GLASS (2019) Ending + Twists Explained

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • #glassmovie #endingexplained
    GLASS is the finale of the Eastrail 177 trilogy that started with Unbreakable and Split, and now the crossover we've been waiting for is finally here! As expected there is a lot to digest in the movie, as we break down the complicated story, its THREE major twists, and explain the ending.
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Comments • 2 667

  • Sincerely Meant
    Sincerely Meant 13 hours ago

    I actually think taking classic cliched expectations and just shitting on them is fantastic. David dying in a puddle in a parking lot is an example of being comic book fantastic and gritty real

  • Erik Ray
    Erik Ray Day ago +1

    I Bought Unbreakable When it Came out. I Didn't Hear Anything Until Glass. I Thought, Unbreakable SO SLOW. Glass, Was Alright Through Half Of It. Then Just Slapped Everyone Who Bought This Lame Flop. Every Shamalinglong Movie, Promises The Next Movie Wont Suck This Bad. They Did. Split Is The Only One I Want to Watch Again. Shamalinglong Said He Is Not Going To Do Any Follow Up On This Crap. Retarded Ending..

  • supreme1
    supreme1 2 days ago

    He dis "the devil" too
    Good movie. Really gooe

  • Kork Cfel
    Kork Cfel 2 days ago

    Dude, you just narrate some points in the movie, you didn't really explained the twists or thay org. Psssssh

  • Jim Pyre
    Jim Pyre 2 days ago

    It sucked.... David killed in a puddle of water!

  • Saden Thunderhawk
    Saden Thunderhawk 6 days ago

    MNS really subverted expectations with this one. I expected a good movie, looks like that was subverted too

  • Bliss in Riots
    Bliss in Riots 7 days ago

    i love the movies, split n glass, but i hate how in "glass", they killed my man kevin when finally he's in charge of the light, n that was also bcz of casey, damn.... that was romanti but turned out to b sssoooo gloomy considering kevin's life, all he knows was suffering, n idk i feel so bad abt that, n i hate it bcz they took my man away 😭

  • MADMaxComedy
    MADMaxComedy 8 days ago +1

    I swear to god, if Brightburn turns out to be tied into this universe I'm Gunna freak

  • jarik9
    jarik9 8 days ago

    A proper "twist" is when something is revealed that could have already been known, as all the pieces were there to see, but because of excellent writing the audience doesn't notice or put them together. This is what made the sixth sense so good. On the other hand, revealing something that comes out of left field or having no payoff for a setup, ie. "subverting expectations" is a poor and juvenile form of writing and what made The Last Jedi so disliked. Mr Shamalan, as the 'twist ending' guy, not only continues his trend of sub par movies, he demonstrates he has forgotten what made his good movies- and thier twist endings- work.

  • Adam
    Adam 9 days ago

    I really liked this one and how the three tied together. Glad it was not like every other Superhero movie.

  • Vir Romuga
    Vir Romuga 9 days ago

    This is the origin of xmen

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B 10 days ago

    The scene where Elijah was a child and was getting hurt on the ride along with all the scenes where he got hurt made me really sad.I know he was a bad person but just the sounds and his face made it seem really painful.

  • HansAlRachid
    HansAlRachid 10 days ago

    Oof. Yeah that sounds genuinely infuriating. Its as though he only thought about one step of many. Subversion is neat, sure, but it has to have a payoff in some meaningful manner. If it lacks that all you're doing is frustrate the audience.

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan 11 days ago

    ...Casey just remind me of the movie splice

  • ChrisHQCrypto
    ChrisHQCrypto 12 days ago

    The interconnection between all 3 films and their characters is seamless, remember the trilogy wasn’t planned from the beginning just to be able to rescue the storyline between all 3 is an accomplishment good job Mr M.Night!

