• Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • First off this guy was talking s*** from the start.. second, I couldn't hit a shot for some reason.. idk but I put the video together anyway.. My point is that it is okay to get frustrated during the process of being great.. Your going to fail over and over and over.. and THATS OKAY! Keep working!!
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  • Davidpopy1
    Davidpopy1 17 hours ago

    bruh almost hit the 360 on you lmao 😂😂

  • Cameron DeForrest
    Cameron DeForrest 18 hours ago

    Guys he prabably just put trash talker so he could get more veiws.

  • Adesola Ibidapo
    Adesola Ibidapo Day ago

    The dude

  • Adesola Ibidapo
    Adesola Ibidapo Day ago

    He was not trying at all

  • daragrj’s Stream Sniper

    Anyone know the other guys socials?

  • Landon Strong
    Landon Strong 3 days ago

    No disrespect but someone saying they can beat you doesn't mean they are trash talking talking

  • Scar Jah
    Scar Jah 6 days ago

    black dude didn’t take you serious. you got mad at how effortlessly he was saucin your ass

  • Nate Sinner
    Nate Sinner 7 days ago

    If TT wasnt trying to pull off tricks ud normally try to pull off on ur kids he woulda cooked spegetti head

  • Noah Gutierrez
    Noah Gutierrez 8 days ago +1


  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 8 days ago +1

    8:50 when the dude asked if Tristan was good ~ idk if the title suits him

    MAHASISWA GABUT 9 days ago

    he was damn walking all the game and not even bother to jump when shooting

  • P4to_themaster
    P4to_themaster 9 days ago

    "trash talker" was chillin throwin 360 and having fun, damm t jass u act like a pussy

  • 성이름
    성이름 10 days ago

    U suck

  • Kys Crites
    Kys Crites 10 days ago +1

    I think t jass is better but the other guy is still pretty good

  • moneymaker420100
    moneymaker420100 10 days ago

    Why does this guy think he’s good the other guy wasn’t even really trying with them crazy shots tjass ain’t that good

  • Louis Schatzmann
    Louis Schatzmann 12 days ago +1

    u the one who talks trash..

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 13 days ago

    What a joke... I cant take this guy seriously anymore. There are kids that whatch you and problably look up too you. I'm honestly disappointed. "Theres always someone better than you"... and you just proved it right here. Dont be shocked if you lose some subs from this. At least shake the mans hand bruh. "Trash talker" my ass you just dont want any competition.

  • BizkitsnGrayvee
    BizkitsnGrayvee 13 days ago

    Do you straighten your hair, T Jass?

  • Mirol Yad
    Mirol Yad 14 days ago

    T jass goes cross over and then sham god then boom then boom and still misses the shot like a 2 year old

  • Drayon McKinnon
    Drayon McKinnon 14 days ago

    Even if he was talking shit from the start it’s basketball so humble yourself

  • Vinny Tooch
    Vinny Tooch 14 days ago

    Man , gotta get physical . Guarantee you backed him down and laid some shoulder on em Heda been takin outta his game like he too jass outta his game . Regardless of the win

  • BigB
    BigB 15 days ago

    hahaha sheesh t jass gets so tilted by this guy for some light friendly smack talk. relax man, you cant hit any shots either

  • Phoenix Prue
    Phoenix Prue 15 days ago

    Lost respect for t you played like ass

  • Phoenix Prue
    Phoenix Prue 15 days ago

    Not gonna lie that guy wasn’t bad

  • Noah Wood
    Noah Wood 16 days ago

    ThIS DudE PiSSiNg me Off

    SMKTROJANZz 16 days ago

    The other guy was the nice dude he had moved and everything t jass just mad cuz he was good

  • AJ Challenges
    AJ Challenges 16 days ago

    The funny thing t Jass was giving 100 percent while the other dude was giving 10 percent cause he went easy on u

  • AJ Challenges
    AJ Challenges 16 days ago

    Not gonna lie Tristan was pretty bad I think trash talker should have won lol

  • Doss Bros
    Doss Bros 17 days ago +1

    like if TJ is an NBA wannabe

  • Doss Bros
    Doss Bros 17 days ago +1

    anybody else unsub after this vid

  • Doss Bros
    Doss Bros 17 days ago +1

    Anyone else want the “trash talker even though he didn’t talk trash just thought that he could beat him.” To win 😂

  • Kian Rabang
    Kian Rabang 17 days ago

    Tj need DA ,dont get mad, show sportsmanship bruh! That dude is an and 1 !🤣🤣

  • Connor Wallace
    Connor Wallace 17 days ago

    Guy just having good time tj angry

  • Cleveland Iron Cloud
    Cleveland Iron Cloud 17 days ago

    Weak ass tjass lmao weak ass cross can't shoot. Lol never heard of one move and go 😂 I didn't hear one bit of trash talk. He almost beat you playing at 10 percent. Show you some fuckin trash talk

  • Nicholas DiPirro
    Nicholas DiPirro 18 days ago

    I got bored watching all the missed shots . I'll stick to professor videos

  • loy casem
    loy casem 18 days ago

    T Jass? Mor of TJ Ass..... dude was chill balling with moves TJ ass cant guard. Then here comes TJ Ass all serious. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you call that great? stay humble even if your famous. That is GREAT!!!

