Co-Workers Play Two Truths and a Lie, DRUNK

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  • Johnny Emezie
    Johnny Emezie 2 days ago

    Sam and Maude goed all out better.

  • Eri Maritz
    Eri Maritz 7 days ago

    RIP Matt

  • Dylan Gagner
    Dylan Gagner 8 days ago

    I love how they only realize what they said like 5 min after they said it

  • Bino Monkeya
    Bino Monkeya 12 days ago

    Wait isn’t the brown haired girl the girl from the truth serum video where she watches her room mate? She really cute as well

  • Angela  Riddell
    Angela Riddell 13 days ago

    That australian girl turns me on bevause shes genuine and really . like omg they both need to do a porn

  • Books Are Better
    Books Are Better 14 days ago

    I love this too much😂😂

  • Riley Gregory
    Riley Gregory 15 days ago

    munch munch munch

  • The Catiecorn
    The Catiecorn 17 days ago

    5:32 the last one is a lie because it is at least 2 years later and you can’t but a jetpack

  • Matthew Gomez
    Matthew Gomez 19 days ago

    5:48 Simon Birch

  • Nani Bear
    Nani Bear 19 days ago

    8:39 wtf 😂😂😂🤣

  • GallifreyanFox42
    GallifreyanFox42 25 days ago +1

    Damn i miss sourcefed...

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings 26 days ago

    Yep, these two should indeed have sex while somewhat inebriated.

  • Lance Shewfelt
    Lance Shewfelt Month ago

    Their job doesen't seem too bad.

  • Joshua Harvey
    Joshua Harvey Month ago

    Did they end up having sex

  • Aiden
    Aiden Month ago

    Much sexual tension between the two

  • Ralph Holm
    Ralph Holm Month ago

    I've gone to far on youtube.

  • Flamma the undefeated Syrian gladiator

    so... a beard is girl that dates gay guys
    but why she is called a beard ?

  • Jamie NONAME
    Jamie NONAME Month ago

    apparently everyone already ships it

  • Polarr Haley
    Polarr Haley Month ago

    The blonde one sounds like Eliza Taylor???

  • SuperHamilton Trash
    SuperHamilton Trash 2 months ago

    I ship it

  • Ashelynn Holland
    Ashelynn Holland 2 months ago

    *chomping noises*

  • Pizza Catt
    Pizza Catt 2 months ago

    I ship it

  • Miguel Rosales
    Miguel Rosales 3 months ago +1

    I miss these so much :(

  • Sean Leabourn
    Sean Leabourn 3 months ago

    diarrhea excuse only worked once for me. haha second time I got a detention

  • Amber Styches
    Amber Styches 3 months ago

    The way the blonde watcheds the brunette take a drink makes you know there’s tension

  • Carolina VFIT
    Carolina VFIT 3 months ago

    Please tell me you guys did hook up bc you both have such a cool vibe

  • Fullrusher
    Fullrusher 3 months ago

    Omg the taller one is so beautiful 😍 damn why can't I find tall women T.T

  • MeiMein_OW
    MeiMein_OW 3 months ago +1

    I feel like the Jetpack isn't a thing because I've never seen someone flying around

  • Pale Partier
    Pale Partier 3 months ago


  • premiere
    premiere 3 months ago

    i didnt know i maggie from the walking dead worked at sourcefed

  • Helaling
    Helaling 4 months ago

    Is anyone going to talk about the squirting milk out of her eye?

  • Animature
    Animature 4 months ago

    Maude is 11/10. I follow Bree on this one.

  • Verónica Pérez
    Verónica Pérez 4 months ago +1

    Bree: my heart burns
    Maude: for me?
    Bree: Idk it could be
    Me: just kiss her already!!!

  • Irvin Christopher
    Irvin Christopher 4 months ago

    This was awesome! :)

  • jane almoneda
    jane almoneda 4 months ago

    I totally ship them.

  • Diana Buck
    Diana Buck 4 months ago

    And yay for gay ex-boyfriends!

  • Diana Buck
    Diana Buck 4 months ago

    Also, holy shit Maude can take a shot. Pretty hot.

  • Diana Buck
    Diana Buck 4 months ago

    How did I know that she'd say yes?

  • Jessie
    Jessie 4 months ago

    Can someone tell me where the Aussie girl got her shirt? I love it!

  • The Duo 702
    The Duo 702 4 months ago

    ok so where is the video after this video. im talking about when they do it.

  • High Achievers
    High Achievers 4 months ago

    They totally had sex after this.

  • Squish my face
    Squish my face 4 months ago


  • Zach Wilson
    Zach Wilson 4 months ago

    I like Maude

  • ElyssaAnderson
    ElyssaAnderson 4 months ago

    This is the best thing I've ever seen on youtube.

  • Freydo_frey
    Freydo_frey 4 months ago

    Stilllllll lllllove thiiiiis

  • Taboo 2018
    Taboo 2018 4 months ago

    "When you wear jeans like that, it makes your vagina look hungry. Like I can hear it" 😂😂

  • Jonny Rockstar
    Jonny Rockstar 4 months ago

    my lord... are you guys hiring??!!

  • colourfully21
    colourfully21 4 months ago

    The laugh at 7:40 is the cutest thing ever. By far the funniest video I've watched in a long time. :)

  • Reinaldo Valdes
    Reinaldo Valdes 5 months ago

    I think monkeys can send a text but it'd be non eligible though 😭

  • Anton Lawrence
    Anton Lawrence 5 months ago

    The best thing I've watched in months!!!!!!

