• Published on Oct 16, 2017
  • Hey all! Sorry for being so terrible with my uploads lately... I've been in a bit of a daze with my boys, new puppy, and new place, so I have to ask for a bit of grace from all of you!!! My wife Rachel has been a freaking shining beacon of an example, so go check out her channel ( if you want watch a real youtuber. ANYWAYS, this bread is on a other level amongst other breads and is such a wonderful thing to use for burger buns and French toast. Give it a go and you'll have one of the best slices of toast in your life.
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    Staub Loaf
    KitchenAid Mixer:
    Boos Walnut Cutting Board:
    Boos Maple Cutting Board:
    Tweezer Tongs:
    KitchenAid Mixer:
    KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment:
    Induction Stove Top:
    OXO Good Grips Container:
    Shun Kaji Chef Knife:
    Shun Kaji Cleaver:
    Shun Kaji Knife Set:
    All-Clad Sauce Pan:
    All-Clad Fry Pan:
    All-Clad Pot:
    All-Clad Grill:
    All-Clad Strainer:
    All-Clad Mixing Bowls:
    Glass Bowls:
    Cheese Board:
    Marble Slab:
    Temperature Gun:
    Pastry Bag:
    Measuring Spoons:
    Squeeze Bottles:
    Sheet Tray:
    Wire Whisk:
    Offset Spatula:
    Pasta Maker:
    Ring Molds:
    Hand Grater:
    Box Grater:
    Pepper Grinder:
    Mini Carafe:
    Mini Glass Pitcher:
    Porcelain Dish:
    Tart Ramekin:
    Glass Ramekins:
    Ice Cream Scoop:
    Metal Canoli Mold:
    Waffle Iron:
    Gnocchi Board:
    5 cups ap flour
    1 cup milk
    2 tsp dry yeast
    5 large eggs
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 cup butter
    2 tsp salt
    egg wash:
    1 egg yolk
    4 tbsp water
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  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 3 months ago

    BTW, what are the measurements of the ingredients of your brioche? You forgot to put it in your video. It looks good and I want to try it. Please if you dont mind, try giving the measurements in cups and tbsps/tsps. I am not so familiar with grams. Thank you.

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  • Zahid Ahmed
    Zahid Ahmed Year ago

    So I tried this recipe finally and it came out amazing. I left it in the fridge overnight and made it the next morning. The only question I had was I used active dry yeast and it took like 4 hours for it to rise, is that normal? Was I supposed to use instant dry yeast? My milk didn’t froth after putting in the yeast either.

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  • Viv Ku'uipo
    Viv Ku'uipo Year ago

    Byron, you indicated the other half could sit ib the fridge till you are ready to use. How long can it sit in fridge? Would that not affect the rising process and affect the density of the dough?

  • Greg Christensen
    Greg Christensen Year ago

    I've made this before! Although I added some fresh cracked black pepper to my dough, my recipe was almost exactly similar. My version didn't come out as smooth and flat as yours did but it tasted good

  • Chaitanya Rao
    Chaitanya Rao Year ago

    No disrespect, But egg wash is not required... it will have a the color u want as it is closed and touching the hot lid which will give the color... i have tried.... thanks for the simple but effective recipe BTW

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    I'm just now learning to make bread after 48 years of marriage! Although I've been "the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer" all those years,I never quite got into making bread....until this past few weeks. Brioche is the next thing I want to make and I want to thank you for the wonderful video,recipe,instruction,etc.! Why is the butter added last and not before the flour?

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