The Last Errands || HOLLOW KNIGHT blind run/art analysis #10

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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  • cerberus0225
    cerberus0225 8 months ago +14

    Death Counter: 125 (+23)

    Spoilers Below!
    Bosses & Major Moments Only
    It's going to get complicated with fighting the Hollow Knight and The Radiance, so for the sake of clarity I'm going to change the format slightly.
    20:10, 24:12, 28:52, 32:46, 35:30, 39:56, 47:59, 51:08, 55:30, 1:05:44, 1:09:07, 1:10:14, 1:13:42, 1:16:20, 1:17:42, 1:20:40, 1:23:56, 1:28:40, 3:02:34, 3:06:08 The Hollow Knight redux
    22:37, 26:21, 30:44, 34:48, 37:20, 49:36, 52:50, 57:20, 1:07:55, 1:11:50, 1:15:16, 1:19:42, 1:22:11, 1:25:28, 1:30:32, 3:04:21, 3:07:55 The Radiance
    42:41 Ending 2: Sealed Siblings (for the record, these are their numbers on the wiki page, not the order Skyen does them)
    1:52:12 to 1:57:03 White Defender!
    2:19:14 to Pantheon of the Master
    2:32:00 Brothers Oro and Mato

    Detailed Highlights
    8:54 Chat with Brumm
    20:10 The Hollow Knight redux
    22:37 The Radiance
    23:56 Death 103
    24:12 Hollow Knight redux
    26:21 Radiance
    27:23 Death 104
    28:52 Hollow Knight redux
    30:44 Radiance
    31:33 Death 105
    32:46 Hollow Knight redux
    34:38 Radiance
    35:16 Death 106
    35:30 Hollow Knight redux
    37:20 Radiance
    37:46 Death 107
    39:56 Hollow Knight redux
    42:41 Ending 2: Sealed Siblings, and some commentary on The Radiance
    47:59 Hollow Knight redux
    49:36 Radiance
    50:43 Death 108
    51:08 Hollow Knight redux
    52:50 Radiance
    54:09 Death 109
    55:30 HK redux
    57:20 Radiance
    59:00 Death 110
    1:05:44 HK redux
    1:07:55 Radiance
    1:08:28 Death 111
    1:09:07 HK redux
    1:10:03 Death 112
    1:10:14 HK redux
    1:11:50 Radiance
    1:12:28 Death 113
    1:13:42 HK redux
    1:15:16 Radiance
    1:16:08 Death 114
    1:16:20 HK redux
    1:17:30 Death 115
    1:17:42 HK redux
    1:19:42 Radiance
    1:20:22 Death 116
    1:20:40 HK redux
    1:22:11 Radiance
    1:23:56 HK redux
    1:25:28 Radiance
    1:27:44 Death 118
    1:28:40 HK redux
    1:30:32 Radiance
    1:31:38 Death 119
    1:35:45 Meets with Brumm in the Howling Cliffs. Banishes the Troupe.
    1:37:55 Hello again Brumm, or Nymm rather. Obtained the Carefree Melody charm.
    1:39:08 King's Idol
    1:42:56 Dream Nail Nymm
    1:47:08 Obtained Lifeblood Core charm
    1:52:12 White Defender!
    1:53:30 Death 120
    1:57:03 Victory!
    2:14:53 Simple Key
    2:16:00 Enter Godhome
    2:16:45 Collected the Godtuner
    2:19:14 Challenge the Pantheon of the Master
    2:32:00 Brothers Oro and Mato
    2:34:44 Death 121
    2:41:49 Death 122
    2:45:40 Death 123, 17 Zotes
    2:55:40 Charm notch!
    3:02:34 HK redux
    3:04:21 Radiance
    3:05:00 Death 124
    3:06:08 HK redux
    3:07:55 Radiance
    3:08:54 Death 125
    3:10:45 Brief design analysis of Radiance

    • Vlad Dascaliuc
      Vlad Dascaliuc 8 months ago +1

      The fuck's wrong with you, you glorious human being?

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool 2 months ago

    This was awhile ago but watching I was a little disappointed. I understand your viewpoint and I personally chose the same outcome. The only difference between your decision and my decision is that you had an obligation to chat, they had paid you to complete optional bosses. I'm still glad you are able to defeat Grimm in the Godhome and in the end this is something that happened awhile ago so I can't fault you for it. I just felt it was important to share my opinion.

