Back To School Middle School Vs. High School!

  • Published on Aug 6, 2015
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    FTC: I worked with audible to bring you this video! And audible has been saving my life since before I ever made a youtube video, so I felt like it would be nice to share with you guys my little secret to being able to get done summer reading books when you also have a million other summer homework items
    I decided to do a, back to school, video, and just like i did, middle school vs high school relationships, i wanted to do, back to school middle school vs high school, last year i did a, back to school expectations vs reality, in this video i showed me buying school supplies, so its kinda low-key a, back to school supplies haul, haha, okay i hope you guys enjoy this, love, rachel, rclbeauty101
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Comments • 28 669

  • Kawaii Mochi
    Kawaii Mochi 4 hours ago


  • Billie Bitch
    Billie Bitch 21 hour ago

    ok but i’m in high school and literally still call my crush “pillow” so explain that-

  • Rachel Cannon
    Rachel Cannon 22 hours ago

    In my school high school is basically elementaryish that’s transitioning to middle school😂😂lmao

  • Diego Troyano
    Diego Troyano Day ago +1

    1:58 you look like dora the explorer

  • reese allen
    reese allen 2 days ago +1

    see im in middle school but I am more of a high school person

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man 3 days ago

    s o in high school you were an asshole..? mhm

  • dog lover
    dog lover 3 days ago

    Kids use their phones in class and in the bathroom

  • dog lover
    dog lover 3 days ago

    No one follows the dress code in middle school. Kids wear crop tops and booty shorts.

  • Albino Cockatiel
    Albino Cockatiel 4 days ago

    When i was in MS almost all the HS ones applied to me

  • MooMoo Animations
    MooMoo Animations 4 days ago

    ok well all of the kids in my midfle school act like highschoolers

  • Mcplayer 5000
    Mcplayer 5000 4 days ago

    In my middle school we arnt allowed to have phones or backpacks out but I’m high school we can be on our phones at anytime! And we need to use our lockers because we get soooo many books

  • Burg3rBr0
    Burg3rBr0 4 days ago

    Hey u filmed it at Pali high

  • Anthony Burke
    Anthony Burke 5 days ago

    What is a check minus???????

  • BlueBearPlays
    BlueBearPlays 6 days ago +1

    1:20 pinkie pie

  • Everything Elegant
    Everything Elegant 6 days ago +1

    2018 anyone??

  • Bella 12331200
    Bella 12331200 6 days ago +1

    Honestly it depends on the class and teacher😂

  • Nean Carroll
    Nean Carroll 6 days ago

    middle school sucks

  • Melanie Munoz
    Melanie Munoz 7 days ago +1

    Im in middle school, and honestly, everything in the "high school" category is my mood. I do all of that stuff😂

  • Yukon Yuki 666
    Yukon Yuki 666 7 days ago

    In middle I didn't care but when I started my second year I started being early

  • Dandilerse
    Dandilerse 8 days ago

    Giving your crush the secret code name is so true- No one can deny it, my friend calls her crush 'Apple' xD

  • Skyway Studios
    Skyway Studios 8 days ago

    Lol I think you mixed up middle school and elementary.....

  • Skyway Studios
    Skyway Studios 8 days ago

    6th grade back to school shopping was fun. I think the high school representation of shopping is 7th-12th

  • lps for life
    lps for life 10 days ago

    All of them are meeeeee! Hehe

  • Arinn Driediger
    Arinn Driediger 10 days ago

    I’m in 6th grade and I do all of the high school things. I cannot relate to middle school in any way.

  • Kailey xx
    Kailey xx 10 days ago

    Really love that at 12:50 Stockholm syndrome was playing as background , love that song sooo much .

