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  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Click here to watch: "Being Santa | JEFF DUNHAM" --~--
    Peanut is in rare form in my latest Netflix comedy special, JEFF DUNHAM: BESIDE HIMSELF. Tackling subjects that the other guys in the trunk won’t touch, Peanut has a few opinions on current topics that I don’t exactly agree with! Watch the clip; stream the entire special on NETFLIX; Then come see us live, on the road, during our new tour, “Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?"
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  • Bowssett t
    Bowssett t Month ago +352

    #NotificationSquad! Don't forget to Smack👋 the LIKE button! Click that SUBSCRIBE button too & hit the Notification bell🔔so you never miss another video!!! How do I hit the like button more than once? Asking for a friend 😂

    • Jared Beall
      Jared Beall 18 days ago


    • Echo Alpha
      Echo Alpha Month ago

      Smack that LIKE? SMACKDOWN! Cause I don't like. I LOVE this vid.
      But then...I love Peanut. Cause. Peanut, man.

    • Scott Davis
      Scott Davis Month ago

      Jeff dunham is the best I try and watch him as much as possible with my daughter.

    • T Bone
      T Bone Month ago


  • Paul Hutchings
    Paul Hutchings 10 hours ago


  • Douglas Freeman
    Douglas Freeman 23 hours ago +1


  • Jalen Yellow Wolf

    "na-na,na,na, na, na, na,"

  • Jalen Yellow Wolf

    "what came loose!!!!"

  • 777 Paul
    777 Paul Day ago


  • Rayme Summers
    Rayme Summers Day ago

    ("Oh I'm sorry Jeff, am I harassing you?")

  • Buttercup Butter
    Buttercup Butter 2 days ago

    I hope that this we'll never stop for tonight too

  • Grace Barrow
    Grace Barrow 3 days ago

    Kna knock knuh khun knuh khoc kni Kno knock kni Kno knock.......

  • Screwball 3224
    Screwball 3224 4 days ago

    i dunno why but every time i watch peanut,i think of max the rabbit from sam and max

  • Maura B
    Maura B 6 days ago +1

    He's hilarious and amazingly talented! All his characters have different comedic styles.

  • Tyler Bentley
    Tyler Bentley 6 days ago +1

    “Kno kno kno answer the f****** door” brilliant

  • R.a. Wheeler
    R.a. Wheeler 6 days ago

    Love it!

  • Just a Plant
    Just a Plant 7 days ago +2

    Is it ok to have sexual relations with a puppet? Asking for a friend.

  • artur k
    artur k 9 days ago

    Go too Poland Gdansk i commm too Your show

  • Delphinator01
    Delphinator01 9 days ago +1

    4:00 is my fav part. Might make it into a ringtone

  • Douangchay279 Vansee
    Douangchay279 Vansee 10 days ago +1

    *it takes a world to make a show off you need a crowd backstage support and Yosef center stage and ENT*

  • John Gerson
    John Gerson 11 days ago +4

    I'm of the firm opinion that sometimes Jeff doesn't know what he's gonna make Peanut say...

  • Brady McCullough
    Brady McCullough 11 days ago +1

    1:43 Me if my bone ever sticks out of my arm

  • Traci Foster
    Traci Foster 12 days ago

    Too funny. I saw him with KSON San Diego about 1990's

  • Fergu Fettuccine
    Fergu Fettuccine 12 days ago

    Peanuts hair omg 😂

  • Sofia Esparza
    Sofia Esparza 12 days ago

    Peanut hitting Jeff is the funniest shit ever 😂😂

  • jim rosarti
    jim rosarti 13 days ago

    Oh Jeff i have loved watching your show for years until a few moments ago when i saw the stroke comment....Buddy....i am sorry to say but that is well out of line for those of us who have had strokes...having a stroke is not a laughing matter and that i am surprised that you think that this is acceptable as i can assure you its not. I await your apology for all of us who have had strokes.

  • hermitcraft fan
    hermitcraft fan 14 days ago

    Sadly, im a white dude and will one day become an old white dude.

  • Jchris Morant
    Jchris Morant 14 days ago



    This is Stacy I love your videos it makes me laugh so much it helps me cheer up on bad days

  • Shae Forsythe
    Shae Forsythe 16 days ago


  • tziodim
    tziodim 16 days ago

    510 people are brain dead,feel sorry for them.