  • aceistrash edits
    aceistrash edits 5 months ago

    I ship them too much omf

  • Alyssa Summers
    Alyssa Summers 5 months ago

    8:34 how

  • DrewFace507943
    DrewFace507943 5 months ago

    Anyone have the video or snap of these two scissoring?

  • The Dinkster
    The Dinkster 5 months ago

    When she said matt it scared me

  • 503leafy
    503leafy 5 months ago

    2:49 That just happened...

  • Em Idc
    Em Idc 5 months ago

    The sexual tension wow

  • Lord Baphelon
    Lord Baphelon 5 months ago

    Maude takes shots like a beast, goddamn

  • Moon Austwick
    Moon Austwick 5 months ago

    I think we've all had a gay ex-boyfriend. HAI KIAN!! <3

  • Sad Gal
    Sad Gal 5 months ago

    I like how smooth the blonde takes those shots

  • mintho
    mintho 5 months ago

    Why does the blonde one remind me SO MUCH OF ROBIN FOR OW I MET YOUR MOTHER? ;o

  • HotAndSpicy
    HotAndSpicy 5 months ago

    I would want the Austrailian and Madison to collab

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 5 months ago

    Maude's with new rockstars now... or at least collabing with them.

  • Kekoa Kawakami
    Kekoa Kawakami 6 months ago

    Holy shit... this was funny

  • yellowxpurple95
    yellowxpurple95 6 months ago

    Aussie accents are so hot!

  • ``5 døllars nø sense``

    these two are gLORIOUS OMFG

  • Janita Hutchinson
    Janita Hutchinson 6 months ago

    only two minutes,are they gonna do it

  • Janita Hutchinson
    Janita Hutchinson 6 months ago

    can they flirt any harder

  • Oscar Scheepstra
    Oscar Scheepstra 6 months ago

    That's kinda similar to the watch cut videos. But still hilarious.

  • Atheris Nerayen
    Atheris Nerayen 6 months ago

    And then they fucked.

  • Daria Rose K
    Daria Rose K 6 months ago

    She's so Aussie and so funny <3

  • Lord Gunther
    Lord Gunther 6 months ago

    They fucked after the vid

  • MoRB_HD
    MoRB_HD 6 months ago

    still no jetpack...

  • Kate Cleary
    Kate Cleary 6 months ago

    I love this so much there so cute I want them to be a couple so much

  • Mcave 1719
    Mcave 1719 6 months ago

    i love you both so funny

  • Lenore Aurore
    Lenore Aurore 6 months ago

    So wait... is Maude actually married? Damnit, all the amazing ones are.

  • RuinTheShoW
    RuinTheShoW 6 months ago

    So was the gwenyth Paltrow true or false?!?!

  • A C
    A C 6 months ago +1

    Imagine the next day at work

  • randomlyrandoization
    randomlyrandoization 6 months ago +3

    Who is still watching this in 2017?

  • Michael Kapcio Jr
    Michael Kapcio Jr 6 months ago

    that was awesome

  • starwarsguy4427
    starwarsguy4427 6 months ago

    Wait. Maude can squirt milk out of her eye? I never realized she said that and I've watched this video a solid 10 times.

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus
    Willy_Th3_ Walrus 6 months ago +1

    Both Bree and Maude look way different now than they used too.

  • morne dannhauser
    morne dannhauser 6 months ago

    brunette can't hold her drinks for shit xD

  • zaynab siddiqui
    zaynab siddiqui 6 months ago

    ok i love maude wow ok

  • Shaan Naik
    Shaan Naik 7 months ago +1

    So they're both lesbian?

  • Mautise Boswell
    Mautise Boswell 7 months ago +1

    How can you squirt milk out of an eye?

  • Aly Chan
    Aly Chan 7 months ago +1

    Yup......they fucked after this....

  • Jada Evan
    Jada Evan 7 months ago +1

    "I need a rich man in my life" - Muade
    Killed me xD

  • Jordan2timez
    Jordan2timez 7 months ago +1

    those two girls smashed right after Australian took her to the outback

  • Bob Jellyfish
    Bob Jellyfish 7 months ago

    Maud is literally the funniest person ever

  • OhhFG
    OhhFG 7 months ago

    "I dont throw up drinking im austalian"
    yeah every one from like every country says that: Russians and vodka, Irish and Guiness, Brits and their pints, Polish and everything, Germans and their beer festicals, australians and fosters, french and wine, japanese and sake...

  • Isky3000
    Isky3000 7 months ago

    Wait... Wait... nobody wanna talk about 'I can squirt milk out of my eye'!!!... WTF WTF!!!

  • Pointless Channel
    Pointless Channel 8 months ago

    You're real friends if you guys are Best Beards Ever

  • Alex Brewer
    Alex Brewer 8 months ago

    I can reach in and touch there sexual tesion

  • Dai Tran
    Dai Tran 8 months ago

    Is that Kelsey's Australian twin???

  • awsomeoish
    awsomeoish 8 months ago

    Maude pounds drinks man respect

  • rusty
    rusty 9 months ago

    The American girl is really cute

  • calypsotsuki
    calypsotsuki 9 months ago

    "Don't post videos of yourself drinking or drunk on the internet otherwise your future boss might see it"
    SourceFed: "Hey for your job we need you to make a video of you and one of your co-workers drinking on camera"

  • MIssCl1ck
    MIssCl1ck 9 months ago

    not french wtf?

  • Dtobez
    Dtobez 9 months ago

    You can cut the tension with a dildo

  • Dinomat
    Dinomat 9 months ago

    The girl on the right is just so super HOT...