  • 2nd Derp
    2nd Derp 11 days ago

    2018? :]

  • kendall
    kendall 11 days ago

    Your “middle school” is like a god damn elementary, and your “high school” is more like an actual middle school

  • luna moon
    luna moon 11 days ago

    When i was in middle school i used to call my crush tree because he had the hair and body of a tree

  • Clouzzi
    Clouzzi 11 days ago

    I’m in intermediate school biooches

  • Just_ MarryBerry
    Just_ MarryBerry 12 days ago


  • Basspro fishing&building

    I acted more like a high schooler than a middle schooler in middle school

  • baby chim
    baby chim 13 days ago

    The back is where the cool kids sit thats how it was in my middle school LOLLLLL

  • Todd Ong
    Todd Ong 13 days ago

    5-10% kids have no phone
    And i. One of them

  • Savanna Richardson
    Savanna Richardson 14 days ago

    Middle school is more like elementary

  • Faker V
    Faker V 14 days ago

    But I don’t buy lunch I walk around and people give me food

  • Faker V
    Faker V 14 days ago

    Brb I been acting like a high schooler

  • I'm a secret potato !!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bring my phone to school
    Bye I'm in 5th grade

  • mindermine
    mindermine 15 days ago

    In middle School, u have to use your locker 'cause if you bring your backpack in class, you'll get detention...

  • Soapy _Bubbles
    Soapy _Bubbles 16 days ago

    Lol. When I was in middle school I wore the shortest shorts without caring

    No hate goes to you tho just saying

  • Nakeita Grace
    Nakeita Grace 17 days ago

    wen i say "him" my friends know im talking about my crush

  • blue jay
    blue jay 18 days ago

    The locker thing was me in middle omg !!!!

  • TaeTae Kim
    TaeTae Kim 18 days ago


  • Whatever Boop
    Whatever Boop 20 days ago

    I just don't care haha, like middle school i wasn't doing shit if a teacher said they would give me detention or anything like that and in high school i am still like that haha

  • Olivia Slusher
    Olivia Slusher 21 day ago

    I’m in middle school and act like I’m In high school

  • jumping for gold
    jumping for gold 21 day ago

    Here come all of the triggerd 6th graders

  • Josh Stratton
    Josh Stratton 21 day ago


  • Mackenzie Laurin
    Mackenzie Laurin 21 day ago +1

    My crushes name is kylan and we call him kale!!!

  • Memey Avocado
    Memey Avocado 22 days ago +1

    I’m in 5th grade and I’m so scared for middle school!!!

    MANDY FISHER 22 days ago

    totaly me

  • Lyean Guinto
    Lyean Guinto 22 days ago

    I'm middle school

  • Brianna. Demarco
    Brianna. Demarco 23 days ago


  • Sammie Stillman
    Sammie Stillman 24 days ago

    I’m in 6th grade (middle school) and I’m LITERALLY ALL the High School ones except for the phone one

  • antislayor 1
    antislayor 1 25 days ago

    Dude I'm in elementary and I act more like the high school one than the middle witch is weird but that's usually my result every time.

  • Damn_girl_chill
    Damn_girl_chill 25 days ago

    The lies

  • # Lol
    # Lol 25 days ago

    We only have primary school and high school no middle school

  • Ashley Primero
    Ashley Primero 26 days ago

    the cool kids sit in the back 😎🤣

  • JD jellytot
    JD jellytot 26 days ago

    High school meeeeeee

  • Anna Saphira
    Anna Saphira 27 days ago

    I'm a middle schooler but I act like a high-school student

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    Lockers high school and phones in high school

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    I’m the one doing homework night school sucks -_-

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    And doing work

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    I’m the Person going to school high school

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    The second one

  • Brett Bezard
    Brett Bezard 27 days ago

    Getting supplies lol

  • Avery Whipple
    Avery Whipple 27 days ago

    I think that there’s a difference between middle school and junior high...but she never talks about Junior high

  • Darcey the gacha noob
    Darcey the gacha noob 27 days ago

    I'm all of these

  • Mehreen Kabir
    Mehreen Kabir 28 days ago

    Haha in my school we have uniforms and are only allowed to do two braids/ponytails (only if your hair is too short to make braids). You aren't allowed to leave the school alone unless you're at least 14 years old, and ages 3-13 have to stand in a line on the field (according to their height) when the school ends and wait for their parents to pick them up. Boys and girls have different lines, and students 13 and up have different sections for boys and girls. After 13, girls and boys aren't allowed to sit with each other. If you are under 13 and have any kind of social media app, you're warned and if found twice, you'll be grounded for like a week, and in the worst case, expelled. So, yeah, that's my school.