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle 12 days ago +1

    James McAvoy is very handsome

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle 12 days ago

    Not feeling how they did Bruce Willis's Character David Dunn at all

  • Matthew Gerald Garcia
    Matthew Gerald Garcia 13 days ago

    It’s the *X-men*

  • Eric Bonewicz
    Eric Bonewicz 13 days ago

    By the way, whenever I watch a movie and I either don’t get it fully, or want a different view, I also jump on TVclip and find your videos 🙏

  • akhbar allahu
    akhbar allahu 14 days ago

    subvert my asshole

  • nikolas macalma
    nikolas macalma 15 days ago

    Were they not at Osaka tower at the very ending? When the footage got released

  • nikolas macalma
    nikolas macalma 15 days ago

    Technically the horse is the group of personalities that joined the beast. Originally it was just Dennis, ms. Patricia and hedwig but ended up gaining Jane and I think barry.

  • Cow-hen The Nerd
    Cow-hen The Nerd 15 days ago

    David ate a devil fruit

  • Salah Usufi
    Salah Usufi 16 days ago +1

    One thing to remember is that Casey and David’s son will probably end up together and both have dead fathers. Perhaps the death of their predecessors like with Kevin’s father will unleash their powers. Casey has experienced pain and loss, and now so has David’s son, especially under the guidance of Elijah’s mother.

  • Dirt McGirt
    Dirt McGirt 16 days ago

    under rated movie... movie not at the level of 6th sense or unbreakable... but at least as good as split or the village... and definitely not as bad as the happening or lady in the water

  • MikeTheAvocado 651
    MikeTheAvocado 651 16 days ago +1

    The only thing I hated about this movie was how David died. Kevin & Elijah's were fine, but I just felt David getting drowned the way he did felt very forced.

    T3 ETYYWE 18 days ago +1


  • Comix Hub
    Comix Hub 18 days ago +2

    I dont know why reviewers were saying that glass was a bad movie. I really enjoyed it, and my expectations were high going in so that means a lot, and glass is definitely one of my favourite movies ever

  • mike michael
    mike michael 18 days ago

    505 people didn't see the tower fight and watched spider-verse.

  • Jacquelìne
    Jacquelìne 19 days ago

    most of the facts in this are incorrect and explained wrongly.

  • silentone503
    silentone503 19 days ago

    Just finished watching this. M. Night needs to stop being "clever" and just make a great fucken movie. He took what could've been the incredible and completely destroyed it. I didn't think he could come back after the last airbender then he made split and I loved it. So disappointing...

  • Hell Angel
    Hell Angel 21 day ago +3

    To be honest i loved the movie. People are dissappointed because they were expecting something from marvel movies

  • NLMB Romo B
    NLMB Romo B 21 day ago

    Movie was badass period

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones 22 days ago

    Kevin Wendell Crumb

  • CesarPCJrGaming
    CesarPCJrGaming 24 days ago

    This guy is a whole new level of dumb, the whole point is that this isn’t Marvel or DC, this is more realistic and that Mr. Glass had a plan all along that he used with his intellect, not to please some idiots online hating the movie. From a point of intellect it was brilliant that glass tricked the doctor all along and sacrificed the three of them so that others may bloom.

  • K Durham
    K Durham 24 days ago

    14:58 LMFAO

  • Brian Bairos
    Brian Bairos 24 days ago

    It reminds me of the ending of Boondocks Saints 2. So stupid.

  • Matthew McCowan
    Matthew McCowan 25 days ago

    Upon reflection, I wonder if M. Night Shyamalan was a story consultant for Game of Thrones Season 8?

  • Eric Tremblay
    Eric Tremblay 25 days ago

    Worst ending ever

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 25 days ago

    your absolutely right. u would of done a better job directing

  • Beth Seraaj
    Beth Seraaj 26 days ago

    M.Night : We Almost Got You Bro!

  • EloiseRaeCullen
    EloiseRaeCullen 27 days ago

    Shyamalan has a humiliation kink. There's no other explanation for why his movies are sucking ass so much. With people being all "lol don't kink-shame" he just embraced it and gets off being shit on by everyone who sees his trash films.

  • YungAndVicious
    YungAndVicious 27 days ago

    David: my weakness is water.
    Me: *nigga, then what do you drink*

  • FZ CBH
    FZ CBH 27 days ago +2

    To be honest, it would be a great ending if they showed you that Mister Glass got a secret power and it is about making the people who got killed back to life and when he revives someone from death so one of his bones got fixing.
    So the ending would be like David and Kevin back to the life and the people along with Kevin dad that they got killed by Mister Glass has back to the life by Mr Glass himself and he got his body back and after he revived many people.