  • The 25th Baam
    The 25th Baam 4 months ago

    I was very surprised to see you banish Grimm, everyone who told me to have done it was just giving up on the Nightmare Grimm fight. I know that me liking him is what the developers wanted, but still I really don't understand why you thought of him as evil, given how little we know about him. When you say that "feeding on dead things" is evil, you just sound superstitious like the bugs of Dirtmouth. To me it's more evil to kill things in order to feed on them, rather than feeding on what's already dead. The Nightmare Heart is still perfectly fine anyways, even if you banished the troupe from Hallownest, so it's gonna keep doing its "creepy" stuff.
    To clarify, I don't disagree with your choice, but I think that it's not necessarily the best moral choice to make. If you conclude the ritual, Grimm will basically reincarnate as the Grimmchild and remain with you, while banishing him does not necessarily put an end to the ritual since it may just start again somewhere else. I think (from a narrative perspective) you could maybe have changed his life by keeping him with you, instead of sending him back to wait for someone else to wake him and start the ritual again.
    The thing I like most about banishing Grimm is how Brumm now lives in peace and plays a super nice music in Dirthmouth, while the thing I like least is that you never fought Nightmare Grimm in his original location (I don't imagine you would beat him in just a couple tries anyways). I still really appreciate how you made a decision based on narrative instead of gameplay, makes me think of Undertale and the genocide run

  • Benjamin E.S.
    Benjamin E.S. 8 months ago +2

    When Nymm came to, all he could think of was a flash of brilliant crimson and the desperate need to hold onto his accordion. The gray-and-black sky promised no light and no warmth, nor did the dark soil, and so he groaned and forced himself up, head ringing with melodies that he had no memory of writing.
    Indeed, his memory seemed...blank. A terrifying void, where he knew once there had to have been memory, awareness, understanding and motivation. Now, he was wiped clean, save for the vestiges he could scrabble together, the embers of a flame gone cold, snatched up by whatever of his mind he could direct to retrieve them.
    The accordion in his hand was of utmost importance, as were the songs he could give note to, the words familiar but lacking context. What could they mean? A master, a heart, and very unsettling! Perhaps he should alter the lyrics, locking away the originals within himself to lend greater cheer to the world around him with a new and happier version.
    The elderly bug that found him was patient and calm, and seemed remarkably excited to learn that Nymm did not plan to depart this town anytime soon. "Dirtmouth", it was called, and what a marvelous little place it was! The shopkeep was stingy and miserly but Nymm could sense a deeper honor to him, keeping him from despair, and so played for him, too. The cartographer was asleep, but his wife was amicable and enjoyed his accordion. So, too did the old stag in the station beneath the town, who even swapped stories with him of the songs the transportation bug had encountered on his travels. Nymm was, unfortunately, much less able to share his journey with the venerable fellow, but their conversation was still a delight.
    Less pleasant was the ornery bug with the large helmet, who completely ignored him, and the lass who was taken by his rapid-spewing tale-telling. Nymm did not trouble them, and used them as encouragement to play longer, louder, more happily, all the better to improve the mood around the tiny hamlet.
    Nymm was pleased to play away the time in the town, adding cheer and vigor to the atmosphere with his delightful music. The blank little warrior who greeted him not long after his arrival listened to his music so purposefully, so intently, that he thought that surely they must know him. They certainly felt familiar, and the Elderbug spoke fondly of them, so Nymm deigned to gift them with the small medallion he'd found on his person after being led back to town.
    The mask on the medal seemed even more familiar to the accordion player. It urged a calling in him, a drive to look back and find some lost memory of himself that was connected to it. But he had no serious nostalgia for anything, as much as he would have enjoyed remembering who he had been before. So he passed it on to the person he now knew as his friend, and delighted in their acceptance.
    Nymm spent his days talking with good folk, playing his accordion to liven up the town, and catching up with his dear friend, this diminutive warrior. Life was good. He was happy.
    And, unknown to him, Brumm could finally be Nymm again. His old identity, later supplanted by one as a servant of the Troupe, was now restored, but still impact by his time as part of them. Deep within Nymm's subconscious, his life as Brumm slumbered blissfully, joyful in the restoration of his past self.
    Now Brumm, too, could be happy, and could rest. As Nymm, he had earned peace.