  • Dianaunicorn Gacha
    Dianaunicorn Gacha 29 days ago

    Middle school is the best

  • Kerstin Awang
    Kerstin Awang 29 days ago

    2018 November anyone....
    Just me ....... ok

  • Oskar Galaviz
    Oskar Galaviz Month ago

    No one in my middle school was like that

  • UnicornLove 101
    UnicornLove 101 Month ago

    In middle school people wear crop tops, swear at teachers, have "boyfriends and girlfriends" wear makeup and their in like 5th and 6th grade nobody cares about the dress code

  • UnicornLove 101
    UnicornLove 101 Month ago


  • Olive Elise
    Olive Elise Month ago

    my middle school is literally a mini high school people go on there phones in class, dont care about having cute outfits, and cuss all the time and the teachers could care less

  • AllonsJackson13
    AllonsJackson13 Month ago

    I don't remember audible annotating for you

  • daphnibee
    daphnibee Month ago

    All things concerning shopping I do online.

  • Maddie Mayhew
    Maddie Mayhew Month ago

    I’m in 8th and I act like all the high school examples 😂💀

  • subscribe_to_pewdiepie

    jokes on you my country doesnt have middle school

  • Addison Feurt
    Addison Feurt Month ago

    Thank you so much Rachel for always making me laugh 😊

  • Mohammad Dawoud
    Mohammad Dawoud Month ago

    Im in middle school and my whole class acts like high schoolers. in my country.maybe cuz we’re all boys no girls.

  • Dylan Wilhite
    Dylan Wilhite Month ago

    High school

  • Isabella Franchesca

    Lol I’m in middle school we act more like we are in high school

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose Month ago

    middle school (7th and 8th grade) is just like the way you described high school LMAO

    • Emily Rose
      Emily Rose Month ago

      but in middle school we use our lockers but the older kids don’t decorate it lmaoo

  • Asha Adventure's
    Asha Adventure's Month ago

    I dont have middle school because i live in australlia

  • Paniz Emaili
    Paniz Emaili Month ago

    In my school we don’t have dress code so we can wear whatever we want

  • luka samardzic
    luka samardzic Month ago


  • Georgia Long
    Georgia Long Month ago +1

    OML the Middle school crush name is actually me.

  • Pita Sanchez
    Pita Sanchez Month ago

    Imagine any of those grades I'm in first grade

  • Coaster Roaster
    Coaster Roaster Month ago

    !!ATTENTION, ATTENTION PLEASE !!it has just been discovered that Rachel loves us👏👏

  • Amanda Zrubek
    Amanda Zrubek Month ago

    Mostly accurate, my friends crush is HIM

  • Hadia Shah
    Hadia Shah Month ago

    crushes 2:18 2:27

  • Jordan The Fortniter

    Haha for me the reading a book and doing a project on it was soo 7th grade and it sucked so bad I hated it I procrastinated and also I never use my locker either lol

  • Bella Evans
    Bella Evans Month ago

    i in middle school and rel
    ate so much more to high school

  • bestrobloxer ever
    bestrobloxer ever Month ago

    I love you're

  • Kween Kenna
    Kween Kenna Month ago

    I’m so middle school
    But at the same I’m high school

  • Steve LaRue
    Steve LaRue Month ago

    I am in 3 grade

  • Angeloveheart1
    Angeloveheart1 Month ago

    My old middle school is literally like highschool

  • The Gucci Gals
    The Gucci Gals Month ago

    Middle school for all of them because I’m in the sixth grade but I don’t nickname my crush and don’t decorate my locker and don’t trade food I buy lunch and if I get any A I’m good

  • Alexis Oglesby
    Alexis Oglesby Month ago

    Middle school is high school now at days

  • Lunasworld
    Lunasworld Month ago

    _im fine at going to school, atleast i have my coffee_
    *you're driving*