Episode 10: Who is the GOAT -- Messi, Pele, Ronaldo, Maradona? | Project: Russia | ESPN FC


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  • FRaNCiSsS VaRuN
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  • Football History
    Football History 4 days ago

    ronaldo ahahaha messi ahahaha the goat is diego armando maradona

  • Dalmi Espinoza
    Dalmi Espinoza 5 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammad Razik
    Mohammad Razik 6 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo the best... football player all the time...!👏🔥❤️

  • Yeyo Zavala
    Yeyo Zavala 13 days ago

    Cr7 does not deserve to be in this conversation

  • Thiago CG
    Thiago CG 18 days ago

    Pelé (longevity as best player, 3 WCs and 2 Club World Cup Titles) > C. Ronaldo (longevity as best player, Euro with Portugal - an inferior team compared to Brasil or Argentina, and multiple individual and club accomplishments) > Maradona (best individual WC performance ever in 1986, but a short peak as the best player in the world) > Messi (lots of club-individual accomplishments, but no National Team accomplishments).

  • Neil Crawford
    Neil Crawford 18 days ago +2

    Only Americans think Ronaldo, because they just don't understamd football

  • SwaggyFaija
    SwaggyFaija 18 days ago +1

    Everyone is shitting with the facts! The only trophy that matters more than money is the World Cup. No one has been more dominant in their respective era than Pele. No one else has ever lifted 3 World Cup trophies. The only footballer in modern era who is capable of overtaking this feat is Mbappe. Bring your arguments about Messi Penaldo and mr Cokenose and I will tear you up.

  • David Blatt
    David Blatt 19 days ago

    Guess what? Messi's penalty didn't cost Argentina a single thing! Stillw ould end up second and would play Vs France. Ronaldo's penalty did cost Portugal the first place and now they will play against Uruguay and not Russia.

  • David Blatt
    David Blatt 19 days ago

    How can anyone compare these 3 with Lionel Messi the one and only? Maradona did nothing except for scoring in the finale with his hand and taking steroids. Pelè while was great. The times were different and Brazil this time shined. And Ronaldo lmfao 2 years older and still has less assists + goals. Not to mention all he does lately is staying in the box and waiting for a pass.

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  • prefer songs
    prefer songs 20 days ago

    What a shame... People really no nothing about football.. a person who really understands football.. would say Messi is the best.. but Ronaldo yeah he is a onee of the Best player in the world but he is not able to do what Messi can... Messi by farrr better than ronaldo..

  • Roberto Rta
    Roberto Rta 23 days ago +1

    Messi= perfect ball control, perfect shooting, perfect passing and a great dribbler, no leadership
    Ronaldo= perfect ball control, perfect shooting, perfect dribbling and good header, no leadership
    Maradonna= perfect ball control, perfect shooting, perfect dribbling, perfect passing and perfect leadership
    Pelé= perfect ball control, perfect shooting, perfect dibbling, perfect passing, perfect header, good leadership
    i bet the ones who says Pelé is a fraud doest even saw an entire match of him, doesnt matter if Pelé won more world cups or not, he was the most complete player of all time, he even played as goalkeeper and won a title defending 2 penaltys shoots on a brazilian championship , for those who dont know brazilian league was one of the best at that era, imagine all brazilian players playing on national league right now...
    a man who scored 1000 goals worth thinking , take the best ones of that era, and of any era for exemple, nobody scores barely half of this number...
    -Santos Fc played against Benfica of Eusebio, Santos won with 4 gols from Pelé...( all games against european big teams of that era was kicked easily by Santos of Pelé.
    If football at that era was so easy, why nobody of that era scored at least half of Pelé goals ??
    Go study football history kids, stop playing video games and go read books and watch movies

  • Paulo Lyra
    Paulo Lyra 23 days ago

    PELÉ 👀

  • JonDeBerg
    JonDeBerg 24 days ago

    Bill Burr

  • JonDeBerg
    JonDeBerg 24 days ago

    I see the similarities between Maradona and Ronaldo: both are diva's; both have no honor; both have no integrity; both have no heart. Maradona was an absolute disgrace to the game, and Ronaldo is close behind.

  • lou Perez
    lou Perez 25 days ago

    The lebron james of basketball is not the same as soccer. Pele is the goat he won 3 world cups

  • Mitch MC
    Mitch MC 25 days ago

    Messi is GARBAGE..Ronaldo all the way

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson 25 days ago

    pele and maradona played in worst fields and suffered worst tackles

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson 25 days ago

    u cant compare players from different times in my opinion but from this time id say ronaldo

  • syts77
    syts77 25 days ago

    Maradona and it's not even close

  • TheChosen ONE
    TheChosen ONE 25 days ago

    LeBron James is the GOAT

  • BusiHDTV
    BusiHDTV 25 days ago

    Messi Is Simply The Goat

  • Diego Lobo
    Diego Lobo 25 days ago

    Pelé - 3 World Cups winner
    Cristiano Ronaldo - ?

