*WORLD RECORD* 3034 POINTS IN RANKED ARENA! - Fortnite Funny Moments! #568

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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    What's up guys, back with Episode 568 of our Fortnite Fails & Funny Moments! In todays we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 569 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 11Mil subs - goo.gl/9g7jnm
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    Here's Episode 567 of Fortnite Funny Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Kills if you haven't seen it!
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    (First Song) Oshova - Vast chant
    (Second song) Ikson - Paradise
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  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina 25 days ago +1455

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    • pippodiqui
      pippodiqui 13 days ago

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    • Bakedpotato
      Bakedpotato 22 days ago

      I came for the whole video

    • Bakedpotato
      Bakedpotato 22 days ago

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  • Ugo Chambost
    Ugo Chambost 9 days ago


  • wL_GustavoEduardo _
    wL_GustavoEduardo _ 9 days ago

    Blackoutz 5000 points

  • YeeT TreYon
    YeeT TreYon 10 days ago +1

    What is the music in 4:47

  • OrtizzFT
    OrtizzFT 10 days ago

    In brazilian 6.000 points in the chanel blackoutz

  • zKoKi
    zKoKi 10 days ago

    BLACKOUTZ have 5000+ hype

    THE VLADOSIK 13 days ago

    3:14 this is Russia baby

  • Denhight Jr
    Denhight Jr 13 days ago

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  • pippodiqui
    pippodiqui 13 days ago

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  • Michael Wiegers
    Michael Wiegers 16 days ago

    wen mann eine hevi findet

  • _-BobaFettKing007-_
    _-BobaFettKing007-_ 16 days ago +2

    The record is from BlackoutZ, a Brazilian player

  • Jhayla Koster
    Jhayla Koster 16 days ago

    yay thanks

  • nedypixel 110
    nedypixel 110 19 days ago

    0:50 o polacy

  • Xenon Icy
    Xenon Icy 19 days ago

    Blackouts almost has 5,000 points

  • YouTube TekPoZ-
    YouTube TekPoZ- 19 days ago

    4. 600 points blackoutz kakakakakakak BRAZIL PORRA

  • Wagner Moura
    Wagner Moura 19 days ago

    The brazilian player blackoutz has 4600 points in arena

  • Wagner Moura
    Wagner Moura 19 days ago +11

    The brazilian player blackoutz has 4600 points in arena

    • Naprox
      Naprox 17 days ago

      Wagner Moura but this is the South US server

  • am happy to be a Musllim Ahmed

    9:03 what is the song name


    2:52 hey i know this guy

  • Conor K
    Conor K 20 days ago

    Who else thought this was a new upload?

  • Conor K
    Conor K 20 days ago

    Why did I just get a notification now?

  • Henry Isn’t here
    Henry Isn’t here 21 day ago

    Ninja has 9,000

  • Verssas
    Verssas 21 day ago +1

    nothingnoname have 3600
    just search on twitch

    GT_ZMOURA1_ GT 21 day ago

    In Brazil there's two people with 3,480 and 3,900 points in arena.
    THIS IS the"world record points in arena"

  • Madara Lanches
    Madara Lanches 21 day ago

    Blackoutz +4000 points

  • ER Inferno Dragon
    ER Inferno Dragon 22 days ago

    Wreszcie jacyś Polacy Xd

  • F34R_BlackWidow
    F34R_BlackWidow 22 days ago

    Land in diving mode equals 1000000000000000000000000 IQ

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    gerapacman 22 days ago

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  • Jay Plays
    Jay Plays 22 days ago

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  • Milky, Rockstar
    Milky, Rockstar 22 days ago

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    END GAM3R 22 days ago +1

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    3344 points

  • Poskramiacz Parówek
    Poskramiacz Parówek 22 days ago

    0:40 polska!

  • JanuZ
    JanuZ 22 days ago

    The last clip is actually awesome!

  • Alberto Ribeiro dos Santos


    F3AR THR3ATS 23 days ago

    Am I the best Xbox player out there???

  • Yaroslav5938 Ossipenko2009


  • Burger Boy050
    Burger Boy050 23 days ago

    The thing is though if you can slay out on champions you’re gonna get points as correct me if I’m wrong but u play against ppl if you have 300 points even if you have 3000

  • Roottyt
    Roottyt 23 days ago


  • Tanner Weeks
    Tanner Weeks 23 days ago

    Anyone know that billy bounce is transversal? bc it is haha

  • yisela sexy
    yisela sexy 23 days ago

    1:48 what was that jajaja amazing

  • puppy_luv_girl
    puppy_luv_girl 23 days ago

    3:05 He made sushi out of them

  • £nv¥{KZ}
    £nv¥{KZ} 23 days ago

    Tfue is so cocky this is why I don't like him

    QEREZ YT 23 days ago +1

    0:45 Polska bez kitu

  • DanielPlayz YT
    DanielPlayz YT 23 days ago

    I found a glitch you need a weapon and a baller you get a weapon and you bring the baller to a slipstream then you put the baller next to the slipstream and get on the slipstream when your on the slipstream have a weapon in your hand then get off the slipstream and get to the baller you place then go on the baller make sure you do not hit the ground then your weapon you were holding will be inside the baller and you can shoot your weapon you were holding inside the baller cool glitch I found this glitch randomly I figured this out by myself

  • Matheus Paes
    Matheus Paes 24 days ago

    Blackautz have more points

  • Savage Aaron
    Savage Aaron 24 days ago +1

    4:14 First time I have ever seen a streamer in BCC Trolling.