  • ok really
    ok really 29 days ago

    I watched this movie right before this because i was SOOO confused about the ending.

  • The Weird-o Corner
    The Weird-o Corner Month ago +1

    I loved the way it turned out

  • Isaac Aves
    Isaac Aves Month ago +1

    Shamalan makes film*
    Foundflix : 2:30

  • milo san
    milo san Month ago

    This nigga is garbage, this movie was good.

  • Finalflash50
    Finalflash50 Month ago

    I feel like they should have let David live

  • Bill Ni
    Bill Ni Month ago

    You contradicted yourself in the beginning of this video. You said it did meet your expectations but then said you liked it more than you thought you would... Still love your content though bro

  • Treesa Patrice
    Treesa Patrice Month ago

    Wait I thought Kevin was shot in the torso?? No?

  • Darien Darkhouse
    Darien Darkhouse Month ago +1

    Casey going to visit Kevin and insisting on speaking with him made sense to me.
    The last person she trusted was her father, then he died and her uncle abused her for years. Until she was kidnapped and eventually found her strength, being spared by The Beast and getting her uncle sent to prison.
    The other two girls weren't her friends, they invited her to the party out of pity. Kevin/The Beast saved her and she's grateful for it. Even though he'd done terrible things, he was her hero and he proved that we could be more than we believe.

  • Camera Man Deavon
    Camera Man Deavon Month ago +1

    The director thought the realism of the trilogy would be original, creative and a good way to end the trilogy. It was definitely original, but not creative or a good way to end the trilogy. Just because something is original doesn't mean it's creative! Not does it mean it's good.

  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales Month ago

    People who dislike the movie can’t appreciate the genius of the entire trilogy.

  • Dr.C2000
    Dr.C2000 Month ago

    What a twist

  • Camera Man Deavon
    Camera Man Deavon Month ago +6

    It would’ve been better if they let at least one live. Preferably David.

  • lisa hope
    lisa hope Month ago

    Elijha knew all along that superheroes and villains existed, he also knew that these 'agents' were trying to hide them from the world so his whole plan all along was to let the truth come out.

    SIMILAR VISION Month ago

    There’s one thing you forgot the 3 clover tattoo on the snipers hand it kept showing it

  • Xhan
    Xhan Month ago

    At first, I was avoiding this video because of spoilers, but I'm glad I watched it because I would've been so upset to waste my time over that ending. Might be one to get around to though given the build-up but still seems like the kind of film that would grow on you only after knowing all of this

  • major league potatoe

    When i watched glass as the credits were rolling i turned to my sister and said "someone needs to have a sit down talk with shamalan and tell him he doesnt need a big twist every movie." I am fine with it as it is but i truthfully just wanted to see an actual knockout brawl betweem david and 'the beast' but as you said this was about subverting our expectations of superhero/villain films. I didnt mind the movie we got but i will always think about what that full power fight wouldve looked like

  • Jigoku Shojo
    Jigoku Shojo Month ago

    I think to tease a giant tower fight, and then skip it, references both the "bully brawl" from Matrix Reloaded, and the horrors of 9/11. Yeah, it could have been awesome, but it makes us ask ourselves why do we want to see so many people die at a tower?

  • Let's talk about
    Let's talk about Month ago

    I thought the movie was excellent. I hated unbreakable, but Split and Glass made sitting through that ok

  • Bimboy Beltran
    Bimboy Beltran Month ago

    All might is coming

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago


  • Frank Henry
    Frank Henry Month ago

    Did this guy actually watch the movie because the beast did not bear hug glass

  • Sky D
    Sky D Month ago

    It's called Glass because obvs M night wanted a quick transparent buck.

  • elaiza
    elaiza Month ago +1

    "The first superman couldn't even fly"

  • Alyssa Baney
    Alyssa Baney Month ago

    Yeah. I prefer Split.

    CONCISEtheGHOST Month ago

    When David was in the water tank he had enough strength to break it. it makes me upset that when he was getting drowned in the puddle he didn't have enough strength to reach up and punch the guy or at least use his hands to push himself up off the ground.

  • nathan0717
    nathan0717 Month ago

    4:55 why do I find her weirdly attractive