US F-35 vs Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet - Which Would Win? - Military Comparison

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  • Bignigs 711
    Bignigs 711 16 hours ago

    They both good in different ways but the su-35 would come out on top (my opinion)

  • Bobur Mirkomiljonov

    Best! SU-35

  • le derp
    le derp 3 days ago

    Su-35 is good at dogfights but the f-35 is made for hit and run attacks.

  • le derp
    le derp 3 days ago

    Can you do Russian su 47 vs f-35? I'm just curious.

  • HellYeaNixon
    HellYeaNixon 3 days ago

    Its "SU-35" as in "S You" not "Sew 35"

  • Von Villamil
    Von Villamil 6 days ago

    The A-10 Warthog vs The Sukhoi Su-28 Frogfoot

  • Steven campos
    Steven campos 6 days ago


  • Anders le
    Anders le 6 days ago

    Its basicly Nvidia VS AMD

  • Tiger1 Tiger lover
    Tiger1 Tiger lover 7 days ago +1

    Plz do something with the a-10

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 8 days ago

    Well if was a two seater and used to pick up chicks at the bar it really wouldn't matter as that is all they do with them anyways..

  • Victor Hayes
    Victor Hayes 8 days ago

    Aviation in the future will not be men in airplanes, the tech is getting so much more advance that close quarters as tens of miles and more will not be the factor, just looking at the what has happen with the puplic and drones, that does not even scratch the surface of the tech world in military applications, stealth will be a thing of the past, newer technogly which the public has not a cute of will tell when the hostile planes leave the ground and know where they are every sec of the flight and who knows what jamming technology is being developed now, imagine lifting off in a su-35 and having all your instruments go dead, we fly glass copits now with three steam gauges for back up but soon that will be history, we have not touched on the capabilities of infrared or sonic hyper technogy. JUST MY THOUGHTS, NEVER MIND. LOL

  • OnE61811301
    OnE61811301 9 days ago

    I like the comparison between the iPhone and the wall-mount telephone. Just when you need it and have the Su-35 on the radar, you here "Your version of fOS is too old to handle this enemy. Please wait while we download new version. Please enter your credit card number".

  • Ch Tayyab
    Ch Tayyab 11 days ago

    can u make a video of comparison of JF17 vs HAL Tejas

  • rs san
    rs san 11 days ago

    And you say my country is so corrupt! yet you dump your tax dollars into 'research and development' of a flying brick! fuck you dude!

  • Abood Alshawaf
    Abood Alshawaf 12 days ago +2

    I was gonna put my money on the SU35 but when I thought deeper about it, I'm going with the F35. Think of it as an RPG game where you have a warrior character going against a wizard with twice the level. The warrior would still be quicker and more maneuverable, but the wizard will start casting spells until he cripples the warrior. That's why I'd put my money on the F35!

    • Abood Alshawaf
      Abood Alshawaf 5 days ago

      I'm glad someone gets my logic lol

    • Aaron Lecciones
      Aaron Lecciones 6 days ago +1

      Abood Alshawaf exactly, my strategy in say star craft et al was to protect my hardware and that means I like to hit enemies far away, therefore F35 can't be seen and then shoots far away so there's no need to endanger the F35, unlike those Sukhois who need to get into danger to get the job done.

  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee 13 days ago

    F-35 BVR kill, su 35 WVR kill...

  • Brent T
    Brent T 13 days ago

    Su 57??

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul 13 days ago

    F-35 no doubt

  • Vulcan750L
    Vulcan750L 15 days ago

    Every one of your videos has an anti-American bias.
    The SU-35 is an obsolete 4th generation aircraft incapable of fighting against modern US 5th Gen stealth fighter aircraft.
    You make it sound like all the F-35 can do is avoid a fight with an SU-35. If an F-35 encounters a SU-35, it can just shoot it down. It does not have to "head off in another direction". The SU-35 will not even know it's been fired upon until it is too late. Superior range, speed, and maneuverability matters very little in modern air combat.
    A fight between an SU-35 and an F-35 is like a fight between a blind guy with a knife and a sighted guy with a gun. It won't even be a close fight. There is no doubt who would win. The SU-35 would be like a blind baby seal waiting to be clubbed.

  • Ishak
    Ishak 16 days ago

    The F 35 is a disaster.

