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  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
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    In this video I talk about a weird trend on TVclip where literally anything that's ever been made gets exposed and scrutinized for hiding "dark secrets", which almost always turn out to be neither dark, nor secrets. It's clickbait at its finest, and the worst offender is a channel called 'The Things'. Yeah, that's really their name.
    If you like watchmojo but wish they'd only made videos for 6-year olds and talked to you like they're always telling you to go to bed, then you'll LOVE The Things. Their videos set a new standard for laziness on TVclip, which is honestly quite the accomplishment. Enjoy.
    I'm about to sell out of fridge magnets but i still have a few left:
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    If you're still reading this, comment what you think that dog's name is. I bet it's Barkz.
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  • Jamie Jam
    Jamie Jam 7 hours ago

    10 times we guilted you into staying sober lol

  • XxYucky Mucky ButterxX
    XxYucky Mucky ButterxX 14 hours ago +1

    Subscribed to the things at 9

    Subscribed to Drew Gooden at 12

  • jemmy’s gacha.
    jemmy’s gacha. Day ago +1

    *i’d pay real money to know what the picture was.*

  • Billy Boio
    Billy Boio Day ago

    the real dark secret is the paint artwork

  • planet_ danny43
    planet_ danny43 Day ago +1

    the things......

    more like "spammer karen"

  • Neo Arcus
    Neo Arcus 2 days ago

    Wait he said free? I am now unconditionally required to use said link.

  • AJ Mason
    AJ Mason 5 days ago

    Why do you pronounce genre like/dʒanɹə/?

  • chelsea ward
    chelsea ward 5 days ago

    Actually drew, I thought you would know this since you invented TVclip...when a comment is liked by the page creator and the user who commented the comment, edits the comment, it takes away the like. It’s there to protect the creator Incase the commenter were to do anything...fishy.

  • shafreen
    shafreen 7 days ago +2

    I also have a dark secret: I never returned the copy of The Outsiders book that I got in middle school... it still haunts me to this day.

  • The Fire King
    The Fire King 8 days ago

    What's interesting is that the rumor for Good Luck Charlie is an actual show on Disney now...

  • mimo _
    mimo _ 8 days ago

    wow, I genuinely felt nervous for drew when he didn't have his rent money...

  • JimmyNeedsCup02oodle

    When you pin a comment and they edit it, it becomes unpinned.

  • Steph Lazo
    Steph Lazo 9 days ago

    How did you know about my secret phone

  • pocket Fullo'Poseys
    pocket Fullo'Poseys 10 days ago

    Good luck Charlie has *left* the chat
    Andi Mack has *entered*

  • Your local edgelord
    Your local edgelord 10 days ago

    Good luck Charlie has a B U N C H of inappropriate jokes, so much that it’s not even necessary. One of the jokes was
    Parents: hey we’re going on our honeymoon
    Teddy: okay, but remember, we don’t want anymore kids!
    But yeah “The Things” said one b a r e l y inappropriate, and made it a big deal.

  • Raren Washmore
    Raren Washmore 10 days ago

    2 LINK TO HIS TVclip
    3 LINK TO HIS TVclip
    5 LINK TO HIS TVclip
    (which is a bunch of bolonge)

  • Gabriela Gutierrez
    Gabriela Gutierrez 11 days ago

    The goodluck Charlie one is just Andi Mack

  • Tricky Dicky
    Tricky Dicky 12 days ago

    I got a secret Drew can I tell you it?

  • PvZ Gaming
    PvZ Gaming 13 days ago

    I keep seeing TheThings' Descendants videos and it pisses me off! I want ACTUAL Descendants videos!

  • Leanne Posadas
    Leanne Posadas 13 days ago

    Am i the only one who is dyingggg to know what that puppy is hiding?

  • Nautical Fish
    Nautical Fish 15 days ago

    10 dark secrets...*says "has been very open", the absolute opposite of the definition of the word secret*

  • ScamRevealer
    ScamRevealer 15 days ago +1

    I feel like there was nothing bad on the background moniter, but he did it because it was a dark secret he was hiding from us.

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit 16 days ago

    What have we learned today?
    To get a sponsor for your rent

  • divine a
    divine a 16 days ago +1

    "not me millionth dollar!!!"

