How Jacques Pépin met his wife, Gloria, on the ski slopes.

  • Published on May 22, 2017
  • Gloria shares the story of how she met Jacques, pretending to be a novice and taking skiing lessons from him.
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Comments • 18

  • jp787
    jp787 Month ago

    The CNN guy messed the video up

  • David Shark
    David Shark Month ago

    Tres tres belle histoire! 💞

  • selenia Rivas Sharma
    selenia Rivas Sharma 6 months ago +4

    what wonderful pictures. I love this man.

    • shieroc
      shieroc 3 months ago +1

      Me too watching him right now on PBS Father's Day episodes.

  • Ratatouille
    Ratatouille 9 months ago +2

    Quelle belle histoire d'amour ! Bravo à vous deux !

  • Sondra Allen
    Sondra Allen 10 months ago +2

    His wife hardly ever appear with him and I think he wanted her to but she seemed camera shy glad to see you all did a clip on her love her husband cooking

  • CptFoupoudav
    CptFoupoudav 11 months ago

    he was cook for charles de gaulle si i higly doubt they had no money^^
    but anyway this man is great, he seem to be having a wonderfull life..

    • homasas
      homasas 24 days ago

      @Niftynorm1 de Gaulle? A tight wad? Shut the fuck up you have no idea what you are talking about. Pepin was cooking in the elysee, he certainly had a great pay, compared to what cooks earned at this time.

    • L Reich
      L Reich 9 months ago

      Read his autobiography, one of the best biographies I've read, you'll see he really wasn't a big celebrity chef with lots of money back then. It was a different era.

    • Niftynorm1
      Niftynorm1 9 months ago +1

      In those days chefs were paid very poorly it was also part of his national service. Plus De Gaulle was known to be a tight wad.

  • Christopher Williams

    this is why jacques' videos resonate so much, because he has so much passion and energy and skill and vitality over a lifetime, god bless him and his family

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez Year ago +3

    How great it is.
    Beutiful Love Story.
    Note Please Americans have dreams & desire too Always have. I disagree with ot just being an immagrant.
    Having desire & oppurtunity makes it happen. Remember those who made it possible for all imigrants here.
    Other than that u r blessed from God.
    So many here in the US & the world have desire & will we along
    with countless others
    made that possible young man .yet are denied oportunity not only employment but also the right to live freely here. I thank God my parents made sure tney sacrificed & worked hard so we could live in good enviorment
    get educated. with that being said a lot of sacrifices. And did so for all of the family.
    Im appreciative to the Pepin family for sharing also apprcoate those who made it possible for you. That u must take into consideration & give thanks so many don"t it"s taken for granted. Watching the series you can see Jacques Pepin was driven , did it all for his family. No denying that.I can respect that. It does seem however certain individuals do not egknowledge the
    God Bless .Defenietly
    thiers were of privledge even though Mr. Pepin
    is very humbled in spirit & wisdom.
    His mother had to do one hell of a job.
    I must be honest
    his Wife (lovely)& daughter don't seem to have a clue it shows on the episodes unfortunantly.
    Hope I"m not mis- understood.Clue- less
    Nice Conocido!!!!

    • It Burns
      It Burns 10 months ago +1

      Christina Lopez
      What the hell are you even talking about?

  • Delilah Fleharty
    Delilah Fleharty Year ago +4

    A beautiful story.

  • Pamela DeWitt
    Pamela DeWitt Year ago +2

    Love to them

  • Ingrid pocze
    Ingrid pocze Year ago +8

    Such a blessed Union and blessed life....

  • Deborah Harper
    Deborah Harper Year ago +1


  • elimar008
    elimar008 Year ago +1