  • cinnireseisri
    cinnireseisri 17 days ago

    The POS F-35 is the pride and joy of Murikuh? Bwahahaha I call bullshit.

  • Иван Литвинов

    Классное видео

  • Mridul Bhatt
    Mridul Bhatt 18 days ago

    How the detecting system of F-35 works. Plz reply.

  • warrik
    warrik 18 days ago +1

    F-35 was never meant for close range dog fights so the comparison isn’t well matched. It uses longer range missiles and this is complemented by its technology.

  • Grey Graham
    Grey Graham 19 days ago +2

    There’s just no comparison here. The F-35 is just so much more advanced and would absolutely destroy the Russian junk in a second.

  • sangtea rspa
    sangtea rspa 19 days ago

    f 35 is sexy looking.unlike most fighters.the design is unique

  • A Falling Apple
    A Falling Apple 19 days ago

    Russia is the most powerful country in the world...,🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza 20 days ago

    owning an F-35 is like owning a Ferrari Enzo where strings attached is gnomous. If an enemy invade your airspace, you have to ask permission from the Pentagon to use your F-35. While the SU-35 is all yours to decide whatever you want to do with it.

  • Danial Tariq
    Danial Tariq 20 days ago

    In this video u have mentioned that the su-35s top speed is 1726 mph. But in another video ur saying its around 1400 mph. Is there a diff in the 2 kinds?
    The video iam abt has it being compared to the f22.

  • Tito 772
    Tito 772 21 day ago

    F 35 VS T 50 PAKFA!

  • American Aviation
    American Aviation 21 day ago +1

    A spy is better than a soldier by a 20000000 to 25..

    If used skillfully
    In the end F-35 wins and it destroys SU-35 before it even sees it .

  • Angel Mendosa
    Angel Mendosa 21 day ago

    American fighter jets are better than russian ones not only the f35 but the F22 raptor.

  • John Tulppo
    John Tulppo 22 days ago

    wheni heard the usa plane could hold a nuke i was like wat wat the well it is a murcia one

  • Karen Connor
    Karen Connor 22 days ago

    SU 35 would see the F 35 in space and the F 35 i right above it

  • Gaurav singh
    Gaurav singh 23 days ago

    made video on M.O.A.B VS F.O.A.B

  • Gaurav singh
    Gaurav singh 23 days ago

    su 35 will win

  • miguel garcia
    miguel garcia 23 days ago

    In bf4 I hate the f35

  • Eric Carmona
    Eric Carmona 23 days ago

    F35 all day babe!!!

  • Flyingplanes3
    Flyingplanes3 23 days ago

    F35 for the win

  • Stapled Fish
    Stapled Fish 23 days ago +1

    The tactic is that if you get into a dogfight with the F-35, you know there's a nuclear warhead on board. Where ever that plan goes down, it's going to be bad for everyone. Shoot down a Su-35 and it bursts into flames, shoot down a F-35 and it vaporizes what ever it's near. the range required to shoot it down would leave any aircraft in the danger zone.

    • Isak Lundblad
      Isak Lundblad 16 days ago

      I mean, it’s not standard payload. And since the F-35’s radar range is far ahead of the Su-35’s, it’d probably keep track of it and go around and use its stealth, or pull back and reevaluate. The F-35 with a nuke may also have some sort of escort.

      BUDDERVEOM 23 days ago

      But the bomb has to be armed and also It can make the matter worse with nuclear weapons

  • Savage_kid_PG3D, WoT blitz

    Look what the type of noob u all are, all america's jets are too OP and my most beutiful jet of US is F-16 falcon and F-14 super tomcat

  • Leshy
    Leshy 24 days ago +3

    Americans send F35 to attack Serbia like you did with F117a back in 1999 and we will see is it stealt jet or not. F117a was not stealt at all, we detected and shot 3 of them with old soviet radars from 1960s.We are getting S300 from Russia so we can test it on F35 so you can know what to expect from S500, and one friendly advice calm down and don't fuck with Russia.

    • 21stcenturyenigma
      21stcenturyenigma 11 days ago

      Yukon Joe shut your basement bedroom tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist nut job ass up nobody has time for your fringe wacky out there ideas ,one f117 in all of USA history was shot down and you celebrate as if you defeated our 600 billion dollar a year military. Our government can afford to throw away a whole fleet of f117s because we can buy your whole entire hole in the wall country alright because each f117 is most likely worth more than whatever your country's GDP is . But now that we built and bought whole entire fleets of different stealth vehicles like stealth helicopters haters who happen to be foreign want to open their face and complain. Every country including the USA has the right to spend the money to protect theirselves. Get off my dick.