  • Benjamin E.S.
    Benjamin E.S. 8 months ago +2

    So, it was to be done. Brumm would turn against his master and, in so doing, save him.
    The Grimm Troupe had gone on long enough, stretching into untold eternities, repeating over and over with little variation, little deviance, little innovation. It was not merely the repetition of playing that hard convinced Brumm that, perhaps, this once the Ritual must fail. He had seen it in his Master's manner, how, despite his ineffable distance, struggled to maintain the patterns of the past. The new life he nurtured within himself, cocooning and metamorphosing into a new leader, a new Grimm, a new Troupe was more and more difficult than the last, the impact on the dead kingdoms they passed increasingly severe.
    Brumm hoped his Master would forgive him for this. He dearly loved him as a devoted servant would their lord, and it tore the musician in twain to enact this secret betrayal. He did not regret the time immemorial he had passed as part of his Master's company.
    And the child, the new lord, the new Grimm. They were to be terrible consequence for this, the sacrifice of one innocent to avert so many more and break the cycle that had prolonged the heart of Grimm long enough to twist into something darker, more unnatural, more contemptible. Born into invisible chains, unknowing beneficiary and participant to the consumption of a kingdom's final hopes and fears, the nightmare essence that fed the new generation of the Troupe, united in their Master.
    If he could, he would have spared the small one, the infant flying into new life, but that seemed impossible. Now, the inheritor of the Troupe had all the fecundity of a stillborn, trapped between the birth that enabled their growth and the end that would seal them away forever.
    As he forced the Nightmare Lantern open and watched the empty wanderer strike at it, he felt the reverberations shudder through his body, watched the little Grimmchild be wracked with pains and fear, red eyes pleading as it mewled for help from their caretaker. He stiffened and kept up his hold, heartbroken, as the child cried and whined, begging and confused.
    Like him, was his Master a slave, too, to this endlessly repeating cycle of death, nightmare and rebirth? And, thus, was this child trapped as well? Then their chains should be broken together.
    The lantern shattered, the world burned red, and Brumm slipped away, the yowl of his Master and the child mingling together in his mind, a bellow and keen that promised pain, an end, and the promise of understanding.

