#64 Making taffy using amazing taffy machines


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  • SkullfireGamez
    SkullfireGamez 3 days ago

    Its like stop motion movies

  • Cypheriest
    Cypheriest 6 days ago

    His voice is ASMR 😴

  • Sabrina Guzman
    Sabrina Guzman 12 days ago

    Whoever disliked i will set your house on fire cuz no one dislikes!

  • Philip N.L
    Philip N.L 17 days ago

    I love taffy

  • Keegan Perrie
    Keegan Perrie 17 days ago

    I’ve been there

  • SurlyMiss
    SurlyMiss 18 days ago

    These are so interesting. You make a great narrator. :) Love your vids! Maybe I can order something sometime. The flower candies you make are so beautiful. Much love from Ohio. :)

  • Ender and King
    Ender and King 19 days ago

    I know Todd and Bruce they’re really friendly

  • Kelsea Faust
    Kelsea Faust 21 day ago

    Ive been to the one in myrtle beach before! Omg!

    MR THE DUDE 24 days ago

    Taffy is Heckin *AMAZING*

    AWESOMEGAMER 24 days ago

    280 people are idiots and misread the dislike button as dis I like.

  • Josh Futterman
    Josh Futterman 26 days ago

    This video reminds me of that old Food Network TV show "Unwrapped" with Mark Summers.

  • E-ManAnimates
    E-ManAnimates 26 days ago

    So, that's why they call it saltwater taffy!

  • hi no
    hi no Month ago

    whats taffy?

    TROPICzC1 Month ago

    How does this get views?

  • Make Homer something, something

    Love this

  • Evie M
    Evie M Month ago

    Great process and candies, but the machinery looks very dangerous to me...

  • Poly Gyro
    Poly Gyro Month ago

    All I can think about is getting a finger stuck in one of those sizing machines.

  • Brenden Ender
    Brenden Ender Month ago

    I live in north myrtle beach so7th carolina i will gp to that candy shop

  • BurpDerp O
    BurpDerp O Month ago +1


  • CloudRunnerTeeny
    CloudRunnerTeeny Month ago

    i gotta ask, do you guys sell overseas? ive a birthday coming up and i cant imagine better gift for my gran than hard candy from her prime years

  • Major lbgaming
    Major lbgaming Month ago

    In ocean city New Jersey on the board walk you can get the best salt water taffy

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    What is taffy? Is it just toffee or ??
    ~a very confused brit

  • LittleFirby 129
    LittleFirby 129 Month ago

    I was just in myrtle beach I wish I would have gone 😍😋

  • Whirligig
    Whirligig Month ago

    >tfw iv been there before

  • capeman10
    capeman10 Month ago

    Thank you for these beautiful videos. I love to watch those old machines at work.

  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker Month ago

    Good, information video clip.

  • Anthony Gardnerjordan

    This is lit

  • Conor
    Conor Month ago

    my dumbass thought this said amazon taffy machine

  • will brown
    will brown Month ago

    You mentioned hes doing it bare handed? Why is that allowed but not for you?

  • Anders H
    Anders H Month ago

    I wanna make candy for a living....
    Those taffy machines look like they could break an arm or two tho ;x

  • LandoTheOracle
    LandoTheOracle Month ago

    Why would you go through all that trouble?Three honey and some twigs in the crock pot and boom

  • AdamDaBoss Gaming
    AdamDaBoss Gaming Month ago

    There was 666 comments so i did you a favor and changed it 😀

  • It's Just Milk I Swear

    I like taffy

  • MiniMinerPlayz
    MiniMinerPlayz Month ago

    where do u ship to???

  • Bojangles
    Bojangles Month ago

    I would be terrified for my fingers

  • Isaiah Stepp
    Isaiah Stepp Month ago

    I met and talk to theme a year or 2 ago

  • RevRun14
    RevRun14 Month ago

    OMG I watch a vlogger that LOVES this shop! It's so cool to see how this works.