    • Yukon Joe
      Yukon Joe 11 days ago

      someone sounds a little was one f-117 (1999) and one f-16 (1995)-- you must work for the propaganda department where facts do not matter

    • 21stcenturyenigma
      21stcenturyenigma 20 days ago

      Leshy you need to stop lying you didn't shoot 3 stealth planes down at a time when Soviets didn't know what it would look on radar no one knew. Why weren't the Russians ever able to get stealth bombers and fighters? Hmm I wonder why. Most of the USA planes are super sonic and they have hypersonic drones.

  • Alex Kumlin
    Alex Kumlin 24 days ago

    Easy neither can out run a missle and the f35 can get a few off before the su35 even knows where the f35 is.

  • A.Sâlvâtörre
    A.Sâlvâtörre 25 days ago

    Imagine if American's tech and Russia's design were to be mixed to create such a monster.

  • SirAndrewll
    SirAndrewll 25 days ago

    Lol in your other video you said the su-35 has a top speed of 1491mph and now it's 1726mph, where tf are you getting your sources from

    JAYROD HELLFIRE 25 days ago

    The only reason a country would buy a SU-35 (and only China has) over a F-35 is because the Americans wouldn't sell you F-35

  • Najamuddin Nasir
    Najamuddin Nasir 26 days ago

    F-35 is so cute and cool su 35 is so cool and dangerous

  • Edric San
    Edric San 26 days ago

    Who is this narrator?

  • Arbian Smailovic
    Arbian Smailovic 27 days ago

    I love the F-35, but judging on fire power, I'd go with a SU-35.

  • Rafael Alódio
    Rafael Alódio 27 days ago

    I have the impression that the F-35 is a huge waste of money, if you already have F-22, F-18 and F-15 in your fleet you don't need anything else.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 25 days ago

      +Rafael Alodio
      The F-35 is comparable to the F/A-18 and F-16's. Not F-15's or F-22A's. The F-35A are going to substitute, and eventually replace the F-16 and land-based squadrons of F/A-18's. The F-35C will replace the F/A-18 in maritime operations.

  • Matthew Kendall
    Matthew Kendall 28 days ago

    I think Britain would be better with Su-35's rather than the f35

  • Nilsvocalisor Nilsvocalisor

    Do you want to make a video about f16 vs mig 29

  • Nilsvocalisor Nilsvocalisor

    F16 vs mig 29

  • Lawrence Akin-Odujobi
    Lawrence Akin-Odujobi 29 days ago

    The Chinese are developing newer technologies in the world of EMP's. Rendering the main advantages of the F-22 useless.

    • Lawrence Akin-Odujobi
      Lawrence Akin-Odujobi 25 days ago

      I do, however i feel as though that question was a segway into a greater point?

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 25 days ago

      +Lawrence Akin-Odujobi
      I take it you have no clue what an E.M.P. does.

  • ernest moran
    ernest moran Month ago

    f35 fires first,su35 deploys flares,missile misses,gap is over.

    FART BOY Month ago

    If United States and Russia came together as allies we could create a fighter jet faster than a UFO ;)))) click >1< if you agree

  • ZoomerX24
    ZoomerX24 Month ago

    The F 35 only lost to the F 16 and F 22 because during the simulation, both planes had no missiles so the F 35 couldn't use its long range missiles which would have destroyed the F 16 and F 22.

  • pauljackowacko552
    pauljackowacko552 Month ago +1

    The F-35 is on block 3f and has not completed that. So it is stuck using short range missiles. long range missiles is block 4. The F-35 will engage in a dogfight anyways. By the time block 4 is completed the SU-57 will be operational.

  • Jack Pineapple
    Jack Pineapple Month ago

    American plane is fat

  • Nerf Glaz
    Nerf Glaz Month ago

    So according to the SU-35 fanboys, the SU-35 can go 186 miles, dodging and entire F-35’s arsenal? It’s a horrible comparison. A SU-35 would be shot down before it knew what shot the missile.