  • Kody Ehlers
    Kody Ehlers 18 days ago

    Not a good look dude. This guy wasn’t a trash talker but you still shouldn’t dish out what you can’t take.

  • Sportsnut SoCal
    Sportsnut SoCal 18 days ago

    He is no Jon McEnroe
    Keep your emotions in check and try a little more balance shooting the rock

  • Roel Aguillon
    Roel Aguillon 19 days ago

    Damn never seen you miss that many shots, respect for not editing it to make it seem all glorious like most do

  • Joshua Ferries
    Joshua Ferries 19 days ago

    Trash talker was playn tight D, and played very casual using odd angles to throw t jass off. Weird style but still a style nonetheless

  • Skyflekzz Gaming
    Skyflekzz Gaming 19 days ago

    Am i the only one who’s laughing the entire video🤣

  • Phil Df
    Phil Df 19 days ago +1

    2:00 replays a cross (when the guy wasn't even looking at his feet), bricks open on the paint lol

  • Ryan Mersey
    Ryan Mersey 20 days ago

    This video kinda exposes tjass as a competitive oversensitive rude child. The "trash talker" was happy to be their and play the game but tjass and his huge ego had to make the man seem like a dick because his skills challenged his image as a ball player. Unsubscribed. Disrespecting fans and calling them hater when they are just good at the game and having fun isnt what i subbed for. Goodbye u childish little egotistical maniac.

  • The Taken Rebel
    The Taken Rebel 20 days ago

    "Trashtalker": Almost wins while taking crazy ass shots, and just chillin.
    TJ: Doesn't really show much proof of "trashtalking", and almost takes an L while playing serious and angry. Then proceeds to talk shit after winning.
    Be humble bro. Dude almost beat you with wild shots, and you started throwing a fit. Honestly in this video you were the "trashtalker".

  • Andre Beckles
    Andre Beckles 21 day ago +1

    You know it’s real when the guy made jass take off his shirt😩😂😂

  • Wii Matt
    Wii Matt 21 day ago +1

    Fuck u t has u suck

  • Axel Arreguin
    Axel Arreguin 22 days ago

    “Trash talker”: does absolutely nothing
    T jass: This guy is really pissing me off

  • King Barbarian XD
    King Barbarian XD 22 days ago

    Yo tjass got pissed off because the guy started on fire

  • easterwolf
    easterwolf 23 days ago

    We finally got to see the human side of T Jass 😂 wasn’t his yt friendly self

  • Jamel Geiger
    Jamel Geiger 24 days ago

    The trash talker is better on granny

  • Mathias
    Mathias 24 days ago

    T Jass gets so offended when people mess around, you can feel Tristans anger when the «trash talkee» said «yeah i can beat this kid»

  • mackb
    mackb 24 days ago

    i never liked him anyway

  • MoyToy2019
    MoyToy2019 24 days ago

    Laid back trash talker was destroying a toddler.

  • Russian_Ankle_Bully
    Russian_Ankle_Bully 25 days ago

    2:59 bruh

  • Giano
    Giano 25 days ago

    trash talker vs. trash jass

  • Cannibal Man
    Cannibal Man 25 days ago

    Remember t jass your and 1good not NBA great

  • J M
    J M 26 days ago

    Trash Talker Should Make His Own TVclip Video After This Made T Jass Try So Hard To Not Lose Respect For The Black Guy Kinda Lost Some For T Jass Could’ve Been More Laid Back About The Game

  • miguel alvarez
    miguel alvarez 26 days ago

    Dude was toying around whole time... you got mad serious and he still was just having a good time with you🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ too soft

  • Alex Reniel Capada
    Alex Reniel Capada 26 days ago

    If u think ur that "Good" the Go "Pro" bro u lost me here

  • luisa parmenter
    luisa parmenter 26 days ago

    Fuck t jass pussy ass white boy getting mad cause he almost lost I bet black dude woulda beat you if he was playing serious