Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (Official Video)

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Comments • 80

  • Menel Menel
    Menel Menel Hour ago


  • Dalila Aramayo
    Dalila Aramayo Hour ago

    5 años pasaron y esta canción aún me hace llorar 🥺😭❤️

  • Екатерина Фомина

    Selena please don't cry 🙏

  • Justin biber My world
    Justin biber My world 3 hours ago


  • Muhammadnoris Muhammadnoris

    Love you song salina gomez..from🇲🇾👍😗

  • Dream Bangtan
    Dream Bangtan 4 hours ago

    I think ppl here need to understand that she has moved on and he did too. So there is no point in talking about there relationship and specially Justin beiber who is now happy in his life and left salena for good. I can never forgive him for what he did to salena but that happened for good so plzz let it be.

    VIDEOS 5 hours ago +1

    lets get 700M !

  • Justina Apatiki
    Justina Apatiki 5 hours ago

    Selena and Justin were cute together. :)

  • Boo BOO
    Boo BOO 7 hours ago


  • Boo BOO
    Boo BOO 7 hours ago


  • Àlan 237
    Àlan 237 7 hours ago


  • AyMan
    AyMan 8 hours ago

    really if u there is someone in ur heart .....then the heart wants what it wants ..................

  • bollywood song
    bollywood song 8 hours ago

    My love 😭❤️ merry me seleeNa ,🙏 please

  • Sarah ‘
    Sarah ‘ 9 hours ago

    Corona Timeeee

  • Jupiter World
    Jupiter World 10 hours ago

    She dint lose Selena haley won Justin

  • Mark Arsian
    Mark Arsian 10 hours ago

    Yeah sorry

  • leon orlando
    leon orlando 12 hours ago +4

    Selena: The heart wants what it wants
    Justin: What do you mean
    Selena: Same old love
    Justin: Sorry
    Selena: Good for you

  • Sadam Elmi
    Sadam Elmi 13 hours ago

    I like this song
    Cool ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • cristian balcan
    cristian balcan 13 hours ago

    iven if for you i'm trash for mary i'm a light that burn forever

  • Erum Shaukat
    Erum Shaukat 13 hours ago

    Love sad songs💔 currently loving this 😣

  • Klaudia Wasiak
    Klaudia Wasiak 14 hours ago

    Heart .. heart ..wants. happy end.

  • Saya Zhan
    Saya Zhan 14 hours ago +1

    Oh,my God ! What a beautiful song! Even though it's been five years. I only heard this song today. 🙏🙌👏🎤💜💜💜

  • Martha Torres
    Martha Torres 14 hours ago

    I can definitely relate😞

  • Chaitali Rao
    Chaitali Rao 14 hours ago

    This song hits different after a break-up

  • Delilah Sterio
    Delilah Sterio 17 hours ago

    Hope your day Selena Gomez your music a right and just retarded you need to move on Justin Bieber

  • Fahmo Abdi
    Fahmo Abdi 23 hours ago

    You have a good voice you are one of my best fans

  • veerle van heeswijk

    Best song I've ever listened to

    TWIZERIMANA Enock Day ago +1

    I love you serena chou chou

  • David Ledezma
    David Ledezma Day ago

    Queen, I love you! 🖤

  • cristian balcan
    cristian balcan Day ago

    date al prossimo quello che volete che vi sia dato a voi amate il prossimo come vorreste essere amati voi..

  • Miquezia Costa
    Miquezia Costa Day ago

    ♥️Fênix ♥️Diva♥️ linda ♥️💢

  • Ashes & Mahi
    Ashes & Mahi Day ago

    I miss her long hairs

  • Ashes & Mahi
    Ashes & Mahi Day ago

    Completely shattered, by one thing. Something so stupid

  • Nishita Das
    Nishita Das Day ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️still I'm listening 2020...

  • Erika
    Erika Day ago +11

    Everyone is taking about how Justin broke Selena's heart but no one actually talks about how Selena broke The Weeknd's heart💔

    • Tsunami MM
      Tsunami MM 10 hours ago +1

      It’s no ones fault Justin just didn’t love her as much as she loved him and Selena didn’t love The Weeknd as much as she used to yes they had a lot of drama and fought a lot but they both moved on and happy now Selena has been through a lot and I think right now she needs to focus on herself and that’s what’s best for her when she recovers 100% I think she’ll start dating again but I think it’s gonna take a few years for that

    • Millie O
      Millie O Day ago +2

      Erika Selena didn’t break the weeknds heart 😂the only person he really loved was Bella hadid and she broke his heart, he even admitted it.


    I'm 2020 still..... Who else

  • Bienchenforlife
    Bienchenforlife Day ago +1

    Who is also here after the instagram situation ???

  • muco jason
    muco jason Day ago +1

    29.03.2020 who is with me?

  • Bashayer Naseer
    Bashayer Naseer Day ago

    I love you.please forget him.

  • Bashayer Naseer
    Bashayer Naseer Day ago

    Damn to you Justin, you made her sad

  • Joe King
    Joe King Day ago +1

    Hey Vsauce! Michael Here

  • Evelana 00
    Evelana 00 Day ago

    Is he the brother that play Christian greys step brother in 50 shades of grey?

