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James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

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  • Javier Febo
    Javier Febo 22 hours ago

    Is his name really James Blake? Dying question I need answered hahah.

  • TerrariaChap
    TerrariaChap 2 days ago +1


  • Plinha4Ever
    Plinha4Ever 4 days ago

    Gostei mt

  • Pietro Araujo
    Pietro Araujo 8 days ago

    I was so mindblown when I found out that this is a cover of his father song 'Where To Turn'. Both are amazing!

  • Maverick Conley
    Maverick Conley 13 days ago

    Can't help but think of archer

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin 16 days ago


  • Chloé ablrd
    Chloé ablrd 19 days ago

    Just ❤

  • Shantel Powell
    Shantel Powell Month ago

    The Weeknd brought me here. ❤ so intoxicating.

  • Jokers Love XO
    Jokers Love XO Month ago

    Hey thanks Abel. XO

  • evan brown
    evan brown Month ago

    I hate this version. Can anyone point me to the direction of the other version with actual instruments

  • André Pêga
    André Pêga Month ago

    Amazing sound

  • Vibram Slash9
    Vibram Slash9 Month ago

    Many more will hear from far to near and he to them, shall become dear. A bard of an age. More than words on a page. So be it.

  • Biaunca Brock
    Biaunca Brock Month ago +1

    He so handsome with his weird songs

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson Month ago

    -1 for lack of actual Wilhelm Scream XD

  • Evryl Woon
    Evryl Woon Month ago

    James Blake - Sings a song called "The Wilhelm Scream" but never did the scream in said song ._.

  • idekkmegan x
    idekkmegan x Month ago

    Garrett watts brought me here and I’m glad🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • guido7095
    guido7095 2 months ago

    i thought there would be a big drop with a "Aaaahh" before it

  • aubrey burghardt
    aubrey burghardt 2 months ago

    Ugh remember when he dated the hot chick from Warpaint?

  • Alexey Dolotov
    Alexey Dolotov 2 months ago

    He is singing describing what the wilhelm scream is

  • M.Fadhil Haekal
    M.Fadhil Haekal 2 months ago

    I thought hw will say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • archologyzero
    archologyzero 2 months ago

    my google search for this song brought me here

  • pocketpunkie
    pocketpunkie 2 months ago

    I thought I had seen the absolute very worst piles of shit TVclip could deliver. Then I saw this video. Now I know what a gargantuan sized steaming pile of TVclip shit looks like

  • Rynishia  Goodson
    Rynishia Goodson 2 months ago

    James Blake is a king! 😩

  • Joswan Prince
    Joswan Prince 2 months ago

    hes too depressing to be famous

  • The Adventures Of Wood Man

    Wow this is fucking stupid not on fucking scream the guy is pathetic

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf 2 months ago

    no Wilhelm scream. pretty disappointed. disliked

  • Ajit Patil
    Ajit Patil 3 months ago

    I never thought Entourage would lead me here.

  • Daniela Eden
    Daniela Eden 3 months ago

    Outstanding!!! Can't stop listening 😌😘

  • TowaiT a brand
    TowaiT a brand 3 months ago

    still listening in 2o17..

  • The Esquana
    The Esquana 3 months ago +3

    James Blake is the kind of guy to steal your girl, then kindly return her and apologize, then make a song about it

  • Ersin Ilbay
    Ersin Ilbay 3 months ago

    i 💛

  • Riley Young
    Riley Young 4 months ago

    first time with headphones the panning is wild

  • miamifirefly53
    miamifirefly53 4 months ago

    I can't get enough of it....

  • Vishy the Fishy
    Vishy the Fishy 4 months ago +2

    Guys it's every day bro has more views than this

  • Angel Salazar
    Angel Salazar 4 months ago

    Tf is this shit

  • Ty Waffles
    Ty Waffles 5 months ago

    Antidepressants in a music video

  • Marquis Walker
    Marquis Walker 5 months ago

    James Blake has so much soul

  • Jessica poetic
    Jessica poetic 5 months ago +1

    A quiet emotionless scream on the inside.... I hear u JB

  • Nella Crosiglia
    Nella Crosiglia 5 months ago


  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 5 months ago

    what the fuck is this SHIT

  • Elementalblaze
    Elementalblaze 5 months ago

    Is this what characters who are Wilhelm Screaming think of in their head????!?!???

  • Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey 5 months ago

    God, this is so bad it's hard to listen to.

  • New channel is in ‘about’

    Where is the wilhelm scream?

  • BaoPlays Gaming
    BaoPlays Gaming 5 months ago +1


  • knieveljaja
    knieveljaja 6 months ago

    "song" starts around 2:20

  • Morten-K
    Morten-K 6 months ago

    trippiest shit ever when you're high

  • Tragedy Pop
    Tragedy Pop 6 months ago

    what kind of genre does this music go under?

  • Filip Demski
    Filip Demski 6 months ago

    GargamelVlog here

  • Theodore Scott-Emuakpor
    Theodore Scott-Emuakpor 6 months ago +3

    James Blake doesn't just sing. He cries to a beat.

  • iPoKiNg Gt
    iPoKiNg Gt 6 months ago


  • Andrew Spud
    Andrew Spud 7 months ago

    4 minutes and 37 seconds waiting for the Wilhelm scream and nothing happened :'(

  • gleddy96
    gleddy96 7 months ago

    Saw him live in 2014 in Manchester, this song was so intense but mesmerizing, such underrated talent right here.

  • Rob V
    Rob V 7 months ago

    Definitely listen to the Bamboos cover of this song featuring Megan Washington. I find it much more affecting and beautiful.