  • Jorge M. Ravelo
    Jorge M. Ravelo 25 days ago

    Diego Maradona 🐐

  • RetroR0bbie
    RetroR0bbie 26 days ago

    none of the above, but of the ones listed I would say Zidane.

  • Chris Whitson
    Chris Whitson 26 days ago +1

    half of these people didn't understand what GOAT meant

  • Snork Town
    Snork Town 26 days ago

    Can we please wait till their careers are over then compare. Its easy to say something now

  • samuel babalola
    samuel babalola 26 days ago

    What a shame, Messi is just an overrated dwarf

    THA KID SB 26 days ago

    sounded to be like it was clear

  • Joao Henrique Diamantino


  • dionysis e
    dionysis e 26 days ago +1

    Zinedine Zidane

  • kemba walker
    kemba walker 26 days ago

    Maradona or Ronaldhino

  • free palestine
    free palestine 26 days ago

    van basten is the goat

  • Gabriel Marruffo
    Gabriel Marruffo 26 days ago

    It's funny how one of the people said that Ronald is the best because messi didn't perform well in the Russia bit Ronaldo didn't perform well for half of the season

  • Lebron West 'Biological son of Delonte West'

    jordan is the goat

  • Ewan Laing
    Ewan Laing 26 days ago

    You ask allot of young people some bias bt it's obvious Pele. He was the first then Maradona now I eould say Ronaldo.

  • Rahul Rahul
    Rahul Rahul 26 days ago +2

    One tournament does make you goat....

  • swaraj thapa
    swaraj thapa 26 days ago

    It is insult to put Maradona and pele with Ronaldo and messi. Heck even Brazilian Real Ronaldo is better than messi and this Ronaldo

  • Dash
    Dash 26 days ago

    All those using Messi’s struggle to justify Ronaldo being greater than him are just exposing their insecurity. After yesterday’s game I realized how hard it is for him to even carry this team especially in a team that can’t string 4 passes to save their lives. Messi can’t do it alone, just as Ronaldo wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for the team behind him. Messi is just very unlucky that he not only has to carry his nation, but also Barca for the past few years. A player like Messi is not a once in a lifetime player, He’s a player that I believe we will not see his like ever again. I am done with my hopes of him winning a world cup, because let’s face it: It most likely will probably never happen. However, as I said above he is a player whose like we will never see again, that is why he is the GOAT. Not winning a world cup. For all I care Portugal can win this world cup, and Ronaldo can win the next 10 champions leagues, he can stroke his chin with his fingers all he wants or shove them up his own ass for all I care, he and everyone else knows that he will never get close to Messi, no matter how good he is. If Messi wins a world cup, good for him, just another achievement that he accomplished. For now fuck it, I am sad that he likely won’t win it, but let’s enjoy his slaloming and all the other magic this guy does, something that truly gives me the joy that nothing else does. The joy I feel when I see his magic on a weekly basis is a special kind of joy and I will just enjoy it for the time we have left of him because let’s face it he’s already 31 and he isn’t getting younger. It is those feelings that I feel that make Messi the GOAT and no one can ever take that away from me, and it shouldn’t for anyone else of you guys. I’ve said my piece.

  • Renaldo Smith
    Renaldo Smith 26 days ago

    Pele period

  • Ger -
    Ger - 26 days ago

    Messi by miles

  • King Maninho
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  • PB Tube
    PB Tube 26 days ago +1

    WTF is wrong with you people. Messi is FAR BETTER than Ronaldo and its not even close. (That woman just said that she has Messi as the GOAT but now with the World cup , she believes Ronaldo is. SO YOU CHANGE YOUR OPINION WITH JUST 2 MATCHES? PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID).

  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage 26 days ago

    It’s Messi if you know anything about soccer, Pelé played without an offside rule

  • Abhishek singh
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  • GosumassB
    GosumassB 26 days ago +1

    Cristiano Ronaldo > the little shitty fraud

  • Logan Graham
    Logan Graham 26 days ago

    Not a single Neymar ? Smh

    MAS GIB 26 days ago


  • i dislike for fun
    i dislike for fun 26 days ago

    ronaldinho or the real ronaldo

  • Omar Jamal Eddin
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  • Tomas McCormack
    Tomas McCormack 26 days ago

    Because careers arent over...
    1. Pele
    2. Messi
    3. Maradona
    4. Ronaldinho
    5. Ronaldo

  • Draude P.
    Draude P. 26 days ago +1

    Lmao what are they talking about. The one and only goat is Brian(the white mamba) scalabrine. He pretty much invented soccer/football

  • Peter 1127
    Peter 1127 26 days ago +8

    Argentina didn’t lose 3 finals because of Messi, they played in 3 finals because of Messi

    • Peter 1127
      Peter 1127 25 days ago

      zinedineyzidane he had 4 goals in the group stages and still had solid performances in the knockout stage, higuaines goal against Belgium happened because of him. He missed the penalty in cop America 2016 but he absolutely carried them the whole tournament. Messi is the goat. He’s just going through tough times at the moment with Argentina.

