Halal Street Food Journey To Islamic China | Xinjiang HUGE CHICKEN PLATE on the Chinese Silk Road

  • Published on Apr 17, 2017
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    Halal Street Food in China is some of the best Islamic Chinese Street Food I've tasted, ( like delicious noodles and kebabs) , and this is just the beginning of our Journey n the Chinese Silk road!
    We made our way to Turpan, in China's Xinjiang province, for the beginning of our Silk Road tour, all the way from Chengdu, and found a whole new world awaiting us. You can feast for days on new street food specialties all from the Uighur people and Hui People in China's northwest. In the past month, we flew from Guangzhou, where we filmed amazing Cantonese street food specialties near Hong Kong, all the way to Chengdu. Then, we spent a week exploring and eating delicious Sichuan cuisine and made a video about "Szechuan sauce" in a local farmers market. We then took the train to Xining, a city with a large Hui Chinese population, and enjoyed some delicious Hui Halal Street food. Unfortunately, the street food videos from Xining may not be retreived, we will have to wait and see.
    After Xining, we took the high speed train to Turpan, which is where we currently are enjoying Uighur street food. We are going to continue the silk road journey through the southern Taklamakan desert route all the way to Kashgar! Please stay tuned because there are a lot of delicious street food videos coming your way!
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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    We are turk origin people remaining in that land since very long time. The modern Turkish people in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and tatar people and we uyghur turks all of us same turkic tribe and used to live compact long ago. many modern Turkish have conquered and immigrated to the current land of Turkey about over 600 years ago.
    Our language used to be same one language. But now our language is still similar eachother about 30% to 95% depending the distance of Turkic lands and where we live . Our region which is the land in the video called xinjiang in Chinese terminology.
    Xinjiang is a twisted name used by Chinese authoritie which means new land .
    They occupied our country in a full control in the year of 1949.
    The original name of the country is called east turkistan . You can check out on Google or TVclip.
    Since the Chinese invaded our land ,
    They have been oppressing us , killing and torturing millions of people (not exaggeration) till now.
    The Chinese government have been lying and hiding the reality of their cruelty and brutality and have buried the truth under the soil .
    Just since 2017 till now they arrested between 1 to 2 million uyghur turks and every uyghur living abroad outside of the east turkistan including me is unable to contact non of our family members and relatives . 😢😢
    The wrold is keeping in silent and turning blind eye for this tragedy.
    I got a lot to speak but i can't speak or write much about this topic here, on this entire page. However my only hope is in the only creater , the one true god of all , the almighty Allah ( all the glory belongs to him exclusively).
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