  • phamsung
    phamsung 7 months ago

    when you realize that he covered his father's song...can someone tell me, why he named it wilhelm scream

  • Real1
    Real1 7 months ago

    jungle beats radio brought me here >:)

  • Nady HeavyLøud
    Nady HeavyLøud 7 months ago

    i think kwabs cover is better than the original

  • WutWasTheQuestion?
    WutWasTheQuestion? 7 months ago

    I came here for the Wilhelm Scream, and stayed for the sweet jams

  • badfeminist
    badfeminist 7 months ago +1

    How tf does this vid only have 20k likes?? Wthhh people?!

  • mazerati90
    mazerati90 7 months ago

    Why's there no Wilhelm Scream in it? I don't get it

  • Mr. Martin
    Mr. Martin 8 months ago

    Big K.R.I.T. brought me here. HIs sample of this is amazing. This song is amazing!

  • Shawn Coughee
    Shawn Coughee 8 months ago

    im here bcuz of Big Krit "REM" he sampled this song and it sounds good so i like to hear the orginal track to sampled songs. Not bad im impressed.

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 8 months ago

    saving hope bought me here

  • Lea Jamison
    Lea Jamison 8 months ago

    Entourage brought me here

  • HashHightimes
    HashHightimes 8 months ago

  • Nena E
    Nena E 8 months ago

    "I don't know about my love, I don't know about my lovin anymore. All that I know is that I'm falling, falling, falling... Might as well fall in."- The Wilhelm Scream
    "You're still on my screen, every now and then, they must've heard my scream." - My Willing Heart
    I see what you did there James and I love it, us fans are paying attention. <3

  • Eleonora Chang
    Eleonora Chang 8 months ago

    Subliminal mixture...effects, voices and harmony...🙃🌪

  • Mahmoud Joseph
    Mahmoud Joseph 8 months ago

    When does the song start?

  • Krispyshots
    Krispyshots 8 months ago

    Minimalist, death experience. Up-in-the-air, missiles in the sky, thermonuclear flashes, distant white cap mushroom clouds before painless dissociation.
    The fantasy, before the painful reality kicks in.
    The collapsing when seeing your friend's coffin. Breathless heart attack, last hallucinations. The extinguishing of thought. Bliss.

  • Aeffchen
    Aeffchen 8 months ago

    Know this Song for years, but now i understand this simple lyrics: life is a bitch ✌🏻

  • MartoSpidera Spidera
    MartoSpidera Spidera 8 months ago

    This has nothinf to do with the wilhelm scream

  • SoulLockhart
    SoulLockhart 8 months ago

    No Stormtroopers? I'm sad...

  • ya williams
    ya williams 8 months ago

    i heard this song on my favourite TV show 2 years ago and today I have found it
    i have been looking for it so long oml

  • donghyuck
    donghyuck 9 months ago

    he is so cute it is disgusting

  • Tunc
    Tunc 9 months ago +1

    I don't like this original version. It's just too slow. Even if the speed accelerated to 1,25.
    The remixes from Samu.l and Kygo are much better!
    Listen to it!

  • Dr pepper 101
    Dr pepper 101 9 months ago

    Shot looked interesting but its really not

  • Avan Kordi
    Avan Kordi 9 months ago

    I find myself coming back to.this song time an time again. Hypnotizing

    JUDZzHD 9 months ago

    Kanye's favorite artiste

  • Rhysa's Room
    Rhysa's Room 9 months ago


  • Rhysa's Room
    Rhysa's Room 9 months ago


  • emma dust
    emma dust 9 months ago


  • Dave
    Dave 9 months ago

    Carl Ertz Cobained himself

  • Jon Phillips
    Jon Phillips 9 months ago

    Abadabadab my dreams

  • Xx_CykaBlyat24_xX
    Xx_CykaBlyat24_xX 10 months ago +1

    what is the original movie?

  • Edgy Dirtbag
    Edgy Dirtbag 10 months ago

    reported for misleading title.

  • augenbutter
    augenbutter 10 months ago

    If you let go...

  • Laurence Vanryne
    Laurence Vanryne 10 months ago

    Clean the Camera-lens, for Gods sake...

  • pi pi
    pi pi 10 months ago


  • Pixel Gun Cristian
    Pixel Gun Cristian 10 months ago

    Srsly there was no Wilhelm Scream

  • Jon Hein
    Jon Hein 10 months ago

    wtf no wilhelm scream in a song called wilhelm scream. fuck this gay ass shit. so emo

  • wolfy3201
    wolfy3201 10 months ago +1

    No Wilhelm scream? DISLIKE

  • Samira Ahmed
    Samira Ahmed 10 months ago

    3:42 There's a girl.. woah never noticed it before

  • michaelmucyo
    michaelmucyo 10 months ago

    I am going to learn how to make visuals like day.

  • D B
    D B 10 months ago

    Big K.R.I.T. brought me here.

  • Dusko Gaming
    Dusko Gaming 11 months ago

    1. you can barely hear him
    2. wtf is that background music
    3. he sounds terrible
    4. why is the video 4:37 not 2:30

  • Nikhil Bhagat
    Nikhil Bhagat 11 months ago +1

    this song+music video is SUPERB

  • Shakelllyy
    Shakelllyy 11 months ago

    A song doesn't always have to have the name of the song in it always geesh end of story

  • Abraham Molles
    Abraham Molles 11 months ago

    I read "wilhelm" and it reminded me of skam lol

  • Raw mota
    Raw mota 11 months ago

    this guys good. hadnt heard of him till recently. thank you spzrkt and sango for the jewel 🙏

  • Just_Anine x
    Just_Anine x 11 months ago

    love this !!