    • zinedineyzidane
      zinedineyzidane 25 days ago +1

      peter Katz really? Not a single goal/assist in the knockout for 2014 World Cup. And don’t forget the missed penalty in 2016. Admit it CR7 GOAT

  • MizzzyMike
    MizzzyMike 26 days ago

    Brazilian Ronaldo was best at his peak I've ever seen

  • Kenny Michael Alanya
    Kenny Michael Alanya 26 days ago +3

    After World Cup 2018....CR7 is GOAT 😀

    • Tomas McCormack
      Tomas McCormack 26 days ago

      *scores 4 goals in 2 games (which is really good dont get me wrong) but everyone is all of a sudden RONALDO IS THE GOAT. despicable

  • Niccolo Sousa
    Niccolo Sousa 26 days ago

    Messi fans are butt hurt. But CR7 is clearly the best. No matter what team he takes he wins. Breaking records left and right. CRISTIANO RONALDO 7

  • Ichimar486
    Ichimar486 27 days ago

    Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima

  • Gabriel Chavarria
    Gabriel Chavarria 27 days ago

    Pele. No question.

  • ubayd kasXm
    ubayd kasXm 27 days ago +1

    messi gotta shave his beard, remove his tattoos, i promise you he'll get a hat trick every single game

  • LOL Âmnésià
    LOL Âmnésià 27 days ago

    Lebron James

  • SHEMA MUGISHA Christian

    Luis Nazario De Lima aka Ronaldo. The best footballer of all time

  • CristianoTheGoat Ronaldo7


  • Antony Taylor
    Antony Taylor 27 days ago +3

    Ronaldo 🐐

  • skip1837
    skip1837 27 days ago +8

    CR7 is da 🐐🐐... played on different teams .. different systems ...

    • David Blatt
      David Blatt 17 days ago

      zinedineyzidane Argentina is pure shit the last decade...

    • zinedineyzidane
      zinedineyzidane 25 days ago

      Logan Graham Messi has had better teams before and choked when it mattered most

    • Logan Graham
      Logan Graham 26 days ago +1

      skip1837 all good teams... Argentina is ass especially this year, mid field looks like pre schoolers

  • Luka Calov
    Luka Calov 27 days ago +1

    When they say Ronaldo im hoping they think of the GOAT phenomenon

  • chris martin
    chris martin 27 days ago

    What did that Bandwagon fan say Mirian Klose??? What? Calls him the Goat doesn't even know how to say his name LMFAO XD

  • Rashid Khalid
    Rashid Khalid 27 days ago

    If Ronaldo Messi are competing goat then what about the Brazilian Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

  • Abi i i
    Abi i i 27 days ago +5


  • Replying to me is absolute stupidity

    2) Christiano Ronaldo
    3) Zidane
    4) Johan Cruyff
    5) Michel Platini
    6) Marco Van Basten
    7) Romario
    8) Luis Figo
    9) Rivaldo
    10) Ronaldo (Brazil)
    11) Maradona (hype job)
    12) Pele (hype job)
    13) Hristo Stoichkov
    14) Miroslav Klose
    15) Roberto Baggio
    16) Ronaldinho (talent wise superior to Pele)

    rankings are based off abilities and individual achievements and time span of competition, more modern players compete against the best competition possible compared to the past ones. Modern Competition is superior, no exception.
    Winning a World Cup is a team effort not an individual one.

  • Kuantified
    Kuantified 27 days ago +1

    People are dumb,most people’s opinions have changed because Ronaldo is performing good in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup,and people are now downgrading Messi because he isn’t performing as well,but Messi is going through the same thing Ronaldo did at the 2014 World Cup when Messi and Argentina shined.Thats just how life goes,sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down,but Messi is easily the greatest player of all time 🙏🏽

    • zinedineyzidane
      zinedineyzidane 25 days ago +1

      Ramii Ronaldo was injured in 2014 World Cup, Messi isn’t. No excuses

    • Kaasi Mutanda
      Kaasi Mutanda 26 days ago +1

      Ramii messi has only won with iniesta ans Xavi Ronaldo won with Everybody

  • thebest wwe
    thebest wwe 27 days ago

    Honestly people still defending messi clearly haven’t watched football for the past 3 years. Ronaldo has by far exceeded messi there are to many legit facts to back ronaldo while messi has opinions and people constantly talking about his past.