  • Tony Mark
    Tony Mark Month ago

    No.1 F22, No.2 J-20, No3. F35, No.4 Su-57, No.5 Su-35, No.6 Dassault Rafale, No.7 F-18, No.8 Su-27 all types, No.9 F-15, No.10 J-10. This is the most common top 10 Jet list

  • Jerzy - SilverSetFilms

    I just couldn't make it thru after just first statement.. "we're better because we spend more.." Click - I'm gone!

  • Jaka warna
    Jaka warna Month ago

    F35 too fragile.. SU35 more versatile

  • korencek
    korencek Month ago +5

    SU-35 radar has range of 400km, not 30km.

    • Nulin22
      Nulin22 5 days ago

      korencek that is against a non-stealth fighter

    • Kameron Jones
      Kameron Jones 11 days ago

      korencek please rt is nothing but propaganda 😂😂

    • Isak Lundblad
      Isak Lundblad 16 days ago

      Welp, this was a waste of my time and you don’t seem to be reading or taking anything I say into consideration.

    • korencek
      korencek 18 days ago

      don't waste my time plz. I've seen on rt how they show american planes on their radars flying over syria. some of them f-22. enough said.

    • Isak Lundblad
      Isak Lundblad 18 days ago

      For starters, did you not read my comment of how I’m not partaking in this anymore? Yes, I came back, but it doesn’t seem like you read that.
      Second, I am including facts that were disclosed by the manufacturers and owners of each of these systems and aircraft. I may be using some of them more than once, but you keep bringing up the same incident again and again with different specifications. I look these up with the statistics from each of these, including the avionics and systems of each. I also looked back at the scenario and considered what happened and what was actually most likely to happen. And what facts at all are you including?
      *”I have a totally independent view from this”.* If you really have an independent view, then explain very well to me why you were just saying that American news was spewing out Propaganda and that they are being butthurt. Look at the hypocrisy here.
      “The S-400 was already tracking the F-22”. You do recall me pointing out the S-400 radar only operates in the X-band, which the F-22 is built to be resistant to. The F-22’s came up in visual range. The Su-25’s have the ability to call on their radios and tell the SAM systems where the target is. It doesn’t need to then be corrected as it tracks, that is correct. But unless the F-22 was closer than 10 miles way, it’d be pretty hard to detect.
      OK, how does the 3-D scanning of the S-400 contradict my statements and what exactly does it change here? It’s common knowledge in this study that most radars scan 360 degrees and new generation radars have 3 dimensional imaging, but that does not impact the scanning capability of the radar.
      _I keep getting the same thing again and again from you, and it’s not getting any more correct. You’re just being a hypocrite and calling me out for things that you are doing yourself. The fact that the S-400 was tracking the F-22 was partially correct. But it only started tracking after the Su-25 pilots looked out their window, saw the plane (Since it was right off their wing), and guided the S-400 of where to track. Otherwise, the S-400 most likely wouldn’t have noticed unless in extremely close proximity to the F-22. If you could come back to me with something that’s not hypocrisy and correct factual information, that would actually make your argument relevant. Although considering what I have already gotten, I’m doubtful that will happen._

  • miamistorm
    miamistorm Month ago

    Interesting video, however, far too much speculation and far too little verifiable and documentable facts. Only China has bought them and most likely to grab Russian technology which is decades behind American military aviation technology.

  • Eric Choy
    Eric Choy Month ago

    Any love for the FA18 Super Hornets? In terms of looks, it wins

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    You need to know that there is such thing called STEALTH. It's all theory and boasting . What you say

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    Is it just your theory or fact?. Su can beat US in all the way. What you say

  • rezoukas1
    rezoukas1 Month ago

    2017 SU35 WINS. 2027 F35 WINS.

  • Kis Jorgensen
    Kis Jorgensen Month ago

    The Su-35 is beautiful, the F-35 is ugly.
    Russian tactics in a war situation, is simply to have Su-35 in the area, to keep the F-35 away.
    Americans build planes like they build cars, american cars can only drive fast when they are driving in a straight line, but this plane can't even fly fast in a straight line. And it's not as stealthy as they claimit to be anymore.

  • Miffed Mosquito
    Miffed Mosquito Month ago

    No shit the F-35 wouldn't hold up, it is NOT built for air superiority! But if you pair the electronic warfare and sensor boosting capabilities of the F35 and the air dominance capabilities of the F22, they become figuratively unstoppable to enemy aircraft.

