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Dean Martin- Ain't That A Kick In The Head


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  • Grouchomx
    Grouchomx 3 months ago

    This was when cool was really cool!

  • ElBaconMasta aye
    ElBaconMasta aye 6 months ago

    Cobra kai brought me here

  • vincenzo birleone
    vincenzo birleone 9 months ago

    Those trumpets are straight fire!

  • I like Milk
    I like Milk Year ago

    How lucky can one guy be....

  • kevindc18181818
    kevindc18181818 Year ago

    Vegas Vacation! And of course Goodfellas

  • GabeN Freeman
    GabeN Freeman Year ago

    Perfect for Wolfenstien 2.

  • BLUETONICS-the Husky

    Dean martin is one of the best singers ever

  • Justine Robison
    Justine Robison 2 years ago +2

    wonderful music by the Ratt Pack

  • CHEVYGUY208 :.
    CHEVYGUY208 :. 2 years ago +1

    Na man National lampoon vegas vacation 👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • BubbaRuff
    BubbaRuff 2 years ago +26

    I'm guessing everyone is here from Bronx Tale, Fallout NV, Mafia 2 or Goodfellas?

    • UnaSolida
      UnaSolida Year ago

      BubbaRuff Nope, family parties.

    • Orginized Mind Family
      Orginized Mind Family Year ago

      BubbaRuff goodfellas

    • toscodav
      toscodav Year ago +1

      Nope. Oceans 11 and not that shit movie with Cooney and Pitt.

    • dylan
      dylan 2 years ago

      +D For Danny ok.

    • Dan D Man
      Dan D Man 2 years ago

      Wu Tang It's not in Fallout 4...

  • Richardo Capelstur
    Richardo Capelstur 2 years ago +4

    I wish I was born in the 50s

  • Orfeas  Fla
    Orfeas Fla 2 years ago +16

    are you guys here from Fallout nv mafia 2 or Goodfellas?

  • Aristotle TheGreat
    Aristotle TheGreat 2 years ago

    omg love it!

  • Fran Hudjik
    Fran Hudjik 2 years ago +5

    Thought these songs were shit. Mafia 2 made me think the other way.

  • Chris andTrenton
    Chris andTrenton 2 years ago

    12 people got their sweetroll eaten.

  • Jesus Amezcua
    Jesus Amezcua 2 years ago +5

    Fallout nv is love fallout nv is life

  • AyeThaKiddGotSwagg
    AyeThaKiddGotSwagg 2 years ago +1

    Good Fellas

  • Vito Scaletta
    Vito Scaletta 3 years ago

    MAFIA 2 brought me here!

  • Doug Skriver
    Doug Skriver 3 years ago +7

    Life brought me here, thanks, Frank.

  • James Forti
    James Forti 3 years ago

    Nick Papageorgio's theme from Vegas Vacation

  • UncleJemima59
    UncleJemima59 3 years ago

    This brings back so many great memories.

  • Johnny Klebitz
    Johnny Klebitz 3 years ago +13

    Mafia 2

  • MrWildcat8435
    MrWildcat8435 3 years ago +6

    Goodfellas brought me here

  • Me The 1th
    Me The 1th 3 years ago +2

    Hated this songs, FNV forced me to love it

  • Spark Box Computers
    Spark Box Computers 3 years ago +4

    "Ain't that a hole in the boat?" -- a sailor

  • Petrus Jayabaya
    Petrus Jayabaya 3 years ago +3

    Mafia 2 just put this song "kick in my head". such a comfortable song :)

  • mj jones
    mj jones 3 years ago

    The coolest guy in the world

  • wcuseman
    wcuseman 4 years ago +6

    Who are the 11 knuckleheads that gave a thumbs down ?

  • forelithe
    forelithe 5 years ago +9

    the birth of cool

  • Lol Tits
    Lol Tits 5 years ago

    Who knew this song before New Vegas? I sure did.