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam Month ago

    I say tof-fee

  • FuZZy mushroom
    FuZZy mushroom 2 months ago

    I ended 666 comments

  • Bored Adventures
    Bored Adventures 2 months ago

    This type of taffy is my absolute favorite

  • Nicholas Coleman
    Nicholas Coleman 2 months ago

    the taffy looks good and all but that machine looks like it could crush your arm if you arent careful

  • Kostaza Teasealot
    Kostaza Teasealot 2 months ago

    I really do love candy!!! All I can do is apologize for not finding this gem sooner!

  • Cameron Thomas
    Cameron Thomas 2 months ago

    oh my god i live in myrtle beach ive been there alot its great

  • smug bastard
    smug bastard 2 months ago

    why am i here its 3 am i got work im hungry im fustrated good night

  • Crosses TeaTime
    Crosses TeaTime 2 months ago

    Ha it's like how it's made!!!

  • fletcher3913
    fletcher3913 2 months ago

    That was fun. Thank you for taking us along.

  • Random Comment
    Random Comment 2 months ago

    Damn I want some taffy

  • Blunt .Cabbage
    Blunt .Cabbage 2 months ago

    I've been there before, they have amazing taffy.

  • Dewer pena
    Dewer pena 2 months ago

    I'm hungry now :c

  • scannaunderscore1
    scannaunderscore1 2 months ago

    Lofty Assholes

  • Beautiful Duwang
    Beautiful Duwang 2 months ago

    Watch those fingers

  • Skin Tone Chicken Bone MEGA OOF

    I love salt water taffy

  • scorpion1045
    scorpion1045 2 months ago

    Realistic willy wonka

  • Nepcoholic
    Nepcoholic 2 months ago

    god..small mistake you make you will lose your hand

  • LunaNight 0
    LunaNight 0 2 months ago

    Oh wow!!! I live in SC, only about 3 hours away from Dirty Myrutal

  • Kevin Potts
    Kevin Potts 2 months ago

    Serious question. I wonder how many fingers have been lost in those kinds of batch rolling machines?

  • VioletPhantom
    VioletPhantom 2 months ago

    Ooh I have a cousin down in myrtal beach and I've had salt water taffy before but now I'm gonna tell my cousin bout this next time I get to visit.

  • Ron TheHuman
    Ron TheHuman 2 months ago

    Strawberry Banana is indeed the best flavor.

  • Gobit PvP2
    Gobit PvP2 2 months ago

    Why does the batch roller spin left and right? Why not just one direction

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  2 months ago

      it twists the candy to the point of cracking. But it untwists just fine.

  • Jason Larrivey
    Jason Larrivey 2 months ago

    up on cape cod they certainly use salt in the saltwater taffy

  • TheOriginalMaxGForce
    TheOriginalMaxGForce 2 months ago


  • dlbstl
    dlbstl 2 months ago

    Please go to Crown Candy in St Louis, Missouri. It's especially great if you go right before Easter. They make their own candy and chocolate and they have great food as well.

  • Sonaさん
    Sonaさん 2 months ago


  • lghal1
    lghal1 2 months ago

    Who do these giant machines always have these completely random parts that require humans? The machine is able to roll the candy, cut it, cut the paper, wrap the candy in paper, bag the candy into perfectly sized portions, but then apparently our technology has not come far enough to push said bags into the boxes...?

  • Mr.ButtCheeks
    Mr.ButtCheeks 2 months ago

    i have been there

  • HypE Noir
    HypE Noir 2 months ago

    Greg I know that’s your real name but I like to call you magic candy man

  • Kiba Bloodfang
    Kiba Bloodfang 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh I love taffy. The post-wrap sorting machines were my favorite.

  • Dennis Rader
    Dennis Rader 3 months ago

    That big machine does more than 150 pieces a min. The big Mach does more than a thousand pieces a min.