  • azka syauqi
    azka syauqi Month ago

    F 35 is too slow su 35 is fast and super manuever

    DJELF26RUS Month ago

    funny to listen to when a man says that he has an invisible plane,how can you believe in this nonsense

  • курица деревня

    SU-35 win

  • niko Dominic
    niko Dominic Month ago

    This is dumb the hole point of the f35 is it kills you before you know its close. Of course leave it to the russians to make cheap shit made for fighting in the 80s. Dog fights cmon this aint ww2 lol f35 has ben also proven by israel in syria totally bypassing russian surface to air missiles.

  • Mike Melina
    Mike Melina Month ago

    The F-35 Boondoggle-I mean JSF, wasn't built to dogfight with Su-35s, that's the Raptor's job, which it is eminently capable of doing. The JSF is designed to be an attack aircraft.

  • Greg Hammack
    Greg Hammack Month ago +47

    The Su-35 wouldn't even get close enough to the F-35 to engage. RIP Su-35.

    • Vulcan750L
      Vulcan750L 4 days ago

      +Lim Zhiquiang
      The US does not have the most debt. Japan for more than 2 decades has had over 200% debt to GDP. Several other countries have worse debt than the US. The US had the biggest debt in terms of dollar amount, but the US is also the largest economy in the world. So that doesn't mean much. It hasn't negatively impacted our economy. The US economy is still growing at a steady pace and the debt stabilized years ago. China has surpassed the US and Japan for the biggest debt and it's debt is still out of control with no end in sight.

    • Lim Zhiqiang
      Lim Zhiqiang 4 days ago

      Vulcan750L like what like being in debt

    • Vulcan750L
      Vulcan750L 5 days ago

      +Lim Zhiquiang
      Yeah, the US is the best at pretty much everything. AMERICA FUCK YEAH!
      I bet you are just some guy who has nationalistic jealousy issues.

    • Lim Zhiqiang
      Lim Zhiqiang 5 days ago

      I bet he is just some guy that always says"AMERICA FUCK YEAH"cause he think the us is the best at everything

    • The Anti Life Equation
      The Anti Life Equation 10 days ago

      I'm neither Russian or American but there's a clear winner here!, this I like a sniper going up against someone with with a revolver, sure if the guy with the revolver gets close enough he wins, but realistically he's dead before he even sees the sniper!, f-35 wins this hands down!.

  • Luka K1
    Luka K1 Month ago

    RUSSIA bra a small nation of Serbia took down a blackbird aircraft (I live in Serbia) so why wouldn't our Russian friends take out the modern version!

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson Month ago

      +Luka K1
      They shot down a then antiquated F-117A Nighthawk. Not a Blackbird (SR-71), completely different plane.

  • Syarif Hidayat
    Syarif Hidayat Month ago

    And now,

  • Combat Ghost
    Combat Ghost Month ago

    A-10 warthog vs SU 25 frog foot

  • Julia K.
    Julia K. Month ago +56

    Russian fighter jets are so much more beautiful. Not only the SU-35 but also the Mig-35 and Mig-29 😍

    • Julia K.
      Julia K. 7 hours ago

      vipul 521
      Says the subhuman sandnigger. I don't care btw whether your gypsy family gets bombed by a Russian or an American fighter.

    • vipul 521
      vipul 521 13 hours ago

      Julia K. Dumb ass bitch 🐩😒

    • Vulcan750L
      Vulcan750L 4 days ago

      You are missing the point, moron. The point is jammers give away your position. Get it? Why would a stealth aircraft want to do that? Use your little pea brain and think about that for awhile.
      And of course the F-117 never had radar. Using radar also gives away your position.
      You are an ignorant moron and a dumb-ass.

    • NicK GMZ
      NicK GMZ 9 days ago

      Julia K...RighT....where is U FroM❔🇺🇸🇷🇺🇨🇭❗🇬🇧🇫🇮🇨🇦❔

    • HighFlyer96
      HighFlyer96 10 days ago

      Julia K. They would fall out of the sky but this is a feature speaking for the planes since this allows supermaneuvrability. The more physically instable the plane is, the more maneuvers you can make. It just requires a good software keeping the plane in a stable position.
      The X-31 is a perfect example for that feature.
      But I agree with your opinion about the beauty of russian planes.

