Zero Hunger Film

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017

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  • Zara Khatri
    Zara Khatri 3 months ago

    💓💓जीरो मूवी 💓💓

  • lol Plzhlp
    lol Plzhlp 5 months ago

    IF Almost everybody in the world just donate $1, it would be almost be $7 billion donated to the homeless and the undernourished people.

    • Zaid Asiri
      Zaid Asiri 2 months ago

      Most of those 7 billion people ARE poor and starving ._.

  • Parker Underhill
    Parker Underhill 5 months ago +1

    i mean thanks for this

  • Parker Underhill
    Parker Underhill 5 months ago


  • MrANTI_Eggman
    MrANTI_Eggman 9 months ago

    These people make the distraction of freedom look so beautiful....

  • The Pingy Gaming
    The Pingy Gaming 11 months ago

    what are we even doing

  • Andrew Grundy  III
    Andrew Grundy III Year ago +3

    End world hunger by 2030 ? Amen !

  • Benjamin Neumeier
    Benjamin Neumeier Year ago +5

    What can *I* actually fcking do?

    • mihai sumanariu
      mihai sumanariu 3 months ago

      if you throw any kind of food away you still have things to do

  • Roboterize
    Roboterize Year ago +2

    There is enought food for everyone. Lets do it!