    • Patrick the nomad
      Patrick the nomad 14 days ago

      There are a few "born agains" who just have NO sense of humor what so ever.

  • red hood
    red hood 17 days ago

    You make me laugh

  • SuperLuigi Plush
    SuperLuigi Plush 19 days ago

    The monster part of this clip was a remake from his 1992 show

    NONAME 19 days ago

    My Last name is Dunham XD joshua Dunham

  • my site
    my site 19 days ago

    Damn you peanut. You made me spit out my drink. Now my nose burns, and I've got a mess.

  • Mr Comment Man 123
    Mr Comment Man 123 19 days ago

    The SJWs in sesame street are mad !!!

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 19 days ago

    He knows what’s going on in the world

  • Just a Regular Guy
    Just a Regular Guy 20 days ago

    2:07 best moment ever

  • Caleb Daniels
    Caleb Daniels 20 days ago

    The stuttering knock knock joke is definitely my favorite part. Other then the broken arm😂😂😭

  • Amylia Clenny
    Amylia Clenny 20 days ago

    Peanut has one of his bones sticking out! 😨

  • Headless Horseman
    Headless Horseman 21 day ago +1

    Peanut: [stuttering knock-knock] ANSWER THE FUCKING DOOR!

  • Engel78
    Engel78 21 day ago +2

    "Knock... Knock... Knock... Knock... Knock... Knock... ANSWER THE F**KING DOOR"! 🤣

  • Jalen Yellow Wolf
    Jalen Yellow Wolf 22 days ago

    I love this so much that I forget that Jeff is even there 🤣😅🤦

  • Kim Raudenbush
    Kim Raudenbush 23 days ago

    Ask Achmed about answering the door....

  • Christina Guel
    Christina Guel 23 days ago

    Peanut can always make me laugh

  • Bobette Jennett
    Bobette Jennett 23 days ago


  • Trains are awesome
    Trains are awesome 24 days ago

    Love the end Jeff.

  • Naruto the 7th hokage
    Naruto the 7th hokage 25 days ago

    Lgbtlmnop 🤣

  • Straight Jacket
    Straight Jacket 25 days ago

    Peanut portrayed the hypocrisy of SJW's beautifully!!! 😂😂😂 I need to watch this 😂😂😂

  • s mc
    s mc 25 days ago

    Thanks a lot...

    Now I have to clean up the coffee I spewed all over the floor while laughing!!!
    THANKS A LOT!!!!!

  • Chuck Roelofs
    Chuck Roelofs 25 days ago

    This is funny as hell lol

  • Danica Leigh
    Danica Leigh 25 days ago +5

    I just got to see him live tonight. My brother got me tickets for Christmas. Peanut is my absolute favorite. My sides still hurt from laughing so much.

  • Gamer boy
    Gamer boy 27 days ago +1

    Hello Jeff fa fa Dunham 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Tudor
    Chris Tudor 27 days ago

    "He made his voice come out of my butt. And it gets worse he made it echo, ASSHOLE!! asshole asshole."

  • Mianna Cauley
    Mianna Cauley 27 days ago

    Peanut and hose' are le cousins

  • draggy76
    draggy76 27 days ago +2

    I love that scream XD

  • kellyjbarnett
    kellyjbarnett 29 days ago +3

    These two have me SERIOUSLY rolling on the floor!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marauding Umbreon
    Marauding Umbreon 29 days ago +9

    I can never tell if these "accidents " are planned or not. He has such a smooth routine to roll out if he really did just have to adapt to an arm malfunction. And if it was all pure improve that would be even more unbelievable.

    • Colleen Malcom
      Colleen Malcom 28 days ago

      There is a video and Jeff talks about that and about Brad Paisley performing on his show.

  • Psycho_1ce Dragon
    Psycho_1ce Dragon Month ago +1

    na na na ana na na nan an na n a "ANSWER THE F******* DOOR*

  • Atlantianreborn
    Atlantianreborn Month ago +5

    Got my mother to watch him and she said "the best ventriquist ever" and I mean that is exactly how she said it, she is 82.

  • Angel Fortune
    Angel Fortune Month ago +58

    Peanut: “WHHAT ARE YA DOING!?!?”
    Jeff: “this” *shows stick*
    Peanut: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-“

  • Stuart Edwards
    Stuart Edwards Month ago

    Makes Gallagher look like George Carlin.

  • R King
    R King Month ago

    Omg you freaking kill me Jeff