  • amco
    amco 3 months ago

    Can you send over to germany pls?
    I mean is there any chance?

  • nas tay
    nas tay 3 months ago

    I can imagine having it stuck in my teeth..lol

    HERPY DERPEDY 3 months ago

    Well there goes my belief that salt was in Taffy ;-;

  • Lew Rodd
    Lew Rodd 3 months ago

    Is American Taffy the same as British Toffee or is it what the British call Rock?

  • Frosch Reiniger
    Frosch Reiniger 3 months ago +1

    very dirty conditions

  • Brett Kronen
    Brett Kronen 3 months ago

    i think i was there

  • Ronan Smith
    Ronan Smith 3 months ago

    EDIT: Every machine here could break part of you!

  • Shalala
    Shalala 3 months ago

    We have a small candy making shop in my town, altough they produce for pretty much all of Sweden. God i love going there, smells so nice :D It's called fagerströms karamellfabrik if i'm not misstaken

  • klovin
    klovin 3 months ago

    ay i live in SC

  • absolute
    absolute 4 months ago

    Why delete the forbidden fruit?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  4 months ago

      +absolute TVclip announced they were going to start taking down things dealing with the forbidden fruit and they were going to put a strike against you for violating terms of the TVclip agreement. It was not clear that they were going to do this to me but I figured why risk it. If you go to our a Facebook page will still find the video

  • Nyq
    Nyq 4 months ago

    I want to eat some

  • Scott Wooten
    Scott Wooten 4 months ago

    HEY I bought taffy from these guys when I was in myrtle beach this summer! It was some of the best I ever had!

  • low quality guy
    low quality guy 4 months ago

    I've been to a place like this in georgia

  • Sid The Kid
    Sid The Kid 4 months ago


  • Kitty N
    Kitty N 4 months ago +1

    Wow! I've always wanted to see how it was made.

  • Wilzen
    Wilzen 4 months ago

    When ever I look at those taffy fluffier thing I’m always like what if your arm gets in there

  • miguel nasser
    miguel nasser 4 months ago

    I never have eaten Taffy

  • DP Gaming HD
    DP Gaming HD 4 months ago +2

    This place looks filthy

  • AutisticGayBlackJew
    AutisticGayBlackJew 4 months ago

    is taffee just the american way of saying toffee?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  4 months ago

      +Italian Austr_al_ian No, it's how we say chews ... Well it's almost chews its an American thing.

  • Keeli-Anne Venn
    Keeli-Anne Venn 4 months ago

    I was so worried about their hands this whole video...

  • I cut off children's pinky toes

    I feel like it would be so fun to make candy with a flavor that doesn’t correspond with the color. Imagine making purple candy with a banana flavor.

  • ThatOneAlien
    ThatOneAlien 4 months ago

    Taft’s pulling is so damn satisfying.

  • Miguel Avila
    Miguel Avila 4 months ago

    Yoooooo!! What are the odds that I've been to Wee R Sweets, and I am from Texas!!

  • Madison Taylor
    Madison Taylor 4 months ago

    Strawberry banana? Ew,why not strawberry lemon

  • ayesha r
    ayesha r 4 months ago

    thats nice of him handing out candy

  • Some 10 Pound Internet Bass

    Better than 'How it's made' :D

  • Kyle J. H.
    Kyle J. H. 5 months ago +2

    In Utah, we do use some salt in our salt water taffy, sometimes with salt dried from the Great Salt Lake.

  • Random Person :3
    Random Person :3 5 months ago

    This guy sounds like Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, whoa.
    Edit: More normal though.

  • Adam L
    Adam L 5 months ago

    Want so bad

  • Abigail Cirillo
    Abigail Cirillo 5 months ago

    Taffy tates like plastic bad rotten plastic

  • Kori1315
    Kori1315 5 months ago

    thats so amazing!

  • southerneagle 16
    southerneagle 16 5 months ago

    Myrtle Beach native yee yee