  • Benjamin E.S.
    Benjamin E.S. 8 months ago +3

    Thus it was to be, at the inception of all, the lone figure amidst the cloying darkness of the beginning. Downy wings flapped brilliance in the form of cascading feathers, castoffs of her glory. Her shining nurtured life in the void, and smaller reflections of herself came to be. Her children, her inheritors, those to whom she bequeathed the secrets of her fluidity between realms. The moths. They loved her, united in adoration, worshipful and reverent, and she gloried in their devotion, the mother and curator of these very first souls.
    More soon followed, each more distinct from the last, diverging and evolving, establishing new forms and identities. Some shed the wings she'd granted in favor of harder shells, while others stretched their bodies or even took to the water that dotted the world. A menagerie of life rose, distinct save for one truth. That their focus, their minds, their thoughts were turned to her, and she returned their unity with the leadership they deserved.
    A god knew no imperfections, and so all was well. Together in reverence, she reigned august and magnificent, beloved and precious, the end goal and magistrix of power. All were benefited from her command, but to her first, the moths she honored with special grace. She passed down ever-greater secrets to her favorites, her most devoted, and they rose in prominence, diverging into those who dwelt in her dreams and those who found dreams of her own. The butterflies, separate and equal, shown their own mastery.
    Light, brilliant and comforting, enfolded and warmed all who partook of it, and there were none who did not. Hers was of gold and orange, almost too difficult to look upon but shining with the same guidance of the sun that seemed to reflect her power. The moths, derivative of her own form, were of softer glow, purple and pink and soothing, lacking the intensity of her own rays but no less meaningful. The butterflies found something else, something smooth and white and pale and almost dull, worthy of notice but not elevation, though she was proud of their accomplishments. A mother should honor her children, after all.
    And it was here that the first misgivings became apparent. One of her first children, her favorites, became afraid. Afraid of the transience she could not understand, of the finality of death she would never experience. After all, there was nothing more alien to a goddess than the possibility of not being. That was anathema to the eternity inherent in godhood, in the nature of a deity. This child's purple and pink darkened, deepened, turning to the color of blood and rage and fear, becoming something other than a dream. A nightmare, fiery and fierce, seeking to escape.
    She turned her back on the child, sequestering them away. Their affairs would be their own, and they would do well to not entertain such insubordination again lest their exile become even more final. There was no other solution, but this cascaded fractures she had not foreseen.
    ~The expanse of dream in past was split,
    One realm must now stay apart.
    Darkest reaches, beating red,
    Terror of sleep.
    The Nightmare's Heart.~
    Such was the warning passed down to her favorites, to the seers and interpreters of the moths, and they passed the warning down among themselves, the rest of bugkind unaware of the schism that had occurred.
    The division was to bring about more estrangement from The Radiance, for that was how she now observed herself to be. Another, similar to the first rebel but less intense, less confrontational, expanded upon the light of its ilk, the white and pale and welcoming that so closely mirrored her own, yet found a different attraction. A Wyrm, dead and remade, severing links to her view of the world, cordoning off opening she had never seen need to secure.
    She could not tolerate such division, such separation, and so gripped those that remained even harder. And yet they slipped through her grasp, falling from the dreams and embrace she had enclosed them in for so long, finding new guidance, different guidance under this new light.
    And, eventually, her favorites, her first, her most loved turned from her also. Her sorrow was matched only by her rage. She had granted life and guidance to all who partook of her power, and now they sought to undo the gifts she had bestowed. She would not abide by this. A goddess was to be worshiped, not rejected, and this upstart would not engender more rebellion. As she clutched desperately at the crumbling remains of her dominion, the deepest of fears began to envelop her.
    Her children, all of them, began to forget. To turn their thoughts not merely away from her, as if they were attempting to ignore her, but simply no longer aware she had the possibility of existing, ignorant to the dominion she had held over them. Even as their memories faded, she felt her magnificence draining, new fears and aspirations giving birth within her. Remember a thing, and it remained within, but forgetting sealed it away forever. That was the only death that mattered.
    And, to a god, the only sin was nonexistence, which was only possible through the emptiness of memory. She could not allow this.
    She had never had much of a being in the world outside of dreams, content to allow those who served her to act out her will in the material plane. But now, she was desperate for tangibility, for physical presence outside of the dream that was once her home and power, and now seemed all too similar to a prison.
    But her most beloved turned against her even more, digging the betrayal in deeper. They passed on her own secrets to the usurper, and he discovered more of his own, and the memory continued to fade. For a time, The Radiance only knew herself, clutching onto this title, what seemed to be the sole thread holding her back from oblivion.
    Time was meaningless in the face of the abyss of eternity, but still it dragged on. Shrouded in obscurity, her light festered and rotted. No longer did it shine with the gold glow of comfort and love, offering sanctuary and meaning. Now, it was sickly, corrupted, infected, lacking restraint and seeking only to take hold and blind and burn and blister. And still, nothing. She languished and waited.
    At last. Relief. A hush whisper of faith, an echo, a vestige of worship. She knew not where it came from. Perhaps one of the monuments to her, erected atop the crown of the world, a symbol of the devotion that was lost. Or perhaps a singular bug, recalling her presence, spreading it in dreams. Or even her favored children, the moths, returning to the fold, remembering her, their mother, their teacher, The Radiance, spreading word of her to their contemporaries, allowing her in.
    It was a gradual process. Once remembered, she sparked an errant thought here, a deviation there. Not consciously, but it was simply how she reached out, enveloping them once again in her world. And soon, more and more were a part of her once again.
    The usurper fought and studied and clashed, and the situation worsened the more he sought to combat it. He turned to the darkness, to the light of the moths, his own white glow, and found nothing. Her reach expanded.
    And then, an epiphany. That most horrendous combination of them all, the chemistry of each individually. The darkness, the lights, the dreams. An emptiness, meant to contain HER.
    She could not allow it, but could not stop it. And so, she was restrained again, burning hotter and fiercer than ever before, struggling against that vessel that held her.
    The Radiance was left to watch, and wait, and struggle and strive for escape. Even as her efforts bore fruit, the passion flowered even stronger, promising a tighter hold, a mightier dominion when she found egress.
    One truth held above all. The Radiance would not allow that most final of deaths, the lapse of memory, to envelop her.
    ...I WILL BE FREE...

  • charcoal Angel
    charcoal Angel 8 months ago

    I was wondering why there was so few comments here until I watched the vlog....

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  8 months ago +1

      Oh, the VoDs never get that many comments generally anyway.

  • David Lauinger
    David Lauinger 8 months ago +2

    Oh, and multiple times in the game the King himself is called a god, having been the Wyrm the changing into the smaller version.