  • RottingRustEdrian
    RottingRustEdrian 17 days ago

    10th time rewatching this and only now did I realise that the whole puppy screen thing was related to the theme bruhh

  • Ellsie Lovan
    Ellsie Lovan 17 days ago +3

    10:10 I’m pretty sure that when you edit your comment, the pin goes away.
    No hate or anything but just saying

  • Natatroni
    Natatroni 17 days ago

    I'm following a lot of graphic design channels on here, and when I saw the thumbnail I got excited, that maybe TVclip really had a secret about the font being slightly different or botched

  • Caleb Barnhart
    Caleb Barnhart 17 days ago

    Hah, you love parks and rec and have watched the whole thing more than once? I have watched the whole thing over 20 times

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    He didn't pay his rent for the time he was editing his landlord owned him
    That's why he said he was being held hostage

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Lol they're dumb clearly no secret if they posted it publicly
    They did that quite a few times and it turned out well they're both fine with it
    And agree it's not something to over blow like that

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    "Well by law everything in this apartment becomes mine your cat, your wife, that dollar"
    "Not my dollar!!"

  • Devumon
    Devumon 18 days ago

    Y'all, the paint art was a "dark secret", smh

    LEXI IS DROWNING 18 days ago +2

    Wait... isn't the "original story" for Good Luck Charlie just Andi Mack?

  • Maeci Johnson
    Maeci Johnson 18 days ago

    There’s a show called andi Mack which had that plot about good luck Charlie

  • titan kid
    titan kid 19 days ago

    Drew: ah yes the boys
    Me: ah yes the trash boys helping the boys with trash

  • antisocialraccoon
    antisocialraccoon 21 day ago

    hey are we just gonna brush past the fact that there's fanfic of good luck charlie

  • alex time low
    alex time low 21 day ago

    0:35 i have that same exact pair omg

  • Thanesse_Female Thanos

    5:51 sounds sped up wtf

  • The Greek Hijacker
    The Greek Hijacker 22 days ago +1

    Ok, so here is my theory about whats behind the puppy picture in his computer. So basically, the "landlord" came to his house to get the rent, and Drew did the sponsorship so he could get the money. The thing is, the sponsorship money would arrive in 11 minutes, but Drew was already past the deadline, so the supposed "landlord" supposedly kicked him out of the apartment. Here is the thing though, the "landlord" wasnt actually a landlord. He is a dark mage and he trapped Drew inside his monitor so that he can punish him for not having the rent money in time, and he continued to make the video, and played it off as a joke so that we wont become suspicious of him. Now Drew is trapped for eternity and all the videos after this one are made by the dark mage that trapped Drew in his monitor. Anyone got a plan on how we are gonna rescue him?

  • Pure Salt
    Pure Salt 22 days ago


  • Kate M
    Kate M 22 days ago

    O N E R E N T M O N E Y P L E A S E

  • Caleb Perry
    Caleb Perry 24 days ago +1

    The dark secret of this video is the MS pint art

  • Rani Jannati
    Rani Jannati 24 days ago +1

    Drew, I'll tell you my secret, there's a buttplug on my closet. Don't tell my mom.

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 221 24 days ago +1

    What was the paint art

  • Mofungas
    Mofungas 24 days ago +2

    His dark secret is the MS paint artwork he hid.

  • Lea Kapelari
    Lea Kapelari 25 days ago +2

    drew... i fucking love you dude 😂❤️

  • Petite Eclair
    Petite Eclair 25 days ago +13

    So is anyone gonna mention how the last "secret" of Good Luck Charlie is literally the plot of Andi Mack or...

  • Purple Pizza
    Purple Pizza 25 days ago +5

    Can anyone unblur his screen at the start so we can know what it was or is it impossible lol.

  • Lindsay Dunlap
    Lindsay Dunlap 26 days ago +2

    Haha I’m so glade my dad is fucking gone

  • Munjee Syed
    Munjee Syed 27 days ago +2

    Editing pinned comments unpins them

  • Very Annoying Hufflepuff
    Very Annoying Hufflepuff 27 days ago +2

    Does anyone else REALLY want to know what he drew??

  • lampini
    lampini 28 days ago +1

    I love the thumbnail for this one XD

  • Stay-at-home Mama Bear
    Stay-at-home Mama Bear 28 days ago +1

    I want to know what he put on his computer so bad I’m shaking

  • Etern7al
    Etern7al 28 days ago

    Um I was today yrs old when I realized that Drew doesn't actually have wallpapers on his pc screen when he films. He just edits them in...his hands keep going through the dog lmao

  • Sophia Tomkow
    Sophia Tomkow 28 days ago +4

    *no, we learned that glade doesn’t have a dad.*

  • ColorfulRainbow
    ColorfulRainbow 29 days ago

    This video made me have dejavu

  • Angel Costabile
    Angel Costabile 29 days ago

    The Rick and morty episode was supposed to be like that.. the actor couldn’t get the right voice for rick so that’s why he drank. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I officially dislike mojo

  • Shocked Gaming
    Shocked Gaming 29 days ago +1


  • Tony Jardina
    Tony Jardina 29 days ago

    Heres a secret thats the nintendog dog

  • Speedoom Arias
    Speedoom Arias 29 days ago

    Y’all heard that if you love something make it FREE