Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: tvclip.biz/video/--SCDa1zsYI/video.html

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  • -Kesley-
    -Kesley- 44 minutes ago

    Humans aren’t fast but thanks to our sweat ability we are able to recover energy while moving other animals have to stop which means they are initially faster but humans win the long run

  • redwood1133
    redwood1133 2 hours ago

    Yall are high

  • redwood1133
    redwood1133 2 hours ago

    I get you guys are just talking to eachother but not for public... your just having a conversation

  • redwood1133
    redwood1133 2 hours ago

    Are you guys smoking weed? This convo is a high convo

  • Brianna
    Brianna 16 hours ago

    Thats what my monitor looks like when he eats lol

  • Chillo56
    Chillo56 16 hours ago +2

    Joe explaining how the Komodo dragon was eating the monkey was the most joe Rogan thing I have ever seen

  • Caustic Velocity
    Caustic Velocity 19 hours ago +1

    Humans' main strength( before intelligence and the tools we made using it) was actually endurance. We weren't faster than most animals, no better reflexes, no better strength or striking power, no claws or fangs, but we had endurance better than most mammals. Our excretory system developed a way to regulate our body temperature during rigurous activities so we rarely overheat and can go performing rigurous activities for hours and sometimes days. That's how we used to hunt too, we were chasing whatever animal was weaker than us in open field, they would usually outrun us but we would chase them down eventually due to them needing to rest. It was a slow and painful effort.

  • Pekka Laitinen
    Pekka Laitinen Day ago

    jesus are they smoking a bratwurst?

  • sw0ll3n17
    sw0ll3n17 Day ago

    The dude that got ate by a bear was an idiot. He was constantly getting to close to bears and repeatedly told by the Alaskan government to quit. 100 percent his fault.

  • Da Savage09
    Da Savage09 Day ago

    Harpies find sloths but then save them for later training for their young

    FEAR NO BEER 2 days ago +1

    Tigers are out there,walking around , Bill grasps animal facts

  • DJay Coughlin
    DJay Coughlin 2 days ago

    Joe how did that Komodo Dragon eat that monkey again?

  • Matt k
    Matt k 2 days ago

    1:20 I SAW THAT VIDEO! It was fucking insane!! If that was me i would *immediately* buy a plane ticket to home

  • CosmosGaming
    CosmosGaming 3 days ago

    The two women's clothes were found in the rainforest? Doesn't sound like a tiger attack to me. More like people

  • D A
    D A 5 days ago

    Bill is so cool

  • Rob H
    Rob H 5 days ago

    Hi, just dropping in to say, who the fuck isn't freaked out by a Komodo dragon?

  • Wisdomcube
    Wisdomcube 5 days ago

    WolfMonkey is a pretty great band name

  • MyFoolishHeart
    MyFoolishHeart 6 days ago +1

    Komodo Rogan 😂

  • kaseydeshner
    kaseydeshner 6 days ago +2

    "Feet are poking out like....ahhgulp, ahhhgulp....." really joe?

  • Alvilos
    Alvilos 7 days ago

    Sloths don't tend to get eaten because there is so little nutritional value in them that most animals just leave them alone

  • Dumebi7278
    Dumebi7278 7 days ago

    How to eat ass 08:15

  • Dumebi7278
    Dumebi7278 7 days ago +6

    Joe “It’s one of the rare places on Earth” Rogan.

  • Hrithik Rana
    Hrithik Rana 8 days ago

    8:15 My last brain cell at 3AM

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 9 days ago

    Those last few seconds sounds like gak gak

  • Amy Mason
    Amy Mason 9 days ago +10

    Mix Komodo Dragon and Joe together and what do you get?:

    Komodo Joe

  • Ben
    Ben 11 days ago

    One of the first times I went camping with my family;
    they told a story about a little boy who got ripped out of a tent and eaten by a bear.
    Great story to tell your children while out in the woods lol

  • David Torres
    David Torres 12 days ago

    Ima take that band name

  • Ahmed Klai
    Ahmed Klai 13 days ago

    7:18 that's my reaction when someone show me a picture of a spider

  • Merlin Sturley
    Merlin Sturley 13 days ago

    That's a kramoda dragen

  • Dell12 16
    Dell12 16 13 days ago +2

    Jungles are truly the worst places on Earth for humans to live in

  • Nick van der Heiden
    Nick van der Heiden 14 days ago +1

    Joe "I like to watch Harpey eagles eat sloths" Rogan.

