Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
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    In this video Gav and Dan attempt to land a coke bottle on the moon using a bit of butane. They came 238,899.99 miles short but it was a good effort. Follow us on Instagram! gavinfree
    Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
    Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Jason Swanson
    Jason Swanson 14 hours ago

    Create a rig that holds 16 bottles

  • Darian Neumayer
    Darian Neumayer 16 hours ago

    Film a chainsaw cutting wood from the bottom pulling up. It looks so cool. Also a lot of angles

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded 17 hours ago

    Try this with the cap on

  • Philip Gasson
    Philip Gasson Day ago

    lol dan looked like captain pugwash

  • Abdullah Chowdhury

    Hi, what about doing the same experiment, but instead of turning it upside down, throwing the bottle up high, and it will flip up side down in the air. I guess it will shoot even higher that way!!

  • Beverly Nercuit
    Beverly Nercuit Day ago +1

    I wish you put a go pro so that you will know where it landed.

  • eoSullivan
    eoSullivan Day ago

    what Dan did wrong was that he flipped it to subtlety, should've do a movement where the g force pushed all the liquid towards the bottom, which would have more butane to react, instead of all that thrown away in the 1st second

  • Delbert Troyer
    Delbert Troyer Day ago

    Film a woodpecker in SLO-MO.

  • Jarian Manuel
    Jarian Manuel Day ago

    You guys should I've put a Go Pro camera on that bottle 📷

  • BlazedPlayz Gaming
    BlazedPlayz Gaming 2 days ago

    1:55 *HMM*

  • Austin Bryan
    Austin Bryan 2 days ago

    Now add mintos

    R&R FILMS 2 days ago

    Do it with an open flame behind it, using an automatic setup

  • gamergirl99
    gamergirl99 2 days ago

    60 fps! well 50 actually but still, PAL :(

  • Adam Donaldson
    Adam Donaldson 2 days ago

    Coke and Butane? Next try Bute and Cocaine

  • anthony janevski
    anthony janevski 2 days ago

    His face at 6:05 lmao

  • Lord Ubba
    Lord Ubba 2 days ago +3

    They should have out stabilizers on the bottles so they fly straight

  • Chadovic
    Chadovic 2 days ago

    Would have been cool to see one where the cap was on 🤔

  • Ρrosion
    Ρrosion 3 days ago +1

    1:56 he middle fingered us

  • Pretend
    Pretend 3 days ago +1

    seeing dan at the end reminds me I'm gonna have a cola ham for christmas

  • amal breika
    amal breika 3 days ago

    water freezes at 4c

  • Twan ten Hooven
    Twan ten Hooven 3 days ago

    Title is wrong, it is in 8K

  • Sebastian The Goat
    Sebastian The Goat 3 days ago

    Team Rocket's Blasting off again!!

  • wackyMADNUTTER
    wackyMADNUTTER 3 days ago +1

    Maybe I’m crazy but I swear that was Jeremy’s laugh at 5:40 ish

  • Sergeant Derp
    Sergeant Derp 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice Dan flipped us off?

  • Shannon Elmer
    Shannon Elmer 3 days ago +1

    You guys do know that “Sweaty” was and is flipping you off. 😂🤣🤣😂

  • ryan christopherson
    ryan christopherson 3 days ago

    Add a nose cone, fins, and maybe a bit of rubber held over the opening with a rubber band. That'd be fun to try.

  • Kurapika
    Kurapika 3 days ago +1

    No one:

    Coke: Ight imma head out

  • Bradley Keys
    Bradley Keys 3 days ago

    Dan would be the best science teacher 😂😂

  • Leon schneider
    Leon schneider 3 days ago

    what if you put the cap back on and then flip it??

  • Nerd herd 1
    Nerd herd 1 3 days ago

    They should do a silly face Compilation

  • JillyN
    JillyN 3 days ago

    *I will be trying this today!, can't wait to try this!*

  • S.M.I.H Naqvi
    S.M.I.H Naqvi 4 days ago

    Coup de Burst..!!!!

  • Fly By Zach
    Fly By Zach 4 days ago +1

    I would love to see this inside a mortar cylinder, really get it directed!

  • Freeze YT
    Freeze YT 4 days ago

    He really flipped me off 1:57

  • Seesaw41
    Seesaw41 4 days ago

    The way he says zweihänder

  • A Lost YouTube Comment

    Keep the lid on

  • Nathan Marshall
    Nathan Marshall 4 days ago

    First video I've seen uploaded in 8K!

  • Isaac Zavala
    Isaac Zavala 4 days ago

    What if you put a go pro on the bottle? That'll be sick

  • Craig Christ
    Craig Christ 4 days ago

    diet pop = no sticky

  • Gabriel Chapin
    Gabriel Chapin 4 days ago

    Aren't you supposed to put the caps on?

  • abbie hicks
    abbie hicks 4 days ago +1

    That coke has perfect comidic timing

  • The Knights of Random

    Put a hole in the lid then try it

  • Rian rushwood
    Rian rushwood 5 days ago +7

    The explanation is clearly dan flexing his army explosives knowledge.

  • Matt H
    Matt H 5 days ago

    5:13 - yup, that's Tsiolkovsky's Rocket Equation.

  • PollyWannaFirecracker
    PollyWannaFirecracker 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice that Dan looks exactly like Q from Impractical Jokers / the Tenderloins?

  • IceloppyLOLXD '
    IceloppyLOLXD ' 5 days ago

    @ *SWEATY*

  • Julius Kolb
    Julius Kolb 5 days ago

    Did Dan say Zweihänder? 5:27

  • Edgaras Vansevicius
    Edgaras Vansevicius 5 days ago

    3:28 we should turn into meme :D

  • Random fips
    Random fips 5 days ago

    did you see him flip us off! at 1:56

  • E. Artan
    E. Artan 5 days ago


  • Mark W
    Mark W 5 days ago +5

    What about drilling a 1/2" hole in the cap to see if it gives more propulsion?

    • MoJo Pro
      MoJo Pro 2 days ago

      @gamergirl99 But you'd want a guarantee launch Everytime and too many trial and errors would occur if it were to break. Breaking would lose a lot of potential pressure as it wouldn't always break at a certain pressure every time. My physics class had a string mechanism for bottle rockets and it worked really well.

    • gamergirl99
      gamergirl99 2 days ago

      or covering the top with something that'd break when too much pressure is built up

    • MoJo Pro
      MoJo Pro 2 days ago +1

      Yeah that could help a lot but maybe they should have an uncapping mechanism pulled by a string or something to allow the butane and carbon to mix and increase pressure.

  • Knight Artorias
    Knight Artorias 5 days ago

    you know a viddy's fun if you need a change of clothes after

  • Bisaac Chin
    Bisaac Chin 5 days ago

    1:56 to all of you that disliked this video

  • Harsev Singh
    Harsev Singh 5 days ago

    I thought with flow through the venturi bottleneck, the pressure decreases but the velocity increases?

  • Austin Bartose
    Austin Bartose 5 days ago

    So the fact that it’s a coke is irrelevant. You could do the same thing with any liquid

  • n_wiz
    n_wiz 5 days ago +1

    Put a cone on the end

  • Brandon Chilvers
    Brandon Chilvers 5 days ago +6

    Holding onto it the whole time gives a good idea of what happens

  • Jeremiah J GrayBeard Richards

    I wonder if you'd lose a thumb, if you delayed while flipping over?

  • J K
    J K 6 days ago

    These guys should get macro slowmo shots of alpha-beta decay chains in a cloud chamber

  • Marwan Mohammed
    Marwan Mohammed 6 days ago

    The best science lesson 😂😂😂