  • micah ong
    micah ong Month ago

    Anyone else realize that the su-35 has the same initials as the Soviet Union? Coincidence, I think not!

  • Walid
    Walid Month ago

    Duh, SU-35. But there is no reason to pit F-35 vs SU-35. The US should invest in peace instead of war

  • TheThirdMan
    TheThirdMan Month ago

    These are some of the most retarded posts I've ever seen. So many experts...

  • Josh Switch
    Josh Switch Month ago

    Why not do a similar episode? RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 against the newly designed Russian MIG-35?

  • Никита Лель

    Are you seriously ?The data in your video is complete nonsense. they are not even suitable for su 27
    As for F35 and Su 35, this is an incorrect comparison. F35 is even hard to call a combat aircraft, because it can not fly normally, it can not even fall apart in flight.
    Neither F35 nor F22, F15, 18, Typhoon, Mirage 2000, all of them can not even go with Su 30 MKI. On all exercises in the US, in Asia and Europe and on computer modulations that were conducted on Hawaii by the US Air Force. . But you compare F35 with Su35. Su 35 is superior in all Su 30SM and Russian Su 30cm sm exceeds the Indian Su 30 MKI.
    Su 30 is a former su 37 and even the discovery channel called him the lord of the sky. No one dared to join the training battles with one airman.

  • Альжан Жанайдар


  • Tormund Giantsbane
    Tormund Giantsbane Month ago

    Ah i remember 4 years ago when they called the f35 a flying turkey worse then the f16...

  • Ben Hartshorne
    Ben Hartshorne Month ago

    US F-35

  • Ma Bo
    Ma Bo Month ago

    the Russians build once and do it right. eg Kalashnikov , Soyuz etc as for the code what's to stop someone retrofitting su35 with up to date computers later. also price wise you could fit an entire airforce to do what the f35 could for half price. it is a good idea but to me out only makes sense that you lack the capabilities of other craft because it's all wrapped in one because it's cheaper... but the f needs infrastructure just to work it. and they are a fortune. if it was 10%better and 40%cheaper ,(and you didn't need the infrastructure) then it would be fuckin amazing

    • Ma Bo
      Ma Bo Month ago

      Nathan Peterson basically a long winded way saying that reliability takes precedence in Russian productions so in my opinion renders them superior

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson Month ago

      +Ma Bo

  • Ayman Ahidar
    Ayman Ahidar Month ago


  • arthur heale
    arthur heale Month ago

    So, it is invisible to radar. OK. But if it crosses a foreign frontier, it is not actually invisible. One guy with binoculars standing at the border could see the F-35, and track it. So, does it have anti-binocular missiles?

  • Osama Shahid
    Osama Shahid Month ago

    Can you plz talk about Pakistan JF17 Thunder

  • DroehnIng
    DroehnIng Month ago

    This isn't WW1 anymore where pilots duel it out, so what is the fucking point of this?

  • Charles D' Gomes
    Charles D' Gomes Month ago

    basically a child can operate a F35

    YUSKHAN Month ago

    MIG 25 shoot down an F18 from 300 miles away back in 1991

  • Jamie Holladay
    Jamie Holladay Month ago

    Recently added the most feared weapon of all ,The Trump 2.017

  • nick burkhardt
    nick burkhardt Month ago

    dumbasses do you know anything about stealth

  • Brian Cunningham
    Brian Cunningham Month ago


  • Tony Gard
    Tony Gard Month ago

    A more important comparison would be how would the F-35 cope versus the S500. The answer is it would be blown out of the sky.A huge waste of money and the US vassal states are being bullied and conned into investing in this lemon.

    • Isak Lundblad
      Isak Lundblad Month ago

      S500 is an anti ballistic missile system like THAAD. The S-400 is the latest SAM for Russia. But Russian radar technology is not as good as American counterparts. With the introduction of MEAD and Patriot upgrades,America now has SAM’s as good as the formidable S-400. But the S-400 only uses X-band while the MEADS and patriot are multi band. The F-35 is quite invisible to X-band, and has even gotten better with L-band using its low RCS and EW capabilities that make it appear even smaller than the F-22, which makes it much stealthier than any PAK FA or J-20.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson Month ago

      +Tony Gard
      What nonsense are you on about?