah. FAITH.)

  • WatermelonDraws
    WatermelonDraws 28 days ago


  • iSoulCurser GT
    iSoulCurser GT 28 days ago

    And they said that we dont learn anything in video games

  • Klaux [GD]
    Klaux [GD] 29 days ago +1

    "It just works!"

  • James Straus
    James Straus 29 days ago

    the story goes only the usa and china were left after the resource wars, so the usa had all of canada, mexico, and south america, and china took over everything in the east, so for mutually assured destruction they would need to literally bomb the entire planet