ASMR Dr. Frivolous Patches You Up ~

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • it's mah birthday AND it's my FIRST roleplay! O: what a day! hope you guys enjoy this frivolous take on a doctor rp, it was fun to make :)
    this still isn't what i wanted and by this take my makeup is poodoo, but honestly, you gotta start somewhere :) as you guys know, i don't like rp's when it comes to watching ASMR so i've never watched any medical roleplays but i kinda of want to keep it like that so i do things my own way and have it come to fruition with my own time and learning :)
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  • Jack thestripper
    Jack thestripper 14 days ago +3314

    "where'd you get your degree?"
    'in a thermometer'

    • Gnome Dome
      Gnome Dome 8 days ago


    • Fabrizio Olcese
      Fabrizio Olcese 10 days ago

      G_J_C 95 you just noticed my g

    • Jay Resendez
      Jay Resendez 10 days ago


    • Azoas Gaming
      Azoas Gaming 11 days ago +1

      Her: are you playing any sports this year
      Me: yeah I'm big into show choir
      Her: that's good that's really good
      Me: yeah I also play chess
      Her: that's good that's really good
      Me: I'm getting a good vibe from hockey
      Her: get out of my office

    • Kaydee Scott
      Kaydee Scott 12 days ago +1

      You the FRICKEN best lol

  • Francisco Aguilar

    Ya your a babe.

  • Brass Marsh
    Brass Marsh 2 hours ago

    That nail clicking was amazing

  • TomasCarp 14
    TomasCarp 14 5 hours ago


  • XXXDErPyDoGo X568
    XXXDErPyDoGo X568 13 hours ago +1

    2018 anyone

  • Undead Spartan
    Undead Spartan 14 hours ago

    Best Role Play Of All Time

  • Tendies TV
    Tendies TV 17 hours ago

    I got tingles from her intro alone

  • Lil Butter
    Lil Butter 18 hours ago +1

    *ad plays* “WELCOME TO DOMINOS”

  • KING_Vlogs 003
    KING_Vlogs 003 Day ago

    Still looking good in the blue glasses😂❤️

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    Toy store salesman: *slaps toy doctors briefcase* “this bad boy can fit so much high quality equipment, that’s what make it perfect for any surgeon”

  • CJ Tadeo
    CJ Tadeo Day ago

    "so um these ones are cool they're water proof, do you go swimming a lot?"
    "no I actually almost died because I was at a party and I was only 6 and I got knocked underwater and only go swimming when it's just like 3 or 5 people because that experience scarred me for life"

  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 Day ago

    Why can't all doctors look & talk like this?. 😍😘💓💕💞

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li Day ago

    “Let me put on my expensive glasses” *Puts on plastic glasses*

  • Guillermo Alvarez

    That googles looks perfect with ur face shape. 💁🏻‍♀️
    [EDIT] Or ur face looks perfect with that type of googles? Now i can’t sleep.

  • Domi PL
    Domi PL Day ago

    Her: Your name?
    Me: Domi
    Her: And last name?
    Me: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Her: Could you spell that out for me? 😲😵

  • Ainosora Kirishima
    Ainosora Kirishima 2 days ago

    *1.7k dislikes* mmh, how does that haterade taste?

  • Fenrir EleKiM
    Fenrir EleKiM 2 days ago

    i love you

  • ShadowgamingD X
    ShadowgamingD X 2 days ago

    Omg I saw those blue glasses at the eye store lmao 🤣

  • Ruben Rostro
    Ruben Rostro 2 days ago

    Don’t know why but every time I watch this I always fall asleep and I love this one so much

  • john baker
    john baker 2 days ago

    Your a sweet person

  • Eby Ak
    Eby Ak 2 days ago

    U look so gorgeous soooooooooo beautiful😍😍😍😍😍

  • coll61
    coll61 2 days ago

    She's stunning tbh

    JAAKE 3 days ago

    I love it when you do roleplays! They are my favorite kind of Asmr videos because they're so immersive. It really helps me disconnect and shut down. Much love!

  • Cringe Carl
    Cringe Carl 3 days ago

    Name: Grzegorz
    Last name: Brzęczyszczykiewicz
    Yup, I always have to spell it

  • Jennifer Hatch
    Jennifer Hatch 4 days ago

    Did anyone else get hurt?
    Yes, my friends ear...
    No, okay.
    Well buddy we will have to reattach your ear another day.