  • Jarret Smith
    Jarret Smith 27 days ago

    Lebroooonn Jamesss

  • Teokali Productions
    Teokali Productions 27 days ago

    For all those who may not know the g.o.a.t started his pro career at age 15 started playing for his national team at 16 scored on his first game with the national team at age 16,won his first world cup at age 17, scoring twice in the final and went on to win two more world cups,he still holds the scoring tittle in brazil and still the youngest player to score in a world cup final.
    So.for those who really know about football know who i am talking about.
    Others google Edson Arantes do Nascimento

    • jesse pinkman
      jesse pinkman 6 days ago

      Teokali Productions I agree that. But only thing is that he showed all his qualities with in the Barcelona team. He never performed like that for Argentina or any other than how can u say he is the goat. In case of ronaldo he played in Premier league laliga now moving to juventus he faces challenges like no other so he is the goat

  • Sixers Blood
    Sixers Blood 27 days ago

    That's not even a question! Pelé 1000 goals! É tudo nosso!!

  • U. Hernandez
    U. Hernandez 27 days ago

    I don't think that some people understood the question. It's the greatest of all time, not greatest at the moment.

  • ShownSolid
    ShownSolid 27 days ago

    Why do people pick Mo Salah?

  • Jorun28
    Jorun28 27 days ago

    Andrea Pirlo or Zizou

  • Desmond King
    Desmond King 27 days ago


  • Drift Star
    Drift Star 27 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo 🐐

  • Damn Bleach
    Damn Bleach 27 days ago +1

    Ok well can we do it when they have all retired

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 27 days ago +1


  • Fat_black-cat
    Fat_black-cat 27 days ago

    all of this stupid fan boys saying cr7 is the goat don't know who pele and maradona were! smdh

  • Jesus salazar
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  • Fon Tez
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  • Ls Chavez
    Ls Chavez 27 days ago

    Damn the level of disrespect !!!! Where the fuck is Ronaldinho ???? He is the GOAT!

  • Mr Fix
    Mr Fix 27 days ago

    I think they meant R9 not CR7

  • daddi hassana
    daddi hassana 27 days ago +1

    CR7 undoubtedly

  • Samuel Teixeira
    Samuel Teixeira 27 days ago +3

    The disrespect for pelé is crazy

  • Juan Carlos Osorio
    Juan Carlos Osorio 27 days ago

    Messi is the goat and loyal

  • Gene 007
    Gene 007 27 days ago

    Project Russia huh?!, u Espn f**ks must have forgotten the 2014 world cup real quick. Messi is having a bad tournament, Ronaldo is having a good one. That's all. Ronaldo does not even come close to Maradona or Pele. The real conversation is abt Maradona, Messi and Pele

  • Dusan Stojanovic
    Dusan Stojanovic 27 days ago

    I think that the most of the people here are answearing who is the best now and not on the all time list. Since Messi has never won the world cup I can't make him the GOAT and CR7 will probably never win it because Portugal doesn't have that many good players. For me Messi and CR7 still have to pass Ronaldinho and Ronaldo to get to the real GOAT. PELE! PELE! PELE! PELE! PELE! PELE!

  • Lienahk Tha Loner
    Lienahk Tha Loner 27 days ago +2

    Ronaldinho will forever be my GOAT

  • Mr Hola
    Mr Hola 27 days ago

    I'd anyday choose Ronaldo over Messi, cuz with Ronaldo you get the assurance that'll he gel with any sort of player and in any team, He'll still be Ronaldo whether he plays for Stoke city or whether he plays for Madrid, on the other hand with Messi you need a star studded team for him and big name players for him to be Messi, and if u put him in a team like stoke city he'll become bakayoko.
    Real goats like zidane, Ronaldo 9, CR7 can play at the same level in any team regardless of the players around them, they uplift the players around them and progress.

  • FrankiiieA
    FrankiiieA 27 days ago

    salah ?? lmao stfu

  • Na te
    Na te 27 days ago

    SO to the guy saying cruyff

  • Lord Slump God Gambunta

    Definitely not messi.

    • Augustine Twumasi
      Augustine Twumasi 27 days ago

      If Messi loses against Nigeria then it is obvious that his success in barca was based on the fact that Barça had 7 of the players who won the world cup and European Cup for Spain in 2010 and 2012 .
      I believe Argentina will beat Nigeria and that will release pressure from Messi to win the world cup.
      if he loses to Nigeria then he doesn't deserve to be compared to Pele and maradona

    • Lord Slump God Gambunta
      Lord Slump God Gambunta 27 days ago

      Augustine Twumasi are you really asking me a “what if” 😂.

    • Augustine Twumasi
      Augustine Twumasi 27 days ago

      what if Messi scores a hat trick against Nigeria