  • Matthew Sencher
    Matthew Sencher 24 days ago

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    At twitch

  • ゴトヒナ
    ゴトヒナ 24 days ago


  • GregAFC 9
    GregAFC 9 24 days ago +1

    Come checkout my TVclip channel where I reck these kids with 200 wins

  • YNWA Kyria
    YNWA Kyria 24 days ago

    Song at the end??

  • Armes Nahui
    Armes Nahui 24 days ago

    Season 9 is trash !

  • wltrapz
    wltrapz 24 days ago

    I don’t get 5:46

  • Taco dude
    Taco dude 24 days ago

    4:57 don't you mean traversal

  • Rittuh
    Rittuh 24 days ago

    Just uploaded my newest montage..If you have a second let me know what you think 😁
    Just another controller player grinding 👌👌

  • AdaptGT
    AdaptGT 24 days ago

    6:20 i got same skin you can look on my channel

  • Giselle De La Cruz
    Giselle De La Cruz 24 days ago

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  • Giselle De La Cruz
    Giselle De La Cruz 24 days ago

    Hyped 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    LAJKONIK 06 24 days ago

    Kto z Polski ?

  • Bruno'S gameplay
    Bruno'S gameplay 24 days ago

    hey blackoutz has more poins than this guy

  • Amir Chartless
    Amir Chartless 24 days ago

    “I got impulsed”

  • Johnny Villegas
    Johnny Villegas 24 days ago

    I've been watching since #1 and I love it

  • jojo 123
    jojo 123 24 days ago

    3:05 Ehrenmann

  • Wesley Taylor
    Wesley Taylor 24 days ago

    5:10 I actually did that in the endgame before 😂😂😂

  • Wesley Taylor
    Wesley Taylor 24 days ago

    bcc daily uploads! love this channel. 💪

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark 24 days ago

    U gotta stop the horrible music

  • Critizon
    Critizon 24 days ago

    0:43 This guy's building key binds

  • madebyjo_l
    madebyjo_l 24 days ago

    4:53 what the heck is transversal?

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 24 days ago +1

    4:53 it’s “Traversal” not *Transversal*

  • L1ME D1TE
    L1ME D1TE 24 days ago

    3:14 Немовца убил, бан ъуъ сука

  • ENZOSAD1v4
    ENZOSAD1v4 24 days ago

    Blakoutz Brasiliam player got 3,300 points

  • Mr punhos
    Mr punhos 24 days ago

    Blackoutz has more than 3500

  • Dude Shower
    Dude Shower 24 days ago

    Face reveal

  • _Gabriel_ 0811_
    _Gabriel_ 0811_ 24 days ago

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  • Meme Muncher
    Meme Muncher 24 days ago

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  • Karol Maślona
    Karol Maślona 24 days ago +1

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  • Joãodegar 76
    Joãodegar 76 24 days ago

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  • Dudu Vlogs
    Dudu Vlogs 24 days ago

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    CUBEWIRES2 YT 24 days ago


  • Fritzi Crafter
    Fritzi Crafter 24 days ago

    Who wached the Video from OrganeGuy yesterday?

  • WeroX 129
    WeroX 129 24 days ago

    1:37 there it is ;)

  • andrew wooldridge
    andrew wooldridge 24 days ago

    The guy with 3k points prooabably has no life

  • ololo Ololkgg
    ololo Ololkgg 24 days ago

    Mein nächster abbonent bekommt 3 grati skins

  • ittsLush
    ittsLush 24 days ago

    3000 points doesn’t even matter. Just shows how much he plays. I’ll be impressed when I see him qualify for New York.

  • Hack Mayhem
    Hack Mayhem 24 days ago

    3:10 is a bot

  • DiamondStreamer X
    DiamondStreamer X 24 days ago


  • XxbranjaraxX
    XxbranjaraxX 24 days ago +1

    Dude in the pirate boat, in one island theres an message of S.O.S created by rocks

  • BJ Creations
    BJ Creations 24 days ago

    7:55 how do they have a blue rpg in classics but they have a hot drop

  • Rxkon mit A
    Rxkon mit A 24 days ago

    Robinhood means that robin robs in the hood

  • Matías Paredes
    Matías Paredes 24 days ago

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  • Technoviking
    Technoviking 24 days ago

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  • Rafal Karski
    Rafal Karski 24 days ago +1

    0:56 jestem dumny

  • Villela_ _
    Villela_ _ 24 days ago

    Bcc blackoutz have +3600

  • Zbs LuizFelippe
    Zbs LuizFelippe 25 days ago +1

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  • Pancham 2008
    Pancham 2008 25 days ago +1

    This is mrearth
    We need to clean it or we dead
    1like 0,01% cleaner

    • AT0M
      AT0M 24 days ago

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  • YuriYuriG_ _
    YuriYuriG_ _ 25 days ago +1

    Blackoutz 3500+

  • SebbyPlayz
    SebbyPlayz 25 days ago +1

    5.25 is lol

    [REDACTED] 25 days ago