  • ch1dd
    ch1dd 8 months ago +3

    I'm here today not to rant again, but to mention 2 of the secrets by the end of White Palace. I'm not sure it's worth going through it again just to hear it as they're both song-related (and I couldn't really find specific footage with good sound quality), but I'll leave a space in case someone wants to go back without knowing. "Spoilers" ahead vvv

    Sitting on the throne for a few seconds triggers a song consisted of the main theme of the game merged with the White Lady theme, I love how they're individually great and love even more how they sound combined.
    The second one, there's a breakable floor near the soul statue, a bit before the throne room. It leads to a little room with a crib, and White Lady's silhouette in a chair by it's side. The music that plays is a version of the theme when you're near your shade, only not creepy and distorted anymore. Team cherry puts so many details in things most people will never see, their work is just amazing.

  • JRedNose
    JRedNose 8 months ago

    hrm... gameplay analysis on The Radiant(tm)...
    It's about dodging.
    The Radiant(tm) consistently deals 2-3dmg with each and every attack, no matter how many charms you equip, that's gonna hurt. Factor in a large health pool and Skyens love of trying to squeeze in just a touch more damage at every opportunity is really hurting him - it was fine while a screwup only resulted in a single point of damage, just... just not now.
    The good news is that dodging shouldn't really be that hard; the patterns themselves are nowhere near as fast as, say, the Mantis Lords, and Skyen actually figured out how to deal with each individual attack pretty quickly - it's mostly his own haste that keeps getting to him.
    Keeping this in mind, I'd wager the poopbaby combo is actually relatively godmode here - it would let him concentrate on dodging while letting the babies handle offense, only requiring the occasional hit to keep his soul up and the babies poopin'.
    Flavourwise, The Radiant(tm) with its emphasis on platforming over traditional combat reminds me a fair deal of the White Palace. Factor in his crowned head and... is this the Pale King we're fighting..?
    Maybe I'll change my mind if there's a third phase. I guess we'll just have to wait and see :p

  • David Lauinger
    David Lauinger 8 months ago +3

    I am upset. He should have tried the boss first then choose to banish... It is his play through. I understand the feeling to cancel the cycle, narratively. But that's assuming you know that Grimm is bad.

    • David Lauinger
      David Lauinger 8 months ago

      @ch1dd I am most upset about not being able to get his take on the build up to the fight. The last grimmkin being super strong and annyoing. Going in the tent further than before, dream nailing Grimm to access the boss. You are right and with team cherry there is no right answer.

    • ch1dd
      ch1dd 8 months ago +2

      The game did a pretty good job establishing that Grimm is bad, and if you're just enough of a coward to not even see it through to risk learning what it's about, you end up missing on that stuff. But if you think properly, it's added content and there's not that much they can do to someone's game itself, so there's no downside to finishing it. Aside from having to get the other achievement on a second playthrough, that is, but that works both ways.
      I originally thought banishing them would trigger a fight with Grimm trying to keep me from interrupting the ritual, and finishing the ritual instead would trigger some event, but in reality it was just a "please save me, make them go away" button for people who aren't up for the challenge (even just leaving them there would be enough, but I guess it would lack conclusion and make people who don't want to fight him upset, so I get it).
      Ultimately what made him banish them was the confirmation that he could still fight Grimm in the godmaster content, allowing him to both follow the narrative he wants and give chat the fight. Everyone wins in the end, though I guess in a bit of a bitter way for the viewers.

  • Secretly An Alien
    Secretly An Alien 8 months ago +4

    Oooo i couldnt watch it live But im rewatching it now im half way thru and i gotta say that you were too agressive against radiance and you should never do dat she punishes bad no point for tanking since she does 2 damage same was with failed champion you gotta focus on dodging and attack when theres a spot or when she appears infront of you remember to never give up like that old raging light! Keep trying!
    P.s you can tone brightness down a little bit in games own settings too that should help (well it helped me atleast) and also unbrakable strenght was really worth the grind :b redoing colosseums wouldnt take much time but hey it was cheating anyways its too op btw you did good job in banishing the troupe dont listen to those masochist chat the end boss was too hard anyways without a good main lore relavent reason not worth it gonna see him in godhome anytime

    • The 25th Baam
      The 25th Baam 4 months ago

      Whoever banishes Grimm just so they don't have to fight him is a coward, beating him was the most satisfying thing in the game for me, and it's arguably more enjoyable than beating the Radiance (with that attitude of yours, one would suspect that you didn't even beat her tho)
      I agree with everything else you said

  • Tamato
    Tamato 8 months ago

    Comments: 2
    And I only see one.
    TVclip really is good today bois

  • TheAvalonKnight
    TheAvalonKnight 8 months ago