  • Encino Man
    Encino Man Day ago +1

    And people say Selena can't sing,while Miley Cyrus who can't sing to save her life is praised by tone deaf dimwits. Selena is an amazing singer and a beauty.

  • chappell life
    chappell life Day ago

    It hurts at first but you realize that person was only looking for you to give in to their outrageous requests for the relationship but you cant let up because then they think hurting you is okay ....Selena heal well your so beautiful and strong God's gonna bless

  • Male Collins
    Male Collins Day ago

    For real our songs intimately touching people's hearts

  • Voice Disco
    Voice Disco Day ago +1

    Quel idiot ce Justin. Elle mérite mieux! J'espère qu'elle va trouver quelqu'un qui l'aime vraiment et ça à ce moment là qu'il regrettera....

  • Divu Mehandiratta

    Justin and Selena back again watch this video to know more
    Amazing chemistry and video
    Amazing song and chemistry

  • Craig Patterson
    Craig Patterson Day ago

    MY GOD ! I LOVE THAT WOMAN 😍🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
    And that song ..... it should make me think about other women , But I really think about her . 😍🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • Marcus Tancoš
    Marcus Tancoš 2 days ago

    my favorite 2008 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hope Tony
    Hope Tony 2 days ago +3

    Here is Lose you to love me, Look at her now, Rare, the Rare album and here i am listening to this song. The heart wants what it wants...

  • Vanessa Suarez
    Vanessa Suarez 2 days ago

    Como odio a Justin 😡😡😡

  • Elizabeth Couto
    Elizabeth Couto 2 days ago +2

    algum brasileiro vendo essa música maravilhosa em 2020

  • Ramon Saldivar
    Ramon Saldivar 2 days ago +1

    That's a beautiful

  • Grace Wangui235
    Grace Wangui235 2 days ago

    I like her earings

  • Suchitra Banerjee
    Suchitra Banerjee 2 days ago +1

    Watch this song it's amazing

  • Ramon Saldivar
    Ramon Saldivar 2 days ago +1


  • Ajay Rawat
    Ajay Rawat 2 days ago

    Every sinlge word of this lyrics I love it..still listening this song ❤️love you selena😘 you are very strong women 🥺

  • Samuel Masih
    Samuel Masih 2 days ago

    Best song ever.....

  • Thomassé Maryse
    Thomassé Maryse 2 days ago +6

    I'm 59yrs old and this song touch me deep inside my soul, sooo sad, can't imagine how she lose herself in a toxic relationship. I hope she feels better now............!!!!

  • zachi 507
    zachi 507 2 days ago

    Justin is in estupid.... 😥😭😭😭😭i love Selena 😭😭😭😥😥😥😥

  • Terezie Lolinkova
    Terezie Lolinkova 2 days ago


  • VideosRam 2019
    VideosRam 2019 2 days ago +2


  • Enzo Covers
    Enzo Covers 2 days ago +2

    2020 Alguém?🖤💔

    UNA MIXTECA EN USA 2 days ago


    IAN LEE 2 days ago

    I dontwanna guy only wanna her creativity or artical mind to thief that mind. Please dont have time with that kind guy. trash can is their home.

  • Ramon Saldivar
    Ramon Saldivar 2 days ago +1


  • Sr. N
    Sr. N 2 days ago

    she's so beaty

  • Niya Xie
    Niya Xie 2 days ago

    I'm glad she finally got over JB. She deserves much better.

  • Lesli Hill
    Lesli Hill 2 days ago

    Dont want to hurt Selena... but what a love story.. damn I ache for it

  • Ashly Funes
    Ashly Funes 2 days ago +1

    A partir del minuto 3:04 start my favorite part

  • Samantha Gabbidon
    Samantha Gabbidon 2 days ago

    Self love/Self love and the rest will follow. GOD as plan for you

  • paintings for all
    paintings for all 2 days ago

    Selena gomez is a woman 🖤
    A realy woman 🖤
    Not like others 🖤
    Justen lost a lot 🖤

  • Dulce maria Dominguez dominguez

    Este video me causa tisteza pero aun hasi me gusta

  • najima El jalti
    najima El jalti 3 days ago

    Girls i am going to give you one Good advice nobody but nobody , no matter how much you loved him is it worth to get sick over him. oke because they aint worth it.

  • Mo Vlogs
    Mo Vlogs 3 days ago

    My story is same..Im in lv with my bf frm 8 yrs..Im in depression frm 1 yr..he dont gv a shit but I cant live without him..its feeling like Im dying slowly

    • Sehar Nisar
      Sehar Nisar 3 days ago

      think abt urself world is wide
      U will find someone who cares u 😊😊

  • مریم محمدی
    مریم محمدی 3 days ago


  • Edemilson Souza
    Edemilson Souza 3 days ago

    mt legal essa pagina da hora msm parabéns

  • Erkhem Erkhembayar
    Erkhem Erkhembayar 3 days ago


  • Simmons Renos
    Simmons Renos 3 days ago

    Sometimes there's just too many carrots....

  • Андрей Зяблицкий

    Puskay letyat moi slova
    Zapiskoy telefonnoyu.
    Chtob ne sudachila molva,
    Tebya lyublyu i pomnyu ya.
    Skazhu tebe: ne ver' molve
    I doveryay odnoy sud'be💥💐