  • Henry Smallbridge
    Henry Smallbridge 5 years ago

    Blue moon?

  • Roguelike89
    Roguelike89 5 years ago

    Why do they call it a monorail? I'ts a train, a train! *hicup*

  • Xxthe12reaperx
    Xxthe12reaperx 5 years ago

    NO!!!!!! *BANG* The Whole Mojave: Idolized.

  • Jarrell Keathley
    Jarrell Keathley 5 years ago


  • Jarrell Keathley
    Jarrell Keathley 5 years ago

    Congrats Mazeria!!! The Reubliv Of NationStates Death Has Arrived!!!

    SLAY3RxHD 5 years ago


  • Iratus Albus Hominus
    Iratus Albus Hominus 5 years ago

    Me too

  • pikachu191134
    pikachu191134 5 years ago

    you buy wind brahmin

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 5 years ago

    was looking for fank sinatra but i guess dean will do

  • M.j. Bird
    M.j. Bird 5 years ago

    My boyfriend sent me the link to this video ~

  • davis bishop
    davis bishop 5 years ago

    fallout brought me here

  • RossiLCFC1993
    RossiLCFC1993 5 years ago

    this is my song for my tap dance :)

  • JuicyTaz201
    JuicyTaz201 5 years ago +2

    You gotta love Classy Music!

  • David J
    David J 5 years ago

    Perfect Las Vegas Song to watch Dino sing if I were sitting in a Lounge back in the 60's

  • Yamato Sumeragi
    Yamato Sumeragi 5 years ago

    Nope my choir group.

  • Oliver Turner
    Oliver Turner 5 years ago

    Thumbs up if fallout nv sent you here

  • W. Durrsly
    W. Durrsly 5 years ago

    Yeah, New Vegas sent me, and American Dad.

  • MrCylinderGaming
    MrCylinderGaming 5 years ago

    I brought myself here, because i love this era of music.

  • catsowyer
    catsowyer 5 years ago

    Don't know what this means , however my name is Ted and my friend always said it would all go down in Vegas!

  • Shayne Urban
    Shayne Urban 5 years ago

    Better than shitty thrift shop in my opinion.

  • zae knox
    zae knox 5 years ago

    I like this because I have old ass parents

  • TheCoool31
    TheCoool31 5 years ago


  • SlavicPurpose07
    SlavicPurpose07 6 years ago

    fuck you bieber, minaj, brown, rihanna, beyonce & lady gaga! this is what ya call real music!

  • Stathis X
    Stathis X 6 years ago

    the godfather 2 game

  • La Volpa
    La Volpa 6 years ago

    New Vegas brought me to the era of good if not down right great music

  • Harry Atkin
    Harry Atkin 6 years ago

    Nope, New Vegas.

  • Nerdprodigy.
    Nerdprodigy. 6 years ago

    Thumb these nuts in your mouth

  • Nerdprodigy.
    Nerdprodigy. 6 years ago

    Lick my nuts

  • Matsudathedarkwolf
    Matsudathedarkwolf 6 years ago

    Fallout: NV :)

  • Blastorgue
    Blastorgue 6 years ago

    Not Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas :P

  • Dario Africanus
    Dario Africanus 6 years ago

    I came here because i like good music.

  • SaucyNinja007
    SaucyNinja007 6 years ago

    true, but at least games like fallout are keeping this music alive, right?

  • SaucyNinja007
    SaucyNinja007 6 years ago

    glad MAFIA II is introducing people to great music :)

  • SaucyNinja007
    SaucyNinja007 6 years ago

    you hear that bieber?

  • BigE 708
    BigE 708 6 years ago

    A bronx tale

  • 1203ADSA
    1203ADSA 6 years ago

    I loved this song before mafia II fallout new vegas or fallout 3 and too lsiten too it on these just made it better!!!

  • Xxthe12reaperx
    Xxthe12reaperx 6 years ago

    Goodfellas anyone?

