i EXPOSE FAKE SOCCER SKINS stats in Fortnite... (new default skin)

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • i EXPOSE FAKE SOCCER SKINS stats in Fortnite... (new default skin)
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Comments • 10 715

  • Pinky
    Pinky  Month ago +3931

    This is just a joke video, no one is a "fake soccer skin" 😂

  • Ashley Thawmluai
    Ashley Thawmluai 19 hours ago

    Only thing I see in the comments is

    “This is how many wins you’ll get today.”

  • GD Krdis
    GD Krdis 22 hours ago

    'remove planes'
    Season 8 nibbas: HMMMMMMMMM

  • Największy fan O!liska PL

    After they came back? Yup only bots play them

  • Moonlight Hunt3rz
    Moonlight Hunt3rz Day ago +1

    Intro = quality👌

  • Oliver M
    Oliver M Day ago +1

    I love your voice

  • gavin knott
    gavin knott Day ago +1

    Wins mean nothing

  • well :P
    well :P Day ago

    90% like if you___ / only ___ can like this comment
    10%comments about the video

  • HomiePast
    HomiePast 2 days ago

    Finesse finisher best soccer skin don’t @ me

  • Rapolas Pleskovas
    Rapolas Pleskovas 2 days ago

    Ure so toxic

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 2 days ago

    . . .

  • Jesus Miranda
    Jesus Miranda 2 days ago

    You suke

  • Spy Tech
    Spy Tech 3 days ago

    I was the 50.000 th like!!! OMGGGGG

  • daakazzan
    daakazzan 3 days ago

    I have 195 wins

  • WitheredKnightt
    WitheredKnightt 3 days ago

    5:28 I love that edit

  • Mysty TV
    Mysty TV 4 days ago


  • Firoi Vlad
    Firoi Vlad 4 days ago

    Vlqqqd add me on fortnite

  • Lhoutzx
    Lhoutzx 4 days ago


  • Chris Alex
    Chris Alex 4 days ago

    700k lets goooo

    SALAD BAR 5 days ago

    This dudes reactions are dead on funny.

  • Tyler Molle
    Tyler Molle 6 days ago

    That's so funny!!

  • Fabian The Dead Meme
    Fabian The Dead Meme 6 days ago +1

    Wait..... I FINALLY HAVE MORE WINS THAN A SOCCER SKIN! (The one with 50 wins btw) I beat him by 32 wins! Can someone pretend to care and clap?

    • George
      George 3 days ago

      'Sarcastic clap'

  • Miguel Franco
    Miguel Franco 6 days ago

    Ur literally shit, you are moldy trash

  • Its Expoze
    Its Expoze 6 days ago


  • Kaiser Maurice
    Kaiser Maurice 6 days ago

    4:36 german!? "Ich bin boggiebomb"...?

  • Nikolay Huru
    Nikolay Huru 7 days ago

    That soccer skin on 7:47 jas the same amount of wins as me

  • ΣΛƧYTM icy疼痛ツ

    Aren't soccer skins sweats

  • Caiden Barry
    Caiden Barry 8 days ago

    Forgets that people may like the skin I general 😂😂 retard

  • - SiruX -
    - SiruX - 8 days ago

    Ihr hurensöhne möhhh

  • supreme b boi
    supreme b boi 8 days ago

    The lag is unreal

  • Ur Doo doo
    Ur Doo doo 9 days ago

    Count how many times pint said “soccer skin”

  • Ghost Gamer638
    Ghost Gamer638 9 days ago

    I’ll add 😝 every like

  • moracle _
    moracle _ 9 days ago

    Skins are skins, if people like em' they wear em'!