  • Beaux Jones
    Beaux Jones 14 days ago

    300,000 people have been killed by tigers.
    If that was in the states they would’ve been wiped off the planet, in the 1600’s

  • dewey
    dewey 16 days ago

    ratchet bolted

  • James Matheny
    James Matheny 16 days ago

    Komodo dragons aren't mentioned until 7:01

  • Zennofobic
    Zennofobic 17 days ago +1

    never go on safari with Tyrek Hill

  • K Kr
    K Kr 18 days ago +1

    Joe likes and talk more about American animals bears and wolves .. the tiger will rip them apart

  • YaHozna1
    YaHozna1 18 days ago +1

    I love Joe's impressions of animals.

  • The Terrible Children
    The Terrible Children 18 days ago +1

    Bill Bur is an idiot.

  • George Popovici
    George Popovici 19 days ago

    Joe: 'see if you can find that, show it to Bill
    Bill: 'No, I seriously don't want to watch that

  • ImInfinite MidWest
    ImInfinite MidWest 19 days ago

    Cigar? Jesus bill...Pretentious much...
    Still love ya doe!

  • emil hansen
    emil hansen 19 days ago

    Awesome show🔥 but How fucking High are you guys😂😂

  • Honest Lucifer
    Honest Lucifer 20 days ago

    In Sundarbans Tigers hunt people.
    You idiot! Smh!

  • Nomad -81-
    Nomad -81- 20 days ago

    Getting choked out doesn't hurt but I find it more emasculating, one step above getting rag dolled. Id rather get knocked out like a man.

  • xenon
    xenon 20 days ago

    sundarban is in our country..............it located in bangladesh and some part in india

  • The philosopher's journey

    Fast forward to 7:00

  • Shael Mondes
    Shael Mondes 22 days ago +1

    Nature man😂

  • Jonah Ereaux
    Jonah Ereaux 22 days ago +1

    r dey smokn blunts?>?>

  • Underpaid Plumber
    Underpaid Plumber 22 days ago +7

    "Yeah, a wolf monkey. So, they eat kids."

  • datsweetsansabooty
    datsweetsansabooty 23 days ago +4

    It's funny when Bill makes sports references and Joe acts like he knows what he's talking about.

  • Princess Solace
    Princess Solace 24 days ago

    Hey Joe! Check out a wild Malayan Tiger having a morning stroll in a populated village of East Coast Malaysia.

  • McSkillet
    McSkillet 24 days ago

    8:04 thank me later

  • Bootypuff
    Bootypuff 24 days ago

    For YEARS I have been telling people about that video and how much it mortified me, and everyone has just made fun of me. So it's nice to hear Bill Fucking Burr talk about it and know he had the same reaction.

  • The Great Dragon
    The Great Dragon 25 days ago +1

    7:17 Hahahaha. So perfect. I thought Bill was imitating the deer at first, but this is actually what Bill sounds like when he freaks out. xD

  • hoodrich J59
    hoodrich J59 27 days ago

    8:16 how you gon do that on camera knowing the internet is a thing😂😭.

  • VodkaFox
    VodkaFox 27 days ago

    "He fell asleep and a bear ate him... :D"

  • Marcus Knak
    Marcus Knak 27 days ago

    8:06 the greatest joe rogan moment ever?

  • amon ra
    amon ra 27 days ago

    Joe rogan high as fuck, Bill burr bill burr as fuck

  • um me
    um me 29 days ago

    That's not true. Bears normally go for the jugular vein to kill quickly.

  • Marlena thorvald
    Marlena thorvald 29 days ago

    Sloths will fuck you up if they were fast they would be extremely deadly.