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar 4 days ago

    Frivvy, if you don’t watch Gibi’s doctor roleplay, you’ve been depriving yourself of some of the best tingles around. I don’t care much for roleplays much either, but that one is so good.

  • JItterRy PoKERy
    JItterRy PoKERy 4 days ago

    Haha woah their

  • K l
    K l 4 days ago

    Ya know, I don't think you're a real doctor 🤔 Your badge looked sketchy

  • Mr Space Taco
    Mr Space Taco 4 days ago

    *F B I O P E N U P*

  • Reckster Reckling
    Reckster Reckling 4 days ago

    Pulls out better glasses: PFFFFFFFFFFFFF HaHa!
    Also for your First roleplay this is REALLY GOOD! :P
    It felt slightly rushed? It's ok to have a long video! :p
    But I Would LOVE to see more future projects! And hopefully soon ;3

  • Propaganda Gerbil
    Propaganda Gerbil 4 days ago

    Doctors are overrated and scams

  • boring khaled
    boring khaled 4 days ago

    That knocking scared the shit out of me

  • Nyah Knows it all
    Nyah Knows it all 5 days ago

    You should do more roleplays 🤗

  • Samantha Watson
    Samantha Watson 5 days ago

    This is great and soothing I’m literally trying to forget about my obsessions with looking up every symptom I have on google thinking something is wrong I really do have hypochondria bad to the point I get full blown panic attacks but luckily your videos and many others calm my mind enough to pull me out of the vortex. Please know your making a hellava difference in my life and it is something to be proud of considering how broken I have become. You are doing great you have more ability then you even know.

  • Kayla McMillion
    Kayla McMillion 5 days ago

    Friv: "what happened"
    me: " I have this deep cut on ar....
    friv: pulls out rubbing alcohol pad, looks up
    *door is swinging shut after I abruptly left the room*

  • Animelover123
    Animelover123 6 days ago

    At 8:17 i thought she said poopoo

  • CDP ?
    CDP ? 6 days ago

    Your doctor is about to give you a Hart surgery an he showed a piece of plastic as his degree

  • XxRoboticNerdxX
    XxRoboticNerdxX 6 days ago


  • Enrique Alpizar
    Enrique Alpizar 6 days ago +1

    This was trending waaaaaaatttrr

  • dr bright
    dr bright 6 days ago

    @frivolousfox asmr what do you think of the channel poki asmr

  • chelseaunna L.C.
    chelseaunna L.C. 6 days ago

    As wonderful as your live is I rather watch this :-)

  • Cristofer PG
    Cristofer PG 6 days ago

    So much beautiful 😍

  • Marian A
    Marian A 6 days ago

    Did you study any of this? Or just improv? Cuz it is very good 💕😍

  • R4F4Z13R0 434
    R4F4Z13R0 434 6 days ago

    só vi o óculos que ela tava usando na thunb e vi algo FAMILIAR

  • Kitty SSCL
    Kitty SSCL 6 days ago

    Me come in with a stab wound
    Her, gives me a bandaid

  • Kitty SSCL
    Kitty SSCL 6 days ago

    Her:Let’s be carful with your boo boo
    Me: Poo poo? Excuse me?

  • Angelica Rope
    Angelica Rope 6 days ago


  • brand0nline
    brand0nline 6 days ago

    Seeing a doctor for more than 5mins, Whoa healthcare is different in Australia

  • みうらはやと
    みうらはやと 7 days ago


  • Laprincia Herron
    Laprincia Herron 7 days ago


  • Eder Jimenez
    Eder Jimenez 7 days ago

    Con esas doctoras me enfermo diario. ❤️

  • John U.
    John U. 7 days ago

    13:56 i agree I like putting band aids in noticeable areas

  • Bourus Play
    Bourus Play 7 days ago

  • Random Person
    Random Person 7 days ago

    When you said ‘It’s quite the boo boo’ I immediately thought of (yes I’m a nerd, I know) City of Ashes when Clary spilled hot coffee on her and Simon kissed it to make it feel better.

  • dani martinez
    dani martinez 7 days ago

    Amo que des corazones a todos los comentarios. :)

  • Nayana Pillai
    Nayana Pillai 7 days ago +1

    Your eyes are very beautiful 😄

  • Galaxy Unicorn
    Galaxy Unicorn 7 days ago

    Most attractive doctor I've ever had

  • Virtual_Knight
    Virtual_Knight 8 days ago

    most realistic doctors rp I've seen. 13/10 would watch again.