  • mohammed subaie
    mohammed subaie 9 days ago

    only seson 7 can give me like com onq

  • ByMauri 87
    ByMauri 87 9 days ago


  • SupremeBeam
    SupremeBeam 10 days ago

    Any one watching from season 10

  • HD Jackson
    HD Jackson 10 days ago


  • Wavy kidd G
    Wavy kidd G 10 days ago

    He keep talking about other people stats but let’s look at His

  • Mr Pinguin
    Mr Pinguin 10 days ago +1

    People spray at me = insta-laser
    Me spray at someone = hit 1 maybe 2 shots

  • WavySkyzYT
    WavySkyzYT 10 days ago +1

    Why do people in the chat keep doing this
    Btw u don’t have to like

  • Yandel Ayala
    Yandel Ayala 10 days ago +1

    Look at poor skull trooper's face at 7:52

  • EricinGaming
    EricinGaming 10 days ago

    4:35 is it german...??? Because I think so

  • XXgameingJGYT T
    XXgameingJGYT T 10 days ago

    Get rid of the planes epic games ok in season 8

  • Ricardo Moreno
    Ricardo Moreno 10 days ago

    Ur garbage

    PRO SPRINGTRAP7 11 days ago


  • connect Scythe
    connect Scythe 11 days ago

    Video ends at 13:32 thank me later

  • MYST AdoNis
    MYST AdoNis 11 days ago

    Was that z rotation's wins on the thumbnail

  • lol k
    lol k 11 days ago

    The Arabic one is salim al ansari

  • Mahammed Alamin
    Mahammed Alamin 11 days ago +1

    listen yh i have an og soccer skin and i’ve got dead stats but i can still build

  • Pirate Hydrus
    Pirate Hydrus 11 days ago +3

    Season 8 battlepass skins are the new default

  • kidd32 kidd
    kidd32 kidd 11 days ago +3

    Click of u want a cookie

  • Fort Kid101
    Fort Kid101 11 days ago

    Why u so toxic

  • J.J
    J.J 11 days ago

    Epic name JJbroswagYT

  • J.J
    J.J 11 days ago

    Pinking your trash 1v1 me

  • Janet; Stuart
    Janet; Stuart 11 days ago

    My friend accidentally bought the soccer skin

  • Timij k
    Timij k 11 days ago

    Discrimination in thumbnail

  • Chrome Jadan
    Chrome Jadan 11 days ago

    5:41 U HAD TO SAY THAT

  • sport highlights
    sport highlights 11 days ago

    who else sees sypherpk in kill feed at 5:58

    • Life Of Jeff
      Life Of Jeff 11 days ago

      It was SypherPkjr which is his son

    HYPERVENOM 12 days ago

    I got you

  • my life as olivia
    my life as olivia 12 days ago +2

    This is how much wins u will get in 24rs 👇👇👇

  • firrerman
    firrerman 12 days ago

    5:57 There was Sypherpk in your game

    • Tj Aj
      Tj Aj 12 days ago

      I saw that as well

  • Ануар Кабдуллин

    U’re just one of thousands American Bots

    • Ayy Krabs
      Ayy Krabs 10 days ago

      Ануар Кабдуллин and you are just one of the communist brotheren

  • Tony Franklin
    Tony Franklin 12 days ago

    Why do you keep saying football skin when it’s a soccer skin

  • The real Gamer 800
    The real Gamer 800 12 days ago

    For the other soccer skin that u wanted us to do 327wins,2.3win rathio 18,654kills k.d2.0

  • Rodolfo Quintero
    Rodolfo Quintero 12 days ago

    What are u so toXic

  • Lewxs Nine
    Lewxs Nine 12 days ago

    this guy is corny as hell

  • Icy Raven
    Icy Raven 12 days ago

    I know his stat 9 win k/d 1 kills 999

  • XLegeNdTTV
    XLegeNdTTV 12 days ago

    No hablo ingles pero ha sido un muy buen vídeo

  • matas oh yeah yeah
    matas oh yeah yeah 13 days ago

    I subbed man and used ur code♡♡♡

  • CallMeCarlos
    CallMeCarlos 13 days ago

    Bro you’re voice is so annoying

  • Sudden-ye3ts The goat
    Sudden-ye3ts The goat 13 days ago +1

    I used to have the midfield mastero (idk how to spell it) but I refunded it for season 5 bp, biggest mistake of my life

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite 14 days ago

    Yall who rock that one Mexican soccer girl are fucking sweaty. You arent cool and your builds are ass when you spam build.

  • TheDiamondRay // Rayhan Ahmed

    i subbed

  • Ur mom
    Ur mom 14 days ago

    This is how il kill u

  • The Galaxy Gamer
    The Galaxy Gamer 14 days ago


  • Gabriela Nikolova
    Gabriela Nikolova 14 days ago +5

    Just because people have season 1 skins doesnt make them good lmao

  • Memester x_x
    Memester x_x 14 days ago

    You know your channel is shit when most of your comment section is just people begging for likes

  • Dripzxy
    Dripzxy 14 days ago

    For the last time its football you use your foot and you kick a ball FootBall

  • Chocolateka Robriguez
    Chocolateka Robriguez 14 days ago

    Soccer is football you can call it soccer football

  • Lakers 24
    Lakers 24 14 days ago


  • orang G
    orang G 14 days ago


  • VinxZr 11
    VinxZr 11 15 days ago +2

    12:26 there is a guy😂

  • HQZen YT
    HQZen YT 15 days ago

    That guy's name was in mandarin

  • bleach bleach
    bleach bleach 15 days ago

    This is how many people thats doing this 👇


  • Vn Justin
    Vn Justin 15 days ago

    Ur so TOXIC

  • pg 13
    pg 13 15 days ago

    Go to retail row

  • Vagkelas GR
    Vagkelas GR 16 days ago +1

    You soccer skins have serious autism.You are really psycho crazy kis who play 20 hours a day and tha will become pro.

  • Faze Ninja
    Faze Ninja 16 days ago

    His name said god is the best

  • aiden martin
    aiden martin 17 days ago

    XD i was battling him and we both got killed by a plane XD

  • Noah Qualls
    Noah Qualls 17 days ago

    If u look in the chat at exactly 5:58 u could see SypherPK was in his game

  • xXNigHtMaRZzXx
    xXNigHtMaRZzXx 18 days ago

    This is how many people who will like this comment.👇

    • xXNigHtMaRZzXx
      xXNigHtMaRZzXx 18 days ago

      Hey, at least it’s different from the other comments. 😂

  • distorted jerry
    distorted jerry 18 days ago

    U put n-word to be worse in thumbnail.

  • 100K Clan
    100K Clan 19 days ago

    we need members need 2.00 k/d

  • GunHawk
    GunHawk 19 days ago

    Back then soccer skind dominated me but no sometimes I beat them and idk why

  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man 19 days ago

    I was around from season 2 and I only have 98 wins

  • angel_monster 007
    angel_monster 007 19 days ago

    This is illegal bacause your sharing people's personal info without their permission

  • Yamac Kocovali
    Yamac Kocovali 19 days ago +1

    90% of the video: He wOsnT a SoCCeR SkIn
    10% of the video: shows stats of no skins and saying they arent soccer skins brouh...

  • Geoff Rog
    Geoff Rog 19 days ago

    5:40 when you watch this in season 8

  • FBI *
    FBI * 19 days ago

    Is it just me or did i think it was racist to make the black soccer skin have 1 win

  • Veganman052
    Veganman052 19 days ago

    سليم الانصاري