  • Kari Solomon
    Kari Solomon 6 years ago

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas has the best music in a video game.

  • TheWinButton
    TheWinButton 6 years ago

    It would be sad. This music is wonderful and thanks to games new generations can experience these songs that they probably would not without games. Plus Fallout is a amazing series with a amazing series and story. Fits amazing with these masterpieces.

  • TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly 7 years ago

    Thumbs up is Fallout New Vegas sent you here

  • theJmanchannel
    theJmanchannel 7 years ago

    @Gnarkill577 I'll second that mate

  • Gnarkill577
    Gnarkill577 7 years ago

    through out my childhood my dad made me listen to all the 50s music and none of todays rap crap and i THANK HIM so much because todays music is shit!

  • griffinpuncher
    griffinpuncher 7 years ago

    Go NCR!

  • Hermunkle
    Hermunkle 7 years ago

    @AftComet When men were men. Where women were men. And the sheep were scared.

  • victor reyes
    victor reyes 7 years ago


  • fadedflage
    fadedflage 7 years ago

    @Junglejim728 Get outta my head!! Seriously though, I can't stand thumbs up beggars.

  • Evo Silberfuchs
    Evo Silberfuchs 7 years ago

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  • TheLovableMan2
    TheLovableMan2 7 years ago

    bought a few dean records a few days ago, one of them had this song on it
    gotta love dean-o

  • Anne Pearson
    Anne Pearson 7 years ago

    I appreciate gentlemen. I prefer this over pants-saggers any day. This song is sorta kinda beautiful (:

  • Ramoncito Javier Costa Sanchez Jr.

    bronx tale

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 7 years ago

    Guys, It doesn't matter if you knew it already, or if you learned it from Mafia II, The GF II, F:NV, or American Idol. Just enjoy the music.

  • fadedflage
    fadedflage 7 years ago

    @AftComet And now men are... ?

  • fadedflage
    fadedflage 7 years ago

    Never ask for someone to like your comment.

  • Anthony Dunham
    Anthony Dunham 7 years ago

    Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy creator) did a good job at singing this one, as well.

  • jonnycow1990
    jonnycow1990 7 years ago

    like If u came here cuz u love good music, not from game or movies

  • toni guarino
    toni guarino 7 years ago

    i absolutely agree with you!

  • DjDyl19xx
    DjDyl19xx 7 years ago

    Fallout New Vegas......Dam you for making me find this great music..

  • mika nicole
    mika nicole 7 years ago

    Thumbs up if when you hear this song all you think about is the movie fools rush in during their honeymoon scene in vegas!

  • lucas Vinecki
    lucas Vinecki 7 years ago

    Who's come to this song because of M-I-4?

  • SuperSCORPIO12
    SuperSCORPIO12 7 years ago


  • James S
    James S 7 years ago

    My Life is gonna be BEATIFUL

  • lakerbaseball6a
    lakerbaseball6a 7 years ago

    people need to stop begging for "thumbs up." thumb whores

  • Ben Rivera
    Ben Rivera 7 years ago

    Swag has got nothing on Class

  • Vizkopa
    Vizkopa 7 years ago

    thumbs up if you came here just to listen to it not becasue of fallout

  • Domination Dolphinz
    Domination Dolphinz 7 years ago

    Fallout new Vegas has the best songs :D

  • jojohernandez14
    jojohernandez14 7 years ago

    i'll be honest,my parents introduced me to dean martin...

  • wesley carr
    wesley carr 7 years ago

    right before i would walk onto the strip in new vegas i made sure this song was playing

  • chris7296lol
    chris7296lol 7 years ago

    i wish i could just meet this guy and shake his hand and say you make my day when i listen to your music.

  • SwedishHeavy13
    SwedishHeavy13 7 years ago

    @lUnseenSniperl same here.

  • southparklucas
    southparklucas 7 years ago

    Seth MacFarlane singing this... Hmm...