  • Brien
    Brien 8 days ago

    Didn't someone got to jail for impersonating a clinical physician?

  • DUKE
    DUKE 8 days ago

    If I could get 1 $ you Everytime she said "okay"

  • Matthew Botello
    Matthew Botello 8 days ago

    Do more like this

  • Big JayyyT
    Big JayyyT 8 days ago

    Meme worthy

  • Atrevito85
    Atrevito85 8 days ago

    You’re very pretty Dr. Frivolous 🙌

  • Case  White
    Case White 8 days ago

    more role plays please

    JUAN CRUZ ZARAGOZA 8 days ago

    ¿Alguien habla español?

    JUAN CRUZ ZARAGOZA 8 days ago

    Were is that hospital

  • Heather Murphy
    Heather Murphy 8 days ago

    AAAHHHHH! You touches your face RIGHT AFTER putting gloves on!! lololol

  • Dylan Brooks
    Dylan Brooks 8 days ago

    U rock

  • Heather Murphy
    Heather Murphy 8 days ago

    2:24 I slipped on an Ice cube and got covered in Boo Boo's!

  • Yuuki
    Yuuki 8 days ago

    Really good roleplay!

  • Ryan Stierle
    Ryan Stierle 8 days ago

    If she were my primary I’d be sick everyday 😂

  • So Cal Astarte
    So Cal Astarte 8 days ago

    My last Dr. didn't even prove he was a real Dr. by showing me his badge to prove it. Probably wasn't even a real Dr, what a scam.

  • Kenny Conz
    Kenny Conz 9 days ago

    Her: have you ever broke a bone?
    Me: yes
    Her: no , ok

  • Brandon Ingram
    Brandon Ingram 9 days ago

    love u

  • Daimyo Games
    Daimyo Games 9 days ago

    Привет из России)

  • Abby Marie
    Abby Marie 9 days ago +1

    You’ve gotta do more roleplays!!!!

  • LOONA Finally Introducing

    curame el corazón. TnT

  • Omar Khaled
    Omar Khaled 9 days ago

    You're really pretty

  • Riley Dunn
    Riley Dunn 9 days ago

    Frivolous : what’s your id number
    Me : oh here lemme see as
    *bleeds out and dies*

  • TheGreatChrisB
    TheGreatChrisB 9 days ago

    Where do I get those expensive glasses, they look so limited edition?

  • TheGreatChrisB
    TheGreatChrisB 9 days ago

    "Do you feel hot"
    Yeah, you're making me feel hot 😘

    😂 Nice video keep up the good work

  • Grixus09
    Grixus09 9 days ago

    When I'm a doctor I have to do that glasses thing mid surgery. Like okay give me the scalpel I need to make an inconvenience. But fist let me take out my expensive glasses.😂

  • Acialist
    Acialist 9 days ago

    * *goes to doctor frivi* *
    * *dies* *

  • dorito Bag
    dorito Bag 9 days ago

    Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez 9 days ago

    My birthday is so close to urs ( mine is on the 13 of September)

    • Edgar Perez
      Edgar Perez 8 days ago

      +Kayla Perry thanks

    • Kayla Perry
      Kayla Perry 8 days ago

      Edgar Perez happy birthday then 🎂🎁🎉🎈

  • Miguel Levermann
    Miguel Levermann 9 days ago +2

    This feels really old school ASMR, which makes it so good.

  • Logan The Fishing Buddy

    What a beautiful voice

  • Alexis Rios
    Alexis Rios 9 days ago


    SCARLET SPEEDSTER 9 days ago


  • Derek K
    Derek K 9 days ago

    how'd the fuck did i miss this

  • Elijah Augustin
    Elijah Augustin 9 days ago

    Lol 6:15 **has toys**

  • tim hauck
    tim hauck 9 days ago

    Asmr in trending?

  • Great Outdoors
    Great Outdoors 9 days ago


  • SeriousCo2
    SeriousCo2 9 days ago

    "Does it sting? yea? That's good"

  • Supreme Kidd
    Supreme Kidd 9 days ago

    How tf did I end up watching tsm myth to this

    YOONSICK 9 days ago


  • Tommy wiseau Is my life

    44 on trending

  • Snowman
    Snowman 9 days ago

    She looks kind of like crazy becky from supernatural?

    MICHAEL HALL 9 days ago


  • PIX 6
    PIX 6 9 days ago

    If you're reading this @FrivolousFox ASMR, Imagine how funny it would be if you were "Reading comments in ASMR".